Everything was ready. My parents had finally gone to sleep and all the preparations had been completed in advance. I silently snuck out of my room and tiptoed past both my siblings' rooms, checking that both my sister and little brother were fast asleep. I descended the stairs, carefully avoiding the creaky steps and made my way to the old door. We lived in an old house built on top of an even older one. The cellar door was the only visible remnant of the old house, with its heavy wooden frame and black iron handle. I unlocked the door with the key I had kept with myself for the last month and pulled it open. I had oiled the hinges the previous night, so the door slid open without making a sound. I closed the door behind me and allowed the darkness to wash over me. Fumbling only a little, I found the candle and matches I had left on the floor. It hadn't felt right to use a flashlight. When the flickering flame sent leaping shadows across the walls, I knew I had made the right choice. 

The stairs in front of me descended into darkness. There were no doubts in my mind as I made the first step. Everything had been prepared. My heart actually started pounding faster from excitement as I made my way down, ever deeper.Finally. Finally!

The cellar was surprisingly far down. Too far down to actually use as my mother had learned. There were still some tins of canned food in the cave-like room and a bag of mouldy potatoes. I smiled.If mom only knew how much more there was!

I moved the potato sack and revealed a small, rectangular hole in the wall. It had originally been covered by a wooden board painted to closely resemble the stone blocks the walls were made of. I think I was the only one to have noticed it looking different from the others. There was no telling who had hidden the pathway or how long ago.

Before I ventured further I stripped down and left my clothes on the floor. Like the candle, this too seemed right. I got on all fours and with the candle in my hand I crawled into the hole.

Just like the first time, I was surprised by how clean the pathway was. It seemed like not a speck of dust had fallen since the hole had  been blocked. The ground beneath my hands and knees was smooth and warm and didn’t scrape me at all. The candle was starting to drip hot wax on my hand but I barely even noticed. My heart was beating like a drum in my ears, pushing me to keep going as fast as possible.

The pathway made several turns and twists so that I had no real idea which way I was going. I assumed that I was making my way towards the hilly area behind our house but I couldn’t be sure. The air was quite breathable, although it had taken a strange scent. I knew I was getting closer.

Finally I felt the air moving past my face and after a few more turns, the pathway opened into a chamber.The chamber. I crawled out and stood up, raising the candle. Its weak light sent long wavering shadows across the wide room. I stepped forward and got to lighting the other candles I had brought, set into the five small openings in the slightly concave walls of the chamber. Their light seemed to be amplified somehow, brightening the whole chamber. My heart beat achingly fast. The walls were made of some black, glistening material. They were very smooth and surprisingly warm to the touch. The floor, however, was marvelous. Intricate lines had been drawn with black and red across the floor, forming strange symbols and shapes that made my heart throb. 

The most important thing however, was lying on the floor where I had gently placed it.The book.It had been here when I first entered the chamber, in just the same place, precisely on the center of the chamber. Its featureless black cover had been made from some smooth, soft material. It had several hundred pale pages, similarly soft, like they had been made from some leathery material. There was no title, nor a name of the author anywhere in the book. The text however, was completely legible. I hadn't dared take the book out, so I'd ventured down here most nights since I'd found the place, poring over the strange texts and obscene images. Now I knew what I needed to do. I carefully took the book in my hands and held it tightly. It felt so good against my chest, the smooth leather pressing against my nipples. After letting out a shuddering breath I opened the book, to a page I was so familiar with I could probably draw from memory if I wanted. I didn't dare trust my memory though, since everything had to be perfect. 

I stood in the center of the chamber, where all the lines in the floor converged. After reading the book I now knew the symbols on the floor were circles of power, that could be used in myriad combinations to produce wondrous results. I had not tried working them before, but I had no doubts about them working. Either way, I’ll find out soon... I ran my finger across the page, tracing the paths I needed to take. What I needed to perform was almost like a dance, but in many ways was like walking a tightrope instead. Much like a tightrope artist, I had no space for mistakes. 

With a deep breath I set the book on the floor outside the largest circle and with a final intake of breath, begun my dance. I moved one or two steps at a time, connecting different spheres with my body, following the intricate rules set forth in the book. My naked body swayed with my movements and soon was moist with sweat. I kept moving, knowing that a single wrong step or a moment of doubt would ruin everything. I was sure in my movements because there was nothing else. The chamber was quiet save for the sounds of my feet sliding across the floor in movements not seen in centuries. 

One last flourish, step and a spin and I was at the center, having traveled through the overlapping paths of the spell. There wasn't even a moment's pause after I stopped moving. The spell took hold instantly, invisible lines of power coiling around my sweating body and pulling me towards the floor. An enormous pressure washed over me, forcing me into a prostrate position. I could feel the space around me widen and I knew I was not in the chamber under my house anymore. 

There was a long silence, but then I could feel His presence. It washed over me in a wave of obscene excitement. My cock hardened painfully against the stone floor. The book hadn’t specified what would happen next, but I knew what I needed.

“Master, please take me and make me yours! Everything that I am belongs to you!” My voice was hushed but every fiber of my being ached to revel in His unholy glory.

There were no words and I couldn’t see anything but I felt something move closer, so achingly close. I could feel hot breath on my neck and something feverishly hot pressing against my body. I strained against the invisible bindings, pushing myself against what I had so long needed. Then I could feel it begin. Something hot and slick and filthy pressed against my asshole, then pushed deeper. My body had followed my mind and completely surrendered, offering no resistance at all. My Master’s cock seemed to reach impossibly deep and with every thrust I could feel myself changing, transforming into something wicked and obscene. I loved it.

Soon I was on the brink of cumming. I knew that with this orgasm I would surrender myself completely, becoming something obscene. I welcomed it moaning and panting and finally screaming as strands of sticky cum dripped down to the stone floor. My orgasm was hardly the end though as my Master cared little for my pleasure and continued thrusting deep into me. I felt nothing but pleasure though, moaning as my boycunt was brutally ravaged.

Finally, I felt the glorious cock inside me grow even harder, throbbing with every thrust. I knew what was going to happen and moaned in absolute bliss. The torrent of unholy seed spread inside me, remaking me into what I’d always wanted.

I was dropped to the ground, cum oozing from my hole. I raised my head and finally saw the glorious thing that had been inside of me, dripping black, oily cum. With an excited moan, I crawled closer to clean it. To serve my Master. 

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