Werewolf... The Becoming  

"Where the fuck are you man?" Alex muttered to himself as he walked down the stairs that led down a long back-alley on his way to his apartment. He tried Martin's cell phone again as he approached the door to his place...it went straight to voice-mail. Alex and Martin were childhood friends, since kindergarten thirty years now, and work with each other in a New York real-estate firm. They were supposed to meet for drinks that night. They have girlfriends, but like to mess around with each other as well, a little male bonding every now and then to make it interesting.

"Fuck it!" Alex exclaimed, putting away his cell as he fumbled for his keys on an unseasonably rainy and cold October night, it's been a long day and his friend was supposed to me him at the local bar, the White Eagle in lower Manhattan. Martin was distressed, very upset about something, Alex reluctantly agreed to meet him, he had a long day at work and he was really tired but....Martin never showed up anyway. At least he got this girls' phone number while he waited, so the day was not lost. Alex finally found the right key to his front door when a noise caught his attention. Something moved down the alley by the steps he just went down.

"Hello? Who's there..." he called out, smiling to himself as he realized how movie cliché that sounded. Something always bad happens to someone each time after they say that.

'Stupid cats'. Alex muttered under his breath. As he opened his door, he heard a noise again. The rain started to intensify as the garbage cans in the alley rocked back and forth from the wind disturbing them. A few lids came undone and blew across the narrow alley. Alex looked up and down the alley saw nothing then as he was about to enter his apartment a looming dark figure blew past him knocking him down. Alex barely caught it in his peripheral vision but that thing was huge!

"What the fuck!" Alex yelled as he looked around startled.

"Shit!...what the hell man!" he said as he got up and brushed himself off. He turned around only to find this huge dark figure standing in front of him, he tried to say something but the words didn't come. The outside lights that illuminated the alley created a silhouette of the figure, he couldn't make out what it looked like but it was seven feet tall if not more! A vice-like grip enveloped his entire body to the point he thought his body will be crushed. He felt the warm, musty breath on his face the figure panted as it held him suspending him a few inches off the ground.

Alex felt his feet leave the pavement, swinging in mid-air, he didn't dare look at this beast or whatever it was, paralyzed with fear, he didn't want to see it...and then...everything went black...

The next morning Alex woke up with a splitting headache and his body felt like it was made out of lead. He could barely get up off the floor.

'Oh man....what in theeee fuuuck....what-the-fuck happened last night...' Alex said quietly as he awoke, rubbed his eyes and face and realized he was completely naked and the front door was wide open. Water found it's way into the walk-in apartment Alex rents in a Park Slope Brooklyn, Brownstone. He held his head in his hands for a few more minutes, gathering his bearings. The windy rain was slamming the front door back against the wall.

"Aw fuck... that's great! That's just great!" Alex exclaimed irritated realizing the mess that was all over the floor. His legs still a little shaky, Alex stood up and closed the door. He shuffled over to the closet and got the mop to clean up the partial flood in his living room. As he did so he noticed how dirty his body was, his arms were dirty, his feet were muddy, sandy, as if he just walked off the beach, his hair was messed up and dried blood was around his nose and mouth. He tasted it as he ran to the bathroom to check out what the hell was going on, flinging the mop to the floor. The reflection in the mirror startled him.

"Oh shit...Oh my God....what....in theeeee hellll man..." he said quietly, slowly out-loud, gazing at this strange figure in the mirror he at first, couldn't recognize. It was as if he was swept up in a hurricane, his face was muddy as was his hair and littered with debris, matted, dirty and damp. Alex ran his fingers through his hair and over his face. He grabbed a tissue and dabbed at his bloody nose. He immediately turned on the shower and leaped into the tub and frantically started to soap himself up from head to toe. The warm water was stinging at first but eventually comforting. His body ached, it was sore all over, as if he had quite the work-out the previous night.

