Despite all the others--Justin and his cousin, the deputy, Luis, Damon and the rest of the team, and now some of the guys at the station house--my mind always went back to the Sheriff. There was something about his muscular body, more mature and tested, with the hair on his stomach and his hairy thighs, his overall ruggedness, that attracted me. I could get a hardon just thinking about him. And the more I thought about him the more I was drawn to him.

It was the day after the time with Michael that I was so drawn that I called him at his office. He was supposedly at home; off duty. Nervously, I dug the card out of my wallet with his home number on it and called his house.

"Sheriff Walker," came his gruff answer.

"This is Kenny," I said, rather meekly because I wasn't sure how he would like being called at home. I was greatly relieved.

"Kenny! How's it hanging? Or standing," he said, laughing.

"Well, it was hanging but it's going to be standing in about a minute from hearing your voice."

"That right? My voice turns you on?"

"Everything about you turns me on. I thought you knew that by now."

"It takes an old dog a while to catch on to things," he said.

"You're not an old dog," I told him.

"Well, I am compared to a pup like you. What's up, son?"

"Nothing, I j-just w-wanted to talk....nothing, really."

He was quiet for a moment, I could hear his breathing. " you want to come over?"

"I c-could, but w-what about Justin?"

He laughed softly. "Stop stammering, it's just me here on the other end of the line. Justin volunteered to fill in as counselor for a weekend camp with a bunch of kids. He volunteered his cousin to go with him."

"Michael? I thought he went back to California."

"No, he postponed going back. So we would have the house to ourselves. And the pool. Hell, you could stay over if you want to, if your parents will let you. But you better not tell them you're staying over with me, better tell them it's with a friend."

"If you're sure I won't be in the way."

"Oh, I intend for you to be in the way," he said, laughing.

I arrived at Sheriff Walker's house late afternoon to find the Sheriff in the pool. I let myself in through the gate and closed it and quietly turned the latch then stood and watched the man's powerful arms and shoulders and muscular back as he swam the length of the pool. On the turn he saw me, he dove under and surfaced at the opposite side of the pool where he stretched his arms across the edge.

"Why're you just standing there?" he asked with his broad grin.

"I was watching you."

"Well why don't you dive in so you can get a better look?"

I began taking off my clothes, thankful that I'd had the foresight to flush out before I came. I had also slipped on my swim suit under my jeans, which made him laugh.

"You're wearing that sexy swim suit for what reason?"

"It wouldn't fit in my overnight bag. I had to bring it because where I'm supposed to be tonight, they don't have a pool and I couldn't explain away a swim suit."

"Well, you look sexy as hell in it, so it served a purpose," he said. "But now, get in here so I can take it off of you. Hell, that's the real reason you wore it, probably."

I jumped in and he swam towards me and dove under to greet me underwater. He looked like he was already getting a hardon. I was happy that I did that to him. We surfaced together, me without my suit. He had slipped it off slicker than grease. He waved it around and tossed it on the pool deck then wrapped his arms and legs around me and pulled us back under. He clamped his mouth over mine and kissed me with great passion, or it might have been lust, either way I didn't care, it made my cock shoot up too. At the same time he started playing with my ass and I knew I was going to get fucked, probably right there in the pool.

When we surfaced again we were at the side of the pool, him with his back to the side and he held me wrapped around his hips. I could feel his hot cock bobbing against the crack of my ass, like it was knocking to get in. He reached around for a towel laying on the deck and fumbled around to get a jar of Vaseline. Good, it wouldn't wash off.

"Hope you don't mind us jumping right into it," he said as he lubed up my ass.

"I don't," I said, tingling with anticipation.

He lubed up his cock and settled down a little more into the water, his feet planted out from the edge about a yard. He pulled me up into position and his cock remembered its way to my asshole. He eased me down onto the throbbing meat and the head burst through my hole. I winced but by now the little bit of pain was not only expected but welcomed. He let me slide all the way down and I wrapped my legs around his hips.

"Ohh, Godd!" I moaned softly.

"You know a guy like me could forget what this feels like if he wasn't lucky enough to find someone like you," he said.

I thought he was referring to him not having a wife or anyone permanent. I'd wanted to ask him about that, if he'd been lonely all those years since Justin was born, but I never had the courage.

He started lifting me up and letting me down and I was getting fucked. There was a different sensation getting it underwater, the buoyancy gave the movements such an easy flow. It felt like I was floating on his cock.

"I don't wanta cum," he said. "And I don't want you to cum. I want to take it into the bedroom." He fucked me away from the edge of the pool, laying me back to float out in front of him. Then he told me to take a breath and we fucked underwater till my lungs were ready to burst. He fucked me across the full length of the pool where he brought us out of the water and carried me up the steps to the deck. Then he carried me, still impaled on his cock, around the pool to the deck. There he eased me down and off of his cock.

"Let's take a warm shower and wash off the Vaseline and the chlorine."

In the bed, he replaced the Vaseline with a different lube and resumed fucking me. I was lying with my back and shoulders flat on the bed with my hips twisted onto my side, the sheriff holding one leg against his chest as he pumped his cock in and out of my ass.

