We awoke once in the dim light that casts over the earth just before the sun rises. He was tracing the features of my face with his fingertips, his cock was hard and sticky under my hand. I awoke fully and gripped the shaft. He huffed out a breath and tilted my face up to his. We met in a mild kiss that quickly turned heated.

Breaking away he said, "You’re beautiful, you know that, Kenny?" No one had ever called me beautiful and I never imagined I would hear it from a rugged stud like Jack. I pressed my morning hard-on against his thigh and humped against him. He laughed, saying, "And horny, I see." He let me stroke him and rub off on his leg while he watched me. "Your mom’s Japanese?" he asked.

"Korean," I mumbled and leaned forward to lick at his closest nipple. It got hard under my tongue and he shifted in the bed.

"Christ, kid." He rolled me onto my side and spooned himself up behind me. He found my hole with his cock and eased it back into me. Setting a gentle motion, he fucked me and I twisted from my waist to kiss him. The newness of the experience was addictive and I kept my lips on his, our tongues sliding together, while he rocked into me. I don’t know how long we lasted but it felt like hours before he finally fucked me over the edge then poured his cum into me seconds later. We fell back asleep like that, my body tucked into his and his dick still inside me.

The next time I woke up I was alone in bed. I stretched and took stock. My arms, legs and back were sore like I’d had a good workout. My throat already felt better and my ass was only slightly sore, all closed up now. I heard the water running in the shower. I thought for a second about getting up to join the sheriff--Jack--in the shower but the bed felt so good. His smell lingered all over it and I wanted to roll around in that smell, get it all over me.

I didn’t have time to move though because the water shut off and a minute later he came out rubbing the towel through his dark hair, the touch of silver at his temples only making him hotter. His soft dick bounced between his thighs and I laid back to take in the sight of him. He was to me the perfect example of what a man should look like. I wanted to run my tongue through the hair between his pecs and down to his big cock, and wake it up.

"Morning, Kenny." He woke me out of my trance but not before I saw his cock twitch.

"Morning, sir." I looked up at his smiling eyes. I wondered what was going on in his head.

"Sir? What happened to Jack?"

"I was taught to respect my......." I quickly cut myself off.

He laughed. "It's okay, I am your elder. You want some breakfast?" he asked.

Pointedly, I looked at his crotch and licked my lips with an exaggerated, "Mmm." He laughed but walked over to the dresser and pulled out a pair of white boxers. I watched him dress in khaki shorts and a t-shirt, luckily not that old grey one I remembered so well. I wondered if he still had it. I thought I might ask him if I could have it.

I rolled out of bed and realized I didn’t have anything in the house to wear. He looked at me appreciatively then shook his head. He grabbed some boxers and another t-shirt for me. Nodding to the bathroom he said, "Go get cleaned up and meet me in the kitchen."

I took the clothes and headed off for the shower.

After a quick shower I joined Jack in the kitchen. He’d made scrambled eggs and toast with bacon. I helped myself to some coffee and sat at the table where he set down a heaping plate. We ate together and I couldn’t stop smiling. I wondered if I was falling in love with my friend’s dad, or if I was just really well fucked. Couldn't be that, I'd been well fucked by more than a dozen guys but none of them made me feel like Jack did.

He didn’t say anything for a while, not until we’d both cleared our plates. Then, "The boys are probably still asleep. You want to go join them? Or stay here with me?"

I figured he didn’t want any embarrassing questions from Justin so I shook my head.  "Nah, I should get home. I have some stuff to do today."

He nodded and took a thoughtful sip of his coffee. "Kenny....can I see you again?" he finally asked.

I know a huge grin broke across my face. "I’d really like that. Whenever you want, just let me know." It was like he was asking me for another date.

"I’ll do that," he said.

"Thanks for breakfast, and....well, thanks for everything, I mean." I shyly got up from the table and headed for the door. He caught my hand as I passed him and pulled me to him. Looking up at me he pulled me down and gave me a kiss, short and sweet. When he released me I headed for the door.

"Hey, maybe you would like to ride along with me some night in the squad car," he said.

"Yeah, I would like that!" I said excitedly.

He reached over and took a business card off the kitchen counter and handed it to me. "Drive out to the station sometime, just hand them this card, they won't give you any shit. You know where the Sheriff's station is, out north of town about three miles?"

"Yes, I know it," I said.

"I'll be looking forward to seeing you," he said.