As he was washing up he replayed that entire night in his mind. He went to a bar, waited for his friend Martin, who never showed up and never called, got a number from this smokin' hot chick and went home...that's it. So what in the hell did he do that he wound up this fucked up?! The dirt was washing away down the drain as Alex hosed off each part of his body thoroughly. The soap found it way into tender places on his body. Stinging and burning spots that were scratched or pitted with small abrasions and long scratches on his back, shoulder-blades and chest.

One of his nipples was sore but other than that he was okay. Alex turned off the water and was gently toweling himself off, stepping out of the shower stall he couldn't help but wonder why the hell were his muscles so sore? From the chest down it felt like he fell down an elevator shaft or something, each step hurt like hell. He reached in the medicine cabinet from some aspirin and popped two of them.

"Fuck!" Alex said, as a cold chill ran through the apartment. The front door was open, again, and the wind chilled the apartment down a bit but other than the damp floor no one seemed to have come inside. Why would they, the front door to the apartment was down a long alley, so a stranger didn't exactly see into Alex's place, it was pretty secluded from the public view.

Alex went to close the door and noticed an object gleaming in the alley, as he approached it he realized that it was his cell phone! It just dawned on him that he had no idea where his clothes were, his wallet was in his leather jacket and it was nowhere in the apartment! He ran out into the alley with just a towel around his waist frantically searching for that jacket. But...it was gone, so was his shirt, so were his pants, shoes, socks! He looked around up and down the narrow alley running back and forth desperately looking in each possible corner of that alley, as if possibly he missed a spot were his clothes would've been...but to no avail.

Alex went back inside slowly closing the door, mopped up the rest of the remaining water off the and put away the mop. The cell-phone was okay, not even scratched, it was water-proof so the rain soaking it was not a problem. The problem now was to call his bank and cancel those damn credit cards he lost. Not to mention the $54 in lost cash and that chicks number too!
As Alex dialed his bank, as he waited for customer service, he thought about the previous night and was at a loss to explain what happened to him. He didn't drink that much and he can hold his liquor, he was no falling down drunk. The customer service representative answered within a few rings.

"How may I help you today?" she said cheerfully.

"Yes I'd like to cancel my credit cards...I lost my wallet, I have no idea what happened to it." Alex said speaking to the National Bank customer service rep.

"Ok sir, I will cancel those and issue you new ones, you should receive those within forty-eight hours, can I assist you with anything else sir?" the female voice asked.

"No, that's all, thanks a lot...oh wait, have those cards been used yet?"

"No sir, the last activity was $45.34 at Home Depot...and $12.00 at a bar called..."

"Yea that was mine..." Alex interrupted. "As long as no one else got to it I'm glad..."

"Yes sir, thank you for being such a long-time customer and if I can be of further assistance my name is Jessica feel free to call us back with any further questions."

"Okay, thanks a lot...thank you." Alex said as he hung up. As he did, he noticed that his nails were brittle, his toes as well, they practically disintegrated as he rubbed them, his thumb nail fell off completely.

"What the..." Alex started to say as his cell-phone rang, it was Martin. Alex put him on speaker as he started to examine his fingers one by one.

"Hey...man...how you doin' bro..." Martin said, sheepishly.

"Oh don't give me that 'how you doin' shit man, where the fuck were you last night anyway? I was at the Eagle for hours!" Alex shot back, looking at each of his fingers on both hands.

"I was feeling a little under the weather...but I called didn't you get my message?"

"No I didn't get the message, I checked dozens of times...since you never called otherwise I would've got it, I had my phone on all night...not to mention some weird shit happened to me last night you won't fuckin' believe this I was..."

"Um yea, my phones battery is low...you're kinda breakin' up so...can we meet at my place this time...later today? Martin said, cutting Alex off.

"Yea....sure man...you okay?" Alex asked. Martin sounded nothing like his usual self, life of the party, loud and boisterous, and that's without a few drinks in him...but this Martin was different somehow.

"Yea...yea I'm fine, I just need to tell you something, about my trip to Europe, you know I was going to tell you something last night...but...well lets' just get together soon, you need to hear this in person." Martin said, his tone more serious now.