"You could become a habit, you know," he said.

"I don't know how Justin would take to that," I said. "Do you think he knows anything? I mean, he knows I stayed in your bedroom the night of the party."

"I don't think so. He knew you had too much to drink and needed a shower and some sleep."

"How would you tell him, if I became a habit?" I asked.

"I don't know. What would you tell your parents if you became a habit?"

Just then there was a sound at the back of the house and Jack froze with his cock buried in me. Neither of us even breathed for a moment as we listened. But it was quiet, nothing to hear, and he started fucking me again.

"You could be habit without a lot of risk," he said, nuzzling his face in my neck. "You could ride with me, you could come here, we could meet other places. I just want you with me, Kenny, it don't matter how." He brushed his lips across my forehead then kissed my nose and I tilted my head a little to receive his lips on my own. I was feeling his thighs, his hard stomach, and had one hand down between us, back between his thighs, feeling for his ass. He rose up off of my cock to give me room and I hunkered up so I could reach his asshole. I used some of the lube to finger his hole, causing him to moan softly. It was awkward but we were able for him to fuck me and ride my finger at the same time.

"MMmmmm, I'm gonna let you fuck me, Kenny, if you want to." I stared at him in shock. I knew what that act meant to him.

"Ohh, more than anything. I've dreamed about it, but I never thought you would ever let me."

"Why not, you're letting me fuck you."

"Because you're older, and big and studly, I just didn't think you would ever let anybody get that close to your ass again." I paused and let him see exactly how I felt; that I knew what he was saying and accepted it. I whispered back to him, "Not after what happened with that guy, Greg." How wrong I was. How wrong he was.

"Nobody but you, Kenny." And he nuzzled my nose with his lips and kissed me again.

We were deeply engrossed in the kiss and him making love to me, it seemed like now, when suddenly there was a tiny creak at the door and a surprised outburst.

"What the hell.......!!"

Jack snapped his head around. "Justin! Oh, Godd!"

I saw Michael first, standing to the side of the door, looking as much amused as surprised, and Justin, with this look of total shock.

"Geezuss Christ, Dad! And you, Kenny, what the fuck....!"

I could feel Jack's cock deflating inside me. I tightened my ass frantically around it but it slowly slipped out. Oddly, I wasn't scared except for Jack and what this might mean for him and his son. I saw Michael rubbing the front of his cargo shorts. His attitude was cool as hell, like the whole thing was a turn-on and nothing more.

Justin turned away from us and slammed his fist against the wall. "FUCK!" I thought he was going to cry.

Jack moved away from me and brought the sheet up over me and over his middle as he sat on the edge of the bed.

"How long have you been standing there?" Jack asked.

"Long enough," Justin replied, his voice pained.

Jack sighed and hung his head. "I don't know what to say."

"You've already said plenty, Uncle Jack," Michael put in, in a calmer tone.

"How long?" Jack asked again, directing his question to Michael since Justin hadn't answered him.

"Long enough to hear you say you're gonna let Kenny fuck you."

Justin wasn't even looking at us, but he turned back when Michael said that.

"I don't know what to say," Jack said again, to Justin.

Justin swung his hand out in a helpless gesture, shaking his head, then he laughed. "I don't know what I'm so upset about. Hell, you're not doing anything I haven't been doing. I've been fucking him for months now, hell the whole team has." There was an edge of sarcasm in his voice. "Fuck, why should I begrudge you? You've got hormones too, that have got to be raging as bad as mine. So....hell, have at it. Fuck his brains out. I'm sorry we barged in. I should have called to let you know we were coming back home. I mean, you've got a right to your life, and to some privacy."

Then he looked at me too, and seemed to be talking to us both. "Is this a first? Or was it the night of the party?"

I glanced at Jack but he looked so pained and helpless. "That was....the start," I admitted.

"The start," Justin scoffed. "So, how long.....Oh, fuck, what difference does it make. Let's just forget it and take it from here."

Michael had moved over and placed a hand on Justin's shoulder. "I don't think Kenny means he's shutting you out, Cousin," he said in a measured tone. "The way I see it, you and Uncle Jack can share him. That right?" he asked, looking at me.

"I....I g-guess.....I'll do whatever you both want," I said.

"Yeah, Kenny don't mind sharing his ass. Did he tell you about me fucking him in the parking lot of a drive-in place?" he said to Jack. "Turned his ass up and stuck it out the window."

"At Millers!?" Jack said. "Shit, Kenny, you need to be more careful than that."

"Hell, look at it this way, even," Michael went on, laughing. "You know about your Dad now, Justin, your Dad knows about could be a whole new family, with benefits."

Justin reared back with a shocked scowl. "He's my Dad! I'm his son!"

"Okay....whatever....but I'm only his nephew," Michael said, those words directed at Jack. "If you're serious about getting fucked, Uncle Jack, I would sure like to be in on that scene. Man, I've always admired your build, and especially your ass, but I never understood why till just recently."

