We woke up early on Monday and took a cab to the airport. We caught one of the little island hoppers over to St John. The flight was quick and easy. Once we landed we took a cab to the little shop where I'd rented the camping stuff from a friend of Captain's. We caught a bus to the entrance of the National Park. It took less than two hours until we were standing with one of the Park Rangers and discussing our proposed route. The woman gave us some maps and other information before we set off.

We chose a route that would take us close to the ocean but avoid the popular beaches. There were abandoned sugar mills along the way, leftovers from when the island had been mostly sugar plantations. The first part of the hike was grueling as the sun was up and the ocean breezes didn't reach far into the hilled forest. We went up and up, not talking much but pointing things out once in a while. Bugs, reptiles, strange plants and animals were the only thing that took our concentration from the physical aspect of the hike.

At one point I pulled slightly ahead of Jack. I came to a break in the trail at the top of a sheer hillside where I could see down to the ocean. A white beach curved below me, embracing a small inlet. The water was a brilliant blue-green and clear enough that I could see the bottom even from the height of my vantage point. The sky was clear but dark clouds brewed far off on the horizon. It was stunning and I froze to take it all in. The green of the forest and the blue of the sky and sea seemed abnormally bright and electric, creating new colors that would be called extra-green and extra-blue in my mind.

A gentle breeze drifted up the hillside and something strangely familiar caressed my skin. Somehow, I knew, Justin was there with me. I'd never admitted it to anyone, barely acknowledged it myself, but occasionally I felt him with me, like the night of his funeral when I'd stayed in the cemetery. I'd be on the boat or at home staring out at the ocean or just zoning out on the endless waves and that feeling would nibble at my brain. It was like a touch I didn't feel on my skin but my mind felt it anyway. Now I was sure he took in the magnificent view with me. It made me both sad and happy to think of him enjoying it but I had to believe that he was looking down on me--on us--with approval. A moment after it ended Jack rounded the last corner of the trail and came to stand beside me without a word.

Though we hadn't spoken of Justin since moving to the islands except in the most roundabout of words, I turned to Jack and said, "It's beautiful, isn't it? I wish Justin was here to see it, too." His face hardened and I watched the muscle in his jaw tick.

"Wherever he is... I believe he can see it," Jack said while staring out to the horizon. I couldn't look away from him, felt his pain like grasping fingers inside my chest.

"Yeah," I sighed. I kept my own feelings and doubts to myself. Though I believed Justin was in a better place a small doubt lingered in my mind. Feeling him and knowing he was near at times left me happy but I was still concerned that he hadn't moved on. It was selfish to cherish those moments because I worried that I was holding him back in some way, drawing him back with my thoughts. If only I didn't think about him so much, because I always wondered if our thoughts drew us together.

I continued to watch Jack, saw the moisture in his eyes and his fierce determination to hold it all in check. I wished for some way to make it better for him but the man had lost his only son. He had referred to me as his son but I didn't fool myself into believing there was some way I could heal him. I took his hand and held it, offering the only support I could give. He had his grief and I had mine. We were coming from different places but our grief always met in the middle. We could share it but we could never shoulder it for one another. I felt a flash of guilt that I wished we could just be without it but that would mean forgetting about Justin.

"Let's go," Jack said when it felt like we'd been standing there for hours.

The next part of the hike was downhill and we followed the trail to a deserted little beach. We arrived just as the sun was setting, the hike taking longer than we'd expected. I set up camp barely a dozen yards from the shoreline while Jack cooked us a hearty meal of canned chili on the portable burner. We had a tent and I set it up but there was also a folded canvas hammock in with the gear I'd rented. I looked into the sky and saw that the clouds we'd seen earlier were moving in and I figured it would rain that night. I packed the hammock away for another night.

We ate then pulled off our clothes to wash in the ocean. We swam and relaxed for a long time, long after the sun had set. We dried one another before we climbed into the tent. We laid atop the one sleeping bag I'd put out. Jack groaned when I moved over him.

"Sorry, that hike took more out of me than I expected," he said into the dark.

"Roll over," I told him. I found his back and dug my fingers into his shoulders, earning a deep groan.

"Yeah, Kenny," he slurred. I worked my way down to his thighs and feet. "Guess I don't have the endurance I used to," he said at one point.

"You've been letting yourself go, old man," I joked.

"I feel old, right now."

I wished I could see his face to gauge the odd sound behind his words.

"Just relax and I'll take care of you."

"Yeah, baby, take care of me," he whispered. The little endearment that he almost never used had me leaning closer and kissing his back. I was soon rewarded with a soft snore. I laughed softly to myself and laid down beside Jack. I wasn't too disappointed as I fell asleep seconds later.

