Part 2 Recap: Michael sends a hot young cop to look into Evan the irresistible incubus and gets his cum slurped up instead.


Michael woke up in a sweat he had been having a wild sex dream seeing Evan’s handsome face and his amazing cock and ass. He couldn’t shake those thoughts that kept creeping in his head since he had seen Evan on cam and smelled his spicy fragrance.

“Damn,” Michael said as he felt his underwear, it was wet with his cum. He couldn’t remember the last time he had cum in his sleep. Michael looked at the clock - it was 11am on Saturday.

It had been 2 days since Michael had left Jake at the police station and no word from him. Michael called the station and was told that Jake hadn’t been to work yesterday.

“Something is definitely not right,” Michael thought to himself while getting up to put on a dry pair of underwear.

First Brad went missing and now Jake has disappeared, both after interacting with Evan. Michael wasn’t sure what to do and whether he should pay Evan a visit. Evan might be dangerous if both guys are now missing.

“It might be safer to cam with him from the safety of the house,” Michael thought to himself. He logged onto the computer and messaged Evan.

“Evan did Officer Jake stop by your place yesterday?” MIchael messaged. Michael received an invite to share his cam from Evan.

MIchael was again staring at Evan’s chiseled body and enormous cock. Michael’s cock twitched involuntarily in his clean pair of jockeys, though something told him that they wouldn’t be clean for long.

“There’s my prey,” Evan thought to himself. “I better play this carefully or I will scare him off.”

“Jake did stop by, we had a little bit of fun and then he left,” Evan replied.

“Fun?” Michael asked.

“Yeah I fucked Jake’s brains out and gave him the cum of his life,” Evan responded with a grin on his face. “Literally the cum of his life,” Evan thought to himself snickering.

Michael felt his cock hardening thinking about Jake and Evan fucking. Two hard bodied guys going at it was arousing to say the least. Michael shook his head, he needed to stay focused. Something still didn’t feel right about Evan.

Evan could see Michael wasn’t sold and knew he needed to take control of the situation. He began to emit his addicting to scent - better to cloud his brain with lust so he can’t think straight.

Michael started smelling that spicy fragrance and his cock immediately started to swell and tingle.

Evan smirked, “Michael looks like you have been pretty tense since Brad’s disappearance. I give an amazing massage. Why don’t you come over - I have great hands.”

Evan’s scent was taking over Michael’s cock and brain like it had with Brad’s. Michael felt a soft invisible hand rubbing his chest while he felt another hand rubbing his leaking cock.

Evan knew that Michael would break soon using his spectral self to massage Michael. Evan wanted his cum in person.

“You know my address, I will see you in 30 mins,” Evan said as he massaged Michael’s cock harder causing it to leak precum into Michael’s no longer dry underwear.

All Michael could do was nod yes as he grabbed his keys and hopped into his car.

Evan saw Michael pull up into the driveway, his pussy tingled in anticipation for more married cum.

“Hey Michael glad you could make it,” Evan said as he answered the door naked.

The ride over had helped clear Michael’s mind a bit and was feeling hesitant as he walked into Evan’s house.

Michael felt Evan grasp his shoulders and felt him kneading his muscles. It felt good.

“You are super tight let me massage your tension out - take off your shirt,” Evan said.

“Not sure that’s a good idea - I want to find my husband and Jake. It sounds like you were the last to see both of them. You have to know something,” Michael responded as Evan’s scent had worn off.

“I don’t know what happened. I’m just a pleasure giver. Brad needed to get off with you out of town and Jake needed his cock taken care of. You need me to help you relax - maybe then you’ll be able to find them,” Evan replied again emitting his addicting scent to get back control.

“Michael is getting too suspicious, I need to get his blood flowing from his brain to his cock and fast,” Evan thought to himself.

Michael once again began smelling Evan’s scent and felt an invisible hand rubbing his cock that was now leaking profusely in his jockeys. Evan was working his magic on Michael’s cock to get him under his lustful control quickly.

“Here let’s take your clothes off and lay on my massage table where I can help you relax,” Evan said as he helped Michael pull of his clothes.

“I promise I will reunite you with Brad,” Evan said as Michael’s hot body was now completely nude.

Michael was now consumed by Evan’s fragrance and laid down face up on the table.

“You have a great body,” Evan purred as he began massaging Michael’s shoulders and muscular chest. He began pinching Michael’s nipples that caused him to moan. Michael’s nipples were sensitive and began to harden causing Michael’s cock to twitch.

“How are you liking the massage?” Evan asked as he worked down Michael’s body getting closer to his leaking cock. As he went down he sucked on Michael’s nipples leaving a trail of spit as he licked his way down Michael’s abs.

“Mmm,” Michael groaned as Evan’s hands and lips worked magic on his body.

“Looks like you need help releasing tension with something else,” Evan said as he wrapped his fist around Michael’s hard cock. Evan licked his lips, he was getting his prize - more married cock.

“I’ll take care of it myself later,” Michael said trying to resist the image of Evan’s sexy lips wrapped around his steel cock.

“Come on let me take care of it for you, I give the best head,” Evan said as he stroked Michael’s cock expertly drawing out a puddle of precum and letting out more of his addicting scent to weaken Michael’s resolve.

Michael looked up and saw how much he was leaking. Evan was really an expert at giving pleasure. “If his hands felt this good, his mouth and ass must be out of this world,” Michael’s lust filled brain thought to himself.

