Next morning Brady was called in to the station unexpectedly for some kind of meeting, the phone woke me up, too. I got dressed and while he showered I made a fresh pot of coffee and fixed his breakfast before sending him on his way. He looked a little worse for wear from the night before but still sexy in his uniform. I had some coffee and sat on the couch to think about the night and what might come.

Cooper came out of the bedroom a few hours later and sat down at the table. I offered him breakfast but all he wanted was coffee so I fixed him a cup and brought it to him. I saw how he kept eyeing me. He took his coffee into the living room and sat on the couch. I started to clean up the dishes.

"Hey, why don't you let that go," he said.

"Okay." I went into the living room and he grabbed me by the belt.

"Why don't you get more comfortable? I feel weird sitting here in my all-together." He took the bottom of my t-shirt and pulled it up. I automatically raised my arms and ducked down so he could pull it off. It was an old baseball shirt from when I'd been in middle school. Really it was too small for me anymore but I liked the way it showed off my body.

Cooper balled it up and threw it towards his bag. "Now, that's better?" His eyes raked over my exposed body with hunger. He reached out and traced the line of my left pectoral from my armpit down under my hard nipple to the center of my chest. He paused and looked up at me with his wide smile and I smiled back. "We should make some time together, boy. Just the two of us, before I leave."

Cooper's blatant seduction wasn't like anything I'd ever experienced and it made me think there might not be a girlfriend.

"Yeah, that'" The last word squeaked out when he reached over and give my nipple a little tug with his thumb and finger. "What about Brady, though? And your girlfriend?"

"First, Julie's bi like me so she understands." His hand continued to move over me, testing and feeling my arms, chest and abs. He left off feeling me up and raised his eyes to mine again. "Second, Brady's the one who introduced us. I bet he can't keep his hands off you. Now let me see that big dick again." His hand fell to my crotch and groped my hard cock through my jeans.

"Godd, Cooper," I sighed. I let him guide me onto the couch beside him until our knees and thighs were touching. "I'm glad you and Brady got it all out in the open."

"Yeah, it was good to get it out, that sometimes I bring a stallion back to the barn when I don't feel like riding a filly. And good to find out he's the same way," he said as his hands went to work on my belt. "I think we sort of brought Brady out last night."

"We, uh,...." I started and paused. I wasn't sure if it was my place to tell him stuff about me and Brady but there was last night behind us. "Usually he fucks me, sometimes I just go down on him. Not that it happens all that often and we don't always have time to do stuff when we meet up."

"But he never did anything back for you?"

"The first time he rimmed me before he fucked me, and one time he let me rub off on his ass in the shower." His eyes went wide at that.

"Hhmm, that's interesting. I gotta tell you, boy, I've been wanting to get in my buddy's pants for a long time. I'm glad you stuck around to help move things along."

"I wasn't sure I would, he seemed anxious to get rid of me," I said.

"But he brought you along to pick me up," Cooper countered.

"He needed me to show him how to get to the airport."

"Crap," he said, laughing. "He's a Marine, he could fuckin' well find his way to the airport. I think he was a little nervous about him and me being together again, you know, after he discovered stuff about himself. "

He had taken my jeans off and I was just in my boxers when he leaned back with his arms along the top of the couch. His cock sprang up, filling out before my eyes. After how he'd come on to me I didn't even hesitate. I took it in my hand and jacked on it to bring to full hardness. It was long, not as fat as Brady's. Overall it had the shape of like a torpedo.

I was so hot for the guy that I couldn't wait for preliminaries. I leaned in and took the head into my mouth, working it with my lips and tongue while I stroked the rest. I couldn't help thinking about how good it had felt in my ass. Long enough to reach through that second ring and the perfect shape to pierce it without busting it open. And that extra girth at the middle I knew would feel fantastic stretching my hole with each thrust in and then again on the way out. The thoughts made me horny and I opened up and swallowed the whole thing. The thick middle plugged the opening of my throat when I had it to the balls.

