I came into the house practically bursting with excitement. I left the large fish I'd brought home in the sink and poured some ice over it from the freezer. The house was quiet and I figured Jack was upstairs napping or screwing around with Marco. I rinsed my hands and kicked off my sandals by the kitchen door. I pulled off my t-shirt as I took the stairs, in desperate need of a shower. As he'd promised Jack had the bathroom redone to include a shower over the large bathtub. My shorts came off next and I was only wearing the little white bikini swimsuit as I got to the top of the stairs.

I could feel the salt on my skin like a layer of dust after being on the ocean all day. Not to mention the suntan lotion, sweat and cum. We'd taken a group of three Australian business men out for a day of fishing. They'd gotten drunk, caught more than a few fish and I'd given each of them a blowjob. I walked away with a cool three-hundred dollar tip. Not bad for a day's work. I had a plan for the money, a surprise for Jack. I wanted to do something nice for him on my own. Now I could afford it without Jack's help and I couldn't wait to tell him my plan. All these thoughts were circling my head as I took the last step and turned into the short hallway. The bedroom door was shut but instantly I recognized Marco's brother, John, standing in front of it with his ear to door. His hand was in his cut-off jean shorts and he was obviously playing with himself. I smiled and shook my head, he still hadn't realized I was standing there so I watched him.

After listening to Marco talk about his family--there seemed to be so many of them--he had drawn me a chart to show all the half-siblings, step-siblings and full siblings in his complex family. For the life of me I couldn't remember where John fit in. I didn't know John very well and he'd been around to the house only a couple of times. He didn't look like Marco. At fifteen or sixteen he was already a head taller than his brother, who was short and slim. John seemed to have more African blood in him. His hair was tightly curled except for a brown and sun-streaked blond that he kept short. His skin was a bit darker than Marco's light brown. He was handsome and from the few times Marco had brought him to the house I knew he was a charmer.

Now he had his eyes closed and his hand in his pants. He had on a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off almost down to the bottom of the shirt. I could see his whole side and the rounded part of his chest, a peek of the dark nipple. His body was hard and tight with lean muscles. I coughed lightly and he looked up startled before breaking into a grin that showed all of his white teeth.

"Hello, Mr. Kenny," he said quietly. He didn't seem at all embarrassed to be caught listening like that. He adjusted his cock, probably tucking it up under the waistband of his shorts.

"You shouldn't be eavesdropping, John. Come on," I told him and turned back to the stairs. He followed me down and out the open doors of the living room to the small yard. I turned on the outdoor shower, still needing to rinse off. John dropped into one of the patio chairs and watched me.

"Mr. Jack was making Marco moan but now Marco is making Mr. Jack moan," he told me with a knowing grin.

I threw my clothes onto the chair beside him and stepped under the water. Damn, I wished he was gone so I could go join the two guys upstairs. Jack didn't let Marco fuck him often and I loved to watch when it happened. My cock stirred inside the brief suit. I thought, Fuck it, and shucked it off. There had never been sex nor even sexual overtures between John and me, but I doubted he would care if he saw me naked.

"Yes, but that's none of your business," I said. He must know what his brother got into around here. I looked over and he was watching me bathe with his cock out and stroking himself. My mouth dropped open. Unlike Marco's nice seven inches his brother had a handful that looked like nine or more. Jesus, Marco got shorted from that gene pool, I thought. I watched him work the long pole for a minute with a smile, getting hard myself. Not so long ago I would've been embarrassed by his boldness.

"I go to the beach where men and women pay me to fuck them," he said, seeing how I was eyeing his cock, and he waved it back and forth.

I wasn't really surprised since that was where Jack found Marco, only he'd been selling his ass and not his cock. "I bet they pay good, too. That's a nice cock," I played along. This kid couldn't think he'd be getting a new customer out of me.

"I would do you for free," he said with a laugh. "You have a very pretty ass."

I let the water rinse over me while I took a second to consider his offer. Feeling a hundred times better, I turned the water off and asked him, "You got a condom?" I was horny and couldn't think of any reason why not to let the kid fuck me. Jack was, after all, getting his upstairs with Marco. It wasn't payback or anything like that, I was just horny for this stud's big cock.

"No, but I am clean. I've got a certificate just like Marco."

It was tempting but I'd made a promise to Jack I wouldn't break. I carried condoms with me all the time. "In the pocket of my shorts," I said. "There's a little lube packet, too."

John got all the supplies while I grabbed one of the beach towels and dried myself. By the time I was done he had one of the extra-large condoms rolled down his shaft and had it greased up. I spread the towel over the cushion of one of the long deck chairs.

"How do you want me?" I asked.

