I started college, still keeping my job on Captain's boat. After orientation I overheard two of the staff talking about still needing to fill a position in the gym and as I was walking by they tagged me. I readily took the job for the hours I had to spare. I knew Jack wouldn't be happy about it but I didn't like him paying for everything.

The gym was small and poorly equipped but I saw that there were some dedicated gym rats who made the best of it. Most of the users were the athletes but there were some guys who were sporting some serious muscle, although not the bulging, freaky, pimpled bodies that too many of the pros were so proud of. It was my job to make sure there were stacks of clean towels and to pick up after everyone. It was surprising what guys left behind; socks, shorts, t-shirts, jockstraps, bottles of water, you name it. I took it upon myself to wash all articles of clothing I found and place it neatly folded on a small table for guys to collect if they were missing something. One guy was upset because I washed his jockstrap so I posted a sign, "All Articles Of Clothing Left Behind EXCEPT JOCKSTRAPS Will Be Laundered."

The gym was segregated between males and females, which I thought was odd but that's the way it was setup originally and apparently they saw no reason to change. It was open twenty-four-seven and I had the graveyard shift, which was between the hours of 9:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. and that was how I got assigned to do the cleaning while there were so few guys using it. I got to know most of the guys who came in during those late hours. It was my job to keep the locker room clean and scrub down the showers and give the steam room a good cleaning every other day.

I hadn't given a thought to any unusual activity going on in the locker room or the steam room till the second or third time I cleaned it, when I slipped and nearly fell. There were several other spots where the floor was slick with something besides moisture. I realized it was cum! I also found it on the tiled walls.

After that I found excuses to wander in the steam room from time to time to see what I might find. It wasn't rampant at those hours but I discovered early on some interesting goings on. The first time there was a muscular jock type lying on the tiled bench on his side while another well built youth knelt beside him to suck his cock. They didn't stop when I entered which led me to believe that it was commonplace. Another time I found two guys fucking.

I got groped a few times and I wanted to join in but I didn't want to jeopardize my job. Not that I expected a supervisor to come wandering in at that hour of the morning but I was new and I didn't want to take the chance. But it worked out one time about two in the morning when I went to clean the place. I shut off the steam and turned the lights on, thinking it was vacant because I thought I'd seen the last guy to come in leave. I apparently didn't keep good track. I was taken aback to find a lean, tightly muscled youth stretched out on the tiled bench, stroking his cock.

"Oh, sorry. I thought it was empty," I said, feeling rather stupid standing there with my cleaning gear.

"Well, I guess you want it empty," he drawled as he sat up.

"No, I, uh.....I can come back. I didn't mean to interrupt." Despite the intense moisture in the room my throat was dry.

"Well, you didn't interrupt much," he said, with an easy laugh. "I was mostly just daydreaming." When he stood his body took on the perfection of an ancient Greek athlete, including a cock that stood at a sharp upward angle, about seven inches long.

"You don't have to leave," I said, my voice hoarse.

"You want me to help you clean, is that it?" he joked.

"No, no, I can clean around you."

"I can't handle the smell of that cleaning stuff you use, especially in the wet heat of the steam room."

He had moved past me to leave and I desperately wanted him to stay.

"Then I won't use it," I said.

That stopped him. He paused mid-step and looked around. "You're very accommodating," he said.

"I can be that way," I said.

"You're nothing like the last guy who had this shift. He would come bursting in, rattling his buckets and yell, Cleaning time, everybody out. Everybody hated that little geek."

"Well, I'm not like that," I said.

"No, you're not. You're nothing like Frankie. It was like he resented jocks. I think he was jealous."

"Well, I don't resent jocks either, although there are times when I could be jealous," I said.

"Like.....now....maybe?" he asked hesitantly.

Okay, we'd made a connection. I was sure enough of it, and him, that I felt comfortable looking him up and down openly.

"You've got a lot to be jealous of," I said.

"Now so much, making the comparison," he said as he also looked me up and down. He laughed softly. "I've never been caught in the steam room, do you look the outside door when you clean?"

"I'm not supposed to but.....I can," I said.

"I think we should," he said. "And you might turn the steam back on."

"Yeah, okay, good idea."

"And hey, just so we're not strangers when you come back, I'm Norman."

"Kenny," I said as I reached out and we shook hands.

