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Born Cape Town South Africa, 1940, adopted by an American family, 1949. American Citizenship, 1969. Educated at University of Southern California, Ph.D.-Particle Theory (Physics) Ph.D. Applied Mathematics (In conjunction with Caltech.) MD, Groote Schuur Medical, Cape Town, Micro Neurosurgeon. Resigned practice with onset of Multiple Sclerosis. Muc h of what I write, apart from commissioned work, I write for my own pleasure and "stimulation". (My working theory being if you cannot get yourself off, what chance have you with others?) And what else? I'm 1.98 meters high, weight 100 kgs and, middle finger to middle finger have a wing span of 2.20 meters. Fortunately, having MS I'm no longer asked to parties to discover one of the reasons for my inclusion was to assist in changing the higher bulbs in the chandelier. Equally, little old ladies in markets do not ask me to get that can on very top shelf. And then say, "Not that one, dear, the one behind it." What else would you like to know? Ask and I'll probably tell you. I'll stop here before you are overtaken by a major siege of ennui and have to be wakened by another person. PJ

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