"There is my little fae." Alpha says.Staring me down. He stands there with six other men, but the way Alpha was there you could feel the power waving off him. HE stands there his two massive pecs puffed out, the light that has now just began to drop glistens his strong muscular body. The water soaks his boxer brief's that is the only thing he is wearing. The wet fabric clinging to his massive bulge that ever so slightly swings as he breath's.

"Well I see that poor excuse of a wolf looking tough has mated with you I am very upset with you, you should have mated with me a true man. A true wolf. A powerful wolf." He says. flexing his body and rubbing his big bulge which is now lengthening in his brief's. I can hear Conrad growl threatening to Alpha. 

"No.Stop. He is far to powerful please let me handle this." I say to Conrad. I turn his face to me looking into his glowing eyes. "Baby, please control yourself." I feel his breathing begin to slow and even out and his eyes change back to normal. I take a deep breath and face Alpha. 

"Alpha, I am sorry you came all this way nut as you can see I am part of the Timber pack now. As law says that any person who is bitten and carries the mating scar" I say moving my shirt to the side. "That person is automatically absorbed into his pack." Alpha Smiles fails and goes into a full on frown. I can sense that he is pissed. Really pissed. This isn't going to go well but I am not going to let him take anymore away from me. 

"Well...that just dissapointing. Really is. However, I do not care for no laws. you are in my pack and I am your Alpha and you will return with me otherwise..." He smiles insidiously.  "I will kill every man, women, and child. And I will still take you." 

"Like hell you will!" Conrad yells. He rips his clothes off and runs to Alpha shifting in mid flight. snarling and snapping at ALpha as he runs. 

"COnrad! NO!" Alpha smiles and holds out one hand and Conrad yelps in pain and writhes on the muddy ground. All off us stare in horror as Conrad yelps in pain. Alpha reaches down and grabs Alpha by the next and with a single flick of his arm he throws Conrad straight into a tree with a sickening crunch noise. "CONRAD!" I run to him. "Conrad...baby..please...are you okay...baby..." I feel tears coming down. He let's out a soft whimper. I sigh in relief knowing he is alive. "Don't worry baby you will be okay we all will" 

"I'm afraid it won't." Alpha says. He faces the rest of the pack and address them directly. "Alpha Butler as you can see I was able to put down one of your wolves without touching him and toss his aside like a rag doll. With my six men your pack will be wiped out with ease so you have two options. Die or back the hell away....." 

I feel anger build inside me my inner wolf fueling my body. In response I can feel the lightening in the sky crack across the sky. This silence Alpha and he looks at me. I slowly rise to my feet and face him my eyes glowing bright blue. I can feel the full power of the fae and wolf combine energies. 

"You will not harm no one. I will kill you myself. You and me fight and no one else! If you beat me you can take me but if I beat you...well you will be dead." Anger flashes across Alpha's face.

"I will accept you challenge. No one interfer's with this fight." He tell's everyone. 

I walk slowly to him and soon I am jogging and in a full on sprint. I charge directly to Alpha but quick reflex's he steps aside and uses one of his hands forcing me to the ground skidding across the mud. I jump to my feet and turn but before I can react his hand closes around my throat tightly lifting me off the ground. My feet effortlessly flaying in the air. My hands hitting and trying to loosen his grip. Black spot's begin to cloud my vision. No...this can't be the end i say in my mind...I will keep fighting...I have to for Conrad....

I open my eyes wide, the black dot's vanish. I look into Alpha's eyes. His smile spreads across his faces triumphly. I build the energy deep ion me and with all my might force the energy out of my hands and blast Alpha directly in the chest. It forces him to let go but his body is pushed back twenty feet but he still stands. 

"You little fucker!" He snarl's. I grin at him.

 "I am not the little helpless fae you fought back home. you won't win this fight" I say to him. HE growls and charges at me. Out of instinct I lift my hands and a bolt of lightning hits me charging me with power then I thrust the lightning power at Alpha. He dodges to the left causing the bolt to explode the land where it strikes. Alpha regains his footing and lunge for me I easily duck under him and kick his stomach causing him to crash to the ground. I quickly stand and attempt to kick him but am surprised when he catches my leg mid stride and stands swing my body to the ground, he jumps on top but i pull my knees to my chest causing him to land on my feet and I use this and push him off to the side. We both roll on to our feet and charge, I lunge a quick swing on his jaw and attempt to hit him again but catches my hand and bend it back. I yell in pain as he punches the air out of my lungs and releases my hand and hits me in the jaw hard. I fall to the ground holding my face. His hand grabs the back of my neck pulling me back. I twist from his grip swinging my legs around his neck. I use the momentum from my body swing and flip him on his back. I stradlle his chest when he is down and punch him hard over and over and over again on his face. Blood begins to gush from his  nose. I lift my hand claws extended and as my hand swings down to slash his throat. He yells and a surge of energy throws me back off him. I lay on the ground exhuasted from all the strength i used from my wolf and fae just to fight him but he is so powerful that I anything I do doesn't effect him to much. 

I get to my knees and look over at Alpha he is in the same state as me. 

"You sure have gotten stronger then last time we met. using the power of your fae and wolf nicely done but as I see the power has a limit on how much you can use it before you pass out from exhuastion. Without the combo you won't stand a chance in a fight with me. Listen to me. We can fight until ur pass out in which I will win or you can come willing and I will spare your pack and even heal your little friend over there."

I look over at Conrad who now has shift back and l barely sitting up. I look over at my pack who are scared but I know they will fight no matter what. 

"Don't give up Sam..." I stare in shock as Conrad speaks. "Don't give up baby you fight you kill this fucker." Alpha growls he lift's his hand knowing what he is about to do. 