"Okay, okay I'll come over tonight around seven, sound good?" Alex replied.

"That's fine bro...but make it closer to 10 PM. I'll tell you everything then."

"Um, yea, ok 10 it is then...wait tell me 'everything'?...everything about what?....and why so late!" Alex shouted into the phone, his curiosity peaking. But he was met with a dial tone...Martin had already hung up.

"What the fuck is going on with that boy! And what the fuck is going on with me!" Alex yelled aloud, going into the bedroom to get dressed. As he was picking out his clothes, Alex started to feel different, something was different about him. He felt warm, his nose was runny. He felt body-aches as if he was coming down with a cold or something.

'Oh great, I'm getting the flu now?' he thought to himself.

He looked over at the full-length mirror in his bedroom and looked himself over. Alex was a muscular man, not the tallest guy, but at 5'6" his body was lean and ripped. He took pride in his workout routine and how he took care of himself. This time he noticed how much more defined his muscles were, his cock was semi-hard at the moment but that was not surprise, his big dick was always jumpin' around in his pants. Alex's dick got hard with a mild breeze blowing through his jeans, or checking out other fit bodies be they male or female.

Nevertheless, his veins in his arms seemed to pop more, his thighs were more muscular and defined....his pecs seemed to be even more defined as well. It didn't surprise Alex much, he works out with a disciple that Army recruits don't even have but....something was different. He felt warm and his balls hung lower than normal, he was running a fever. Alex could feel it, low-grade but a fever none the less, his glassy eyes confirming it. He thought about calling Martin back and telling him he'd come by tomorrow but thought better and was determined to go and find out what the fuck was making Martin act so weird.

Ever since his trip across Europe he came back different somehow, a little 'off'. Alex slipped on his boxers, socks and pulled on a white tank top. He went into the bathroom to brush his teeth and noticed his front tooth was slightly chipped.

"Oh crap..." he said as he swirled his tongue around the tooth and touched it with his finger.

"That's gonna cost me to fix...shit."

Alex called in to work and told them he was taking a sick day, now way was he in any shape to go to work and that fever could be something more than just a common cold with flu season in full swing. Alex took another aspirin and grabbed a glass of water, he wasn't in the mood to eat anything just yet. He turned on the TV and just closed his eyes for a few minutes...but he wound up drifting off to a deep sleep. Alex was dreaming...

...he was running through and alley, from his apartment, through the streets of Park Slope and into Prospect Park, running like he never ran in his life, he could smell the grass under his nose and feel the wind whistle in his ears, he ran into a man, a jogger or someone like that, that man looked up a look of horror fell over his face, and screamed!

So did Alex...he shot up in his couch, there was as thunder storm raging outside, Alex was sweating and shaking but his fever seemed to be gone. Looking down at his boxers, they were soaking wet...wet with semen he had a wet-dream! A wet-nightmare was more like it.

'Oh fuckin' hell! Really? Really!' he said to himself in disbelief. He stood up and the semen ran down his legs, as he reach for a box of tissues to wipe it up. Alex's cock felt tender, swollen in fact, it was semi-erect but felt different than normal. It looked different too, something was off. It reminded him of a canine cock almost!

'No, no I'm nuts is all...get a hold of yourself boy...get a hold of yourself!' he muttered. Alex was bleary-eyed and chalked it off to just coming down off a major hangover or something. He went into the bedroom to get another pair of boxers, slipped them on and was looking for his jeans. He felt his dick twitch, and tingle as it began to get hard. His cock swelled and hardened and was tenting his boxers, the head of his cock straining through the fabric and burst through the fly! He was startled, shocked, at it's appearance. His hard cock was more animal-like than human! Like a canine penis. He stared at it in shock and disbelief, clutching it as if to stop it from becoming this, this thing! But it felt awesome!

