I finally bought my first home in a quiet neighborhood and looked forward to getting to know my neighbors. I had enjoyed apartment life, especially getting to know some of the single guys and husbands who enjoyed pleasures only another man could provide.

I purchased a cozy three bedroom two bath home with a large den and an enclosed garage in a quiet neighborhood.  The day I moved in, I met John and Susan Thomas, who lived on one side of me.  John was a construction foreman for a local home builder and Susan was a nurse at a local hospital.  Both were in their early forties. 

They were both very cordial and friendly with John telling me about the neighborhood.  The couple on the other side of me was Brad and Pam White.  He said that Brad was a store manager for a national home improvement chain and Pam was a high school history teacher.  During our conversation John mentioned that as of late, things had seemed shaky between them.

I got settled in making the smallest of the three bedrooms my home office and the middle size as the guest room.  I had sized John up as a possible conquest in my need for sexual pleasures with another male.  He had made no attempt in hiding his interest when he glanced at the crotch of my slightly snug jeans.  I felt sure he played if and when he had the chance.

John was in his early forties and was extremely well built, sporting a muscular barrel chest, muscled arms, and a small waist, and the package between his legs gave the impression of being substantial.

The following morning as I carried some empty packing boxes out to the street for the trash to pick up, I met Brad, wearing only shorts, as he was preparing to mow his lawn. Brad appeared to be in his late twenties or early thirties, closer to my age of thirty-two.  He also had a nice physique like John, but Brad was also extremely hairy, a trait that turned me on big time.  

However, with Brad, there was some mystique about him that fascinated me, and made me want him sexually more so than John.

Brad and I talked for a few minutes and before we parted I told him to stop over for a beer if he had time.  I went in and heard him start up the mower.  After ten to fifteen minutes, I heard the mower stop and his wife yelling at him that he was supposed to get the oil changed in her car.

He told her that he needed to get the yard done and if it was that important she could go down and get it done herself.  The mower started back up and a few moments later I heard tires squeal as she left the house.

Then, after he had finished the front yard, I heard a knock on the door an as I opened it, he said, “Is that offer of a beer still good?”

“Hell yea,” I replied, “Come on in.”

He stepped in and followed me to the kitchen, where I handed him his beer.  After taking his first sip, he looked at me and said, “I want to apologize to you for you having to hear my wife the day after you move in.”

“Hey, man, don’t worry about it,” I replied.

“I don’t know what her problem is, but for the last few months I can’t do anything right.  I’m not sure how much more I can take.”

“Brad, don’t worry about it.  If you need to get away, come on over here.  Maybe we can take in a ball game or something,” I said before noticing the head of his cock showing in one of the legs of his shorts.  He was commando.  

It was then I decided on a plan of action, and asked if there was a gym nearby. He said that there was and I said that maybe he and I could hit the gym a few evenings a week or so. He was all for it.

I found the gym, which was small but well equipped and had both a steam room and a dry sauna.  I joined and was given five guest passes.  As the next weekend approached, I asked Brad if he would like to go to the gym with me Saturday evening late and he said he would.  It was fairly slow and he didn’t seem the least bit shy about stripping in front of me or going to the sauna nude with me after the workout.  In the sauna, he made no attempt at all to stay covered.  I had to admit that he was well endowed and was hot as hell.

The months passed and Brad and I frequented the gym a couple times a week and on Sundays, John, Brad and I spent those afternoons watching sports at my place.

It wasn’t easy keeping my desires to myself, since I wanted both of them in my bed  together or separately, it didn’t matter.

Then, one Saturday afternoon, I went to one of the local adult video stores I had found and started frequenting and went into a booth, noticing a ’glory hole’ in the divider. Curious about what the other man might be doing, I leaned over and peeked through and was able to tell that the man had his cock out and was lovingly stroking his cock. I began watching my own selection and took my own cock out.  

A moment later I took my own cock out and began stroking when I noticed a finger slip through the hole and motion me to put my cock through.  I did and the man immediately swallowed my cock and began sucking my cock.  After a few moments I pulled back and motioned for him to put his through.  He did and I sucked his thick load out and swallowed the delicious nectar.

