He'd already fallen for this, in his mind, picture of perfection. This was the one he'd been looking for, for all his life. He was human, albeit with magic. He would never lay the curse of werewolf upon this young man. He had to get away to protect to protect him. With what had happened the previous night, his old pack would be searching for the creature who had had done such damage to them. That is if they could shift to their werewolf forms. To protect this young man, he would have to go as far away as possible, lead his old pack away from him.

Feeling comforted holding Vincent in his arms, he made the decision to leave him before dawn. But keep watch over him until he woke up. With that he fell into a deep peaceful sleep. Dreaming of a future with Vincent, he knew would be impossible.

Chapter 5

Waking an hour before dawn, Thoron gentle pulled himself away from Vincent making sure not to wake the young man. With his own kind of magic, he camouflaged Vincent so that if someone came upon him, he would not be found. Walking silently into the forest, he chose a spot where he could keep an eye on him 'til he awoke. As he leaned against a tree, he thought about what had happened the previous night. Sure, this young man had a hell of a lot of power. But he would not be able to harm him. Without knowing it, he had lost his heart to the young man.

Totally surprised, he remembered back to his teenage years when he spoke to his mother one day. He had asked her about what love was. He had told her that he felt he would never be able to find his soulmate. When asked why he thought so, he did not tell the whole truth to his mother. She shocked him saying that she knew that he was different in more ways than one. She told him that she knew he was gay & that she didn't have a problem with it. She also told him that 'Love" had its own time, when least expected, his soulmate would come to him. Fifty years later, he stopped believing & hoping.

Yet. Yet, there on the ground in the forest was his soulmate. And due to circumstances, he could not let this young man into his world. Dilemma 1: He was mortal. He would grow old & die. Unless Thoron changed him. No way in hell was he going to do that. Dilemma 2: If the werewolves from the other night were still alive & were able to shift again, they would be hunting for this young man. They would also relay the story to the vampires. That would make for a far sooner death sentence for him.

There was something else. There was some sort of change happening to the young man. He could not place his finger on what it was. Physically he was staying the same. He was changing internally, on the cellular level. Becoming different, yet staying the same. Thinking of all that had happened over the last few days was making his head hurt, so he concentrated on protecting the beautiful young man. Damn, he wish knew what his name was.

Half an hour after dawn Thoron saw that the young man was waking. With all the willpower he could muster, he slipped away into the depths of the forest. He knew there was a witch nearby. He would go ask her advice concerning this young man.

Vincent woke up with a start, not knowing where he was. His body felt stiff. He remembered all too clearly what happened last night. He was sore all over, but it was a good kind of sore. For the first time in his life he felt invigorated & best of all, free. He looked around the area for the other man, but could not sense him or see him. And down came his mood. He knew he had found his soulmate. Now he had disappeared. Hell, this was not good.

Aggravated that Thoron had left him & snuck away, he pulled other clothes out of his backpack. Looking at his clothes that he had worn last night brought back memories of what happened. He smiled at the remembering all the sensations. Then he got pissed off that the other man had left without even leaving his name or number. He was going to find him & give him a serious tongue lashing. Thinking of what type of tongue lashing he would give him, he burst out laughing. Typical, a double meaning. His spirits lifted, he retrieved all of his possessions & started hiking to the parks parking lot.

Thoron went back to his camp, got some clothes & went in search of the witch. Having a general idea of the direction that the witch was in, he started walking. The moment he walked through the shield, he knew the witch would know that she had a visitor. He got ready with his own type of magic as defense, for he did not know how she would respond.

Glenda was in her kitchen when she felt an immortal come through the shield. Knowing that the shield would only let those in who would do no harm, she still gathered her powers around her, because this was an immortal. She got the tea going & walked outside. When the man came into view, her senses told her that this was a werewolf. "Slainte, wolf. What do you want?"

Thoron held his hands up, but was also ready if there was a battle. "Slainte, witch. I mean you no harm. I come for help."

"Since when does a wolf need help from a witch?" she asked.

"Since the life of a mortal is at risk." Replied Thoron.

"I am Glenda. Please come in. The tea should be ready by now." Glenda said, entering her home.

"Thank you Glenda. I'm Thoron." He said, entering after her.