In spite of it's appearance Alex found himself grabbing it, clutching it, jerking it ferociously with both his hands. Grabbing at this balls, pulling on them, ripping off his shorts and yanking furiously at his dick til it spurt semen all over the floor in the bedroom, his balls tightened so much he thought they'd burst! His cock twitched as some residual cum leaked out of the tip and ran down the shaft splattering on the floor.

'Oh fuuuuuckin' hell that felt sooo goooood...' Alex whispered as closed his eyes and slowly slid down the wall behind him, feeling a tingling chill shoot though his whole body....

Alex woke up again, he had passed out and was lying on the floor in his bedroom.

'Damn man...what the hell was that all about!' Alex thought, holding his head and sitting straight up.

Thinking about that disturbing dream he just had, was it a dream? Or something else? He grabbed his dick and examined it, looked normal to him. Alex was relieved, laughed to himself even, how could he have thought his cock was canine looking? Ridiculous! His balls ached a bit, but in that good way, the way a man feels after his jizz goes flying or spurting in his boxers during a wet-dream, there's no feeling quite like that...nightmare or not.

He was a little disturbed as to why he found himself in his bedroom when he remembered falling asleep on the couch but he chalked that up to the drunken state he must've been in. It had to have been alcohol related...had to be. Alex looked at his cell phone the time said 9:34PM.

'Oh shit! I slept through the entire morning and afternoon....wait...did I go to work..yea...no I didn't I didn't?!' Alex exclaimed, questioning his memory and his sanity.

He ran into the bathroom splashed some cold water on his face and got ready to met up with Martin, he was going to be late but fuck it, let him wait. As Alex on the faucet he suddenly started to drink the water coming out of the faucet, cupping it in his hand and lapping it up, ten to fifteen handfuls of water! But it wasn't enough.

He went to the refrigerator and took out bottle after bottle of water and drank five medium sized bottles. Alex suddenly smelled the turkey in his refrigerator as well, taking slice after slice of it and eating it without bread, just all by itself...and it wasn't enough. Alex was feeling a craving for food like he never did, even post workout, he took out all the bread, cottage cheese, yogurt, celery sticks and devoured it all. Everything that was left in the fridge was gone...plus three more water bottles that were in there.

'What the hell is happening to me?' Alex thought as he sat in the kitchen, rubbing his hands over his face, looking at the crumbs and various remnants of food left on the table, and the empty refrigerator....staring at it all in disbelief. Alex rationalized it of course, he had a bad night, he did eat last night but he was just really, really.....really hungry is all.

That's all...nothing more...right. He was suddenly aware of a presence outside his front door, someone was there...he went over to the door and opened it slowly....no one. Stepping out into the alley, Alex did notice someone. It was David, the grocery store manager across the street, he recognized the smell of his cologn. Sometimes he worked late at night in his office. He wore way too much cologne, he could smell David a mile away and....he just did! He literally did, Alex smelled that bad cologne before David was anywhere near his place! His mind was racing, there's no way he could've smelled David from the apartment that far off...and yet... Alex rubbed his hands over his face. 'What is this....what-is-this!' He wondered. Maybe he was losing his mind....

Alex seemed more acutely aware of his surroundings more than ever before, and his appetite increased. He had no rational explanation for it, hungrier, hornier than ever before! His cock vacillated between getting semi-erect and fully erect again and his balls-ached they got so tight! He was hornier than all hell, nothing new here, but even for him it was distracting...he had to rub one out before he left...he had to!! Once again Alex found himself clutching his balls, grabbing at them and furiously stroking his dick till he shot his load on the throw-rug just inside his doorway...thick jizz gushed from his hard cock splattering on the floor, the last few shots spurted forcefully landing on the floor beyond the carpet.

Alex let go of his still hard, pulsing cock, as some more residual semen gushed out. Alex arched his back in pleasure, his balls were so tight as the semen ran down his throbbing shaft, making it way down over his balls before falling onto the carpet beneath.

