The locker room was mysteriously quiet, even Coach’s door was shut. I wondered if he’d want to see me before I went home. If he would want me to give him head, or fuck me over his desk like he sometimes did. From the way the guys had been acting during practice, the last thing I expected was the eerily empty locker room. As I rounded the corner I found Justin sitting on one of the benches. He was already showered and dressed, looked like he was waiting for me.

"Hey, Justin. Is everyone gone already?"

"Yeah, don’t look so disappointed." His comment probably made me blush but I just started to undress in front of my locker. "I’m having a team party at my house tonight. I wanted to make sure you could come."

I paused as I unlaced my cleats. I’d been to Justin’s parties. His dad was the county sheriff and they had a big house on the edge of town. Once or twice a season his dad would let Justin have a party and provide a keg. The rule was that everyone had to spend the night, no driving, and only the guys on the team could come. The times I’d been there I’d gotten pretty drunk and had a good time but I had to wonder what was up with the last-minute invitation. Justin would've normally told me about it a week or two in advance.

"Did you just decide to have it?" I asked him.

"Nah, it’s been in the works for about a week now. I was gonna tell you but I didn’t want you to get freaked out, you know?"

"No, I don’t know. Is it ‘cause I’m gay or something?" I said, vocalizing my worst fears.

"Kinda, I guess. But not in a bad way. Just... you know my dad won’t let us have any girls over ‘cause he’s afraid someone will get pregnant. With the way things are I figured that you’d end up....  well, you know... in the middle of things. I....I didn’t want you to have time to over-think it."

"Why would you think I might over think it?" I said with a smile.

He smiled. "Good, be at my place at eight, everyone else will be there. Okay?"

I took a second to answer him but finally came up with a mumbled, "Okay."

"Promise? Don’t make me come find you," he said with an evil grin.

"I’ll be there, I promise." I couldn’t exactly say no, though I was a little worried about what the night would bring. Justin left me there and I went into the showers wondering what a night trapped at Justin’s house with the rest of my team, all drunk, would bring. Like I said, I'd been to his parties before with the guys, but this would be the first time since they all knew I was gay.

I showered quickly and drove home feeling a little sick to my stomach. It was like when I was alone in the showers with Justin, scared and yet wanting something to happen all at the same time.

I parked on the street and saw my best friend, Kyle, washing his car next door. His parents had gotten him a beat-up old Volvo that was about a hundred times crappier than the Corolla my parents had gotten me but he treated it like it was his baby.

"Hey, Kenny!" he called out. I walked over to check out his handy work. It may have been a shitty car but it was a gleaming shitty car. "What’s up, guy? Wanna hang out tonight?"

Kyle and I had been friends practically since birth. He was kind of a scrawny nerd but he was a really good guy, a good friend, and the main reason I was passing calculus. On most Friday nights we’d be in his basement or my room playing Halo or checking out YouTube after one of my games. Kyle always came to cheer me on and take pictures for the school newspaper.

"Can’t tonight. I’m going to a team party at Justin Walker’s house." I stooped down to check out the rims that he’d been scrubbing with a toothbrush, but not before I saw a strange look pass over his face. Once again I was left wondering who knew what about me and what happened in the locker room after baseball practice. "Wow, I can practically see my reflection in the fake-chrome finish," I joked.

"Fuck you, you only wish your piece of shit could look this good," he laughed.

It was a running battle between us over whose car was worse. I realized that between sports, school, applying for college and the extra time I was spending with the guys after practice that I’d been neglecting Kyle. I’d spent more time with him than any other person and I wondered how I could have left him out of the most important thing that had been happening with me. I thought of how much better I felt around the guys on the team now that they knew who I really was. I decided to tell him.

"Listen, Kyle, there’s something I’ve been meaning to talk to you about. You probably won’t like it and I won’t blame you if you never want to talk to me again but...," I paused and looked up into his face and worked up my courage. I thought about how crazy it was that it would be easier to come out to him if I could just let him fuck me. "I’m gay," I finally wheezed out.

"Wow," he said and sat down on the driveway beside me.

"Yeah," I agreed. I settled my ass on the concrete and stretched my legs out while I waited for him to say something else.