I left to lock the door and I turned the steam back on, but only about half way. I didn't want it to be stifling. Then I felt a surge of panic. What if he wanted to fuck me? I wasn't prepared for that. But it wouldn't take long. I went to my locker and grabbed the syringe I kept there, filled it with warm water and stepped into one of toilettes. I flushed out and refilled the syringe for a second flush to be sure.

When I went back in the steam room Norman was waiting, still standing in the spot where I'd left him. "Everything's good," I said.

"Yeah, I would say so," he said as he put his hand on my hip. "What do you like?"

"Just about everything, but I especially like jocks. I'm a muscle worshipper."

"You don't mean just admiring a guy's muscles."

"No, I mean hands on worshipping," I said.

"Then consider me your god."

"Yeah, that'll be easy," I said as I started to go to my knees. But he stopped me.

"That tile can be hard on the knees. Let me stand up here." He used my shoulder to steady himself to stand on the tiled bench in front of me so I was standing face to face with his midsection. He was indeed god-like, made more so, towering over me like that. I began with my hands around the back of his legs and my lips on his thighs. Worship, to me, was kissing every inch of his body. I kissed his thighs, down to his calves, then back up to his crotch but I bypassed his cock and went to work on his tight stomach. I had to stand on my tip toes and he squatted down for me to reach his chest. It was awkward.

"Do you want me to lie down?" he asked.

"First, turn around."

He turned around and I pressed my face in his butt. He moaned and reached back to pull it apart. He smelled of a perfect mix of soap and male musk and I licked it out of his crack. I loved the salty taste of his sweat.

He laid down so I could get to every inch of his body except his cock. When I finally did go down on it he groaned like a hungry bear. All the while I was sucking him he was playing with my ass, fingering my hole.

"Do you fuck?" he asked finally.

"I love it."

"Awesome." He rose up to get to his feet and turned me around to face the wall and bent me over the tiled bench. There was no need for lube, our sweat would suffice. He slid in easily and began to fuck me without pause. "I hope I didn't cut short your worship," he said as he slapped his loins against my butt.

"No, this is fine. This is great," I said.

"Do I get to cum in you?" he asked.


"Good, cause I wanta try something. A first," he said.

"Just don't cum to soon, this is too good to stop," I told him.

He gave me a good fuck before he shot his load in my ass. When pulled out he turned me around and positioned me sitting on the bench with my butt just over the edge. Then he squatted down and started rimming me.

"I've never done this before, but the way you did it made me want to try. I want you to give my load back to me if you can. Push it out for me."

I squeezed and tried to push his cum out of my ass. I must have done it, by the way he was moaning with pleasure and lapping at my ass, and I could hear him swallowing. The whole, surprising scene turned me on and his tongue was like delicate sandpaper scraping over my asshole. When he pulled my hole open to dip his tongue inside me I lost it.

"Ohhhh, Fuck!" I gasped. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum!" I cried, as I started pounding my cock. But Norman stopped me, brushed my hands away and went down on me just in time to receive my load.

When it was over he sat back on the floor, leaned back against the tiled wall. I sat up. He seemed in a daze.

"Fuck, man, I don't believe I did that.....ate out your ass, and I've got your sperm swimming around in my stomach. Fuck, I'm straight. I don't believe I fuckin' did that."

I hunched over in front of him. "Hey, if you're straight, you're straight, Experimenting around with guy sex isn't going to change that."

"Thanks for that," he said. "But now I'm not so sure. What if I liked experimenting around with guy sex?"

"You're who you are, who you were created to be. I wouldn't worry about labels."

"I think I like you, Kenny."

"I know I like you, Norman."

"So if I wanted to do this again sometime......"

"Fuck, yeah. Anytime," I said.

Another time I was scrubbing down the showers. I had checked the weight room and it was empty so I got my cleaning cart and stripped off. I had taken to cleaning the steam room and shower naked. It made sense.

I didn't hear the guy come in, didn't know he was on the place till he spoke.

"Is it okay if I use one of the opposite showers? I'll only be a minute."

I turned at the sound of his deep voice and felt a hard chill tremor through me. Fuck! I'd never seen him before but I was glad I was seeing him now. I swallowed to find my voice.

"Sure, go ahead. Take your time," I managed.