"First," he said as he laid the lounge back to reclining position, "I'd like for you to come over and straddle the chair and park that awesome ass of yours on my face."

Oh, Fuck! Gladly! I assumed the position he wanted. He pulled my butt apart and I settled it over his face. He pulled me open and I squealed at the feel of his tongue flicking up inside of me.

"You like that, huh?" he said, his voice muffled.

"Godd, Yess!"

He chuckled. "Yeah, Marco said you did."

I wondered what else Marco had told him. His tongue was like a viper's tongue, darting in and out of my asshole and slithering up inside me.

"Ohm.....Oh, my Godd!" I gasped and I heard him chuckle.

He rimmed for several more minutes then shoved me away. "I think you sorta like that."

"Godd, I never had anybody do it like that before."

"It's a natural talent I was blessed with." Then he jumped into action and stripped his shirt off while letting his shorts fall. He looked like some kind of long-distance runner, all lean and ropy muscles. His big covered cock bobbed in front of him.

"On your knees?" he said.

"Sure." I climbed onto the lounger and stuck my ass out for him. He used the last of the lube packet to slick the outside of my hole and my crack. He didn't give me any warning but grabbed my hips and shoved his cock into me.

"Geez, take it easy," I told him while gritting my teeth. He must've heard me but he went ahead and pushed the whole donkey-sized dick in anyway.

"God, John," I groaned as he started fucking me.

"Now I make you moan, Mr. Kenny."

He was right, and it wasn't long before I was thrusting back to meet him. The kid had some experience and it showed. He didn't have any special technique but he fucked me with long strokes that were steady like a metronome. In just a few minutes the pace became maddening and I bit my lip to keep from begging for more and harder. I dropped my head to the cushion and held onto the sides of the chair so I wouldn't go crazy. The kid's cock was really doing a number on my hot-spot. I pushed back at him, encouraging him to do me harder. He wasn't having it. He leaned over me and grabbed my shoulder with his right hand to hold me in place. He pushed the closed fist of his left hand into the middle of my back, over my spine, forcing me to bow my back and jut my ass out.

"You want me to fuck harder? You say, 'fuck me harder, Mr. John.'"

Jesus, the kid had some balls. Each unvarying stroke had a little hip roll at the end that forced the kid's meat in deep. I held on and refused to give him the satisfaction of begging. I waited a moment to see if he would break first, figuring he wanted a good hard fuck as badly as I did. My cock dripped between my legs and I wished I could let go of the chair to grab it but I was supporting both of us. I wouldn't beg this kid.

He slowed his pace. It was still good but I wanted it harder. "You don't want it harder?" He said as his thrusts came at me in a snail's pace. The frustration was maddening.

"Fuck you, John," I blurted suddenly and pulled off his long cock and rose onto my feet in one move. I pulled him onto the chair and he fell before he could react. As he rolled over onto his back I straddled his body and the chair. I pinned his chest with one hand while reaching back for his cock with the other. I held it up and sank my butt down onto it. John groaned as I sat my ass down and took him to the hilt. "I don't beg," I growled. I rested my hands on his lean, defined chest and rode him hard. He tried to thrust up and I'd let him, hovering just above his crotch to take the sharp thrusts. When he was hammering up into me and panting I watched his face. His murky green eyes were slitted against the late afternoon sun and his lips were pressed tightly together in a line of concentration.

When I knew he was close to cumming I sat my weight down on him and forced him to stillness. He tried to move but I was too heavy for him. I waited as his cock slowed its throbbing while I squeezed it with my ass. I was close myself and took the moment to calm down.

"You want to fuck me harder? You want to cum? Say it, John. Beg me to let you cum." We stared at one another in a silent battle of wills. I started riding him again, slowly, then I stopped. I could tell he was in agony, from his face and also from the way his cock was throbbing violently inside me. I fucked his cock hard and fast again, making myself take it hard and deep. I let him thrust up to my bobbing ass but I controlled the angle and speed. I took it and made myself feel good, gloried in the feel of his big cock sliding through the tight sheath of my ass. I stopped again.

"OHh, fuck, stop doing that," he groaned.

The wind off the ocean rustled the leaves of the palms and bushes around the small yard and muffled the sounds of our bodies meeting. Covered our groaning voices. I watched his face and my big hands splayed over his lean chest, my skin just a few shades lighter than his creamy darkness.

John broke with a whimper to hiss, "Yesss! Fuck yesss, Oh, please, Mr. Kenny... God, let me cum."

I smiled down at him and rode harder. It wouldn't take me long and my thighs were starting to burn. I held still and leaned over him further so he could fuck me from below.