He then motioned for me to put mine back through, which I did, and he was soon devouring my creamy load.  Once I was drained, I put myself together and exited my booth.  

I headed for the parking lot and as I got into my car, I noticed another man exit the store.  It was John, my next door neighbor, and my brain began calculating the odds that it was he in  the booth next to me.  I tried to exit the lot before he noticed me but I failed at my attempt.  As I headed for the exit, he spotted me and I pretended not to notice him.  

I arrived home and moments afterward, there was a knock on my door.  It was John.

As I opened the door to let him in I casually said, “Hey, guy, what’s up?”

He looked at me and said, “I think you know what’s up, and I’m referring to the adult video store.  I saw you leaving as I was leaving, and I’m begging you not to say anything to Susan.’

“Look, yes I saw you, but what either of us do on our spare time is no one else’s business, so don’t worry about it. It’s our secret.”

“Man, if she knew I was at one of those places, she would kill me ,” he replied as he gave me a big bear hug, and to his surprise, I returned the affection.

“You go there often?” I asked.

“Oh, maybe once a week if that often,” he replied.  “What about you?”

“That was my first time there, but it was interesting,” I told him.

“You have no idea,” he said with a sly grin.

I wanted to press him for more information but thought better of it, at least for the time being.

After that, when I passed the video store, if I saw John’s car, sometimes I would stop and other times I would keep going. After a few late Saturday night visits, I found out what John was referring to.

The not only had the video booths but also a ’theater’ which showed straight porn but the human action in the theater between customers was far from straight.  It was common to see one guy fucking another or one or two guys going from customer to customer sucking their cocks while others watched.  

I did suck John a few times more through a glory hole and let him suck me but I made sure my identity was kept secret from him, at least for the time being.

I had been in the house about six months when things came to a head between Brad and Pam.  Their screaming and name calling spilled out into the yard and to prevent either from getting violent, I had Brad come into my house for the night.

Once we were inside, I asked what got things started and he said just one word, “Sex.”

“What?” I asked.

“I started loving on her and she refused my advances. When I asked what was wrong, she said she wasn’t in the mood.  When I told her she was never in the mood she was quick to tell me that she only enjoyed sex every month to six weeks.  Anything more often than that was dirty.  I need it at least once a week if not more.”

“Well,” I began jokingly, “you can always take matters in hand.”

“I do that regularly, but it’s just not the same,” he replied.  “A buddy at work is going through the same thing and said he met a guy online that loved to give blow jobs.  He said he visit’s the guy two to three times a week to get serviced until his wife is ready for sex.  I’m considering doing the same thing, but I’m not sure how I would feel about letting a total stranger do it to me.”

“Have you ever been serviced orally?” I asked.

“Just a couple of times back in college. A girl I dated some invited me to join her and her brother in a three way.  Several times he sucked me while he was fucking her, and I have to admit it felt awesome.”

“So you’re thinking of getting blow jobs  when Pam doesn’t want sex?” I asked.

“Hell yea, but from someone I trust.”

“Brad,” I began, “may I tell you something and you keep it to yourself?”

“Sure,” he replied.  “What is it?”

“I’ll be glad to service you orally whenever you need it if you want me to,” I said, looking him in the face.

“Fuck, Mark, are you saying you suck cock?”

“I do, and I enjoy it.  I have since my teens.”

“Well, you don’t sound or act gay and I find it hard to believe you,” he said.

“Not all men that are gay are obvious.  But I’ll gladly prove it if you want me to.”

He sat silent for a moment looking at me then stood and dropped his shorts and said, “Prove it.”

He sat back onto the sofa and I sat between his legs and as I grasped his awesome cock, it began to slowly stiffen. Without any hesitation, I swallowed his cock and let it finish getting hard in my mouth.

As I started to piston back and forth on his now rock hard cock, he moaned softly in pleasure and a moment later said, “Man, that’s as good if not better than any cunt I ever fucked.  Please don’t stop.”

I took my time making love to his cock and I soon could tell he was getting close.    Then it happened!

With a loud gasp, he shoved his cock into my throat as it began to explode, filling my mouth with hot thick cum.  Hungrily, I began to swallow and soon I had milked him dry.