I could see Jack's face growing a little darker, turning red under his tan. And Justin's face turning to curious disbelief.

"Godd, Michael, you just propositioned my Dad!"

"No, I propositioned my uncle," Michael said.

Justin turned to his dad, a look of disbelief. "'re not.....saying no to that, Dad," he said.

Jack shrugged. "You heard me say what I said, what is there for me to deny?"

"See, it can work," Michael said.

"Shut up!" Justin snapped. "I'm trying to get my head wrapped around this." Then he spoke to his dad as if Michael and I weren't in the room. "Just trying to get my head around it, Dad. I'm not faulting you, 'cause you made me, so why shouldn't I be like you....or you like me. If you've got a thing for Kenny....okay, that's fine, I'm okay with it. I just don't know what I'm going to tell the guys," he went on, laughing nervously. Then he turned serious again. "And if you and Michael......" He stopped and shrugged. "Hell, uncles and nephews......nothing so unusual about that, either, I guess. I hear it happens all the time."

I suddenly felt like I didn't belong there. REALLY didn't belong there. I slid over to the edge of the bed. "I think I need to leave," I said, barely able to find my voice.

"Yes, that would probably be...."

"No," Justin interrupted his dad. "You don't have to go. It''s okay, everything's okay. I, uh.....actually, now that it's starting to soak in, I find it kind of Dad fucking my teammate, knowing my Dad's cock, the same cock that made me, has been where mine's been."

"I....thought of that too," I said. "Getting it from dad and son was a turn-on."

"Is there anybody besides me turned on by uncle and nephew?" Michael asked.

We all laughed, nervously at first, but it broke the ice, and when Jack really burst out laughing, we all did. Then Jack asked me, "Do you mind, Kenny....if Michael......."

"No, not at all. Family should come first," I said.

"You're still not leaving," Justin said to me, and he surprised me greatly when he began taking off his clothes.

So did Michael. I was really anxious to see Michael naked. He had such a long lean body with moves like a cat, but all I'd seen in the bare flesh was his middle. He had some good moves there, too. He was built better than Justin, I think he was a little older. He was lean and tight, with muscle definition to die for. Especially his abs. They were like a plate of amour. The way he tapered down from his broad shoulders to his narrow waist made him look even sexier. And his cock....well, I'd already seen and felt his cock. I glanced at Jack. He was eyeing Michael too, with keen interest and some apprehension.

"Am I to understand this is gonna be a cherry bustin' Uncle Jack?" Michael asked, pulling on his cock.

I saw how Justin looked right at his Dad, waiting for an answer to that question.

"Yeah, I'm afraid so," Jack said. He looked at me for a second but I wasn't going to be the one to tell stories. Besides he must be like a virgin again after all that time.

"Fuckin' hot!" Michael said excitedly as he moved to the side of the bed. "How do you want it to start out, Uncle Jack, on your back or stomach, or doggie style?"

"I think.....this way," Jack said as he got on his hands and knees on the bed, facing his nephew.

I handed Michael the lube but Justin took it from me. He was naked now, and hard, and he lubed up his cock first. Then he handed it to Michael. "Guess you don't need any more," he said to me.

"No, I'm good," I said as I laid back on the bed on my back.

"Guess you already know how he wants it," Michael said to Justin.

As I lifted my legs Justin took hold of them and turned me around to lie cross ways on the bed with my butt at the edge of the mattress. Jack and I were facing each other this way, his face over mine. It was a bit unnerving to see the fear in the eyes of the big, macho sheriff.

"You'll do fine," I whispered and a tight smile barely creased his lips. "Are you sure about this?" I couldn't help asking. If Jack wasn't sure I knew I'd put a stop to it even though he was the adult in the room.

"I can handle it," he whispered. Not exactly agreement but I felt a little better.

To his credit, Michael was taking his time getting his uncle ready, probing and twisting his fingers around deep inside his ass. I could tell it hurt a little but then I could also tell that he'd found Jack's prostate. I was a little jealous that I wasn't the one to take the Sheriff's renewed virginity, as he'd promised, but Justin's big cock sliding into me made the envy go away. Besides, a part of me really wanted to see Jack getting fucked by his nephew. I closed my eyes. It felt good to have the stud athlete hovering over me, his cock inside me. Sometimes I wondered if I loved Justin as much as I did his dad. I didn't want to think about it right then.

"Fuck, this is awesome, fucking you, Uncle Jack, right in front of your son," Michael said.

I heard a little grunt and I opened my eyes to see the grimace on Jack's face; Michael was entering him. His mouth flew open then and he pulled in a silent gasp of air. I reached up and pulled Jack's face down to mine to kiss him. He kissed me back, hard and passionate, almost with desperation. I lashed my tongue around in his mouth, mine dueling with his as I tried to ease the pain of Michael's cock going in him.

"Hey, why don't we push these guys together," Michael said. "Him under the Sheriff, so they can sixty nine while we fuck 'em, give 'em something to do."

"Good idea," Justin said.