'Ohhh....fuuuuuuuck yeeeeaaa...' he moaned. 'Fuuck yeeeeaaaaa...' he said as he continued to moan rubbing his neck and ran his hands over his pecs, his nipples responded by hardening immediately. His big cock hardened so much Alex winced for a minute or so...feeling the blood coarse and pound through his cock, watching it throb....finally it started to go down, a few more drops of semen dripped out as he rubbed his erect nipples. He was so lost in the pleasure that he almost didn't hear his cell phone ringing, waking him up from this latest intense jack-off session. Alex ran over to the phone and picked it up, it was Martin.

"Yea sorry man, I know, I'm late, I'm late...but..."

"No that's okay bro, I want you to meet me at this location...I'm sending you the address now..." Martin said.

"Wait we're not meeting up at your place?" Alex asked incredulously.

"Yea it's better if you met me here today." Martin insisted.

"And hurry up....moon's rising getting stronger." Before Alex could answer Martin hung up. Alex read the text message Martin sent with the address. It was strange since that location was near the water-front. He went over to this computer and looked up the address, it was a desolate location with abandoned factories and warehouses. Alex was more confused now than ever, what the hell could be going on with Martin?

"Moons' getting stronger...rising?"

'The fuck was that all about?' Alex muttered.

Why meet him in some abandoned factory? Nevertheless he grabbed his keys and ran out, getting into his Jeep Wrangler and entering the address into his GPS. Alex arrived at the location about forty minutes later where Martin told him to be. Alex drove through the deserted streets, turning down a desolate alley it was about 11:20 PM and not a soul was about in that part of town. The streets were empty outside of a few trucks and abandoned cars.

Alex drove around til he saw Martin's car, a classic Oldsmobile 442 was parked in an empty employee parking lot next to a open warehouse door. Martin was waiting, he waved him over, smiling. Alex parked next to Martin's car, shut off the engine and stepped out, his dick semi-hard...again, he felt that different feeling again as well.

As Alex approached a smiling Martin, before Alex knew it Martin ran up and hugged him, hugged him....held him close like just found a long lost brother or something. Alex smiled and hugged him back, Martin stepped back and looked at Alex's crotch.

"Bulgin' big bro as usual." he said with a laugh.

"Yea, well you didn't call me out to this place to tell me that, so..."

"No definitely not." Martin said chuckling.

Martin just smiled at Alex...for what seemed like an eternity. He just looked at an incredulous Alex looking back at him with a 'what the fuck' look on his face.

"Well? Why'd you call me out here...seriously what is this?"

Martin finally spoke, he hugged Alex and motioned to the stair-case leading up to the second floor of the deserted warehouse. Alex followed Martin upstairs, and as they reached the top of the stairs and went inside the largely empty cavernous space. Martin ran inside and waved his hands in the air spinning around a few times.

"I brought you here, because you and me are...kindred spirits now...please don't hate me too much with what's about to happen man." Martin said, his tone more serious and yet not frightening or threatening. Alex was a bit irritated now, and simultaneously feeling uneasy with all the mystery crap and demanded an explanation...for everything.

"Will you tell me what the fuck is going on or I'm outta here Martin!...I mean enough already!." Alex shouted. Martin continued to smile.

"Have you been feeling at bit under the weather, flu-like symptoms, but not really...hornier than usual...hungrier than usual...shit like that?" Martin asked.

"Well...yea...yea, thought it was just a bug goin' round is all..plus I'm always horny...so?"

"It's more than that Alex...much more....so much more." Martin said looking out the large cracked factory window. Alex just looked at him making a puzzled face.

"Something wonderful is about to happen to you Alex...something incredible...a gift really...an unreal but amazing gift, I hope you accept it as I did." Martin said, gazing up through the skylight as the rising moon's brightness seemed to intensify.

"Ok, that's it....I'm outta here..." Alex said turning to leave. "...if you're having some mental breakdown, or something..."

"No, no, nothing like that....have you seen the moon tonight? It's full...not that it always needs to be but it does start the metamorphosis." Martin said cryptically.

