The Sheriff walked me into the dark kitchen and my mind went into a total panic as it kept whirring in my head that he'd been watching. I figured he was going to arrest me, call a deputy to take me to jail. He’d tell my parents, maybe the coach, and everyone in town would know why I was arrested. I was so busy imagining the worst that I barely registered the fact that he steered me down the hall past the stairs that would lead up to Justin’s room, past the living room and dining room. Even when we passed into the master bedroom all I could think of was his steely grip on the back of my naked arm. We went around the huge king-size bed in the dim light, through the open arch of the master bath.

It wasn’t until I felt the cold tile on my bare feet and he turned on the lights that I kind of snapped out of it. He let go of me and walked over to the glass-encased shower stall. He turned on the water and took a second to adjust the temperature. Coming back to me, he tugged the towels out of my hands and gave a gentle push towards the shower. Only then did I really believe I might be okay, but I waited for the other shoe to drop as I stepped into the warm water.

I raised my face to the stream of water and let it rinse the taste of cum from my mouth and I could feel the cum draining out of my ass, running down the inside of my thighs. I hoped he hadn't smelled it. I hoped he didn't discover the cum on the towels. As I closed my eyes and just soaked up the warmth an image of Justin’s dad flashed through my mind. The summer between fourth and fifth grade he’d tried to help coach our little league team but it had been hard for him to find the time because he was only a deputy at the time, not the head guy. I’d been out in center field sort of day dreaming, the kids on the other team never hit past the in-field and I was really bored.

I’d happened to notice Justin’s dad standing by our dugout. He was wearing a really soft-looking grey t-shirt that was pretty tight on him. Tight enough that I could clearly see the mounds of his pecs under the fabric, the sleeves stretched taught around his biceps. As I watched I noticed his nipples were hard and I could see their outline. It was the first time I ever got a hard-on from looking at someone I knew, cramping my dick up inside my cup.

For a long time after that when I jerked off I thought of Mr. Walker and that faded out shirt, how it looked so soft, but you just knew he was hard as rock underneath it. I had since moved on to stroking off to boys my own age but now it all came back to me, half-forgotten but still with the power to make me hard, as I stood in his shower with my forehead against the tiled wall. I had no doubt that he’d seen something but I wasn’t sure what and I started praying that he hadn’t seen anything at all, and that he wouldn't notice the towel soaked with cum, and that my cock would stop stretching out.

I heard the click of the shower door closing and spun around to find the man himself, in the flesh, in the shower with me. And what flesh it was. In a split second I took him in. Younger than my parents, he was still a stud. His body was powerfully muscled with a thick, meaty looking chest. No gut like my own dad, but a flat belly with the hint of abs beneath the fur that covered the front of his torso. I caught a glimpse of a thick tube of flesh hanging from the dark curls at his middle, the massive balls hanging behind it in their hairy sac. I focused on one coppery nipple as it hardened through the dark strands of hair around it and I remembered how it had looked poking against that thin, soft, grey T-shirt.

"You seemed a little wobbly, thought I'd better come in and steady you," he said, breaking me out of my trance. I looked up into his eyes, just like Justin’s. There was no doubt he was a handsome guy with a square jaw, the thick shadow of his beard making him seem sexier. "Thought maybe you could use a hand," he went on even as he turned me back into the water with a hand on my shoulder. By that point my dick was pointing up towards the air, almost against my belly and he had to’ve seen it.

His arms came around me, one hand with a bar of soap. Then he was washing me and supporting me at the same time. I leaned back into him instinctively, letting my back come into contact with the coarse hair on his body then the heat of his hard-muscled frame. I felt the hardness of his cock, getting harder, lifting between my thighs.