I thought it was a good idea too. I think Jack did too, because he broke the kiss at Michael's suggestion. We moved together, Jack moving farther over me till I was able to take his cock in my mouth. Then I felt his mouth going down on mine, and Justin fucking me again, still standing beside the bed. Michael had crawled up on the bed on his knees behind Jack and was going in deeper, I could tell by Jack's hard groan around my cock. I could also tell when Michael was all the way in, from the way Jack's cock throbbed violently in my mouth. He obviously liked being fucked. This was going to be wonderful, and I no longer cared that Michael was privileged to take what I had been promised. After all, Michael would be going back to California, and I would have his uncle Jack all to myself.

The more turned on Jack got the more his balls pulled up. From my position on the bottom I found I had the perfect view of the action between Michael and his uncle. His jewels swinging back and forth with each thrust, large in their golden-haired sack, and slapping against Jack's muscled ass. I let go of the sheet where I'd fisted it and rested my hands over Michael's on Jack's hips. I watched Michael's big cock appear and disappear over and over. In a haze I realized that he and Justin's strokes had synched up, a matching rhythm that was producing a similar match in the way the Sheriff and I were sounding out.

I got another shock several minutes into it when I took a break from Jack's cock and saw Michael and Justin sort of leaned to the side, kissing passionately. Fuck, they were devouring each other. I'd never seen that from Justin.

"Goddamn, I didn't know you were into that," Justin gasped.

Michael laughed. "I wasn't, but you're just too fuckin' hot to resist," he said. "Didn't know you were into it, either."

"I'm not. But you're all of a sudden pretty hot yourself, fucking my Dad."

They started to kiss again when Justin's phone rang. He swore as he grabbed it off the night stand and answered it. It was Luis. He had the volume up and I heard Luis ask, "So, what're you doing?"

"Uhh....Make that who, and I can answer you better," Justin said.

"No shit! What's happening?" Luis asked excitedly.

"Well, let's see. I'm fucking Kenny and my cousin is fucking my Dad."

"What! Your...your cousin, the big tall dude with the big cock? I thought he went back."

"No, he found things a little too interesting here," Justin said.

"Okay, you need to say that again, dude, I don't think I heard you right......something about your dad."

"I said, I'm fucking Kenny and Michael is fucking my Dad, his uncle."

"Oh, fuck," he said more quietly, we could hear his disbelief in his voice. "Godd, what I wouldn't give to see that!"

"All it takes is a trip across town," Justin said.


"I think there's plenty to go around." He laughed then and added, "You don't even need to worry about the speed limit, the law is right here in bed with us."

Jack raised up from my cock. "Can he keep his mouth shut?" he asked Justin.

"Sure, if I tell him to," Justin replied.

"Well, don't invite any more of your friends or teammates," Jack said sternly.

Justin had just closed his phone when the house phone rang. He reached over and grabbed it. I could hear the voice on the other end but couldn't tell what he was saying. "It's your deputy," Justin said, handing the phone to his Dad.

I wondered if it was the Marine deputy, and I tingled inside at the possibilities. The Sheriff listened for a brief moment then interrupted the caller. "Look, when I'm off duty, I like to stay off duty. And when I put Wilson in charge, I expect him to make these decisions, not call me. That's why he's getting paid the big bucks. Tell him that and don't bother me again."

Just the way he held the phone out, then, I could hear the caller's voice. "Sheriff, are you okay? You sound funny, like you're out of breath, gasping for air."

"I'm fine, Deputy. I rushed inside to get the phone, that's all." He thrust the phone back to Justin.

"Uhh....Sheriff, that was, uh.... Justin who answered the phone," we heard the deputy say loud and clear as the phone was being handed over.

"Yeah, I did," Justin said. "Is this Deputy Brady?"

"Yeah, is everything okay there? The Sheriff didn't sound like himself."

" know what, Deputy, maybe you, uhh....should come over and check things out for yourself."

"What're you doing!?" the Sheriff blurted, reaching for the phone, but Justin held it out of reach.

"All right, I can do that," the deputy said, still sounding bewildered.

"Come in the back way. And come alone," Justin added, then hung up the phone.

"Geezuss, Justin what're you doing! My Godd, I've got to get dressed! He doesn't know!"

"I didn't know either. If I can be okay with it, he can be okay with it," Justin said with a grin as he pushed down on his dad's shoulder. "Get back on Kenny's cock," he told Jack. Then, "Just keep fucking him till the deputy gets here," he told Michael.


"Kenny, here, said you fixed him up with the new stud deputy, so what's wrong with me and Michael meeting him?"

"Bring him on," Michael said as he struggled a little now to hold the Sheriff down.

"Geezuss, Justin, you've got your friend, Luis, coming over, and now my deputy. Who else? How many more?"

"Well, I could make a few phone calls," Justin said, smiling. Then, "Dad....Dad, chill out. If your guy is fucking Kenny's ass, it's not going to hurt if he knows about all of us. Just think about it for a minute. Think about all of those long, lonely nights when you're out there on patrol with this stud, sipping coffee and talking about mundane shit. Those nights might not be so lonely anymore."