"You will not harm him again or anyone else!" I pull in every single bit of power I can muster between the center of my hands. Light builds brightly. Alpha seeing what I am doing does the same. At the same time we both direct our power to each other.two bright blue  beams clash with the sound of lightning cracking across the  sky in the center between us. I feel my hands heating up from the power that emmitting. The energy was blasting wind in every direction. i feel my clothes flapping hard against the wind. But i stayed my ground and held firm. I look around at everyone there face both astonished and dumbfolded at what was happening. I soon began feeling my hands heat up more arms folding in slowly to me and my feet sliding back. I focus on what was going on.

Alpha's power beam is pushing mine back his covering nearly the entire length between us. No...I can't loose this...I just can't....

BUt his powers were just to strong forcing me to my knees barely able to hold him back. 

Don't give up baby. Don't give up. 

You got this Sam. You can beat him!

Don't give up keeping fighting no matter what!

 I hear the thought's of everyone in my head encouraging me to push on. Right! I will never give in!

I slowly stand back on my two feet and push my hands forward and weirdly I feel a new surge of power flow through me as I focus every ounce of power i had and suddenly my power thicken and began pushing back against Alpha's light. His face livid with fear as he watches me finally winning. I could feel his will trying to put as much power as I was into his light but didn't work. I was a true royal Fae he stole my mother's power and my father's. His power is Finite but I have a unlimited supply. 

"NO!....NO! I will not lose!" 

"Yes you will!" I focus one last ball of dark blue light and thrust it toward him. It sails across the beam and forced what little light he had left protecting him break and the light hit him hard in the chest. He screamed in pain as the light sinks deep in his body and soon is thrown into an abandon cabin. the structure crashing all around him.  I smile before falling down and everything goes black.......


Why hasn't he woken up yet? it been a week" I faintly hear Conrad's voice.

"He has been through a lot. He used so much of his strength that that final battle nearly killed him. His body needs time to recover after something that intense." I hear a unfamiliar. 

I feel Conrad squeeze my hand. "Please baby wake up for me. Please come back to me...." 

Conrad.....then i slip back under. 


My eyes open wide. I look around. I hear the soft beeping and hum of machines around me. I look down and see a IV in my right arm. I'm in the hospital. 

I turn my head to the side and see Conrad slumped in a chair next to me asleep but holding my hand. I give it a squeeze. Conrad jumps awake trying to collect himself from his sleep when his eyes connect with mine. "Sam....oh Sam!" He leans down and kisses me hard. "Ow..." I say softly. "Oh baby I am sorry...god...don't fucking scare my like this again!" He says tears streaming down the sides of his face. 

I smile a bit. "I'll try not ot" I say in a hoarse voice. 

"Can I get some water please?" I ask. 

"Yeah, of course," He pours me a glass of water and helps me up a bit to help me drink. 

"How long was I out for?" I ask Conrad. His face stricken with guilt. 

"YOu been out for eight almost nine days now. What you did...nearly killed you...." He said in a low voice. 


"That fucker is dead. and good for it too. His men took off when they saw that you clearly were going to win the fight. My body manage to heal itself enough for me to walk...when you finished him off...you feel to hte ground and I thought you were dead being wolves we can hear pretty good but we could not hear your heartbeat....Sam...I died a thousand times...I thought I lost my only mate...I should been able to protect you....I...i...."

"Hey,Conrad don't be so hard on yourself...I am alive and I did what I had to do to save the people I love...I gave up everything for it. I am not going to be as powerful as I once was. I litterally sacrficed portions of my fae powers to be able to finish him off...but it was worth it to dave my pack and my love...and I would do it again."

He kisses me pushing his tongue in. 'mmmm baby..."

"Don't next time I will be able to fight and protect you...always and forever!" 


One year later......

"Conrad would you like to say your vows?" Asks the father.

"Sam,until the day I die I vow to always protect and love you and to always be there in sickness and health and to always support you, cherish you, and love for for ever and always..."


"Conrad I vow to always to be faithful and truthful to you always. I will always be by our side. cause we are a team and we can face anything together. To the very end." 

"That being you may kiss your husband"

COnrad smiles and dips me. pressing his sweet loving lips on mine. and I kiss him back with as much love and affection. 


"Finally we are alone. my cock has been aching to fuck you my sweet little husband!" Conrad says in a deep seductive voice. 

"Yes please Conrad fuck me" Conrad lifts me and throws me on the bed and holds me down ripping off my clothes. his ahnds feel my smooth toned body. My hands explore his well cut body. 

"I am going to fuck you so hard I am going to knock you up...." He kisses and sucks my neck. I softly let a whine out completley submitting to him. 

"Conrad please,,,: I beg.

"Fuck i love it when you beg"

He stand sits up straight ripping off his pants and pushing my legs aside. He press himself between and eases into me. I moan feeling his fat dick enter me, "Oh conrad...." HE thrust a bit more deeper and deeper into me until i feel his heavy big balls resting on my ass. 

He slowly pulls out to the tip and slams back in and does it over and over again going harder and faster. I can't help but yell in pleasure as he fucks me hard and good. I look deep into his eyes my hands feeling his muscles flex as he buries his cock into me. The slapping of our bodies pick up and sound as he goes faster and faster. I hear his growling and his eyes flash amber. "You are mine! FOREVER!" 

"YesConrad forever!" I yell loudly and tilt my head in submission. He quickly attacks my neck biting me deeply and shooting thick ropes of cum deep in my ass. This overloads me and I cum hard between our chest. HE doesn;t stop fucking even though he came. he leans up straight forcing me in diggy style and fucks that way. He slaps my ass hard watching my bubble butt jiggle as he pounds hard. OH god baby!!!!!!

He cums hard once again and he falls on me....he pulls me against his chest missking on my back. "I will always love you forever Sam...."

"And I will love you forever Conrad..."

The end......





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