"Alright, Sal. I will see you tomorrow night" He yells back at his manager. Evert Lightwood is a Go Go Dancer at a local gay club where his smooth lightly tanned skin and round firm bubble butt got him amazing tips. He stood at 5'5. with light brown eye and dark black hair. Working at the club wasn't his first choice but making all the money and tips as he did he didn't care.

Evert was walking down a dark street and decided to cut through a nearby Ally that would get him home a little fast given how late it was and there was still a lot if pervs around. Walking a dark ally in the middle of the night was stupid but he just wanted to get home. Evert walked down and his pace became slower as he walked his senses telling him that someone was nearby but he looked around and no one was around, When he turned forward. He screamed and jumped. A man covered in the shadows was tall and big. 

"Umm, hi sorry you just scared me." Evert said chuckling a bit. 

The man tilt his head and walked forward stepping into the light of a single street light. Evert gasped when he saw the tall man. This man had dark lightning blue eyes. blondish brown hair. With a strong jaw. He stood at 6'2, his shirt bulging from the hard muscles bulit underneath. As Evert eyes traveled downward he could see a big bulge in the man's jeans. 

"See something you like?" He said smiling. Evert could feel his face blushing like crazy. 

"Sorry, you just look...wow!"

"I know.: He laughed. He runs his fingers through his soft hair. " I'm Caleb." He said reaching his hand out.

He shook it and immeditly felt his hand ice cold."I'm Evert...do you work for the club?" He asked. 

"No, though i do look good to be huh?" He said smiling and being a bit cocky. 

"Yeah, you could. Nice big muscles..." Evert's eyes drifted down wards.

"Yeah?...Well, that's not the only big muscle I have..." He steps forward wrapping his big arms around Evert's little body pulling him to Caleb's cold body. Evert looked up and Caleb brought his face down and pressed his cool lips upon Evert's. 

Evert could smell Caleb was like fresh rain. and even tasted better when Caleb pushed his tonuge into his mouth. Caleb's hands traveled down cupping and sqeezing his bubble butt. "Damn, you have a nice hot ass....I want to fuck you hard...." Caleb went to Evert's neck and bit it causing Evert to moan. He could feel Caleb's harding big dick pressing onto his stomach.

"I...don't live to far from here..." "NO" Caleb says. cutting him off.

"I have a place nearby," He scooped Evert into his arms and carried him half a block until they came to a door. Caleb easliy unlocked it without putting Evert down and entered. It was dark and cold. After a long minute they came to another door that opened. Caleb flipped the switch and they stood in a beautiful loft. Caleb took Evert to his big king size bed. He laid Evert down and ripped his clothes off exposing the smaller man's smooth body. Caleb slowly took off his clothes revealing his hard cut ripped body. WHen He removed his pants his cock pops out boucning for a moment. Evert gasped as he stared at the man beautiful fat cock. It must have been ten inches long and seven inches in girth...with two big egg sized balls hanging below. Caleb pulled Evert to him. "Suck, make fat cock now!" He pressed the fat head to Evert's lips before he finally opened them and Caleb pushed his cock into the smaller man's mouth.

"Mmmm....fuck dude, your mouth feels amazing!' He said as he continued to pump his dick. Evert was in heaven. His mind was telling him to run but for some reason he stayed wanting to please this god like man. To service him and be fucked by him.

He continued to suck and slobber over this man's dick. He rubbed his hand's over the man's pecs feeling everything. as he did, he didn't notice he was taking the man's dick down his throat until he felt his nose was buired in his pubs. 

"Fuck, you are a damn pro! now get on your hands and knee's!" He demands. As Caleb did he noticed that the man's dick was well coated with saliva and didn't need any lube. "I am going to fuck you hard!"

"Yes...daddy fuck me hard!"

He chuckles. "Daddy? I like it...it's going to be ashame..." 

"What....Ahhhh!" He yelled as Caleb drive his fat cock straight into Evert's tight little ass. not giving him a chance to get use to it. "So...damn....tight...so good.!" 

"Yeah, fucking taking it!" He yelled as he gave his strong powerful thrusts into Evert. Evert gripped the bed sheets, moaning loudly as the bigger man continued to fuck him hard. He would pull his cock all the way out and shove it back in combining pain and pleasure into one. Each tome he doing that he did it. with aggression. Then he gripped my hips and began speeding up his thrusts into me. bouncing my body. "Ahhh...OH FUCK OMG!" HE shuddred under the big man. His ass being destroyed him this big rod ramming hard into him. 

"Yeah. Like that big hard dick?" 


"Yeah, you big slut!" He yelled. Caleb began going close to almost inhuman speed and fucked his ass without mercy. Not slowing down for give Evert a rest. Evert began sweating and felt his pulse begin to reach faster and faster as he pumped into me.

HE stopped for a moment and flipped me on my back. Nad shoved his cock back into me and continued with his assault. Evert looked int Caleb's eyes in the dim light. Caleb's big hands held him down.

Caleb's blue eyes slowly began to darken, he didn't know whether or not that his mind was playing tricks do to the intense fucking or what....Caleb grabbed his head and tilt it to the side kissing and nipping at his neck causing Evert to go over the edge and Cum onto Caleb's stomach. 


He heard a small growl coming from Caleb. Caleb slowly lifted his face and gave a evil smile. eyes was mixed with black. He continued fucking Evert heard. HE could feel the quick pulse. The blood pumping through his vain's he could sense fear slowly coming from the boy. He smiled. And lowered his face to his ear. 

"I am giving you the best fucking that you ever had in your human life! Now it's time to take what I want in return!" He pulled up and revealing his sharp fangs. Evert gasped in fear and Caleb grabbed his head to the side, he clmaped down down, and Caleb's fangs sank into the Evert's flesh. Evert gasped in pain then soon became pleasure. Blood so sweet. So warm poured down his throat. The initial bite of pain was gone but quickly turned int pleasure as Evert's resistaints came futile and began to go numb.  Caleb dug his Fang's deeper into the boy's neck, allowing more blood flow down Caleb's throat. Caleb's keep drinking and sucking the blood. He kept pumping his cock into the boy but wrapped his arms around the boy's limp body and pulling him closer and kept drinking....

"stop...please..." the boy whispered. Caleb only bit harder. He loved it when a human asked him to stop. 

Slowly the Boy's heartbeat began to slow and weaken going from pounding to pattering. and slowly began skipping until it finally stopped. This victory was to much and Caleb came into the boy. When he came and the blood stopped flowing he pulled free gasping and smiling at the ceiling. He dropped the dead boy back down on the bed and stood up. He licking his lips savoring the last bit's of blood. He stared down at the lifeless boy. A single tear escaped had rolled down the boy's face. If Caleb didn't toss his humainty away he would probably feel bad for what he did. But he was a blood bag and a simple fuck. a good one but not one that was good enough to let the boy live. He cleaned up and got dressed and cared the body to the nearby pier and diving deep into the water. He lifted up a giant rock that sat on the body and tossed the boy's boy there. along with decompsing corpse of his toher victim's. HE swam up and began walking home. He sniffed the air and a sweet scent floated nearby and turned and saw another young pretty boy.

He smiled and walked toward him. He chatted with im for a bit before finally inviting him over.....



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