By that time we could hear Luis coming in and the Sheriff gave up. I didn't think he had the strength to argue, or that he was thinking straight in the middle of his first fuck.

Luis came into the bedroom peeling off his shirt. "Fuck, I had to come and see this for myself," he said, his eyes raking over the four of us on the bed.

"Pull up a chair, you got a ring side seat," Justin told him.

Luis looked at him funny, still holding his shirt in one hand. His other hand was on his belt but he hesitated now.

"You serious? I gotta sit it out?" he asked in disbelief. "Come on, man, I've got some shit," he said, taking a bottle of poppers out of his pocket.

"Poppers? Is that the best you could do?" Michael scoffed.

"The best I'm gonna do, coming to the Sheriff's house," Luis said. He looked at Justin with a helpless shrug and motioned toward the bed as he slowly opened his belt. Justin laughed and waved him on. He was quick about getting out of his clothes, and he was hard by the time he was naked.

I stifled a little sigh and gasp when I saw his cock, remembering how that big fuck pole felt pounding my ass. I half hoped Justin would relinquish my ass and let Luis fuck me. Instead, Luis walked over behind Michael.

"Don't get any ideas about climbing on back there," Michael told him. Luis bent in close and I watched his face while he got a front row seat of Michael's cock fucking into the Sheriff.

Justin pulled out of my ass and motioned for Luis to come around to his side of the bed. I was as glad as Luis was to have him take over Justin's position, stroking his cock. He took a hit of the poppers and shoved in. Justin took the poppers and stood up on the bed and held the bottle up to Michael's nose. Michael took several hits till he was obviously sailing, and handed the bottle back to Justin.

"Keep it," Justin said. "You might need it." With that he stepped off the bed and got behind his cousin and started playing with his butt.

"Like I told Luis, don't get any ideas," Michael said over his shoulder.

"I won't, I'm gonna give you some ideas," Justin said.

I was still very busy with Jack's cock but I could see within my line of vision, Justin reaching for the lube off the night stand. That could mean only one thing. This was going to be interesting, I thought. Luis proceeded to slamming his cock into my ass. He must've been really turned on because it wasn't a stroke that would let him last very long.

"What're you doing?" Michael asked him, sounding annoyed.

"I told ya, giving you some ideas."

"Just be careful wha......AAhhhh! Fuck, man, what are you fuckin' doing back there.....Ohhhh.....Ohhhh, fuck! Aww, mannn, what the fuck is that!"

"Giving you any ideas yet?" Justin asked.

I knew what Justin was doing and I could tell when he found the big surfer's prostate by the way he was fucking Jack.

"Take some more poppers," Justin told him.

Michael did as Justin said, I could hear him taking another hard hit of the poppers. "Oh, Godd! Ohm.....Ohhhhhhh," he moaned. "Shit, man, I don't know what you're doing, but keep doing it while I fuck your dad's brains out."

"Don't call him my Dad while you're fucking him, call him your uncle," Justin said, sounding perturbed. He kept fingering Michael's ass, then after a few minutes of what sounded like agonizing pleasure, he stopped.

"Awwh, fuck, why'd you stop!" Michael cried. "Fuck, it was getting so good.....why'd you stop? Come on, keep doing it, I was working up a monumental cum."

It wasn't hard to figure out what Justin was doing to his cousin.

"Oh,, deeper.....that's not the right place.....not the same spot," Michael moaned as he thrashed his butt around, trying to make the connection again between his prostate and Justin's fingers.

"I could reach it better with my cock," Justin said.

"Ohh....Ooo....okay," Michael gasped. "Use your cock. But don't fuck me. Shove it in and hold still, that's all I need, is something in there to touch that spot while I fuck. Just don't fuck me."

"Take some more poppers," Justin told him.

Michael took another hit and looked over his shoulder with glassy-eyed anticipation. "Are you gonna do it? Are you gonna give me your cock?"

"Yeah, coming right in," Justin said.

"Don't fuck me," Michael said again. "I don't wanta be fucked."

"Sure, I'll just give you my cock, on loan, your ass can do whatever it wants with it," Justin said.

I didn't know how we all kept from laughing. His groan could be heard around the block when Justin shoved his cock in him, but he took it like a man.

"Fuck! I didn't know it was gonna hurt so bad!" he gasped.

"Squeeze your ass real tight around my cock, it'll go away in a few seconds," Justin told him.

"Ahhh.....ohhh, yeah.....I see what you mean. It's not hurting so bad already," Michael said.

The whole scene must've really got Luis charged up because all of a sudden I felt his cum gushing deep in my guts. His hips were lurching but he wasn't making a sound, and I wondered if he even realized he was cumming. I wondered if he wished it was him Justin was fucking.