He rubbed the soap slowly over my chest and belly, the water rinsing it away. His other hand traced the outlines of my stomach muscles, running through the little bit of hair that grew under my navel. He washed my armpits and that felt sexy as hell. I groaned as he went lower and soaped my cock, stroking it softly. Oh Godd, please don't let me cum! His cock now pressed against the back of my balls--I was making room for him with my legs set apart--until he shifted his hips and pulled it back to lay it in the valley of my ass. He groaned into my ear and his stubble scratched against my neck.

He pulled back and his hands came around, up to my shoulders, soaping and rubbing my tense muscles. They slid down the curve of my back, landing at the small of my back where one of his big hands stilled. His cock withdrew and his hands skimmed lower, still soapy, over the slopes of my ass cheeks, but the bar was gone. His hands moved into the center and he outlined the crease between my butt muscles. I couldn’t help leaning back more until my shoulder blades touched his chest and his chin rested on my shoulder. My head was spinning. He was going to fuck me!! Justin's Dad was going to fuck my ass!!!

He slipped two fingers into me, embarrassingly easy. I clenched around them, or tried; it didn't feel like I clenched very tightly.

"Christ, son, did they all fuck you?" he asked. His fingers scissored inside me, making me gasp.

I felt myself grow warm with embarrassment. He had seen what was going on.

"Yeah," I wheezed. "I....d-don't know how many." My voice was scratchy, my throat sore from all the fucking. "Sheriff...?"

"Sshhh." He removed his fingers and put his hands on my hips to turn me. "I wasn't sure it was you, but I saw most of what was going on," he said.  "The big black boy....couldn't see him too well."

"Damon," I said.

"Yeah, bet he's hung like a stallion."

"Eleven inches, he said."

"Geezuss!! He fuck you too?"


Fuck, I realized I had just admitted something I didn't have to own up to. But then I wondered why he assumed it was me the guys were fucking. What had Justin perhaps told him about me? I met his eyes as the warm water sluiced down my back, over my ass. His hard cock met mine. Without looking I found it with my shaky hand.

"Godd," I muttered and had to look down at the piece that was filling my grip to believe it. I inspected his prick with my eyes and my hand. "Like Justin," I whispered. He groaned.

"My boy’s hung big, too, huh?" he asked in a gravelly voice.

I looked up into his eyes and back down to his cock in my hand. "Yours is a little bigger," I told him. And it was a little wider, maybe a half inch longer; a serious piece.

"Justin fucked you?" he mumbled.

I couldn’t tear my eyes away from his dick. "Yes, sir, he...." I caught myself, not sure I should've confirmed it, but it was too late, and he knew anyway. "He was the first...." I thought about how I should’ve just stopped with the yes.

"Copped your cherry, huh?" he asked, and I nodded. "How long has it been going on?"

I finally looked up to his eyes, watched him chew on his bottom lip a second before answering. I didn't know what all I should tell him but I was afraid to lie for fear that he already knew the answers to what he was asking.

"Since....the last of football season," I admitted.

He didn’t say anything but reached around me and shut off the water. I took a moment to wonder if this was really happening. He opened the shower door and held it for me to follow him. He took a towel off the hanger and sketchily dried both of us. Taking my hand, he pulled me towards the bedroom.

At the side of the bed he stopped and turned to me. He studied my face, looking for something, but I couldn’t tell what it was. The whole thing felt surreal to me; this was Justin's Dad for chrissakes.....the Sheriff. Then he cupped my jaw in his right hand and moved forward. I knew what was coming but I couldn’t believe it as he tilted his head and his lips met mine. It was like an arc of electricity connected us then his lips pressed to mine and opened, leaving me to follow suit. His tongue flicked along the rim of my partly opened lips and I opened mine completely. His tongue found mine and the sheer rightness ripped me out of my dream state. Already, Damon was drifting into the past.

I put my hands on his body and felt the strength of his muscles. I pulled him into me with a moan and I was kissing him back. I grabbed handfuls of his solid ass and humped against him, needing more contact, more of everything. I’d kissed more than a few girls and I'd just kissed Damon, but this was so far beyond those experiences. I couldn’t quantify it. His hand ran over my chest and caressed one of my nipples, sending sparks down to my swollen cock. I would have cum on the spot but he held me away from him.

