Me and Kyle were in the cafeteria a few days later having lunch. He was telling me some story about this girl, Cindy, who also worked for the school newspaper. He was going over every detail of their last conversation to convince me, and himself, that she was interested in him. All I could do was shake my head and smile. If she only knew how good he was getting in the sack she'd really be interested, I thought.

"What's so funny?" he asked when he finally caught on at how amused I was.

"Dude! You're acting like a little girl. If you're interested in Cindy then ask her out. You'll never know if you don't do something about it." I smiled at him to take the sting out.

"Yeah, maybe you're right," he admitted with a bemused smile. He knew I was right but I could tell he wanted to talk about her some more. Just in the nick of time I was saved by a vibration from my cell, an incoming text message.

I sneaked the phone out of my pocket since we weren't supposed to have them turned on while on campus. I was surprised to see it was a message from the Sheriff. I'd never have guessed the man knew how to send a text let alone write one. Well, it was just a simple one. 'You okay?' it said. I put the phone back in my pocket and stood up.

"I'm gonna hit the bathroom, Kyle. I'll be back in a few." He just nodded as he stared off towards Cindy and her pack of nerdy girls at another table.

I let myself into the johns and made sure they were empty for the moment. All clear, I took my phone out and dialed Jack. It only rang once.

"Hey, it's me," I told him.

"Hey, you. I was starting to worry. I haven't heard from you in a few days."

"Yeah, sorry... I've had a lot on my mind. Are you busy right now?" Just hearing his voice made me realize how much I'd been missing him.

"Just going over some reports and budget stuff, eating lunch in my office. It's been a slow day over here."

"Can I come see you?"

"Right now?" he asked.

"Yes. I really wanna see you."

"What about the rest of your classes and baseball practice?"

"I'm a senior, no one will care if I skip one afternoon. Besides, I'm eighteen so I can sign myself out. And Baldwin owes me, he won't say anything if I miss a practice."

"I don't think it's a good idea, Kenny." Ever the responsible sheriff.

"I'll see you in fifteen minutes, Jack. Let me worry about my responsibilities. I really want to see you so I'm coming over." I clicked the phone off before he could try to talk me out of it. I paused to send a text to Justin and let him know I was gonna miss my second practice in one week. I hoped Coach Baldwin would get over it even while I headed to the main office to sign out.

Just like I'd promised, I pulled up to the sheriff's station fifteen minutes later. When I came through the front doors Deputy Wentworth looked up from his newspaper and grinned when he saw me.

"Hey, Kenny. You visiting the cell in back?" he asked eagerly in a quiet tone. Wentworth liked to stand on the other side of the closed cell door and watch me suck his cock through the bars.

"Not today. I'm here to see Sheriff Walker." I tried to make it sound impersonal and hoped he didn't question it.

"Okay, well... let me know if you decide to stick around for some fun," he said as he opened the counter to let me pass through. He managed to get one of his hands on my ass while closing the counter behind me but I pretended to ignore it. I was in a strange mood and part of me wanted to slug the deputy when usually the move would've turned me on.

I faltered a little when I saw an older woman sitting at the normally empty desk outside Jack's office. "Um, hi, ma'am. I'm here to see Sheriff Walker," I said.

"It's okay, Rachel. I'm expecting him. Come on in, Kenny," Jack's voice sounded from inside.

When I got through the door he was leaning back in his chair with his hands resting behind his head. Just like always he took my breath away for a second. His uniform shirt stretched tight over his broad chest and his arms made the tight fabric of his sleeves look ready to burst. The smile on his handsome face made my heart skip. Once he got a good look at me he jumped out of his chair and rounded the desk in a few quick steps.

"What the hell happened to you?" he asked as he touched my face near my right temple. It took me a moment to think of what he meant. I wanted to kiss him, put my hands on him. I wondered if I'd ever be able to walk into a public place and kiss a man I liked, a man who liked me in return.