“Oh, man,” he began, “that was awesome.  I needed that.”

“Well, I’m here whenever you need me.  It will be up to you to take the lead, and tell me when you need it.”

“Believe me, I will.  Like I said, that was better than a lot of the pussy I have fucked.”  

We talked a while and he returned home and things were quiet and calm.  Then, two evenings later there was a knock at the door and when I answered, I found Brad standing there with a sly grin on his face.

“Come on in,” I said standing back to let him in.  Then looking at him, I asked, “You need my services?”

“Oh yea,” he said. “Yesterday I jerked off in the shower but it was no where close to the satisfaction I got from you.”

I led him to my bedroom and had him completely remove his pants and briefs.  This time I started by gently licking and sucking on his beautiful large balls while his cock stiffened.  Once he was totally hard, I swallowed it in its entirety, burying my nose in his thick bush. As I did, he gasp loudly then let out a sigh.

I began working on him and soon he fed me a huge, thick, creamy load.  After swallowing the load, I began to gently lick his cock clean and as I did he smiled ad said, “That was even better than the first time.”

“Like I said,” I began, “ I enjoy doing it so feel free to come over anytime.”

I was sucking Brad a couple of times a week and enjoying every minute of it, and occasionally sucking John at the video store. Then, about two months later, Brad came over and said, “Well, it’s happened.  Pam asked me to move out.”

“No shit?” I said.  “Where will you go?”

“I have no idea. The house is in her dad’s name and all the furniture is theirs.  All I have to my name is my clothes, and my car.”

“When does she want you out?” I asked.

“Immediately. Her parents have a renter waiting and she is moving in with a guy she works with. She admitted that the reason she didn’t want sex with me was that he satisfying her needs better than me.”

“How long has that been going on?” I asked.

“From what she said, months,” he replied. 

“Well, lets go get your things and you can move into my spare room until you decide what to do.”

“Mark, are you serious?  How much rent?” he asked.

“Just chip in on the grocery bill,” I told him.

He thanked me and gave me a hug and together we went over and moved his belongings in short time. Once everything was put away he asked, “You got a beer handy?”

It was a Friday and I said, “In fact, I do.  I have plenty, but you have to give me your car keys first.”

He smiled and handed them over and went to the fridge and brought back one for each of us.

As we sat in the den and opened out beers, I asked Brad if he had any idea what he was going to do. 

He said that since she just filled him in that she was moving in with her co-worker and her parents were selling the house that day, he hadn’t had time to think about it.

I wanted to do all I could for him and told him that there was no rush on him finding a place to live.  

I sat facing him and said, “Brad, you don’t have to rush into anything.  Stay here as long as you like, and I’ll leave it up to you to decide on a fair rent.  Besides, I think I might like the company.”

“Mark, are you serious?” he asked, stunned at my offer.

“Totally,” I replied, then added, “I just have to remember that I’m not the only one here now and can’t run around nude.”
He started laughing and said, “You do that, too?”

“Oh, yea.  Do you?” I asked.

“Every chance I got.  Whenever Pam was gone to work or out with her mother, I was usually nude.”

“Well,” I began, “we have seen each other nude at the gym numerous times, so why should here be any different. I don’t see any reason we can’t do it here, do you?”

“Not in the least,” he replied.

I waited a second then stood and walked to my bedroom, returning seconds later totally nude. seeing me, he smiled and said, “If you will excuse me, I think I’ll get more comfortable also.”

With that said, he disappeared to his room and returned a second later also totally nude.  Then, as he sat down, he laughed and said, “What are we going to do if one of us pops a boner?”

“Good question,” I replied.  “We can handle that if it ever happens.”

For the rest of the evening, we talked about things in general while consuming a few more beers.  Then about eleven, we decided to head to bed, and as we turned out the lights and headed to our separate bedrooms, he stopped me and gave me a hug, saying, “Thanks for being a friend when I desperately needed one.”

“That’s what friends do for each other,” I replied.