"Yea so, I mean who gazed up at the moon anymore, everyone's on their fucking smart-phones oblivious to the world around them....not, not looking anybody in the eyes...wait metamorphosis...what...fuck you talkin' bout man?!" Alex shouted, as he rubbed his eyes and leaned against a wall, feeling a bit faint, nauseous his insides feeling warm and tingly he ran his hands over his face a few times. His body felt itchy, tingly.

"It's beginning Alex...it's beginning...soon you'll realize what." Martin said cryptically.

"What the fuck happened to you in Europe exactly...you didn't call for weeks, no one knew where you were...I mean....." Alex's voice trailing off as he spoke, he started to sweat. Martin ran over and helped Alex down to the floor.

"What're you doing man....seriously!" Alex said struggling to get up.

"No! No, no! Just relax, don't fight it...let it happen it'll be less painful if you just let it happen..." Martin insisted. Alex tried to get up but...he couldn't, he was dizzy, the factory skylights seemed to spin and laying on the floor was much better than standing up.

"Let...let what happen?...what's happening to me?!..." Alex asked weakly, agitated and feeling hot, sweat was pouring down his face and body, he took off his jacket and started to breath heavily.

"Um...it's better if you take your clothes off man...seriously...saves on the wardrobe believe me." Martin said matter-of-factly grinning, trying to undress Alex quickly.

"What the fuck you doin'!... what're are you talkin' bout man? I'm not...takin' anything....off here..." Alex started to say, trying to push Martin away as he went over and started to undress him, taking off his shirt and attempting to take off Alex's pants, unbuckling his belt.

"Get the fuck away from me man! What the fuck dude? What the fuck!....seriously, you losin' it or something?!" Alex screamed, pushing Martin away violently.

"I'm just tryin to make it easier for you bro is all..." Martin insisted as he took off his own jacket and clothes, he took off his shoes and pants. He put his clothes in a neat pile on an old chair stripping off his undershirt and boxers and ran over to Alex completely naked now.

Alex looked at his friend, incredulously.

"Dude! What-THE-FUCK-ARE-YOU doing?! Why are you...naked...why..." Alex's voice trailed off as he shook, and held his head.

"What is...this....I'm so...sooo dizzy...so..."

"Ok, ok, just let it happen, the more you fight it the worse it'll be..." Martin said insistently.

The next event happened quite quickly as the moon came up and Alex was sweating profusely, his body seemingly coming undone or loosening up somehow. He started to grab at his chest his nipples seemed to be on fire, tingling and very tender, sensitive, his pectoral muscles started to spasm as his nipples painfully hardened, protruding through his shirt. His chest was starting to expand ever so slightly. Alex felt his muscles quivering, spasming under his shirt, as if his ribs were trying to push through his skin, then his entire musculature trembled and spasmed slowly at first, uncontrollably.

"Seriously man take your clothes off...shoes...loose it all! I'm telling you...you need to!..."

"Okay damn it!! fuck!! I'll take them off! Why though!? Fuuuuuk!! What's....what's going on?! Tell me!" Alex screamed in pain as he frantically grabbed at his shoelaces and took off his boots, tearing at his shirt, grasping at his belt buckle undoing it. Pulling off his jeans and stripping down to just his tank-top and boxers, but after that he fell to his knees, he was becoming something....changing, transforming into something. Martin tried his best to see him through it.

"Just let it happen bro it'll be okay... in a little while..it's always bad the first time..." Martin said as he stepped back and away from Alex, he knew what was about to happen and gave him some room.

"Whaaaat do ...you mean..it...it...oh shiiiiiit....." Alex tried to speak but his body started transforming, Alex's smooth body was sprouting hair, dark hair almost imperceptibly at first. Alex spun around, arching his back, as he writhed on the ground. He fell on all fours, watching as his body was transmuting, he noticed his finer nails started to get longer, claw-like! He felt itchy all over he was scratching his body as the hair sprouted from each follicle of his body, increasing in thickness by the second from head to toe.