"Sheriff, I......" I hesitated at the door.


"You'll think it’s dumb, but......"

"What? Let me be the judge whether it's dumb or not."

"When you were coaching our little league baseball team you always wore a gray T-shirt......"


I swallowed hard. "Seeing you in that T-shirt.....I think that's when the thought started in my head, about who I was, or what I might be.....liking boys, I mean."

He laughed. "My T-shirt got you to thinking about that?"

"Yes, just the way you looked in it, your muscles bulging against the material that was soaked with sweat, and I remember how your tits....your nipples.....stuck out against the material."

"I had no idea any of the boys might have been seeing me like that," he said.

"Probably none of the others did. But I did. And I was wondering, if....well, if you might still have that T-shirt, and if I could have it. It'd mean a lot to me to have it."

His smiled warmed me. "Well, hell yeah, son, you can have it, if it means that much to you." He went into his bedroom and came back a few minutes later. "Here," as he handed me the T-shirt. "And there's another surprise rolled up inside it."

I unrolled the t-shirt to find a well worn, slightly tattered jockstrap.

"That's the jockstrap I wore when I was coaching you, if you want that too."

"Oh, Yes! Thank you! You don't know how much this means to me."

"Well, I think I do, from the look on your face.

I left the house and went to the pool house. I entered as quietly as I could and found my clothes from the day before. I went to the corner for the stuff I’d brought. I couldn’t find my underwear or the T-shirt I’d had on. I did find my ball-cap, the one that’d gotten knocked off sometime during the gang-bang, wedged under a corner of the couch. I pulled on the jeans I’d worn, grabbed up my unused sleeping bag and left. I thought I saw Justin looking at me but when I looked back his eyes were closed and he was breathing regularly. I didn't know if he was faking it or not.

I got in my car and left, noticing that it was almost nine. I stopped at the gas station on the way home. There weren’t many people out that early on a Saturday but there was a deep green Jeep Wrangler parked on the other side of the island I pulled up to. I set the pump and grabbed the squeegee to clean my windows. As I was doing the back window I heard the door of the convenience store open. Glancing over I watched this total stud walk out with a cup of coffee in his hand. He was huge. He wore a sleeveless t-shirt and his upper arms bunched with muscle. He was really tall with incredibly broad shoulders heaped with muscle. He wore what looked like PE shorts that stretched tight from trying to contain massive thighs, with a fist sized bulge in front. There was no distinct outline so I figured it was all bunched up in his jockstrap. He looked like he’d just come from the gym.

A ball cap shaded his eyes so I couldn’t see them and I looked away, hoping he hadn’t caught me staring. I tracked him from the corner of my eye. When he went around to get in the Jeep my eyes focused on his tight muscle butt flexing inside the shorts. It didn't look he had anything on under them, except maybe a jockstrap. It was sexy as hell the way he swung his butt into the seat. When he pulled away I saw a USMC sticker on the rear fender. He pulled out and a massive arm appeared from the driver’s side, waving back at me. I’d been busted but I didn’t feel too bad about. A guy like that must be used to people staring. I finished gassing up, wondering who the guy with the Marine sticker on his Jeep might be.

I let myself into the kitchen where my mom was cooking. Based on the stuff on the counter, she was making apple pie. My Mom was very special to me. My grandparents had adopted her from an agency in California. While she looked Korean on the outside she was all small-town Iowa farm girl on the inside. She had a younger brother who was black, also adopted. His name was Jerome. I always thought Jerome was sort of hot, but we’d never had a chance to be very close. Mom turned to me with a smile and I went over to kiss her on the cheek.

"You’re home early, honey. You want some breakfast?" she offered.

I shook my head and stole a slice of apple from the bowl by the pie crust she was rolling out. "Nah, I ate at Justin’s. Thanks, though." I could see my dad reading the paper in the family room and my sister watching TV.

"Did you have a good time?"

I thought of the night before and blushed a little. I ducked my head to hide it, fast. "It was fine. I’m gonna go mow the lawn before the sun gets too high." She nodded and went back to work. I went up to my room after waving to my dad. I didn’t want to take off Jack’s clothes so I ran upstairs to drop my stuff and to hide the t-shirt and jockstrap that Jack had given me. I was about to leave when I changed my mind and changed shirts, slipping on the gray one.