We went on to bed and for several weeks we lived our separate lives during the day and as roommates in the evening and weekends. Living nude together somehow just seemed normal and neither of us thought anything about it.  The only thing different between us as roommates, was when Brad would tell me he needed my services and I would give him a blow job.

Then, one Friday evening as we prepared to go to bed, Brad had taken our empty beer bottles to the trash, and as he reentered the den, he tripped over the corner of a rug  and began a tumble to the ground.  Fortunately, I was in just the right position to catch him and prevent him from hitting the floor. 

I managed to catch him and break his fall, and as I did, he ended up with his face just a mere inch or so from mine. Our eyes met, and we look into each others eyes.  Then, in a split second,. He very casually pressed his lips to mine and as he did, he offered his tongue and I accepted.

He regained his composure, and as we parted, he looked at me and said, “I’m sorry, but it just seemed the natural thing to do.”

With my arms still around him, I looked into his eyes and said, “Don’t apologize.  I totally enjoyed it.”

Then as he looked into my eyes, not sure how to respond, I leaned forward and we kissed again, this time wrapping our arms around each other as our tongues explored each others mouth.

Eventually, the kiss ended and without saying a word, I took his hand and led him to my bedroom.  Once there, I lay him on the bed and as I lay next to him we kissed again as our hands began to fondle each others rapidly rising cock.

Seconds later I quickly, yet casually flipped into a sixty-nine and before I could settle into my position, Brad had my cock in his mouth and was hungrily caressing it with his tongue, a very experienced tongue.  I swallowed his awesome hard cock and we lovingly brought each other to a wild and fantastic climax, each devouring the others thick, creamy load.

As the sixty-nine ended,  I flipped back around and lay next to Brad, and said, “I never dreamed you sucked cock also, and I assume Pam doesn’t know.”

“Fuck no!” he exclaimed.  “If he had found out, I would have been out of the house immediately.”

“Well, since we both seem to like the same thing, how would you like to start sharing my bed with me at night?”

“I’d love it and I can’t wait to see hot that tool of yours fits into my ass.”

“Well, my dear friend, you will find out later tonight.”

“I can’t wait,” he replied, then said, “Mai I ask you opinion about something?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“What is your opinion of John?” he said.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Do you think he might play?”

“What makes you think he might?” I asked.

“It’s just a feeling I have.  When it’s been just he and I talking out in the yards, I’ve noticed that he will glance down at my crotch from time to time.”

“I’ve notice that also,” I said.

“Does he know you live nude?”

“No.  Whenever anyone knocks, I slip on some shorts real quick.”

“I just bet he would be hot in bed,” Brad said.

It would be hot as hell to have a three way with John, and I made up my mind that the next time I saw him I would make sure he saw me.

Brad and I began making out and soon we were both rock hard and I heard him softly say, “Fuck me, please.”  

I reached into the night stand and retrieved the lube and moments later, with Brad on his back and legs pulled up, I began my entry.

As the head slipped in, I heard him say “Oh, yes,” and I continued my entry until I was in his ass balls deep.

“Oh, damn, Mark, I love it, now fuck the hell out of me.”  I began plowing his hole hard, fast, and deep and as I did, he kept saying how great it felt and that I knew how to fuck. It didn’t take long for me to fill his ass with my load.  

I had noticed that as I was climaxing deep into his ass, he was shooting his load out onto his stomach.  After pulling out, I leaned down and licked him clean, letting him watch me devour his cum load.  Afterward, we showered and returned to bed and cuddled together before going to sleep.

The next morning after coffee, I was out on the porch and saw John leaving.  As he did, he called back to his wife, “I have several stops to make so I might be a while.”

I knew he had been at the video store on Saturday mornings before because I had been there also.  Quickly, I went inside and told Brad I had an errand to run and quickly dressed and left.

Upon arriving at the video store, I looked for John’s car and didn’t see it.  I parked mine way around the side and went in and waited.

I watched the lobby area from inside the video arcade and about twenty minutes later I saw John enter and pay his entry fee. 

I quickly slipped into an empty booth and watched as he entered the arcade.  He went to a booth two doors down from me and I quickly went into the booth next to him, knowing that there was a glory hole between our booths.  I quickly chose a movie then slid down my shorts and began stroking my cock.

