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Born Cape Town South Africa, 1940, adopted by an American family, 1949. American Citizenship, 1969. Educated at University of Southern California, Ph.D.-Particle Theory (Physics) Ph.D. Applied Mathematics (In conjunction with Caltech.) MD, Groote Schuur Medical, Cape Town, Micro Neurosurgeon. Resigned practice with onset of Multiple Sclerosis. Muc h of what I write, apart from commissioned work, I write for my own pleasure and "stimulation". (My working theory being if you cannot get yourself off, what chance have you with others?) And what else? I'm 1.98 meters high, weight 100 kgs and, middle finger to middle finger have a wing span of 2.20 meters. Fortunately, having MS I'm no longer asked to parties to discover one of the reasons for my inclusion was to assist in changing the higher bulbs in the chandelier. Equally, little old ladies in markets do not ask me to get that can on very top shelf. And then say, "Not that one, dear, the one behind it." What else would you like to know? Ask and I'll probably tell you. I'll stop here before you are overtaken by a major siege of ennui and have to be wakened by another person. PJ

Stories by PJ

  • Carter And Me: Chapter 2

    The guys take up job s at the gym, discover that sex can be profitable and save Sam from his previous part time job.

  • Father, Boyfriend, Lover, Me: Chapter 5

    Jon is asked to take the cherry of the son of a friend of the family

  • EIGHT!!! is never enough

    A man and his partner discover new ways to have the cock and balls of any man's dreams. Over and over and over.

  • Trades

    This is a story of a man who makes a trade that he never thinks he'll have to live up to, offers to trade away the most valuable things he has.

  • Catch Of The Day

    Two men head off on a yearly fishing excursion; Each has a different idea as to what he would like to catch.

  • Office Protocol

    A young man thinks of an interesting way to get ahead in the world by going down.

  • The 5:33 To Stamford

    Two men find a way to fill time while commuting to the suburbs

  • The Assignment: Chapter 4

    Barney settles in as a first rate pornographic writer but discovers there's something he didn't know but learns. Serge comes to him with comfort and....a whip.

  • Judge Eric Hears A Case: Jurisprudence get Two In The Testes: Chapter 2

    A judge makes a decision about a defendant and how he can be used for more than just petty crimes particularly when it comes to sex.

  • Dark Rides

    Two men meet over a lawn mower, partner up and find jobs working with a small, portable carnival at a county fair.

  • Father, Boyfriend, Lover, Me: Chapter 4

    Jon's father pays a call on him and the coach. Mitch makes arrangements for his son to work in the sex trade with him and Cade starts learning how to suck.

  • Father, Boyfriend, Lover, Me: Chapter 3

    Jon takes Cade swimming at his home and gets into the deep end of trouble.

  • Pete's Balls: The Dividing Line

    Two men find a problem with what one wants to do but also involves a shrew of a wife and Mr. Clean.

  • Cottonwood Bluff

    Two young men convert a car repair place into their own sex shop.

  • The Assignment

    A Journalist goes to California to write a story about porn and stays to get the business.

  • The Grand Tour: Europe: Chapter 2

    The tour continues to Northern Italy with nudity, sex, the Mafia, sex and confusion continues to puzzle our traveler.

  • One Small Suitcase: Chapter 5

    The snow brings unexpected visitors, a vicious act is committed, Bull and Chain decide on part of their future as Frank looks back at his losses. Evan arrives to reunite with Robin.

  • One Small Suitcase: Chapter 4

    The guys get stuck in a blizzard and quite a few other things. Sex, for all, more sex-nothing to do in a blizzard and a punishment.

  • Submissive Left

    A nasty little tale of revenge, pleasure of a certain sort and how men settle grievances. Permanently.

  • Stoop Labor, Brothers Porn and Fucking My Father

    Two men, father and son, change their identity and their lives in search of anonymnity and a heightened sense of exhibitionism and their willingness to portray their sexual lives.

  • One Small Suitcase: Chapter 3

    Father and Son fight the elements, find new almost virginal friends and give 'product' demonstrations to a stunned audience. The snow continues.

  • Human Harvest

    A man chooses his road to eternity but then.....

  • One Small Suitcase: Chapter 2

    A Man and hs new son find how well they fit in all ways including sexually. Porn?

  • One Small Suitcase

    A man adopts an almost grown kid to be his son. He gets what he wants and considerably more.

  • The Recruit: Chapter 3

    Pete and Duffey make decisions. Jack finds he has a bar as well as two new 'son'. Jeb learns how to drink.

  • A Demon For Christmas: Chapter 2

    Jack is murdered, finds his brother is devastated, pleads with heaven for a chance....

  • A Demon For Christmas

    A brother desperately misses his older brother who was murdered but gets a gift for the holidays.

  • Dominant Right

    A man, recently released from prison, is forced to seek employment with a doctor who has lost his arm. His Parole Officer tells him how he can escape parole altogether but at a price.

  • The Kept

    A young lawyer defends an artisan in leather but is torn by an ad that promises things that are not revealed but draw him to another place, life and alteration.

  • The Field

    A young man is trained by his brother to join a harvesting crew and find more than grain makes money without eating it.