In the morning we broke camp quickly after taking another dip in the warm ocean. Jack was an experienced camper while my own experience amounted to cabins, hotels and summer camps where everything was provided. Jack was only too happy to guide and teach me while we worked, making sure to get close and touch me at every opportunity; a hand on my shoulder or on my butt for encouragement. I waited for him to start something but once we were ready we got back on the trail.

The second day was easier going over more level ground. We passed some of the abandoned sugar mills and stopped to take pictures. We'd both shed our shirts along the trail. I set the camera on a low stone wall that was crumbling into the vegetation and fixed the timer. I scrambled back to Jack who was positioned in front of one of the mills. He put his arm over my shoulder and mine went behind his back as we smiled into the camera. It was a great shot of the two of us. Later, after we got back, I printed the picture and had it framed.

We stopped for a quick lunch of trail mix at a small pool along a trickling stream. We were both pretty rank so I talked Jack into skinny dipping with me. Of course it led to a quick spit-lubed fuck in the thigh-deep water. Jack barely got me opened up before he shoved that big cock of his into my ass. It didn't take either of us too long to cum, me popping first. I joked that we fed the fish as small torpedoes of cum slithered through the water. We washed each other. I did my best to push all Jack's cum out of me so I wouldn't be leaking it the rest of the day.

We made the next campsite early, in the late afternoon, and had plenty of time to set up. The weather looked good so I strung the hammock as well as setting up the tent. We were close to another beach so we went down to the water before eating. Realizing there weren't any other people we stripped down and dove in. The swim turned into a game of grab-ass that left us both hard. I pulled Jack out of the water by his hand but when we reached the camp he started preparing dinner.

"Jesus, Jack, you're going to make dinner?" I pushed my hips toward him and squeezed my hard cock when he looked at me.

"Settle down, kid, we'll get to it but I'm starving."

I grumbled under my breath but pulled out the sleeping bag and laid it over the hammock. I eased into it and tested my weight. I had to retie it higher on the trees so it wouldn't sink down to the ground. By the time I finished our dinner was ready. We sat side by side on the hammock and ate.

"You think it'll rain tonight?" I asked.

"Nah... well, maybe. But we can sleep in the hammock. I'd like that." He smiled at me with a wink and dug back into the food. I ate mine thinking about how I'd like it, too.

I helped Jack with the dishes down at the beach and we watched the sky light up in different colors with the setting sun. I discovered the appeal of being naked that nudists must have, leaning against Jack in the fading light without any barriers between us. We linked hands before trudging back to our campsite. Once there Jack put the stuff away before I dragged him into the hammock with me.

"Easy, kid, we have all night," he said before kissing me. I reached for his cock but he stopped me.

"What are we going to do then?" I whined, pulling my hand back.

"I don't know. Maybe I can tell you a bedtime story?" he asked with a teasing grin as he settled in. I positioned myself beside him, laughing.

"A naughty story?" I asked and tried to grab his hard cock again. He stopped me just like before.

"How about we make a rule? Hands above the waist. Whoever breaks first gets fucked?"

I rolled my eyes at him and smiled. "Well, hell," I groped his cock.

"Alright," he laughed. "You know what you want, I'll give you that much." He took my hand in his and put it on his chest. "Whoever breaks first doesn't get fucked. How about that?"

I gave him my best death-glare but couldn't hold it for long, smiling back into his laughing eyes. "Fine! But I won't break first," I promised.

"I wouldn't expect anything less from you," he told me before he kissed me. It was a searing kiss, all open mouths and thrusting tongues, that left us both panting. When my mind cleared I was so horny I knew I needed a plan if I wanted to get him to fuck me.

"Do you remember that first time you fucked me?" I asked. I didn't give him a chance to do more than grin and nod before I continued, "That was so hot. I was sure you were going to arrest me, especially after I realized you'd seen me getting fucked at both ends by the whole baseball team." As I spoke I stroked his chest and belly, never venturing too low.

"Shit, that was a crazy night. At first I thought you guys had snuck in a girl and I was so pissed. Mmmm, yeah, Kenny." I played my fingertips along his nipples. "Then I saw your feet. One of the boys had your feet on his shoulders, you were on the couch, and another one was on your chest. I couldn't see who it was under those two guys but when I saw your big ole feet I knew it wasn't a girl."

"You ate my ass, no one had ever done that – not like you did, it made me so hot. All I could think about was how you were tasting all those guys' loads, even Justin's." We were laying in the hammock side by side, sort of turned toward each other from the dip in the middle and our hard cocks sparred between us. My left arm was beneath Jack's head and his right arm was half under my back so the palm of his hand held my lower back. We used our free arms to touch and feel. When I said Justin's name I looked into Jack's eyes to be sure it was okay.