His dick suddenly became painfully erect pushing against the inside of his boxers, the veins throbbing on it's shaft, pulsing, his throbbing cock-head ripping through his boxers, pre-cum was dripping from it like a faucet! Alex looked down at this throbbing cock in disbelief of what was happening to him.

"Oh! Fuck..Fuckin' hell! What's ha..happening to me! Whaaaaaaaat!" Alex screamed, watching in horror as his body was changing into...something...something he couldn't imagine. Alex stood up, unsteady on his feet as he was rubbing his hands across his body in a vain attempt to stop whatever was happening. His chest heaved, stretching, increasing in size, widening, his nipples were so hard Alex grabbed his chest in an attempt to stop it, somehow, but to no avail.

Whatever was happening was continuing...a force not to be stopped. Every inch of his body was twitching, moving, reforming into something....new. His cock twitched a few times and began to spurt thick white gobs of semen on the floor. It poured down the shaft of his cock in gushing streams , his balls tightened hard against his body, as they unloaded their contents. His beard thickened and started to grow, hair was growing all over his body.

"Oh shit!...what the fuuuuuuuuck!" Alex yelped, his voice crackling, changing as well. He looked at his arms and grasped at this face. His skin was stretching slowly as his body started to morph into...something... his fingers, hands, and legs were growing...taking on a canine shape....a wolf's shape!

"Martin! Martin! Help me man! Help me man!!, make it stop! Aw fuuuuck!" Alex screamed in a shaky growling voice, his eyes bloodshot and welling up with tears as he writhed on the concrete factory floor, his body continued sprouting more thick gray and black fur, which protruded through his tank top ripping it to shreds. His hands as well as fingers lengthened as did his feet and toes stretching three times in size. He looked down at his legs as they stretched, his skin seemingly ripping apart as thick black hair grew on them! His hands and knuckles creaked and made cracking noises as they transformed getting longer and hairier. Martin was a few feet away....motioning with his hands in a calming way to just 'let it happen'.

"I can't stop it man, you have to give into it, it'll go easier on you if you just let it happen, don't fight it man! It's the fighting that makes it worse than it could be!" Martin reiterated. Alex watched Martin, his eyes pleading for him to help make it all stop...somehow. But Martin just watched, unable to help as his friend continued to change, there was no stopping it.

Alex stood up and let out a high-pitched scream arching his back violently as he fell to the floor. His spinal vertebrae pushed through his skin as a tailbone ripped through his lower-backs' skin snaking out, forming a long tail stretching the skin over it, long black hair grew in covering it.
His shoulder-blades were creaking and cracking gaining in size and mass his legs lengthening. His hands elongating, claws growing out from where his finger-nails once were, long and sharp, blood leaking down from his hands. Alex screamed trying to do something, anything to lesson his torturous transformation.

"Help meeeeeeeeee!! someonnne!! anyonnne!!! No! Nooooo! Nooooo! This is noooooot hapennnnning!" But it was happening, there was no stopping it. A mix of grunts and screams echoed off the distant walls of the cavernous factory as he writhed in pain as his fingers and toe-nails grew longer, thicker and sharper as they protruded out as newly forming claws. His skin was stretching as the muscles and bones grew bigger and longer, his torso elongated as well.

Alex's body shook and twisted violently as he felt his abs stretching and tried to clench them from doing so but to no avail. His muscles stretched, ripped and grew to accommodate his newly forming body. He crawled along the floor tin a vain attempt to escape this somehow, but there was nowhere he could go...no way to stop this. His entire skeletal and muscular structure was morphing, transmuting every part of his human body, reshaping into his new, inhuman..lupine body.

The boxers and tank top he still had on stretched as far as their stitching allowed, shredded, ripped, and tore off as his body as the transformation continued, his ears stretched out and up as his skull cracked and flexed reshaping as well. Alex's screams were muffled and morphing into loud grunts now, growls and roars, as well as painful whimpers more canine than human as he collapsed on his back twisting and turning as his DNA was being rewritten.