"Oh yeah, it's nothing." He traced the outline of the bruise that stained the outer edge of my eye socket. "Just an accident that happened at the gym the other day."

Jack reached for the door behind us and pulled it closed without taking his eyes off me. He led me over to one of the chairs facing his desk.

"Brady was showing me some stuff in the sparring ring. I let myself get distracted and forgot to keep my guard up."

"Damn Brady. I'm gonna bust his ass when I see him."

"No, really, it wasn't his fault, Jack." Behind the closed door I felt comfortable enough to drop the Sir and Sheriff act.

"Still," he said and I could feel him looking at my shiner. "I'm going to have a talk with Brady when I see him."

I shrugged and let it go, figuring I could bring it up again later. I wanted Brady to take me back to his gym without worrying about what his boss might say.

"It's good to see you," I said.

"Shit, it's been almost a week and we only talked that once. I was starting to think maybe I scared you away or something." He wore a self-deprecating smile and I felt a little guilty for making him worry like that.

"It's not you, Jack. Don't ever think that. I've just had a lot going on... I... came out to my parents," I said. I was feeling a little worried about how Jack would react to the news, that maybe he wouldn't like it.

"How'd it go?" he asked, genuinely curious.

I told him the whole thing, every detail of the past weekend. He'd known about my trip to Lake Wiley with my uncle so I started there. I left out the fact we'd had sex but he may have suspected. Especially when I described how intimately I'd talked to Jerome. I relayed his parting advice and what happened after. I wanted to make him know how it had felt with my mom and then my dad. Finally I told him about my sister and how it all led up to the call with him.

"So, that's when I called you. I was serious then and I still mean it, Jack. I've just had more to think through, you know? I needed some time to work it out in my head."

He stared at me thoughtfully for a long moment and nodded, like he'd come to some sort of decision.

"I'm really proud of you, Kenny. Every time I think I'm getting to know you..." He sighed and rubbed a big hand through his short-cut hair. "You're becoming quite the man, right before my eyes. It's a little scary," he said and dropped his eyes away.

"What? Why?" I couldn't figure out why that would be a problem.

"You're going to outgrow me," he said, still without looking up. "I'm just a phase. An older guy to show you the way," he said and waved his hand, gesturing at the future.

I didn't know what to say to that and felt a tightening in the back of my throat. All I could think was to do something, get rid of his crazy fears. Standing, I turned to the window. The blinds were already down but I grabbed the little stick and twisted them closed. I did the same to the window in the door and gently turned the lock. When I turned around he was watching me, his eyes wary.

As I came around his desk he swiveled in his chair to face me. I dropped into a squat and put my hands on his where they rested over his thighs. We locked eyes and I wouldn't be letting him look away again. Of all the adult conversations I'd been having that week this one felt like the most important.

"I'm not your son, Jack. And I'm not some dumb kid. You said it yourself, I'm a man; same as you. And you're one fucking stud of a man. No way will I ever get tired of you. I'm the man you've been fucking for almost two months. Do you think I don't know what I want?" I could see his struggle not to look away, his fear of letting me see what was plain in his eyes. I reached up and held his jaw, giving him an excuse to hold that intimate stare.

"I'm sorry," he finally whispered.

"I... really like you, Jack. That's not gonna change." I don't think either of us were ready for what I'd been about to say. But I could see in his eyes that he knew the truth and let it go for the moment.

"I like you, too, Kenny. An awful lot."

There wasn't anything else to say and I rose up. My hand left his jaw and slid around to the back of his neck. I leaned forward and he did the same, meeting me halfway. Our lips touched and then opened. I kissed his top then his bottom lips before using just the tip of my tongue to trace each. Jack's breath sighed out and I drew back to look at him.

His eyes were closed and he looked... innocent, happy, dazed – a million things I couldn't describe. That I'd put that look on the rugged and savagely handsome face made my dick throb into instant hardness.