"Fuck, boy," Cooper hissed. He grabbed my head and pulled me off as his other hand pulled his balls away from his body where they'd knotted up tight. "You almost made me cum," he said with his eyes closed. When he had himself under control he looked down at me and shook his head with a smile. "Not only are you a fine-ass fucker but you got a talented mouth."

"I've got other talented parts," I told him, feeling bold from his compliment.

"Christ Almighty, I bet you do. Damn, I knew you'd be a firecracker," he chuckled. "Come 'ere." He held out his hand and hauled me onto onto my feet as he stood up.

Cooper took my place on the couch and pulled my boxers down and off. "Whoo-ee, look at that," he said of my cock, right before he took it in his mouth. He sucked on the head and I felt like my spine was melting. I almost jumped out of my skin when he pushed the tip of his tongue into my slit.

"Easy, Coop. God, please go easy," I told him. I suppose I'd been expecting him to be like most of the guys I'd fucked around with but he wasn't, not even a little. Right then and there he proved he was a talented cocksucker and not afraid to show it. He even took the whole thing down to the hilt, swallowing around the crown on the way back. He pulled off with a pop.

"Damn, it's been way too long," he murmured as he stroked my cock in his fist, watching the skin move over the shaft where it gleamed with his spit. Looking up at me with that wide smile he asked, "You remember where we left the lube last night?"

"Uh, yeah, I know he has lube... maybe, I'm not sure, he might have condoms, too," I admitted.

"You two been fucking bareback?" His attention was back on my hard dick. I found myself gritting my teeth to get some control.

"Yes," I breathed as he squeezed tight just below the head.

"You want me to wear one? This time?"

"No," I said, feeling relieved.

"Good. Go get the lube, boy." He let go of my cock and I went to the bedroom but not before getting a smack on the ass. I looked back and Cooper was watching my ass which made my hole pucker up in anticipation.

Minutes later I was straddling Cooper's hips where he sat on the couch. He held both of our cocks in a loose grip, enough to feel good but not enough to get us close. Our tongues were in each others' mouths and he was showing me he knew how to kiss at least as well as he could suck cock.

Suddenly the door banged open and we both broke off to see Brady coming into the apartment. He held the door in one hand and his keys in the other.

"Are you trying to give the neighbors a show? Shut the door, Brother." Cooper let the words sink in and then drew me back into another long kiss. I heard the door close but I didn't look up again.

"Jesus, you're both naked! On my couch!" Brady said, sounding outraged but I thought it was put on.

"I don't know how you keep your clothes on around this guy," Coop said without looking away from me. I smiled at him and leaned in to lick his bottom lip before sucking on it. Cooper groaned and I released his lip.

Cooper patted the cushion beside him. "Grab a seat, Brother, and maybe I'll share." The cushions shifted as Brady took his seat less than two feet away from us.

"Aw God," I pulled away to gasp. "Gotta stop a second, it's too much." I pulled Coop's hand away from our cocks.

Cooper turned to Brady with a grin and raised his arm up to the back of the couch and put his hand on the back of Brady's neck. Coop tugged Brady closer and said, "Why don't you get a taste of that talented mouth."

"I don't... we don't normally do that," Brady said, shaking off Cooper's hand.

"Don't do what? You're one of those guys, Brady? You'll fuck him but you won't kiss him? Shit," he said with disgust and a sneer.

"Hey, I'm not...," he started, gesturing between us, "really like that," he finished and was obviously holding back.

"What? Are you forgetting last night?"

"I know....there was last night, but this is a new day."

"A new day? A fuckin' new day! What the fuck is that? Brother, I don't care if you're straight, gay, bi or even just gay for Kenny. You should'a been treating him right." They stared at one another defiantly and with a nudge Coop gestured me off his lap. I stood and he got up beside me. "I never made no bones about likin' guys and the gals, I always fessed up. Specially to you. But now I wonder if you're the stand-up guy I always figured you for. I think you're full of bullshit, Brady. There ain't no shame in taking what you want and admitting it. The real shame is taking it and pretending you're not." Coop took my hand in his.