I was shaking with my desire and my fierce excitement. He studied me again and I broke away from him, need making me terribly hungry for more from him. I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted a man inside me. I didn't know if he would but I wanted him to know I wanted him to. I faced the bed and bent over to rest my hands on the neatly made comforter. The light from the bathroom showed it to be a dark navy blue. I thrust my ass out and back, displaying myself wantonly for him, beyond caring what he might think of it. I just wanted him. "Fuck me, sir," I all but ordered him.

He growled like he was in pain and draped his body over mine. His cock found my eager entrance but slid up to lay in the crack like a heavy pipe. I groaned in protest.

"Jesus, please tell me you’re eighteen," he said into the hair at the nape of my neck.

"Just since... March," I mumbled as I tried to move my hips in a way that would bring his cock back into position.

He didn’t say anything but parted and left me there, all contact withdrawn. I wanted to scream my frustration. I bucked my ass back, searching for contact, and collided with his whiskered jaw. There was a second of shock then his chin moved between my ass cheeks. I felt the soft scratch on the tender flesh, the heat of his breath. I shivered all over. He gripped each cheek in a hand and pulled them open. When his tongue lapped over the full measure of my hole I whimpered like a puppy.

It was so shocking that I almost fainted, but it felt so good. His tongue licked into me and the muscles of my hole went even more slack in surrender. I knew I must still be a cummy and slick mess inside, some of it was his own son’s. He was licking and tonguing and even sucking at my asshole. He was eating his own son’s cum out of me. It seemed so wrong but the thought made my dick somehow harder, aching. I’d just been fucked by more than a dozen guys, some of them more than once. I should have been sore and spent, but all I could think of was how desperate he was making me for more.

I gritted my teeth to stave off my climax, managing a hoarse, "Please....s-sheriff......"

Justin’s Dad stopped drilling his tongue into my ass and stood. His cock was there now, right where I most wanted it. "No, I want you on your back," he said.

"Aww... please, Sheriff," I whined. I was fully prepared to beg. "P-please, I need you to......."

"I want to see your face, Kenny. Turn over," he commanded and I did exactly as he said. I turned and laid back, pulled myself further onto his bed. He climbed on, following in my wake. His massive cock throbbing between his hairy thighs made me shudder.

I spread my legs wider as he moved between them but he took them at my ankles and pulled them up over his shoulders. I immediately realized how open and vulnerable the position left my ass. He held his weight over me on his hands beside my shoulders.

"You can take it?" he asked.

I could’ve laughed. After a dozen guys, and Damon to top it off, he was asking if I could take it? I wanted his cock so bad by that point I could have taken two of him. I just nodded, though.

"Guide it in," he said.

I reached back and found his shaft. I pointed it down until the wide head was kissing my hole. Between the spit he’d just laid down and the reservoir of cum inside me I knew I was more than slick enough for him.

With one steady push he fed his prick into my ass, all the way to the base. It was big and I was surprised that there was definitely more of a stretch but I took it. Took it and loved it, despite the brief pinch. He held it, throbbing, deep inside me. His pelvis pressed tight to my ass, his big hairy balls squashed against me. I wanted another good hard fuck and I started squirming underneath him, flexing and clenching every muscle in my chute.

"Easy, boy... easy." He tried to soothe me but I was burning up with how much I wanted him.

I could see the striations in his chest muscles from the strain of holding himself and I reached out to stroke the hairy slabs of firm flesh, thrilled to feel the flex and bunch. My fingers sought his nipples and latched onto them almost cruelly.