"I'm giving up those other guys," I told him. The idea had been percolating in my head since the weekend. Jerome's words echoing in my ears, followed by my parents' unconditional love and their support had empowered me. Made me want to be more than someone's quick fuck. Then there was Jack and the way he showed me that sex could be about so much more. Even Brady and the way he accepted my desire had an effect. When I said the words I realized that I meant them.

Jack's eyes opened but the look he wore didn't fade away. "All of them?" He asked it without any judgment or doubt and that made my heart swell more.

"No more gang-bangs in the showers," I promised. "No more secret visits to the back cell for your deputies. I'm still going to be with Justin... and Brady. Maybe Luis and Kyle. But only because they mean something to me."

"You don't have to do that for me, Kenny. I don't own you and I don't want to take away your freedom."

"No, it's not like that." I heard a whisper of Jerome's words, "Never be ashamed," and I knew he was right. "Listen, Jack, there's...," I bit my lip and thought of the right way to say what I was thinking. "There's always going to be a small part of me that wants to be... used. By men, any man." I had to pause again and get my bearings. "But there's a time and place for that. In the future? Who knows?" I shrugged my shoulders and continued, "But now I know that I want to mean something to whoever I'm with. That... that I'm worth more. Do you understand?"

"You are worth more and you do mean something... to me you're something." He leaned forward again until our foreheads met. His next words fanned over my face, "Something so special." And wasn't that better than hearing a hundred fucking I-love-you's? My throat felt hot and tight but I held his head and met his lips fiercely. There was no more holding back.

I found the buttons of his shirt and started working them open as we kissed. We had to part to breathe and when we did his hands found my wrists to stop me.

"We shouldn't, not here."

"We're going to," I promised.

"No, we can't, Kenny."

I pulled my hands free of his grip and pulled my t-shirt off. His eyes widened as he took in my naked torso but his face took on a look of firm resolve.

"Kenny, stop," he said in that commanding voice that always made me so hot.

"Didn't we just determine that I'm not your son, Jack?" I asked as I stood and opened my jeans in a matter of seconds. My cock, feeling harder than it had ever been, bounced in front of his face before standing up against my abs. I stepped out of my jeans, boxers and my worn-out sneakers and kicked them aside. Only my ankle-high socks kept me from being completely naked.

"Kenny," he warned. I could hear the crack in his resolve from the way he said it and the way his eyes stayed on my ultra-swollen red cock.

Before he could react I reached into the wide open collar of his uniform shirt and found his nipple through the tight undershirt. I gave it a light pinch and felt it harden under my fingertips. He sucked in a breath and let it go on a soft moan. Having the advantage, I grabbed him under his arms and hauled him to his feet to take his mouth again. He opened for my tongue while I made quick work of the rest of his shirt buttons.

When I reached for the clasp of his belt--his duty belt was hung on a hat rack behind us--he stopped me and wrenched himself away from me. He bolted around the corner of the desk and stared at me. His skin was flushed and I could see the pulse in his neck beating so fast. He watched me watching him like a cat watches a mouse. Heat spread up into my face. It wasn't the blush of embarrassment but a flush of excitement. The thrill of the hunt.

Jack looked over at the door and I asked him, "Where are you gonna go, Jack?"

He met my eyes and I saw the idea of running away skitter through his mind before his back straightened and his eyes sent me a challenge. Jack Walker doesn't run, they told me.

I stalked forward till I was close enough that he had to feel the heat of my nude body. I should have felt different with him clothed and me naked but I felt wild, free of everything. Christ, so free. Hell, we were in the sheriff's office, for chrissakes.

I reached for the button of his dark khaki uniform pants and he didn't even try to stop me. I turned him side-on to the desk and got behind him. I pushed the trousers and underwear down to mid-thigh so I could press my so-fucking-hard dick against his hairy ass. Pre-cum was practically boiling out of the slit and left wet streaks over his cheeks before I found the tight crack between.

"I'm gonna fuck you, Jack." I made my pronouncement just before I bit into his skin. Right above the collar of his undershirt I sunk my teeth in and sucked at his flesh, wanting to leave a mark. He groaned from deep in his chest and I released the bit of skin to lick over it.