"Coop," Brady started to say but Cooper didn't let him get any words out.

"Save it," he cut in. "I know you got me bunkin' on the couch but I'm intent on showing Kenny here a good time so I'm gonna borrow your bed. Julie gave me a free pass on the man-only-train and I intend to make the most of it while I got the chance." He turned and kept hold of my hand as we came around the side of the couch, headed for the bedroom. I grabbed up the lube in my free hand.

"You can't just come in here, Coop and... and...," Brady said, waving his arm around.

"And what? Steal the hole you been fucking?" Cooper retorted. "He's a man and I'm gonna treat him like one. In fact, I'm gonna treat him real good. Better than you ever done, Brother." He pulled me along after him, saying, "I want ya' to show me a good time, too."

I didn't want to hurt Brady and more importantly I didn't want to screw up any chance of us fucking again. In the end, though, I decided to trust Cooper and went with him to Brady's bedroom. If Brady watched us go he had to see Coop groping my ass as we went and I felt a little bad for him.

Once we were in the bedroom Cooper closed the door but not all the way, then turned to me. "Either he'll come around or he won't but me and you're gonna have some fun no matter what. I meant what I said out there, Kenny." I nodded and climbed onto the bed, facing him on my knees.

"No matter what Brady decides to do, if you want to see me while you're here... I'd like that," I told him. He got on the bed and wrapped his arms around me as he tilted his neck to kiss me.

"Fuck, I could cum just from watching the two of you." We broke apart to find Brady standing in the open door, he was palming his hard cock through the fabric of his uniform pants.

"I actually just came back to pick you guys up, so you could take the Jeep. I have to work until four and figured you'd need it." Brady told us. "But I'm tempted to stay a while longer."

"I bet Kenny here could tempt you to do that," Coop said with slow glide of his hand down my back and over my ass.

Brady groaned but shook his head. "Seriously, I have to get back. There was an accident out on the highway and they need more hands. I just stopped back on the way from the hospital. I'll drop you off at the station so you can take the Jeep and bring Kenny home."

Cooper gave him a wry chuckle but nodded his head. "We'll come with you to get a ride but I don't think I'll be takin' Kenny straight home."

Me and Coop dressed quickly. I had the clothes I'd worn yesterday but Coop pulled on a fresh pair of jeans along with long socks and some black cowboy boots. He pulled on my t-shirt and tossed me one of his. The shirt that was almost too small for me was obscene on Cooper, looked like it was painted on. The soft cotton stretched tight across his chest and shoulders and left about four inches of his hard stomach bare. I liked wearing something of his and vice-versa.

After Brady dropped us off, with a warning for Coop to wash the sheets, I told Cooper that I should really get back home. It was Sunday and I did need to do the lawn. I invited him to come along and he agreed.

I had planned to let him relax and maybe catch a nap but he volunteered to do the mowing if I would do the edging and trimming. My parents were still at church as we got to work.

Next thing I knew Coop had pulled off my t-shirt and tucked it into his back pocket as he pushed the mower. Sweat ran down the center of his back over the two scimitars and it made my mouth water. I finished the side I was working on and ran inside to grab us some waters after pulling Coop's shirt off and tucking it into my jeans like he had done.

I'd just managed to get his attention and hand him the water when my family got home. I led us over to the driveway and introduced everyone to Cooper. My sister's eyes nearly popped out of her head when she got a look at him.

"Why don't you boys finish up out here," my mom said. "I was just going to start fixing an early dinner, should be ready when you're done and get cleaned up."

"I'd thank you kindly, ma'am," Coop replied. If she'd had a fan even my mom would've started fanning herself.

We finished our waters and got back to work. Coop looked so hot in just his jeans and boots that I kept getting distracted. Fuck, the way they were slung so low on his lean hips, they were way below his belly button, fuck, almost down to the hairline. I just knew my sister was up in her room watching out her window. Despite the constant distraction I managed to finish up when he did. I started putting the equipment away in the garage as Cooper wheeled the lawnmower in.