When I finished the yard and some other chores I went inside and showered. I hadn’t put on deodorant and I was pretty rank. I saved Jack’s shirt and boxers, having no intention of giving them back. I went down and joined my family for lunch.

Later in the afternoon I called Kyle. I was feeling a little guilty about sort of ignoring him. He sounded okay on the phone and invited me over to play on his Xbox. I told my parents where I was going and headed over. I didn’t bother with the front door at Kyle's house, I let myself into the basement.

Kyle was an only child and his parents had turned the basement into his bedroom when he turned fourteen. It was so cool, with a couch and a big TV as well as his bedroom stuff and he had his own bathroom.

"Hey, dude," I said as I came in.

Kyle was on the couch playing one of his video games. He glanced over at me.  "Hey, I’m playin’ live. Wanna get in on this with me?"

I sat beside him on the couch and grabbed the other controller. "Sure, sounds good." I got myself on the game. We played for a while in silence, just the blasts from the TV sounding around us. "Your parents home?" I asked to break the tense quiet.

"No, they went to my grandma’s. How was the party?"

"Chill," I said.

"Nice," he mumbled.

"Listen, about yesterday...," I started.

"It’s cool," he said as he set down his controller and turned to me. "I thought about it and you’ve been my best friend my whole life. That’s not gonna change, you know. So I figured you’re the same guy today that you were two days ago, now I just now you a little better."

"Thanks, man." I relaxed with relief. I hadn’t realized how tense I was over the whole thing.

He must have considered the matter closed ‘cause he picked up his controller and went back to playing. We finished the rest of the afternoon playing and talking shit about one another’s skills. I invited him over for dinner at my house since his parents still weren’t home.

We went back to my place and my mom must have been expecting him because there was already a place set for him at the table. We ate then headed outside to play some basketball in the driveway. Between football and baseball I did swim team in the winter, but I was still pretty good at hoops and managed to whoop his ass.

"Let’s go back to my place," he said with a sigh.

I told my folks where I was going.

As he let us in his basement he said, "Damn, I thought your people were supposed to suck at sports."

"What, Koreans?" I asked with a laugh

"Them too," he said with a laugh.

We were both a little sweaty and Kyle walked over to his dresser to change shirts. I couldn’t help checking out his body, pretty skinny but with well-defined muscles. I looked away quick when he had his new shirt on.

"Seriously, though. Are you sure you’re gay?"

"Yeah, I’m sure. Same way I’m sure that you’re a virgin," I teased him.

"Fuck off, Kenny," he replied but I could tell he was only joking. "Can I ask you something?"

"Ask away, Kyle." We settled on the couch after he got two sodas out of the mini-fridge he kept in a corner.

"How can you be sure? Have you ever... done it with a girl? I mean, I know Brenda Carl gave you a hummer at that sophomore dance but have you ever really done it?"

I sighed long and hard while I thought of the best way to answer. "Remember last summer when your Aunt’s family came to visit and you all went to the lake for two weeks?"

"Yeah, you came too. So what?"

I wasn’t sure how to break it to him, I’d kept it a secret from him all this time.

"Well, I fucked Sherry while we were up there at the lake," I said without meeting his eyes.

"My cousin Sherry?" he all but yelled.

"Yeah, but it’s not like you think. She practically raped me," I tried to explain. "Sherry was older than me," I pointed out. "Something like twenty-five to my seventeen. From the moment we met I knew she was interested in me. She got me alone every chance she could during that trip. Finally I just gave in to her crotch-grabbing and constant feeling me up. It wasn’t too bad and we did it every chance we could find. I must have fucked her fifty times in that week. She taught me how to do it right and I was so horny all the time that I was more than eager to do whatever she told me to do. That's not to say I didn't spend the rest of the trip checking out every guy in a swimsuit, and thought about them while I was with Sherry."

"Oh, so she made you do it." Kyle said. I could feel myself blushing.

"She didn’t make me, but she was real... well, shall we say.... compelling." He seemed to be taking it better than I thought he would. He actually laughed.

"It’s all good, dude, Sherry’s a total slut," he admitted. I thought, if he only knew. But then again, he probably did. "So you didn’t get off with her?"

"Yeah, I did but it was just getting off. Look, Kyle, I’m sure. I’ve tried both, and great as it was with Sherry, she's the last girl I’ll ever be with like that."

"So, is it true you’re blowing all the guys on the baseball team?"