Glenda turned & looked at him through shadowed brows. "Thoron? The Thoron that is being whispered about by the werewolves & vampires?" Seeing Thoron backing up to the door & the expression on his face, she told him: "You have no need to worry here. Nobody will harm you in my district. Remember I am peace loving. I cannot abide violence. The spell that I placed around my home to protect against violence cannot be broken by anyone. I made the spell with my own blood & the offered blood of animals who do not care for violence either."

"Thank you Glenda. I don't want to bring violence to this peaceful paradise of yours. Yes, I am that Thoron. What have you heard?" sighing he let his head hang down, sorry that he had brought her into this dangerous situation.

"All I've heard is that you are an abomination to your kind & they want to destroy you. They let the vampires know of you as well to get the job done quicker. What did you do to make them want to kill you?" She asked.

"It is not what I did, but who I am that have got their knickers in a knot. I would prefer not to discuss this with you, you may want to destroy me as well." He answered.

As she poured the cups of tea, she said "I don't judge people, so it makes little difference. I like you."

Sitting down in one of the chairs, she motioned for Thoron to take a seat. He accepted & sipped from his cup.

After taking a sip from her cup, she asked, "Now. How may I be of assistance?"

Not knowing where to begin, Thoron started with what had happened at the clearing, leaving out Vincent's description & why he was being hunted. He also left out what happened the previous night. "Leaving this area & having the pack follow me should keep them away from him. It is the only way I can thank him for saving my life by protecting his life. If they find him, they will kill him, just because he is so powerful. He made us all change back to human form."

"The boy/man as you describe him is Vincent. I went looking for the source of power that made me lose my power for a few minute. I found him & brought him back here......"

"You brought him here??? What happened?" He asked nervously.

"That I cannot answer now. We first have to do some work before I tell you." Pulling the carpet away again, she instructed him to strip & stand in the circled pentacle.

"I'll strip, but why stand in the circle?" he asked nervously.

"To protect myself. When you change into your werewolf form, you will lose your humanity & attack, it's that simple."

"No need to worry about it. I always keep my humanity." 'Shit. I've just given away one of my secrets.'

"Are you of royal blood? She asked with a thoughtful expression, "And please, don't lie."

"Yes, I wasn't supposed to let you in on my secret. It could cost me my life."

"From where?" She asked.

"Switzerland, I am over 200 years old. The only way for me to die is to be drawn & quartered the old fashioned way."

"Ouch. Anyway, it doesn't matter. Change to werewolf & go stand in the circle."

The moment Thoron changed, Glenda gasped. "You're gay. All immortals marked with the diamond are gay. And unlike the rest of your kind, your fur is black, marking you as royal. Change back & get dressed, there is no need to do the spells now. But there is one thing I have to know now."

After getting dressed, Thoron asked, "What is it you need to know?"

"Are you in love with Vincent?" She asked with growing excitement.

Thoron thought of what happened & how he was feeling. Finally he answered, "Yes, I would give my life to save him. Why do you ask?"

Pondering for a moment she answered, "Do you think he loves you?"

Thoron told her of what happened the night before. "When he looked at me, I could see love & acceptance of me in his eyes. But I don't want to pull him into this world of mine, it's too dangerous."

"You have to go after him & protect him from harm. He is your soul-mate. The two of you are going to change this world."

"What do you mean?" asked Thoron.

"I cannot tell you until the time is right. There are a lot of things that I have to do before then. Go, you must find him as soon as possible. His life is in your hands now & you need to be together. Give me your number, when the time is right, I'll call you."

After Thoron left with directions to the city where Vincent lived, Glenda read through the prophecy again.

The Prophecy of Faye Clearwater

In times to come, there will be two

One mortal, One Immortal.

Both the same, yet different.

Both born of a Royal Bloodline,

Each from a different world.

Together they will form a bond

That will withstand all time.

When bonded, one cannot live without the other.

For their lives will become as one.

As one they will bring peace to all immortal enemies.

At the time of bonding all immortals will feel,

Momentarily loss of their powers.

Heed the warning all,

Those who rebel,

Arawn will cover you in his dark shroud.

One rule to abide for evermore,

To all, no harm will come.

'Well, well, well. All this time we have understood it all wrong.' She thought.



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