As I pushed the mower into the corner Coop sauntered over to the wall and pushed the button to lower the garage door. "You're parents likely to come and check on us?" he asked casually.

"Nah, probably not." I was bent over, checking the oil on the old mower and not really paying attention. Not until I felt Coop's hand on my hips and his jean covered cock pressing against my ass.

"You sure?" he asked as he grinded the hardening length against me.

"I-I don't know," I said uncertainly. I was scared of getting caught but wanting him badly at the same time. I stood and he hugged me to him, pressing my sweaty back to his sweaty chest.

"You ever been fucked in your parents' house?" he drawled. Hot lust pooled in my belly and I pushed back against his cock. I shook my head before tilting it back onto his shoulder. He licked over my ear and whispered, "You want to?"

His fingers found my nipples and I groaned out a "Yeah." He groped my cock with his other hand and began unfastening my belt and jeans. The smell of our sweaty bodies was making me dizzy.

Cooper pulled me away from the corner to my mom's SUV. He opened the back door and bent me over the seat. "You need me to open you up first?" he asked as he pushed my jeans and underwear down to my thighs.

"No, just do it." I heard the clink of his buckle then him spitting. He swiped wet fingers over my hole and spit some more to coat his cock.

"This is gonna be hard and quick, think you can keep it down?" I just nodded as he notched the head up to my entrance. He pushed in and I accepted it pretty easy until the thick part at the middle, that stung for minute. Then he was in and it was all good. I flexed around him and sighed.

He was true to his word. He fucked me hard and fast without let-up or any reprieve. I gripped the leather of the bench seat and held on with all my strength so he wouldn't drive me into the car. Even as frenzied as it was I could tell he wasn't using the whole length of his cock to keep his hips from slapping against my ass.

Coop kept a firm hold of my hips until he leaned forward and put one big hand over my mouth. "Shh," he hissed into my ear. I hadn't even known I was making noise.

He came inside me with sharp, jerking thrusts. The whole thing couldn't have been more than ten minutes start to finish. He pulled out, turned me around and dropped to his knees. He took my cock in his mouth and down his throat. I started shooting almost immediately, it felt so good.

After he'd swallowed my load he stood and kissed me, gave me his tongue to taste my cum. We straightened our clothes and pulled on our shirts. Once we could breath normally I led him into the house.

My mom was in the kitchen and told us to go get washed up. She paused and gave Cooper, then me, a sidelong look. I realized he was wearing my shirt and she knew it, probably knew I was wearing his. She didn't say anything as I showed Cooper up to my room.

We needed more than washed up. Besides the smell of sweat I could catch a whiff of sex now and then. I found some clean clothes for him, a pair of my shorts since my pants wouldn't be long enough, and showed him the bathroom. While he showered I got clothes for myself and texted Brady to let him know where Coop was and that everything was okay.

Coop didn't take very long and when we passed in the hall I told him to go hang with my dad in the living room. I hopped in the shower and washed up, paying special attention to my cum-slimed ass and rank pits.

By the time I got out dinner was ready, roasted chicken with mac-n-cheese and salad. Cooper groaned about how good it was to have a home cooked meal, especially one so delicious, and with that he had my mom wrapped around his finger, if he hadn't before. The surest way into my mom's heart was to compliment her cooking. He had my sister wrapped around his finger too, but she wasn't so obvious. She had a coy way about her when she wanted to. And I was sure Coop was imagining my sister's legs wrapped around his lean hips.

Cooper even managed to charm my dad while they discussed renovating the kitchen. Coop knew a lot about remodeling and plumbing. Lisa, of course, hung on his every word. It made me worried that the one thing we had most in common was our taste in men; I wasn't any better than her - watching and laughing at everything the man said.

Even after we'd finished eating we sat around the dining room table just talking and laughing. Mom served some of her famous apple pie and she, Dad and Cooper had coffee while me and Lisa had milk. It wasn't long after that Brady showed up, finished with his shift. Of course, my mom insisted on serving him dinner. I'd been spending a lot of time with Brady and he'd met my family, my mom more or less adopted him like a stray.