I kept watching the hole and moments later I saw his lips at the hole then his tongue protrude from between his lips.  I turned and put my cock to the hole and felt his hot wet mouth engulf my hard cock.  After sucking me a few moments, he pulled off but held my cock in his hand.  Suddenly, I knew what he was doing.

He had turned around and was backing up to my cock directing it into his hot ass.  I felt it make entry then slowly go deeper until he had it all in him.  I began to piston in and out of his hot hole and soon filled his ass with my thick, creamy load. 

He pulled off and I heard his say softly, “That was awesome and I loved it.  Thanks.”

I quickly pulled up my shorts, waiting for him to exit his booth.  As he did, I exited mine and as we stood face to face, I said, “You’re quite welcome.”

He froze for a moment then said, “That was you in the other booth.”

“Yep, and it wasn’t the first time you have had me.  We blown each other numerous times..”

“Mother fuck!  Are you serious?” he asked.

“Yes, John, I am. We’ve blown each other probably a dozen times in the past.  I was just waiting for the right time to let you know it was me.”

“I don’t fucking believe this but I have to admit that I loved it.”

“Well, Brad is going out for tonight so why don’t you come over.  Tell Susan we’re watching the ball game.  Let’s do it right and get in bed.”

Smiling, he said, “You got a deal,” after we had set a time.

He leaned forward and we kissed passionately.  As we separated, I said, “See you tonight.”

Returning home, I told Brad that I had a surprise for him.  He asked what it was and all I told him was that I had invited a close friend over to play and that I wanted him to leave the house for a half hour of so then return quietly and join us.  He smiled and immediately agreed.

As time for John to arrive approached, I told Brad to leave and what time to return.  I quickly straightened up the place and turned my bed covers back, making it ready for action.

John arrived and as I let him in, he smiled and said, “This is all I have thought about since we talked at the video store.”

After shutting the door I said that it had been on my mind also.  I led him to the bedroom and watched as he quickly stripped totally nude.

The lights were low and as we made out passionately, I whispered into his ear, “I have a surprise for you.  Someone is joining us and I think you will be pleased.”

“Really?  When? Who?” he said rapidly.

“You just have to wait and see,” I replied.

When it was time, I had john get on his back and I straddled his chest and slid my hard cock into his mouth.  In this position, it gave Brad clear access to John’s cock without being seen.

I barely heard the front door close and moments later I turned my head just enough to see Brad enter the bedroom.  Ever so slowly, he eased up onto the bed and before John knew what was happening, Brad had John’s cock in his mouth.  It was then that I heard John moan softly in pleasure.

John continued sucking my cock and after a few moments, I pulled out of his mouth and rolled to the side, giving him, a clear view of Brad devouring his cock.

When John saw Brad sucking his cock, he was surprised and said, “Mother Fuck! Brad?”  

Brad paused and said, “Yep, and I’m finally getting the other cock I wanted.”

I lay to the side and watched, and after a moment, John had Brad stop and come up to him and they kissed passionately, before John flipped into a sixty-nine and I got to watch my two best friends drain each others cocks.

After eating each others loads, together, they sucked mty cock and shared my built up cum load in a hot passionate kiss.  After some conversation, the fucking started and before it was over each of us had had the other two cock buried in our asses.

After that night every chance he got John was over visiting Brad and I and engaging in sex, either oral or anal.  John loved having one if us in his ass and the other in his mouth at the same time.

For six months, we had sex every chance we could.  It was then that John told us that Susan had asked him for a divorce, saying that she had fallen in love with her boss, and he was wanting to marry her.  He said he immediately agreed, not telling her that he wanted to be single again.

During the divorce proceedings, the three of us made a decision.  John and I both agreed to sell our homes and together the three of us would buy a home in the country where we could live nude and commute into town for work.

We found a place with a nice pond for skinny dipping and began our life together in a three way love affair.

That was six years ago and we are more in love with each other than anyone could imagine, and our sex life is the best ever.  We do have one on one sex regularly and at least twice a week we indulge in a hot and wild three way, where anything goes.

Life couldn’t be better.


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