"You can say his name, kid. We should talk about him, Justin was a huge part of both our lives. He's... he was my son." It was all the encouragement I needed. I still had an objective to pursue, namely Jack's thick cock in my itching ass.

"You remember that time you fucked me? When you used the handcuffs?"

"MMmhmm," he growled into my armpit. His tongue reached out and licked along the rim.

"Fuck, Jack, that was so hot. When you had my hands cuffed behind my back, on my knees with my face in the blanket and my ass in the air. It was scary and exciting at the same time. You had me right where you wanted me. You could've done anything to me. Anything, and nothing I could do about it."

"You liked that?" he asked as he leaned over to playfully bite my nipple.

"Jesus, Jack, easy, easy." I had to breathe deep a few times to get my brain off the feel of his lips on me. "Yeah I liked it, Jack. I loved it. Wanna do it to you, too. Get you cuffed up and at my mercy." His skin felt so good under my hand, the crinkly hair and hard muscles beneath the warm flesh. I couldn't get enough of it.

"What would you do with me?" he asked against my chest. His voice was all husky and deep, giving me a clue of what he thought of being helpless for me.

"I'd fuck the shit out of you. But first, I'd drive you crazy. I'd taste every inch of your body except your cock. I'd eat your hole out and play with your ass, finger you until you were begging. Then, just to fuck with your head, I'd climb up and ride your cock. Get us both close until our dicks are so hard it hurts. Then I'd flip you over and mount you, shove my cock way in hard and make you take it. I'd fuck you for hours, until I couldn't take anymore of your tight, hot hole. Then I'd fill you so deep with my cum that you'd feel it sloshing around inside you for days."

Jack had stopped to watch me while I talked, his blue eyes riveted to my face with lust. "Christ, kid, I've always said you'd kill me one of these days." He met my lips in a kiss with his tongue, just enough to get a taste, before withdrawing. "What else, Kenny? What else would you do with me, I mean anything?"

"Jack," I said and pushed back on his shoulder so he was beside me again, not above me. "You know what I'd do?" He nodded eagerly. "I love how your tits are so sensitive, like they're hardwired to your cock...," I reached out and tweaked one, making his cock pulse. The move earned a moan of approval. "I'd have them pierced, or one of them, maybe this one." I pinched the hard little nub of his right tit. "I'd play with it all the time, just brush it when I walk by, under your shirt. Like a pretty little on-switch for when I wanted you." I leaned forward to lick at the nipple before sucking on it.

"Yeah, I could do that for you, Kenny, have one pierced." He groaned and held my head to his heaving chest. I pulled off and sucked his bottom lip then pushed my tongue into his mouth while I used my fingers to toy with his swollen nips. "Wait..., wait," he gasped. "Getting too close." I pulled back and watched him with a proud smile. I was getting into this game.

"What would you do to me, Jack? If you could do anything with me, I mean, don't you have any secret fantasies?" I leered down at him.

"Gimme a sec," he said, still panting lightly.

"What would you do that we haven't already done together?" I couldn't think of anything but I was anxious to hear if Jack had any ideas that he hadn't shared..

"I do have this thing... but it would probably freak you out," he started hesitantly.

"Tell me," I told him eagerly. I was dying to hear what could make Jack so uncertain and I prepared myself not to be shocked.

"I'd like to make a video of the two of us, fucking." He was almost bashful.

"Come on, Jack, there's more, give it up," I encouraged him.

"Well, there is more to it. We could make the video and, you know, you showing off your cocksucking skills. Then me fucking you real good. Before I met you I used go on this one website where people could post their amateur porn videos. I'd like to put our video on there, in the Dad and Son section." I let his words fill my mind and imagined it. "You think it's crazy, huh?"

I choked up. There it was again, dad and son. I couldn't answer him for a moment.

"You don't like the idea," he said. "Hey, what's the matter? There you go again, puckering up? What'd I say wrong this time?"

I shook my head as I fought down the emotions welling up inside me. "You didn't say anything wrong, Jack. You said the most right thing I could ever imagine; you've said it twice now."


"You've referred to us as dad and son."

"Well....I....I've been a dad for so long, it just comes natural. I hope you don't mind."

"No, I don't mind at all. I'm sort of touched by it, I just don't know if I should be."

"Why shouldn't you be?" he said. "Kenny, you're not going to take Justin's place. Nobody can ever do that. But you can fill the hole he left in my life."

"I've hoped I could do that to some degree," I said.

"Well, then....." He ruffled my hair. "You never said what you think of my idea."

"I think it's making me hot to fuck in front of a camera," I told him. "How would we do it?" His whole body relaxed at my words and I hadn't realized how tense his admission of his fantasy had made him.

"We'd set up a camera and record the two of us doing what we do all the time. Then I'd post it and anyone in the world could watch it."