While he was eating and the conversation flowed back to his and Coopers' plans for Coop's vacation, I had an idea. I'd finished my pie and began clearing the table. My mom gave me an odd look, probably surprised at my taking the initiative, and started to get up to help me but I stopped her. I told her I'd take care of the mess, but I had an ulterior motive.

Once I had all the dirty dishes in the kitchen and I was alone I pulled out my cell phone and stuck it between my ear and shoulder as I loaded the dishwasher.

"How's my favorite nephew?" Uncle Jerome's smooth, deep voice came over the line.

"He needs a favor from his favorite uncle," I said, keeping my voice low.

"What can I do you for?" he asked with a chuckle.

"Are you up at your cabin this weekend?" My plan would work either way and if Jerome was there I knew he'd be more than welcoming to the two Marines in the next room.

"No, I had to stay home and get some chores done this weekend. You looking for more of my cock?"

"Well, uh, I always want more of that but... I was wondering if you'd mind if I bring a few friends up there for the night?"

"What kind of friends are we talking about?" I gave him a quick rundown about Brady's friend being in town. "Oh, Brady the deputy? With all the muscles and extra fat cock?'" I may have described him that way but not all girly and with a high-pitched voice like Jerome was making me sound.

"Jerome," I growled out but he only started laughing.

"Go for it, Kenny," he finally got out when he finished laughing at my expense. "Have a good time." He told me where to find the spare key and how to turn on the electricity. I thanked him and promised to see him soon.

I'd just hung up when my mom came in with the desert dishes and Brady's cleared plate. Now I just had to convince her and my dad to let me have the next day off from school. I broached the subject as I took the plates from her and put them in the sink.

"I was thinking that I could take Brady and Cooper up to Uncle Jerome's cabin at the lake tonight. If I could skip school tomorrow?"

"I don't know, honey," she started.

"I called Jerome and he said it was okay," I butted in.

"Yes, well, your Uncle," and she gently stressed the word, "Jerome doesn't get to decide if you miss school."

"But the year is almost over, classes are pretty much done. There's only one more home game and Coach Baldwin won't mind me missing one practice. Please, Mom, just one day?" My mind was racing to think of anymore arguments in my favor. I really wanted a little more time with Cooper and Brady.

In the end she called my dad into the kitchen. It took some convincing on my part but they agreed, reluctantly, to let me go with Brady and Cooper. The whole discussion couldn't have lasted more than five minutes. Mom went to see if Brady or Cooper wanted more coffee and I was left alone with my dad.

"You're being careful?" he asked me.

"Dad, Brady's a deputy sheriff and Cooper's a federal agent. They're not going to let me do anything illegal."

"I know that, Son. I just mean... I'm not blind and they're both good-looking men. I want to be sure you're not letting yourself be disrespected in any way." Jeesh, was he trying to protect my honor? I was suddenly very glad he didn't know I'd left it in a dirty high-school locker room months ago.

"Dad, I'm fine, you don't need to worry about me. I swear." He nodded at me with a sad smile. Somehow it made me feel guilty so I gave him a hug and he held me tight for a long moment. We didn't say anything else as we joined the others.

I told the guys about the plans I'd made. Brady seemed reluctant but Cooper was all for it, excited and animated about a short road trip. Brady had no choice but to fall in line. They left to get some clothes and agreed to be back within the hour.

Once they'd gone, with many thanks to my parents for a good meal, I hit the head and flushed myself out before taking a shower. I'd just finished packing a few essentials when they came back to pick me up, along with two bags of food my mom had packed up.

We stopped at the edge of town at a gas station where Brady fueled up the Jeep and Cooper bought three twelve-packs of different kinds of beer and ice. I helped him fill the cooler they'd brought with what Cooper had bought. I gave Brady the general directions as we set out toward the setting sun.