I wondered if he was a grad student, he was older than most of the students I'd seen around the campus, and more mature. A lot more mature. He was a man, not just growing into one. His build was solid, with a nice growth of hair on his legs and he had hair on his forearms. The mat of hair on his chest was eye catching, and neatly trimmed. I especially liked the treasure trail that separated the bricks of muscle making up his abs, and plunged into his unruly bush.

He punched the soap dispenser and began lathering up his hair.

"Are you a grad student?" I asked.

"No, freshman," he said. "I know I'm old to be a freshman but I had some other things to take care of first. Like a stint in the Marines."

"Oh. Well, thanks for that," I said. "Were you overseas?"

"Iraq? Yeah."

He rinsed out the soap and shook his head, sending water flying everywhere then punched the dispenser and began lathering up his bush. I noticed that about guys. Their bush, their cocks and balls, was always the second or the first thing they washed. His cock was a thing of beauty. It matched him. It was a handful, thick and meaty, with a nice collar that promised great potential. As he gave it more than it's needed attention, I thought, that potential began to manifest itself. My mouth started to water.

I tried to keep my eyes averted while I worked on the other side of the shower but I couldn't help catching glimpses, and I got into positions where I could scrub and watch at the same time, without being too obvious, I hoped.

"What're you studying?" I asked, to keep the conversation alive.

"I want to be a coach, and also be certified to be a trainer, then when I land a job I'll go on and get my degree in sports medicine."

"Sounds like you're covering all your bases," I said, from my squatted position.

"My Dad always said, make yourself invaluable." He punched the soap dispenser again but it squished air. He reached over and punched another one and it was empty too.

"I haven't gotten around to filling all of the dispensers yet, I ran out of soap," I said. "These are full on this side."

Godd, what a stroke of luck!! He came cross the shower room and punched the dispenser right beside the shower where I was squatted down scrubbing the wall. He stood almost in front of me, his manhood at eye level. The shower over me was running luke warm but I could still feel his body heat. I stopped scrubbing when the sponge slipped out of my hand. I dropped forward onto my knees to retrieve it and he scooted it toward me with his foot.

"Thanks," I croaked as I picked it up, touching his foot in the process. Oddly, he didn't draw his foot back. Then suddenly, he brought the handful of soap down and began lathering up his bush again, and his upper thighs and between them. I abandoned all pretenses and went into slut mode. This Marine cold break me in half but I was willing to chance his wrath. I knelt there on my haunches and just watched him for a moment, being obvious as hell. Then I reached out and put my hand on his thigh.

"I hope you don't mind."

"I thought I was getting some vibes, like you might want to do something," he said.

"I very much want to do something," I said as I brought my other hand into play and ran my hands up and down his thighs.

"Let me rinse the soap off," he said and thrust his midsection into the shower spray to rinse off. Then he held his cock across the palm of his hand, offering it to me.

It was so thick, fluffed up from the warm water and the attention it'd been getting.

"This what you wanted?" he asked.

"Godd, Yess!!" I leaned in and he stepped closer and let me replace his hand with mine. "I've never had a Marine before," I lied.

"I don't know that we're all that much different from other guys with our clothes off," he said.

"Oh, you're much different. Godd, I can almost smell your testosterone," I said.

He laughed. "Maybe I need to change my deodorant."

"No, it's a wonderful aroma. I love it." I was pulling on his cock, feeling it expand in my hand. I wanted to see how big he would get but he just kept growing and I couldn't wait. He was getting anxious too. He took hold of his cock again and laid the huge head on my outstretched tongue and he shoved as I drew it into my mouth. He was like soft rubber and I easily sucked him onto my throat, all the way down till my face was buried in his bush.

"Ohh, Fuck!" he gasped as he clasped his hands gently around my head. "Don't have many guys do that."

He was like soft rubber and it was easy to keep his cock in my throat while it grew even bigger. It conformed nicely to the curvature of my throat. I held him there while his cock expanded my throat and I watched my lips distending around his thickening girth. He was truly a man to be reckoned with but I was certain I was up to the task. I would suck him till my jaw dropped off, even though he was choking me now with his sheer size. I gulped several times as to show him I could handle him and he signaled that he was ready by nudging his pubes against my face. So I began sucking him.

My throat didn't immediately close up in the wake of his withdrawal and I was able to keep deep throating him. He was impressed.

"Holy Fuck! I don't see how you do that, but keep on doing it," he said, and he began stroking my neck and face. I liked it when a guy did that, it was like they were showing me that they really appreciated my talents and my efforts.