"Ohhhhh," Michael moaned, and I could feel his movements; him fucking Sheriff Jack while he was no doubt fucking himself on Justin's cock, all the while pretending he wasn't getting fucked. He couldn't even hold still himself. Dumb shit, the only difference was, he was fucking himself instead of Justin fucking him. Meanwhile, I was empty and wanting, except for Jack's big cock still pumping in my throat. I didn't know how he was lasting so long with his nephew's cock pounding his prostate.

As much as I loved sucking Jack's cock, I needed cock in my ass. It was quivering for it after Luis pulled out. I was scooting out from under the sixty nine position with Jack, to slide back in under him on my hands and knees, onto his cock.

"Fuck! You must be Deputy Brady," Luis said.


I stood up and there was Brady in all his naked glory except for a pair of skimpy white briefs. Nobody had even heard him come in.

"Brady!" I said, excited to see him, but his eyes were fixed on his boss.

"Hey, Kenny. Geezuss, Sheriff, I had no idea."

"It's not what you think, Brady, I was coerced into this," Jack said as he braced himself for each thrust of Michael's cock into his ass. You couldn't miss his big cock, slick with my spit, jutting out underneath him.

I noticed Justin was fucking Michael now, too, not just standing there like he was supposed to, and Michael wasn't protesting one bit. In fact, he was thrusting back onto his cousin's cock. Justin grinned at me and I winked back.

"I can see that," Brady said to the Sheriff. "I know you would never consent to anything like this voluntarily." Then he looked at me, with a lustful longing. He tugged the waistband of his briefs down and tucked it under his balls, letting his hugely thick cock fall out, thick and rubbery. "You remember this?"

"Oh, God, do I ever."

He came over to my side of the bed and I sat down in front of him. He waved his cock in my face while I tried to capture it with my mouth. He slapped my face with it, laughing. "You look like a hungry little bird."

"I am hungry for it, so is my ass," I said.

"Okay, let's feed your mouth first, then I'll feed your ass." With that, he placed one hand on top of my head and shoved his cock in my mouth. I choked when it burst into my throat but he held my head tight and buried it, and then started fucking my face. I just had to get used to it, but I was in heaven once more. While he fucked my face he bent down and fingered my asshole, using two or three fingers in me, deep and rough.

I gasped and groaned around his thick cock as I squirmed on his hand. Finally I got off his cock. "Fuck me, Brady. I want your cock in my ass, please fuck me." I didn't care if I sounded like a slut.

Brady chuckled and pulled me to my feet, turned me around and bent me over the side of the bed, more or less face to face with his boss. I was well lubed and stretched and he had no trouble entering me, sliding easily through Luis's cum. I moaned something awful when he did, it felt so good. I hung my head in total submission as he began fucking me.

The room reeked of male sex, the five us still having at it, and Luis, now sitting in the chair, watching.

"Fuck, wish I had a camera," he said under his breath.

"In the top dresser drawer," Justin said.

"No! No pictures!" Jack blurted.

But Luis ignored him, which surprised me, him being the county sheriff. A minute later the room was dancing in bright flashes as Luis took pictures of us from every angle while Jack cursed under his breath.

I managed to connect with Jack a couple of times but the force Michael and Justin were using made it hard for our lips to meet. I watched the three of them moving while Brady's thick piece pulverized my ass. Justin was really pounding into Michael now, forcing his cousin's cock to surge just as hard into Jack. It was like Justin was fucking his dad with Michael's cock. I couldn't take my eyes off them.

I was the last to finish, along with Brady. It sounded like Jack and Michael went off simultaneously, I could hear the stuff thudding softly on the bed out of Jack's cock. It pissed Michael off that Justin shot his load in his ass.

"I told you not to fuck me, and you shot off in my ass!" he growled.

"That's not what I heard," Justin said. "Everybody in the room heard you begging me to fuck your ass. Get over it, dude, nobody back in California is gonna know you like it in the ass."

"I don't like it in the ass, I got caught up in the moment, that's all," Michael protested.

"Sure, whatever," Justin scoffed.

The Sheriff collapsed on the bed in his own mess of cum. It looked like his eyes rolled back in his head just before he closed them. He reached up blindly to put his hand on mine. I turned my palm up and we clasped hands while I took all my weight on the other. I didn't know what it meant. Everyone else's attention turned to Brady and me as he kept fucking me.

"Damn, did you ever see muscles like that before?" someone said.

It must have been Justin because he came over and began feeling Brady's muscles all over. Justin was throwing me one surprise after another. It was funny too, how Michael came over and got down close to watch Brady's cock moving in and out of me.

"I tell you one thing, I never saw a cock that thick before," he said. "Fuck, Kenny, you're gonna need reconstructive surgery when he gets done with you."

For some odd reason, just then, I thought about Kyle, and I felt a twinge of guilt. He was my best friend since we were boys and he was being left out.

On the next withdrawal Brady pulled all the way out and let the two guys get a good look at his swollen cock. He manhandled me over onto my back but I kept my hand locked to Jack's. When he had my ass where he wanted it he took an ankle in each of his big hands and held me open. He fit the wide head into place and ripped into me, forcing out a huff of air. More precum shot out of my dick onto my abs as he started fucking me. Justin and Michael watched from beside him as Luis continued to take pictures. I even caught a few flashes from between Brady's legs and I knew he was taking close-ups of my stretched out hole accepting that thick dick.