I nearly choked on my soda when he asked that. "Uhhhh, well... yeah. Yes, it’s true." I didn’t know what else to say so I just left it at that.

"You think you'd ever, you know.....wanta blow me? Would you?" he asked.

I looked up at him, surprised. I expected him to be smiling, like he was making a joke. But he was looking at me dead serious. Oh hell.......

"I....don’t know Kyle.... God, man, how can you ask me that?" I quickly grabbed the remote and turned the TV on, upping the volume. Kyle came over and sat beside me on the couch.

"Hey, I’m sorry, that was out of line."

"You think?" I said.

"It’s just that... I don’t know. I was thinking....how come you can do it for all those other guys, but not for me?" Kyle asked.

He sounded so hurt I had to look over at him. He seemed really sincere.

"Because you're not those other guys. You're my best friend, since the beginning of time. I’m just worried that it’d fuck things up between us, you know? Like, we won’t be friends anymore ‘cause we’ll both be stuck on that... that part of things." I shrugged and held my hands up. "What do you want me to say?"

"We’ll always be friends, Kenny. If you don’t want to do anything, that’s fine. I just thought we could be friends, with benefits."

I sighed in exasperation. "Fine! I’ll suck your cock. Just like the guys on the team, I’ll get you off and sneak home to jerk off when you’re done." I couldn’t help the bitterness in my voice and I wondered if maybe I wasn’t as cool with the situation with the team as I thought when it came right down to it.

"Geesh, don’t be like that, Kenny," he said and put his arm on my shoulder. "Come on, I’ll even jerk you off. None of the girls at school like me, I’m a total loser. I just want to know what it’s like with someone else....something besides my own fist."

I felt like a shit and I could even see his point. It really wasn’t fair of me to treat him like that, and I felt a little guilty. If anything, he should take priority over any of the jocks. I slid off the couch and kneeled in front of him. Looking up into his eyes I put my hand over his crotch and began massaging him. His eyes went wide and his cock got hard in an instant. I grabbed the elastic waistband of his baggy shorts and he raised up so I could tug them down, along with his underwear. He had a nice cock, maybe seven inches and meaty looking. I studied it for a second before I took it in my hand, getting a feel for him.

"I kn-know it’s not very big," Kyle whispered.

His awkwardness took me by surprise and I looked up into his uncertain eyes. I’d forgotten this was probably a big deal to him.

"You got a nice one, Kyle. Bigger than a lot of guys. You don’t have anything to be ashamed of," I did my best to reassure him. It wasn’t like I was lying. He did have a nice cock, bigger than a lot of the guys on the team. He relaxed a little.

I bent forward and caught the smell of his sweaty crotch. He smelled good with the mixture of sweat and deodorant. I went straight for his balls, licking the salt and sweat off of them. I sucked them both in, a perfect mouthful. Kyle went a little crazy at that and his hands gripped my head as his hips bucked. I shook his hold off and dropped his nuts.

"Dude, I’m not even at the main event yet. Chill out," I said. I tried not to be an asshole about it.

"Sorry... sorry, it just feels so good."

"It's gonna feel a lot better." I laughed and bent my head for his cock this time. I pulled the head in and went down a few inches, lightly sucking. I bobbed a few times and a strangled shout came out of Kyle and his cum started spurting into my mouth. I almost choked, it was so unexpected, and there was a lot of it. I managed to swallow his load and nursed him until he was empty. I licked into the slit for the last drops and Kyle moaned, squirming uncomfortably. I let go of his dick and looked up into his dazed eyes.

"Did you... swallow it?" he asked, wide eyed.

I grinned back at him and nodded.

"Holy Fuck, I thought you did! Man, that is so hot that you would do that for me."

"You've got a hair trigger, dude," I said.

He turned bright red.  "I’m so sorry," he rushed to explain. "I didn’t know it would feel like that, I couldn’t help it. Seriously, it was...," he stopped when he realized I was shaking from trying to hold in my laughter. He punched my shoulder and I fell back on the carpet, no longer able to hold it in. I busted out laughing.

"Fuck you, douche bag." He tried to sound pissed but then he was laughing along with me.

When I calmed down enough I looked up at him and he was still pretty red in the face, his shorts pulled back up.

"You still want me to jerk you off?" he asked me.

I got to my feet and plopped back onto the couch. The whole thing had happened so quick I hadn’t even had a chance to get into it. "Nah, I’m good. Thanks though, maybe later."