“I really shouldn’t,” Michael moaned as he felt Evan lightly tracing his wet tongue around Michael’s pulsing purple mushroom head, gently lapping up the precum streaming out and flicking his tongue on the underside of his cockhead where the sensitive nerves are.

With no more objections besides whimpers coming out of Michael, Evan engulfed Michael’s throbbing member in his hot mouth taking him to the balls.

“Ahh,” Michael moaned feeling his cock in a hot moist mouth while Evan lashed his tongue around his cockhead licking up all the precum.

Evan began bobbing up and down on Michael’s married cock. Evan was hungry to taste his married cum and was throating him to his balls.

Michael’s body was on fire and his balls were bloated with cum that he needed to release into Evan’s hot sucking mouth.

Evan looked up seeing Michael writhing in pleasure as his cock punched to the back of his throat coated in Evan’s spit. No man could ever resist Evan’s hot body and sexual powers.

Evan felt Michael’s cock thicken in his mouth and started bobbing faster and increased the suction on Michael’s sensitive mushroom head.

“I’m going to cum!” Michael yelled as he felt his cum shooting into Evan’s hungry cum sucking mouth.

“Mmm” Evan moaned as he took Michael to the balls taking his married cream straight down his throat. His throat contracted around Michael’s cock making him spurt another shot of cum.

“So tasty!” Evan purred as he saw Michael’s body glistening in sweat from a massive cum.

Evan was more than ready to add Michael’s cum in his belly alongside Brad’s. He straddled Michael’s body and lined up Michael’s still hard spit covered cock with his hungry hole.

Michael was still recovering from that cum when he felt Evan impale himself on his 8” cock.

“Aghh,” Michael grunted as he felt his cock surrounded in the tightest hottest hole ever. Evan’s ass muscles were contracting and massaging Michael’s still bloated cock despite cumming seconds ago.

Evan started riding Michael’s cock while he pinched Michael’s nipples. Michael was drooling in pleasure as his body was on fire enflamed by Evan’s sexual prowess.

Evan smiled evilly as he bounced on Michael’s cock milking him on each stroke. Very soon he would have another married man’s cum inside of him. Taking the cum of a married couple would be a first for him.

Michael’s eyes were closed in ecstasy feeling Evan’s skilled ass muscles milking his cock so sweetly.

Evan picked up the pace evidenced by the noise of his bubble butt slapping onto Michael’s muscular thighs.

Michael opened his eyes and saw Evan’s eyes had turned red and saw two black wings expand on Evan’s back.

Evan saw the look of lust and terror mixed in Michael’s eyes as Michael involuntarily bucked his straining cock into Evan’s muscular cunt.

“I am an incubus that feeds off men’s desires. I have sexual powers that bring you to highest levels of sexual satisfaction that you have ever received,” Evan said as he ground his ass onto Michael’s hard cock.

“You were right to suspect me. I slurped up all of your husband’s delicious cum as well as the hunky officer you sent to me,” Evan said gleefully as his ass walls contracted around Michael’s cock working to coax the cum from his heavy balls.

“I had to use my extra sexual powers to get you thinking with your cock and not your head,” Evan said.

“Why did you do this to me and Brad?” Michael moaned as he bucked his hips into Evan’s sucking ass.

“Don’t take it personally. I stumbled upon Brad online and used my spectral self and powers to fuck his cum out with my amazing ass and took his soul. I will do the same with you once you have had the best cum of your life inside my hot cunt,” Evan moaned.

“Aggh,” Michael moaned as he tried to resist the pleasure Evan’s velvet ass was giving him.

“You promised that you would reunite me with Brad,” Michael said through gritted teeth as he tried fighting the impending orgasm he could feel coming.

“Don’t fight me baby - you can’t hold out, no man can,” Evan moaned as he squeezed his already tight ass even tighter around Michael’s cock for emphasis.

Michael’s eyes rolled to the back of his head in ecstasy feeling every inch of his cock being milked and massaged in Evan’s sweet pussy.

“But you’re right,” Evan said. “I did promise I would reunite you with Brad and so I shall. I am a man of my word,” as he picked up the pace.

Evan’s ass felt like a silken glove wrapped around Michael’s cock. Michael felt he would burst any moment.

Michael felt Evan’s sucking hole create an irresistible suction around his cock that set off his mind blowing orgasm.

“Ahhh!” Michael yelled as his cock exploded inside Evan’s cunt. Evan’s muscles coaxed and milked Michael’s never ending orgasm as he drank all of Michael's married essence.

“Delicious! Just like Brad’s!” Evan moaned in triumph as his milking pussy slurped up Michael’s cum.

“What about your promise!” Michael said weakly as his cock continued to spurt his married seed into Evan, feeling his body unraveling.

“Ah yes about that,” Evan said as he was almost done slurping Michael’s cum. “You will be reunited with Brad inside me as your cum will be mixed with his once I’ve finished slurping you up!” Evan smiled evilly.

Michael had now disappeared as Evan sucked up the last drop of cum. “Like I said I always keep my promises!” Evan cackled.

Evan’s hungry hole was satisfied for the moment - he had sucked up a studly young cop and a hot married couple in a matter of a week.

Evan closed his eyes in victory as his slutty pussy felt so satisfied as he drifted off to a well earned sleep.



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