It was about twenty minutes before Brady got off. I'd been slowly, carefully, jacking my own cock. When he was building up to it he brushed my hand away and said, "Why don't one of you suck him while I fuck him."

Nobody moved, they just looked at each other.

"What, a bunch of nutless wonders? Nobody sucks?" Brady said.

"I don't," Luis lied.

"Me either," said Justin, but he handed Michael the poppers, opened. "Here, take a couple of hits and go down on him."

"Fuck, no. You already fucked my ass, but I'm definitely not a cocksucker."

"As opposed to possibly you like getting fucked?" Justin chided him. "Come on, one time don't make you a cocksucker," Justin said, holding the bottle up to Michael's face, but he turned his head away.

"It don't make you a cocksucker either, if you go down on him," Michael said.

But Justin grabbed him hard by the back of his neck and held the bottle up to his nose. He was squeezing hard on his neck, causing Michael to wince. "Just take a hard hit and see if it changes your mind. If it don't, well, okay, I'll do it."

Shocked again! I so wanted Michael to suck me off but now I half hoped he wouldn't do it so Justin would. I could see through the pained wince from Justin's hand around his neck that Michael was thinking about it, only for a few seconds. He took hold of his cousin's wrist and guided the bottle to his nose. He took two hits in each nostril then shoved Justin's hand away and sucked in air, shaking his head.

"Fuck, that stuff makes me horny," he murmured.

I didn't see any kind of signal but suddenly Justin and Luis had Michael by the arms and shoulders and were shoving him down to my middle. He fought and struggled but he was no match for their dual strength and I could feel his hot breath on my cock. Then one of them twisted his arm behind his back and when he cried out, Brady pushed his head down and his open mouth received my cock. Poor Michael, he couldn't know that I was on the brink, and when he was still trying to yell, his tongue was moving around the head of my cock and that brought me off. My cock started belching huge spurts of cum in Michael's mouth.

His eyes widened in horror as I filled his mouth with warm, thick cum and he had nowhere to escape, with the two guys holding him down and Brady's hand holding his head down. The next instant I felt Brady's cock throb and bolt deep inside me, then his cum pumping in me. It was like the heat of his molten cum melted the dam and a second floodgate burst open with a new surge of semen into Michael's mouth. He was groaning and whimpering in protest as he was forced to swallow.

I was in a whirlwind of lust, my head spinning, my eyes unable to focus as my climax was powered by the thick, belching cock inside me. Finally, Brady's cock settled down and my own cock felt like it was losing its rigidity. They let go of Michael and he raised up with his mouth over his hand and rushed out of the room. I heard the Sheriff laughing.

As Brady eased his cock out of me I was aware that there were still flashes dancing around the room; Luis had been taking pictures the whole time.

"Thanks guys," Jack said as he shoved himself up off the bed. "My nephew needed that." Then he turned to Luis with his hand out. "The camera," he said.

Luis handed over the camera.

"Fuck, this place reeks of sex," Jack said.

"Yeah, I think we all need a swim," said Justin.

"There's a shower out there, everybody use it before jumping in, I don't want all this sweat and cum in my pool," Jack said.

The others had left to go shower, Brady was at the door. "Fuck, Sheriff, I had no idea. This was hot as hell."

"I don't have to tell you to keep your mouth shut," Jack said.

"No, sir, you don't," Brady said as he left.

Jack turned to me. "What just happened, Kenny?" he asked, laughing nervously, shaking his head.

"I don't know, all I know is, it was the wildest thing I ever had happen to me," I said.

"I would be royally pissed about it, except for Michael," he said.

"What about Michael?" I asked.

"He got his arrogant ass fucked, that's what. And he sucked cock and they made him swallow. That made all the rest worthwhile. He needed it."

"But I don't think it turned the corner for him," I said.

"No, but it bent him a little, gave him something to think about when he gets back home," Jack said.

Just then Michael came back from the bathroom. "Where'd everybody go?"

"Out at the pool," I said.

He turned and left.

"See? He's not leaving, he's joining them," Jack said as he put the camera back in his drawer. "These pictures are going to be really something to see," he said. "We'll have a look at them when we're alone."

We went out to the pool. Luis, Brady and Justin were in the pool, Michael was in the shower. I thought again of Kyle, again with a twinge of guilt. Jack and I showered and joined the rest of them in the pool. I took the opportunity to observe. There was something unique in every one of them; something different from before, no doubt brought about by the orgy. And there was no way Justin could argue it wasn't this time, it was a full on orgy and I wasn't the only one that got fucked. Luis's eyes kept darting from one of us to the other. Brady seemed to be watching Jack. Michael was eyeing Justin, and Brady. And Justin was keeping an eye on Brady and Michael. I wished I knew what was going on in their heads.