"You wanna spend the night?" he asked.

In answer I pulled out my cell and called my parents to let them know. We checked out Kyle’s new Star Wars game after looking up a bunch of cheat codes on the computer. His parents got home around ten and checked in on us. We talked with them for a little bit before they went to bed. Kyle was really into the game but I was feeling tired. Finally I told him I was ready to crash and he told me to take the bed.

I stripped down to my boxers and got under the covers, figuring he’d take the couch for the night. I didn’t care because I was so tired. Just when I got comfortable and was about to nod off Kyle said something I didn’t catch.

"What?" I mumbled.

"I asked if you let the other guys... fuck you?"

I rolled onto my back and groaned. I should have known this was going to happen. "Come on, Kyle." I said and thumped my hand on the bed. He practically jumped over the back of the couch. "You got any lube?" I asked.

"Yeah, my jack off lube, why?"

I’d been ready for sleep but the idea of getting fucked by my virgin best friend was starting to plump up my dick. It would be the perfect end of the day.

"You’ll need it if you’re gonna fuck me," I said as I slid down my boxers and took them off. He came around the side of the bed and searched under the mattress on that side, coming up with a greasy bottle. "Take some for your cock and hand it over, dude."

I was gratified to see him take off his clothes, I wanted him to be naked with me. His dick was hard and ready. He really was in pretty good shape, even if he was pretty lean. I’d probably look like him if I hadn’t worked so hard for every ounce of muscle I had. I might not have been as pumped as Justin and some of the other guys on the team but I could hold my own.

Kyle put a ton of lube on his cock but I figured it was just as well. My hole was still a little sore from all the use it had taken the night before. He handed me the bottle and I used enough to reach down past my balls and finger some in. I wanted to get fucked again like Jack had done it so I opened my legs and motioned him forward.

"Just push it in but then take it easy until I’m ready, okay?" He nodded like he was hypnotized and I couldn’t help rolling my eyes a little.

Kyle climbed onto the bed between my legs while I stroked my cock to full hard. I pulled my legs back and rolled my hips up. Kyle got the idea and scooted up to me on his knees until his hard prick was in position. He pushed gently but nothing really happened and he looked up at me uncertainly.

"Push it in, Kyle. You have to use a little more force," I coached him.

He tried again and once he got past the semi tight sphincter muscle he slid right in. His eyes rolled back in his head.

"Oh, Fuck! So this is what it feels like," he moaned.

"Well, it's not what pussy feels like, if that's what you mean," I said as I squeezed my ass around his cock.

"Ohh, Man, I don't care if I never find out what pussy feels like." He looked me right in the eyes. "Is it okay now?"


He took a deep breath as he pulled his hips back then started fucking me.

Once he got his bearings he was pretty good. He didn’t take it easy, but started thrusting enthusiastically. He lasted maybe five minutes, but at least it was a wild ride.

"Fuck, Kenny, I'm getting close! What do I do?" He sounded panicked.

I knew what he was asking. "Do it, Dude. Give it to me. Pump it in me."

After he’d cum I pushed my cock up at him. He took it in his hand which was still slick with lube. He pulled on it awkwardly, while his cock stayed hard inside me. He worked my dick and started grinding his own into my ass.

"Yours is way bigger than mine," he said while he watched his hand on my cock.

"It’s only an inch or so. Don’t stress it, dude, I’m telling you; you’ve got a really nice cock." He was all but humping me again by that point. "Fuck, Kyle, just do it again, fuck me." I took my cock back from him and used my other hand to encourage his movements. By the time he pumped me full again, lasting maybe ten minutes that time, I managed to get myself off. I thought he could probably be pretty good with enough practice. I yawned and pushed his dick out of me. I rolled over and settled my head on his pillow. I didn't know why but I felt sort of like a slut. I hoped having sex with Kyle didn't fuck up our friendship like I was afraid it would.

"Thanks, man," he whispered after he’d settled down next to me. "Was I okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, Kyle, you did pretty good. Now I’m going to sleep."

"You’re a good friend, Kenny."

I was just about to drift off when I thought of something. "Are we cool about the whole Sherry thing?" I wanted to know.

"Hell yeah. She’s a slut, and everyone knows it," he chuckled. He rolled over and gave me a kiss on the top of my shoulder. "Thanks, Kenny, I really mean it."

"It’s all good, Kyle," I mumbled and fell asleep.



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