The guys bantered back and forth while I sat in the back, only halfway paying attention to their words. My mind kept returning to their story about the whore in Mexico. Surely a man's asshole isn't meant to be fucked by two men at the same time, not like a woman's pussy. If it was meant to be fucked at all. Girls could have babies so it made sense that it could stretch but it would have to wreck a guy's ass. Wouldn't it? Yet I couldn't help wondering about it, imagining taking the two of them at once. My wandering mind kept me half-hard though the nervousness of contemplating the act kept me from becoming fully stiff.

We reached the cabin a little after sunset. I found the key and got the lights turned on without a problem. Jerome had fixed the place up somewhat but it still needed work. We unloaded the Jeep and each cracked open a beer. Brady still seemed hesitant but Cooper had a shit-eating grin that wouldn't go away.

I'd brought my parent's inflatable bed, one they had for when we had lots of family over, and pushed the small couch and chair against the wall to set it up. It was a full queen size and as it blew up I gulped down the rest of my beer for some liquid courage.

"That's a big ole bed you brought, boy," Cooper drawled as I put the fitted sheet over it. "You have some plans for that thing?"

"Hell yeah," I answered. It was impossible to stay nervous in the face of Cooper's exuberance. I took another beer from the cooler in the kitchen and brought it back to the bed where I sat at the foot. I spread my legs wide and leaned back on an elbow so they could see my hard cock through my worn out jeans.

"I knew I liked this kid, Brother," he said to Brady. Coop set his empty down on the counter and came over. He jumped full length onto the bed, nearly bouncing me off of it. I managed to hold onto my beer and gulped down half of it before setting it aside. He pulled me up onto the bed with him where he rolled me under him and started kissing me.

I heard Brady groan from where he was standing as the two of us pushed our tongues into the other's mouth. Cooper pressed his hard cock against mine and rutted it against me. My head became a little wobbly from drinking so much so fast but I didn't care. When I tugged at Coop's shirt he pulled away and shucked it. He fell onto his back beside me and asked Brady for a new beer.

"So, was there something in particular you wanted to get us all alone out here in the woods for?" Cooper asked after his first long swallow. Brady had found a radio and turned it onto a county music station in the kitchen, turned so low I barely could make out the words.

"I was thinking...," I started. I rolled over onto my belly and propped myself up on my elbows to see Cooper. I glanced back over my shoulder at Brady, still standing in the kitchen, and found him staring at my ass. When he looked up to find I'd caught him he grinned and shook his head.

"What were you thinking?" Coop asked and brought my attention back to him.

"That Tijuana Special you guys were talking about?" I took a deep breath and continued, "If we go slow, I was thinking, I don't know, maybe I could take it... Take both of you."

"Shit, Brother, did you hear that?" Cooper asked Brady but his eyes never left mine.

"Yeah," Brady sighed. Coop looked up and I followed his line of sight to find Brady groping himself through his jeans.

"You really been thinking about it, boy?" Cooper's question brought my attention back to him.

"I have," I admitted.

"And you're willing to give it a shot?" I just nodded that I was. "The way I see it there's two ways we can go about this. I can open you up real slow and easy with my fingers." He held his hand up and wiggled them. "Maybe see if you can take my whole hand." He bunched them up and made a point with them. The sight of his big hand, even with all the fingers together made me gulp.

"What's....option number two?" I asked nervously.

"Option two, the one I personally vote for, is that me and my brother there," nodding to Brady, "fuck the living shit out of you. We take turns really pounding your sweet ass until it's so loose it can't say no to the both of us."

Just the thought made my balls tighten and my dick lurch in my pants. I took a moment to pretend I was thinking it over.

"I think I like option two," I finally told him. That grin of his broke out across his face.

"Then I think we should all get nekid." I didn't hesitate for a second and started tearing off my clothes.

Coop volunteered to go first. I thought Brady would argue but he took a seat on the couch, fully nude, and stroked himself while he watched us. I couldn't take my eyes off the two of them. Brady with his big muscles slumped in his seat with his big cock well in hand while Coop greased his long meat. They both looked so good I felt almost antsy to get started, like I couldn't hold still. When Coop got on the air mattress with me and reached for my ass I nearly squirmed off the side.