"Aww, fuck..., you’re going to kill me, kid," he snarled and started fucking me. He jumped right into long deep strokes and leaned down to kiss me. His talented tongue invaded my mouth like his cock was invading my ass and it nearly pushed me over the edge. I was so ready to cum that I reached for my cock but he must have sensed my movement because he broke our kiss. Without missing a beat he took both my wrists in one big hand and held them above my head, pressed to the bed.

"No, I’ll get you there," he said and pounded me a little harder. "I’ll get us both there," he whispered.

I let out a sort of whimpering groan, both from his denial to let me touch myself or him, and the sudden friction he was creating in my ass. Watching my face, studying me closely, he shifted and moved just right. He managed to find the perfect angle, the exact depth and pressure, to dick me like I’d never had it before. I was amazed after being fucked so many times by so many guys, that there was still something new to be felt by another man. I had thought I knew what sex was all about until that night with Sheriff Walker.

He managed to nail my prostate and light up every point of feeling in my channel. I’d been mostly quiet, a habit I’d picked up from my experiences in the shower and from being told to keep it down by Coach Baldwin. The way Justin’s dad fucked me I couldn’t hold back.

"Give it to me... oh fuck, Sheriff. Give it to me... yeah, like that." I wanted to cry with how good it felt. I mumbled and begged for more. A string of "Oh God, oh God...."

He was driving me crazy. He was better than his son, or Luis, his moves and the size of his cock. Godd, the way he was drilling me he was making me feel like a virgin, again.

Less than ten minutes into it and I started to cum. The feeling built in my ass and the base of my spine tingled. I looked into his eyes, I felt the way he desired me, and I was suddenly shooting great gouts of sperm between our bodies. I wondered where it was coming from after the stupendous climax with Damon. My eyes rolled back in my head and my whole body convulsed. He bent my legs closer to my chest, rested more of his weight on me, and fucked me even harder and deeper. It felt like I would never stop cumming.

"Holy shit, kid... you’ve been... storing it up?" he panted. His hips lost their rhythm and his cock pulsed inside me. I knew he was cumming too, even if I couldn’t feel it, and the knowledge made me shoot more.

When we’d both finished shuddering and twitching, the Sheriff leaned his face close to mine and licked over my top lip, across the tip of my nose. He came back and gave me his tongue with a soft smile playing around his lips before I devoured him, locking my arms and legs around him. Sitting up, he let my legs fall open as he knelt and my thighs rested open on top of his thicker ones.

"Wow," I said. Still floating in an orgasmic haze I smiled goofily at him.

"Yeah," he agreed with his own goofy smile.

"Sheriff, that was... wow," I told him.

"Sure was, kid. Surprised you even felt me after all the others."

"Oh, I felt you." I wondered how many of the others he knew about.

"Maybe you should call me Jack, considering," he said.

I grinned back at him and nodded. He ran his hand through the puddles of cum on my belly and chest. When his hand grazed my cock it was still so sensitive that I twitched. "You shot about a gallon," he said as he traced circles in the cooling spunk. I could see some of it glistening in the hairs on his belly and chest. "All that out there in the pool house and those guys never got you off? Maybe I need to go out there and give some lessons."

"Yes, sir, Damon did."

"And you shot off another load like this? You're a regular little cum machine."

"Sher... Jack," I started, but I couldn't help yawning. The long day and the rigorous activity was finally catching up to me big time.

"Sshhh, it’s after three. We should get some rest."

I yawned again in response.

He eased his cock from me with a slurpy pop. He pulled down one side of the blankets and helped me roll under them. Using the farther corner he wiped down the mess on my front and his. Lying back with me, he stuck his arm under my shoulders and pulled me to him, tight. With a sigh, I settled my head on his chest. I inhaled deeply to memorize his scent, the left over cologne and the sweat he’d worked up fucking me. It was enough to make me half-hard again but I just threw one leg over both of his and fell instantly asleep to the sound of his heart in my ear. I didn't even wonder about the others, or Justin, or what about Justin and the was all too confusing for my lust warped brain.



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