"That's it, kid. Fuck yeah... mmmm, yeah." When I was really close I grabbed my cock. It only took a few strokes to send a thick jet of my cum out of the gaping slit. The first shot hit John in the face, the rest falling in thick stripes over his chest and belly. I sat all my weight down onto him while my hole convulsed and clenched. His cock throbbed and bucked so I knew he was cumming as well. I watched his pink tongue lick the taste of my seed off his thick lips and he moaned with his eyes tightly closed.

"Thanks, kid." I held the base of his cock and pulled off, holding the condom in place. His cock flopped onto his belly with a soft splat. The tip of the condom was ballooned with his heavy load sloshing around his cockhead.

"Stop calling me kid," he said.

"You boys having fun?" I spun around at the sound of Jack's voice. He was standing in the open doorway, leaning against the jamb. He wore only an old pair of boxers low on his hips. The sight of his hard and hairy body had the power to make my cock twitch. Knowing he'd been watching made me half hard.

"My regular guy was busy," I said with a grin. A slow smile crept over Jack's face. I saw Marco behind him grinning.

"You're something else, Kenny," he told me with a shake of his head. He came over to the lounge chair. "You able to get up, John?" he joked.

"Fuck, Mr. Jack, he tore me up."

"Get cleaned up. I'll start dinner," Jack said.

"Wait, I brought home fish," I said.

I rinsed off in the shower along with John. Marco and John left shortly after. When I came into the kitchen, still naked, Jack was frying the fish in butter. I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around his belly while setting my chin on his shoulder.

"Nice catch," he murmured as he tended it with a fork.

"Smells good, I'm starving."

"I was talking about John," he said. "That the first time you've had sex with him?"

"Yes. I've only seen him a few times. He doesn't hang around."

"How would you like to do a foursome; dad and son and two brothers?"

I was taken aback by his reference to dad and son. He looked around at me when I didn't say anything.


"Yes," I said quickly. "That sounds like a great idea."

I prepared a simple salad and cut up a lemon for the fish. Jack served up the filets, crusted in breadcrumbs, while I got each of us a beer. We sat at the small table in the kitchen and dug in.

"Slow down, enjoy the food, don't just inhale it," Jack told me a few minutes later when my plate was half empty. I smiled around my mouthful and met his eyes. He looked wistful for a second then a little sad. I figured he was thinking about Justin. I put my eyes on my plate and tried not to just shovel the food into my mouth.

"I have a surprise for you, Jack." I'd finished my food and waited for him to finish. I took a drink of my beer.

"For me? What kind of surprise?"

"We're going on a little vacation. We leave day after tomorrow." I was extremely proud of myself and couldn't contain the sly smile on my face.

"Here, life is a vacation. Where do you want to go that's better than here?" he indicated the house with a wave of his hand.

"Well, a mini-vacation. Captain gave me a few days off. Did you know that St John is more than half National Forest? I rented some camping equipment and got us two seats on one of the island jumpers. We'll camp and hike, have fun, swim at the beaches." I started to feel a little uncertain about my plans, wondering if Jack wouldn't want to go.

"That sounds just... amazing. You set this all up?" He sat back in his chair with a big smile.

"Yeah," I told him almost bashfully. "I wanted to do something special for you, you know? And I'm dying to check out the jungle. Captain says in some parts it's almost pristine."

"Wow, Kenny, that's really.....," he paused and looked down at his beer but not before I caught the hint of moisture in his eyes. Shit, I didn't want him to get all emotional but I felt a lump form in my throat.

"I thought we could play Tarzan," I spoke up to bring the mood around. "You know, in the jungle and all. Me Tarzan, you Jack. Me fuck you swinging from a grape-vine." I finished in my best jungle-boy imitation. I got a laugh out of him for that. He stood and I did as well. He hugged me tight to his warm body for a long time.

"It means a lot to me, Kenny. That you'd do this for me, make me feel so special." I pulled back a little and kissed him. I could never get enough of Jack Walker's mouth on mine, the first man I'd ever really kissed, but this time felt better than ever before. It turned into a hot open-mouthed kiss that left us both panting when we finally broke apart.

"You are special, Jack." I stopped caressing his back and cupped his firm asscheeks in my hands. "Did Marco leave any of this for me?" I let my fingers roam over the cloth-covered crack of his ass.

"How'd you know?" he moaned.

"I caught John jerking off outside the bedroom door. He said Marco was fucking you." I slid my hands under the boxers and let a few fingers graze his hole.

"Shit, Kenny," he shuddered out.

"You think you can take some more, Jack?" I pushed my finger into him, just barely breaching his tight ring and felt the load Marco had left behind.

"Always, for you. Come on Boy, Tarzan's, taking this upstairs." I followed Jack up to our bedroom where I fucked the living daylights out of him.



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