Coop took me first on my back, slowly and gently opening me up with his cock. But that only lasted a moment and as soon as he judged me ready he started pounding his cock into my upturned ass. He went hard and fast, varying between long strokes and short ones. I held onto his shoulders and offered my ass up like a sacrifice.

When Cooper was getting close he nodded to Brady, then pulled out and Brady was there to take his place. He rolled me over and pulled me up onto my knees then jammed his cock into me with one hard shove. It knocked my breath out and I'd barely sucked in some air when he started fucking me with a vengeance.

It went back and forth like that for a long time, there was no way for me to tell how long. It was one endless buildup, a steady climb to the heights of pleasure as they used my ass. They tag-teamed me, changing positions with each swap out, but consistently thrusting into me like raged animals.

Vaguely, I realized they had made it into some kind of competition. Who could fuck hardest, who could go longest, who could go right to the edge without cumming, who could make me cry out for a break so I wouldn't cum myself and who could come up with the craziest position to fuck me in. After the fourth time they switched places it was like some part of my brain shut off and all I could concentrate on was how good it felt and trying not to shoot. At times, depending on what I was able to see, I wasn't even sure who was fucking me.

When it finally happened I didn't even realize it was coming. I was over Brady who was on his back as I faced the ceiling, my feet and hands on the mattress as I slammed my ass down onto his cock and him thrusting up to meet me.

Suddenly Cooper was between my knees and Brady was wrapping his arms around me, pulling me down onto his thick, hard chest. Cooper took my legs and lifted them, staring down at the place where Brady's huge, greasy cock disappeared inside me. They'd both been using lots of lube, and I was pretty loose. Brady hugged me tighter and centered me on his body while he spread his legs to make room for his buddy.

Cooper notched my heels against his armpits and leaned forward so my knees touched my chest. I felt his cock pressing against my hole and knew he'd been right; there was no resistance from the worn muscles. The head slipped in and the stretch of the sore ring made me groan in pain.

"Breathe, boy," Cooper told me.

Brady echoed him in my ear, "Breathe, Kenny."

Had I been holding my breath? I sucked in air and Coop pushed, feeding me half his cock. He forced in the thickest part at the middle and I really thought I would rip open for a second. It made taking the rest of his cock almost a relief.

"Aww, God... Fuck!" I nearly screamed as he fit the last little bit of his cock in beside Brady's. I'd done it, I had both of them inside me and the thought made me relax. The worst was over.

"Tell us when you're ready," Cooper said.

Brady kissed the side and back of my neck, held me tight. His massive arms around me were the only thing keeping me grounded, keeping me from begging them to back off.

"Don't wait. Don't wait, just fuck me. God, Cooper... Brady." The waiting was killing me. I needed them to move, to bleed the pain away with the friction of both their big dicks moving inside me. I'd never felt so full.

Coop must have seen something in my face because he started moving immediately. Slow and steady he withdrew his cock to the head before sliding in at the same pace. Brady tried a few thrusts from his position on the bottom and moaned from deep in his chest where I could feel the vibration through my back.

"Fucking-A, he's even better than that Mexican whore. He's so fucking tight and hot inside." Brady's voice was strained as he spoke.

"Your cock feels fucking good against mine, Brother," Cooper told him as he slowly withdrew once again.

"Amen, Brother," Brady gritted out as Coop's cock slid along his.

"You okay?" Cooper asked me.

"Aww, yeah, just –" he lunged forward with his hips and forced his whole length into me, fast, and I came hard. It was a dull roar in my ears and my vision fogged. My cum spewed out over my chest and abs, over Brady's arms crossed over me and splatted against Coop's body.

"Christ, what'd you do to him?" Brady groaned as my hole tried feebly to grip and flex around them with each burst of semen from my cock.

"We made him cum," Coop said. As the pulses waned he began to withdraw and I came out of my blessed-out state.