I rolled completely onto Jack, between his legs, and humped my hard cock against his. "Holy shit, anybody in the world, watching me get fucked by you and seeing how much I love it. That would be so fucking hot. All those guys watching and jerking off to us....wishing they were me."

"Yeah, and the whole world getting a closeup of your handsome face with my cock in your mouth," he said.

"How about us sixty-nining?"

"Everything we do."

Our faces were so close and I stared straight into his eyes as I spoke, letting him know how much it turned me on.

"All of them seeing how much of a slut you are?" he joked. "Godd, you're such an exhibitionist, Kenny. And all of those guys would all be wishing they were me. We'd have to wear some kind of masks or something, so nobody knows it's us."

"Why? I don't think I would care. Anyone who saw us and said anything would have to explain why they were on the sites."

"No, word would spread, and everybody would be on the sites. Get up," he said Instantly I obeyed and climbed off the swaying hammock.

Jack followed me and took me into his arms for another hot kiss.

"Get back in," he said when he released me. I was made to lay back in the hammock again but Jack stopped me, "No, crossways. So you're ass is at the edge." I leaned back and got situated while Jack went to his bag. I was in the middle of the hammock with my legs hanging off the edge when Jack came back with the lube, already greasing up his huge cock.

"Pull your legs up. I can't wait anymore."

I did what he wanted and the hammock swayed at the perfect height. I couldn't believe I hadn't seen the potential for this with the hammock.

Jack drizzled some of the lube into my crack and rubbed it in with the head of his cock. When he didn't finger some of it into me I knew I was in for a rough ride and it made me more eager. I held my legs behind the knees and spread them wider.

"You ready for it?" Jack asked.

"Fuck, Jack, I'm past ready. Fuck me like you wanna fuck me in our video."

"Shit, you're gonna get it."

"Fuuuuck," I groaned in pain and anticipation as Jack wedged the big head of his prick into my ass. I arched my back and stretched my neck out to take the burn of his entry as he pushed deeper. I let go of my knees and reached for my own ass, pulling the cheeks open in an effort take his cock easier. Jack gave it to me until my hole was flexing around the base and his balls rested up against my spread ass. He left it there and let me work my way to accepting it.

Leaning over my body I wrapped my legs around his sides and pulled him down to kiss me. "I guess you're doing okay?" he asked with a smile when I let him go.

"You always fill me up so much," I said.

"You haven't felt anything yet." He straightened his body and pushed my legs back. Jack spread his legs and planted his feet while putting his hands on the back of my thighs, low down almost at my ass. He gave me a little push and the hammock swung up, drawing his cock almost all the way out of my ass. He let go and my body slammed down onto his.

"Oh my God, Jack," I wheezed. He filled me even hotter and tighter. The shock of his cock carving into my ass with the force of gravity and momentum forced the air out of my chest.

He repeated the move over and over, using the hammock as the vehicle to fuck me. Sometimes with shorter strokes then all the way out till the big head pulled free. He'd put it back on target and let the hammock swing down, slamming his cock into me like a battering ram. He did it until I was twitching and moaning.

"Please, Jack, you gotta do something. You're making me crazy."

He just watched me and gave me a few more hard swings on his dick. I was almost at the end of my limits. It felt too good and yet it wasn't enough to push me closer to the edge. It was torture. Each upswing and fall onto his cock was just making me want more. At the moment I was preparing to do something about it he paused.

Jack put my legs up against his chest so my feet rested on his shoulders. I gripped his forearms as he held the fronts of my thighs. He flexed his hips and gave a tentative thrust which my happy ass accepted with ease. "Yes, Jack, yes!" He took my encouragement and took another long stroke into my body.

After a few hard thrusts like that he began fucking me. Being suspended on the hammock allowed him to pound into me with ease and gave him a kind of continuous roll from his hips.

"I won't be able to last long doing this," he warned me.

"Don't hold off. Just a minute and you'll make me cum." I could feel the tension in his body as he tried to fight the urge to cum all the while fucking me harder and harder.

In the end we came at almost the same time. As soon as I felt the wet heat of his cum in my already slick channel I went off. I covered myself in cum, long streaks of it. The orgasm was so powerful it hurt when each shot pumped up and out through my cock, but my brain was on overload. I held on and groaned my way through it, never noticing if Jack made a sound.

Jack rested, bent on top of me, for a long time. When he finally pulled out he grabbed some disposable wipes from his pack. He cleaned the two of us off before joining me in the hammock. We kissed softly for a bit before falling asleep. Later, I fucked Jack laid across the hammock on his stomach and later still, we had a wonderful sixty-nine in the hammock.

Those days and nights alone together renewed our relationship and I was dreading him going back to the States.



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