I dug my fingers into the solid muscles of his butt urging him to fuck my throat. I knew guys who hated guys doing it but I didn't mind one bit when he clasped his big hands round my ears to hold my head in place as he face fucked me. I gave him the best I knew how. It was easy, considering the man and the task before me. I sucked him good, anticipating with every stroke the feel and taste of his cum shooting in my mouth. But we never got that far.

He eased his cock out of my mouth, still cradling my head in his hands. "Do you like to fuck?" he asked.

"I love it," I said, and the words were barely out of my mouth before he was bringing me to my feet.

He turned me around to face the tiled wall and pulled my hips back. I flattened my hands against the wall and moved my feet back and he moved them wider apart with his foot. I psyched myself for what was to come, the impalement on his thick cock. I felt his cock rubbing up and down my crack and was immediately taken back to my high school locker room, my teammates, and Justin. It was a good feeling that hurt inside. He punched a handful of soap to use as lube. I hated soap as lube because it often stung but this was a milder soap and it didn't sting when he worked his thick fingers into my ass. As he set the wide head of his cock against my hole and applied pressure I thought of how many times I'd done this. How many times I'd told myself I shouldn't be doing it, but by this time I was hopelessly addicted to cock; my ass especially was addicted to cock. I guess what bothered me more than the numbers was that I was always so eager and willing. I was way past believing I had no choice, like with men like this Marine. He was a Marine for chrissakes, he out-weighed me by a good fifty pounds and it was all muscle, he could do anything he wanted with me and I couldn't stop him. Not that I wanted to. I wanted him inside me. I wanted him to rape me if it came to that. I wanted to be his slut.

I took in a loud gasp of breath and let it out as he shoved his cock in me. He pulled my butt back hard against loins and punched his cock in as deep as possible, paused for a brief few seconds, then began fucking me.

"Maybe you ought to know, this is the first time I ever fucked a guy," he said.

"Fuck, I'm glad I'm your first," I said. "And I want to be your best that you remember."

"Oh, I'm not ever gonna forget this," he said. "You never forget your first piece of ass."

I didn't mind even that I was his 'first piece of ass.' Godd, he fucked me! I was whimpering and clawing at the tiles.

"You like it? Am I doing okay?" he asked.

"Oh, Godd, Marine, you don't ever have to ask that."

If rape could be measured by time instead of force, he was raping me. With every stroke, from every angle. My legs started shaking and when he noticed, he pulled out and turned me around.

"Wrap your legs around me," he said as he brought my right leg up around his waist. I leaned back against the wall and brought my other leg up and locked them around his waist. I groped for the shower hardware for something to hold onto. He shoved his cock back in me, pressing me against the wall. There was no give now. Every thrust was like a battering ram pounding into my ass. I thought he must be mutilating my prostate. I had to fight down the urge to scream. He was driving me out of my mind.

"My Godd!!" I yelled at one point when I couldn't take it anymore. "Godd, Fuck Me! Fuck my brains out!!"

"I'm about to cum. Can I cum in you?" he asked.

"I would like to swallow it," I gasped.

"Oh, fuck yeah, okay," he said. He gave me a dozen more strokes before he pulled his cock out and let me slide down along the wall to a sitting position. He thrust his cock onto my gaping mouth and began unloading. I held onto his hips to keep him from impaling me because I wanted his load in my mouth, not in my throat. I wanted to feel the stuff gushing over my tongue; I wanted to taste him and savor his manly nectar before I swallowed it.

At the end it was his powerful thighs that were shaking as he stood leaned over me with his hands flattened against the wall. I let is cock slip into my throat and he pressed his loins against my face while I milked him with my throat muscles.

He gently withdrew his cock. It fell against his thigh with a soft smack thick and rubbery. He reminded me of a stallion. I started to try to get up and I thought for a second that he was going to give me his hand but instead he turned with his back to the wall and slid down to the floor to sit beside me.

"Motherfuck, that has got to be the most awesome sex I ever had," he said.

I looked over at him and smiled.

"It wasn't the most awesome for you, though, was it?"

"If I was forced to describe it under pain of death, I would be a dead man," I said. "But I think I've had a lot more experience than you."

"Maybe you would like to help me gain more experience," he said.

"I would be honored." I laughed. "And you just saved me the embarrassment of begging."



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