With one hand on his hip and the other on his shoulder I bent him over the paper-strewn desk. He let me. I spat twice into my right hand and held the base of my cock in a tight grip with my left. I was afraid I was going to lose my load before I could get inside him.

I smeared the spit into his crack. I found his hole and pushed two fingers in. He grunted and I could hear that it hurt him but he pushed back on the fingers so I dug in deeper and found his lovenut. I worked it just as mercilessly as he or his son had ever done to me. I knew I wouldn't be able to hold back much longer and I really needed him to want it.

"All I got is spit," I told him. I worked some up to put on my cock.

Jack groped over the side of the desk and found the drawer. He yanked it open and searched around until he came up with a black leather bag that looked like a shaving kit but flat. He pulled the zipper open all the way around and the two sides fell open. Distantly I recognized it was for cleaning a gun. Among the little metal rods and tools was a bottle that looked like eye-drops but bigger. He pulled it out of its place and passed it back to me.

I popped the lid open one-handed and looked at it while working my fingers in his hole. Beneath the name it said something about Teflon lubricant and that was all I needed to know. I squeezed the bottle right over the head of my cock and a tiny stream came out. I pulled my fingers free of his tight ass and stroked the stuff over my cock, amazed at how slick the little bit was. I thumbed the cap closed and threw it on the desk.

Jack's breathing stuttered when he felt my cock move into position, the head barely kissing up to his asshole. Despite how crazed I felt on the inside I couldn't fucking hurt him. I had to bite my lip to keep from pushing in.

"Please, say something," I told him. My voice was broken and cracked.

"Do it," he replied. But I was already straining into him before he got the last word out.

"I need to be inside you so bad," I told him by way of apology. Then the flared head popped inside him and I felt powerless to do anything but shove the rest of the way in. Jack released a whoosh of air as I filled him up. I had to force myself to stay still, to give him some time to adjust.

"Fuck," he groaned, his voice gone so deep I almost couldn't hear; more felt it in my chest. His tight hole clenched and worked around my cock. He managed to spread his legs a little wider in the confines of his lowered pants. The need to move built like a tidal wave. "Move, already," he said at the edge of my endurance.

I pulled back so slowly and then slammed forward, my hips working on the directive of my cock. I had to close my eyes as his body enveloped me. Snorting through my nose like an animal I fell onto him and latched onto his shoulders.

As I fucked him I knew words were falling out of my mouth directly from my brain but I couldn't find it in me to care. "So hot... So slippery... and smooth... inside. Fuck, fuck – Jack. God, Jack." There wasn't any finesse or control. Certainly it showed less experience than the one and only time I'd fucked him before, not long after the orgy and his nephew Michael. If I could have thought, I would've been embarrassed.

Everything inside me focused down to my cock. There was the tight grip of his muscles at the opening as they milked my shaft in and dragged along it on the way out. The palpitating soft-clench of his silky smooth guts each time I rammed home. The smell of our sex and his familiar scent from being so close together made me pound him harder.

That kind of intensity can't last long. I fell into a hard plunge that kept my dick mostly inside him. The pressure built quickly. It couldn't have been more than a few dozen of those deep strokes before I unloaded into his guts. It hit so hard that it was painful, like tiny pieces of glass being forced through the long tube in my cock. I muffled my sounds against the shirt at his shoulder and fired over and over. If he made a sound I didn't hear it.

The seed washed out of me and it went from unbearably intense to wonderfully intense and tapered off to holy-shit-that's-good. When I could open my eyes again I felt like a new man, and a shitty fucker.

"Sorry, Jack... You okay?"

"Don't be sorry. Who the fuck are you and where's Kenny?" He chuckled softly and let his head fall to the desk. I reached under our bodies and found his cock, hard and leaking. I stroked my hand over it and his body shuddered against mine. It made his hole squeeze my embedded pole and I discovered I was still very fucking hard too.