Brady was the first to leave; he was supposed to be on duty. Everybody's eyes were on him as he pulled his super muscular body out of the pool and while he dried off. It was like he was doing a strip in reverse as he put on his uniform.

"I told the guys I would be back in a few minutes, they're probably wondering what happened to me," he said, more to Sheriff Walker than any of us.

"Try not to look guilty," Jack chided him.

"Guilty about what? I just went for a swim, that's all," Brady said.

Luis was the next to leave. He seemed strangely quiet as he got dressed. He just waved at us when we told him goodbye.

It was me, Jack, Justin and Michael left, lounging in the cool, clear water. I half expected somebody to start something again.

"Have you decided when you're going back?" Jack asked him.

"Next available flight. Another day and my Dad's gonna start getting suspicious, thinking you seduced me," Michael joked.

Michael and Justin got out of the pool and went inside, drying off as they went.

"Well, it's just you and me again," Jack said.

"Yeah, and I gotta be getting home, too," I said.

"Oh, um, okay. Call me." I know I'd promised to spend the night but something about being alone with Jack left me feeling anxious and wanting the comfort of Kyle. If Jack was disappointed he didn't let me see it.

"You know I will."

Jack climbed out and put his hand down to pull me out. I was taken almost in a swoon at the sight of his wet, bulging muscles. I wanted to stay. But I needed to get home. I needed to see Kyle. And as much as what we'd done was still going through my mind, I needed to be somewhere safe, with someone safe. What had happened changed dynamics. The five men I was most interested in had just had sex together. I wanted some time to think things over.

Jack went into the pool house while I went into the house. I was going down the hall when I heard Justin and Michael talking.

"I thought California was wild, but this has been the wildest time of my life," Michael was saying.

"You're not pissed at me for fucking you then," Justin said. "Cause I didn't really fuck you, you fucked yourself," he added, both of them knowing he was lying.

"Fuck, man, it was incredible. I had no idea I had those feelings. Man, you gotta come out to California for a visit this summer."

"Can you arrange some action?" Justin asked.

"I can arrange for you to meet some guys. You're obviously quite capable of getting your own action. And hey, bring that Marine deputy with you," he added.

"Godd, he is hot isn't he?" Justin said.

"Yeah, wonder if he's ever been fucked. Damn, I would give anything to slide my cock between those muscle buns." He laughed softly. "Hell, thanks to you, I would even suck his cock if he would let me fuck him."

"Why thanks to me?" Justin asked.

"The way you forced me into the experience."

"We all thought you were going to be sick," Justin said, laughing.

"I thought I might be sick too, that's the reason I rushed to the bathroom, in case I couldn't get it down, or got sick doing it."

"You didn't go in there to spit it out?" Justin asked.

"No. I went in to swallow the rest of it." Then his voice lowered and I moved a few feet down the hall, closer to the bedroom door. "I'll be flying out tomorrow. Listen, tonight, this last night, could we, uh.....instead of me sleeping on the couch, could we both sleep in your room?"

"Fuck, yeah. You got any particular reason?"

"Yes. I want you to fuck me again, without the charade. I wanta take that back with me. I, uh....I'll suck your cock for you."

"You don't have to bribe me," Justin said, laughing.

"No, but I wanta do that too, without an audience, and without being forced. I want to take that back with me too. Not that I'm turning gay or anything, but I can see this is going to open up a whole new world for me back home."

"Trust me, dude, I know all about it. Guys can give you something a girl just can't when it comes to sex. But if you stay in my room you gotta know I'm not gonna hold back this time."

"You mean... you were holding back before," Michael's voice came out in almost a squeak. Justin's laugh echoed down the hall as I turned to leave.

I went home and spent the night at Kyle's. It was nice to hang out and it was even better to have uncomplicated sex that didn't leave me confused. There was also the fact that Kyle was becoming a pro at giving it to me just how I wanted.

We were lying snuggled together after the second time, him spooning me, when I remembered the math problem I'd dreamed up.

"Hey, Kyle, I've got a math problem for you."

He chortled, his abs rippling against my back. "Am I going to need my calculator for this?" he drawled.

"Maybe, but try to figure it out in your head first," I said. "Are you ready?"

"I can hardly wait." He knew I could never come up with a math problem that he couldn't solve in his head.

"Okay, Subject K is getting fucked by thirteen of his teammates. He takes on two to six of them every day of the week."

"Is it two or six? There can't be any unknowns," he interrupted.

"Okay, six. He also gets boned by his coach at least once a week and his best friend at least once on the weekends. How many times a week is he getting fucked?"

"You're trying to make it more complicated than it is. Thirteen is an irrelevant factor, cause you're only fucking six out of the thirteen. The answer is somewhere between forty six and fifty."

"Somewhere between?" I said, laughing. "You said there can't be any unknowns. And you got it wrong. The answer is forty four."

"I had to factor in some unknowns. You left out the Sheriff and his deputy, and God only knows how many more deputies are nailing your ass" he drawled.

"Fucker! I forgot I told you about that!" I spent the night beside him and made it back home early. Good thing since I got a surprise call from Justin.



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