His fingers continued to grow longer, thick fur was growing over them. All he could do is lay there writhing and convulsing on the floor till his transformation completed. He could feel the hairs as they sprouted from beneath his skin, all over his once smooth abs and body, Alex turned and managed to up-right himself on all fours again.

He felt his bones, muscles and skin being pulled and elongated. There were some broken glass among the debris in the factory as Alex was transmuting he caught a glimpse of what he was...becoming, in the reflection of the glass shards. He quickly turned away in horror, his screams drowned out now gurgling into louder more guttural inhuman growls and snarls now as his head shook violently and his skull creaked and nose crackled protruding slowly pulling away from his face and elongated forward along with his jawline as his skin stretched across his long newly forming snout. His his tongue stretched along with his snout and jaw and his ears were repositioned on his head pointing up. Blood poured from his gums as his long jawline was forming as his new upper and lower canine teeth and incisors were pushing through his bleeding gums, replacing his human teeth as his green eyes were turning ice-blue.

Alex foamed at the mouth as he writhed in pain, his legs shaking as he tried to balance himself on them as fur continued enveloping the rest of his body. Alex's dick twitched, sporadically harden and soften, ultimately hardening so much Alex grunted loudly in pain as his balls tightened and his dick started to ooze a few drops of semen again before it spurted violently out of his cock all over the floor. He just collapsed on the floor, he lied there on his left-side, his body shivered and convulsed intermittently while some more fur continued to sprout enveloping his face, filling in the remaining hair-free parts of his body.

The semen gushing from his cock just oozed out now, his balls emptied every drop as his transformation continued. Alex rolled over on his back and grunted loudly as his leg muscles thickened and kept stretching, he legs flared out as his dick hardened and started to spurt crimson urine sporadically as it morphed into a lupine one. A long jet-stream of urine sprayed out, jettisoning over his head as his body shook and convulsed violently.

His toe-nails replaced by claws now and his arms were now fully formed legs, bloody foam dripped from his gums. The pain subsided somewhat as his high-pitched whines and grunts quieted to low intermittent growls. Alex was exhausted, the urine stream subsided as well, down to a few intermittent squirts now as Alex was panting heavily, as his transformation was complete.

Alex threw his head back let out an intensely loud howl that shook the girders of the factory and rattled the glass in the windows. Martin smiled and looked over at his friend, his best friend and what he's become. Alex's piercing, now ice-blue eyes, stared back at him angrily, defiantly. He stood up on his four legs, tried to take a step forward but was still a bit shaky at first, he sat down momentarily on his hind-quarters but becoming ever-more steady on his powerful legs. Some residual urine dripped from his cock, hardening and softening sporadically, his balls tightening and loosening accordingly.

Alex was now a fully developed wolf, he growled, snarled and bristled his fur, he whipped his newly formed tail around and with each movement of it his semi-hard cock moved with it as well. Unable to vocalize humanly now, his grunts, growls and teeth-baring spoke for him...clearly. Alex just glared at his friend, panting like an exhausted dog, his breath visible in the cold night air of the factory as he let out another fierce howl that shook the rafters and echoed against the distant walls of the building. Saliva and blood dripped from his lower jaw onto the floor as Alex let out a slow, low-rumbling growl focusing his attention at Martin. Alexs' cock twitched and hardened again, engorged with blood, the veins pulsing and throbbing through it. Alex continued his subdued growl, his erect cock oozing precum now as he bared his oh-so-razor sharp teeth at Martin. Alex was a magnificent specimen indeed, all nine feet of him and his powerful muscles and claws.

"Yea bud...yeeeessss....awsum...my...my turn buddy....my turn..." Martin managed to say, his voice cracking, body shuddering, as he fell to his knees. He arched his back and let out a guttural scream. Martin's cock was fully erect the veins pulsing rhythmically....His finger nails started to grow into claws, his face contorting and morphing his jawline elongating...pulling away from his face....



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