"No, don't stop," I commanded him. It felt too good and all I wanted was more. "Don't stop."

They started out gently at different rates. As their rhythms synced up they grew more aggressive. They began fucking me as one, in and out like one giant cock. I melted against Brady's body and let them work me to another orgasm.

Coop shifted on his knees and slung my legs up over his shoulders so he could lean closer and push his tongue in my mouth. It disrupted their combined thrusting and they went at it separately, one in as one went out. It blew my mind. I didn't know what to feel and when to feel it.

Coop's lips shifted away from mine then, and he was kissing Brady. I turned my head and we met in a sloppy three-way meeting of lips and tongues as their dicks moved through me.

It was all grunting and groaning, hard and sweaty bodies above and below me. My cock throbbed, still hard, and my balls ached. "Fuck me... Ohh, Damn, Fuck me."

It couldn't have lasted very long, not with all the edging they'd been doing. In the moment it felt like forever until they came within seconds of each other. Oh, Godd.....Oh, God, my brain cried out as the twin gushers spewed into me. I felt the spurting of the liquid heat wash back like a thick flood, coating their cocks and the lining of my ass. I was in such a total state of ecstasy I was seeing black and stars. Their excitement, the pulsing of their cocks in my sore chute and the final hard thrusts made me spill a second time.

Almost as soon as they eased their pricks from my cum-sloppy hole I must've passed out. I could barely remember Brady rolling me off him onto the bed between the two of them. As I drifted happily off I thought I'd never been so thoroughly fucked, not even the night I'd been fucked by all my team mates multiple times then Damon and Jack.

I slept longer than the two of them. I don' know where I went during that happy sleep but woke up feeling as happy and contented as when I'd passed out. When I woke up Brady was making scrambled eggs and Coop was talking to him quietly, sipping a cup of coffee. I did an inventory of my body. My ass felt sore but not as bad as I would've expected. I flexed the ring and found it sealed, almost back to normal.

"Maybe you better go see if he's okay," one of them said.

I rolled out of the bed and stretched. They greeted me, smiling, and Coop fixed me a cup of coffee. After breakfast we went skinny dipping in the lake. The water was cold but the sun was warm and all of us needed to get the dried cum off our bodies.

After the swim we went back to bed. My ass was off the table for obvious reasons so I ended up fucking both of them. We drank some more with lunch then took a nap, I sacked out on the couch. When I woke up the two Marines were fucking, Cooper riding Brady's cock. I got hard and fisted my dick while I watched them. It was so hot.

It wasn't an impersonal fuck, and it wasn't two guys trying to get off together. Their eyes were locked the whole time and it seemed like a battle more than fucking. I came before them but not by much. Brady was the first to buckle and groan. He must've pumped a gallon into Cooper's ass. When he was done Coop pulled off and moved up onto Brady's chest. He jerked on his cock and shot over Brady's face before Brady opened up and he fed the rest right into his mouth. Coop moved off and leaned down. I could see them sharing Coop's cum with their lips and tongues.

I was almost tempted to join them and start another round but it didn't seem right after whatever they'd just shared. Coop collapsed beside Brady and looked over at me with his pirate grin. "Enjoy the show, boy?"

"Oh hell yeah," I grinned back and rubbed my load into my abs.

"Last one in the lake has to drive home," Cooper crowed and jumped up out of the bed. Me and Brady scrambled to follow him out the door.

I wasn't last but I ended up driving home so they could finish off the beer. Both were drunk but happy as we set off. When we got to my house they were pretty sober. It was late at night but not after curfew. I was exhausted and lugged all my stuff inside where my dad was waiting up for me.

"Did you have a good time?" he asked.

"The best," I said. He helped me stow the bed away in the garage and carried my bag up to my room for me. He gave me a hug as he said goodnight and went down the hall. I knew he knew what'd gone on at the cabin.

I collapsed on my bed without even undressing. The last thing I thought of was Jack. I was excited to see him and figured I'd stop by the station after practice the next day. I felt asleep smiling.



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