"Little Kenny's inside you," I said as I worked my cock out of his tight hole. "And Big Kenny's getting a second wind." I rode my load of cum back into him. He was slicker and tight but not as tight as before. Jack gasped when I bottomed out but it sounded like nothing but good for him. "Second round... I'll make you cum."

"Yeah, kid, make me cum," he gritted out.

I let myself up from his back and held his hips. I was hard, amazingly hard for just cumming, but more in control. I held his hips and hammered at an angle to catch his prostate. Jack's hands moved to the sides of the desk and held on with white-knuckled force. Each thrust in I pulled back on his hips, trying to get in deeper. A whirring moan worked its way up out of him.

I paused and took a long outstroke. I watched his tight ring pull out over my emerging manhood. When I saw the rim of the head against the pinkish hole I gave a steady shove that was slow but hard. It earned me a breathy "Fuck, Kenny!" I gave him another, then another, steadily and deeply long-dicking the hunky lawman.

"Aww, yeah. Oh yeah... You're killing me... turning me inside, umph, out. Fuck me, Kenny. Give it to me harder." They were the sweetest words I'd ever heard.

"Better keep it down, Jack. The whole station's gonna know you're getting royally fucked."

He released one side of the desk and pressed his mouth into his forearm against the desktop.

Without missing a beat I gathered the loose material of his uniform shirt in my hands over his back. When I had all of it, the tails bunched in my fist, I pulled back on it. The tan cloth stretched tight over his shoulders and under his arms. I held it like a jockey holding the reins of a stallion. I used the extra leverage to give him what he wanted, I fucked him harder.

My whole body moved with each hard plunge as sweat poured off me. I felt it the moment his tight hole gave up to me. It fluttered and gripped but not in rhythm, beyond the point of conscious control. The idea of it made my cock throb with each trip into his depths.

"Such a hot fucker, Jack. I love fucking you... wanna fuck you forever. Wanna feel you cum... cum for my cock."

"Christ, God yes," he spluttered. His channel turned into one big grasping fist and he was going off. I felt it like an earthquake in his chute, aftershocks from his body. I rode him through it, making sure to hit that sensitive spot inside him with deadly accuracy. A strangled scream started from his lungs. I felt each pulse of his cock as it shot from the inside. My own orgasm began within seconds of his, shocking because it was totally unexpected.

It felt like a long time before either of us could move. I found my feet first and eased my rubbery dick out of his ass. A flood of cum followed it, running down the insides of both his hairy thighs. I reached over him and pulled a handful of tissues from the box on the corner of his desk. I did my best to mop him up. He managed to grab another handful and pressed it into his messy crack.

He was a little wobbly when he stood up and I grabbed his arms to steady him. He looked down at the pool of his cum on the papers over his desk.

"Shit, that's gonna be hard to explain," he croaked with dry laugh.

I pulled up his pants and helped him back to his chair. He collapsed with a sigh and leaned back as far as it would go. I stepped back to the desk and got more tissues to mop up his jizz.

"Don't sweat it, Kenny. I can print more reports," he said to my back.

"I'm sorry, Jack, I don't know what got into me," I managed to get out. I was torn between one of the best and most intense experiences I'd ever had and afraid I'd hurt him or overstepped some boundary.

"Jesus, you fucked me," he sighed.

I turned around to face him and he was still leaned back. His eyes were closed and a soft smile lit his face.

"Yeah," I started but he snorted a laugh.

"No, I mean you fucked me. Damn, Kenny, you've been holding back." His eyes popped open and he grinned wider. "Come here."

I took his outstretched hand and he pulled me in for a kiss.

"Good thing you already decided not to run for re-election," I told him when we broke apart. For the first time I saw the great Jack Walker actually blush.

When I was leaving he asked me if I'd applied for a passport. "You don't need one for the US Virgin Islands," he said, "but you'll need one to travel to the other islands, and to get back in the United States.

"I'll do it tomorrow," I said.



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