Finally, "How long have you known?" he asked me.

"I’ve been pretty sure for a while now." I stared at my hands for a minute before continuing, "I’ve been really sure for a few weeks now."  

"So....the, uh.... rumors at school are true?" he asked. I glanced over at him and he was staring out into the darkening street.

"I don’t know what they’re saying but... probably. Yeah."

We sat in silence for what seemed like a long time then Kyle stood up. "I gotta get inside," he told me as he gathered up his cleaning supplies. "Dinner’s probably ready. Give me some time to think about this, okay?"

"Yeah, like I said, I understand if...." I stood and dusted off the seat of my pants. I turned to walk back to my house but he stopped me with a hand on my shoulder.

"It’s not like that, Kenny. We’ll always be friends. I just need some time to... to process, ya know?"

"Cool," I said as relief flooded through me and I felt myself choking up a little.

"We’ll talk tomorrow. Have fun at the party, I mean, if that clunker gets you there without breaking down," he said.

I let out a bark of laughter and without thinking, grabbed Kyle into a hug. He stiffened up for a second then he hugged me back. I thought for sure I would start crying then but I held it back and let him go.              

I let myself into the house and went straight to my room to drop off all my stuff. I followed my nose to the kitchen where my mom was making dinner and my dad was helping my sister, Lisa, with her homework. When my mom saw me she tilted her head for a kiss on the cheek which I happily gave her to score a few points before I asked my favor.

"Hey, guys. Dinner smells good, Mom."

"How was practice, Son?" my dad asked me. I got my height, 6-2, and my big feet, thirteen and growing, from my Dad even though I took after my mom in most other ways.

"It was fine. Hey, can I go over to Justin’s for the night?" I didn’t ask to go over there very often but my parents knew his dad and I doubted they’d have a problem with it.

"Sure, no Kyle’s tonight?" my Mom asked.

"Nah, it’s sort of a team thing and I have to go."

My parents didn’t ask anymore about it and we all settled down to dinner. After my sister and I cleaned the kitchen I went upstairs to pack an overnight bag and grab my sleeping bag.  It was early so I stretched out on my bed to wait till time to go to the party; to wait and think. 

None of this was planned. None of it. I didn't wake up one morning and suddenly decide I would like guys more than girls, or guys exclusively. It just happened; a gradual transformation that came over me. A realization of an awful truth. At least I thought it was awful at the time, and it scared me. I thought people might be able to tell just by looking at me, by my voice, or the way I moved. I was careful to make sure my voice was low when I spoke, and even more careful of the things I said. I felt like everything that came out of my mouth had to be manly and studly, about sports, or girls and sex. Nothing flowery or girlish or sounding too sensitive.

I let my mind wander, trying to think back and recall clues that I'd missed, trying to remember the precise time when it'd happened to me, but I couldn't pin point a time. Unless it was when I was accosted in the showers. I glanced at my watch. Fuck, I had to leave.

I called out a goodnight from the door as I left the house. On the way to Justin’s I started feeling nervous and excited again.

Justin’s house was pretty big. His family had lots of money and everyone said his dad would run for mayor after his last term as sheriff. The Walkers had owned half of Main Street. I’d heard that his mother died when he was born and the Sheriff hadn’t yet remarried. They had a pool in the back yard and a pool house that was used more as a rec room because it had a pool table, TV and videogames, foosball table and a bathroom. That’s where we always spent the night, not in the house.

I parked on the street where there were already a half-dozen cars parked. I saw the sheriff’s car in the driveway but I went around to the side gate and let myself in. There was music coming from the pool house and I immediately saw Justin at the grill, making hamburgers. He looked up and saw me as I approached and nodded to me.

"Hey, Kenny," he called me. "Put your shit in there," nodding toward the little house, "and come help me."

The arcadia doors were wide open and there were a few guys playing pool inside, some playing videogames, others watching TV. I threw my stuff in a corner by the other sleeping bags and a bunch of rolled up floor mats. I said hi to the guys inside and went around the pool to see how I could help Justin at the grill. It was a nice night for late April and there were about five guys in the pool horsing around. I wondered when they/we would get around to swimming naked.

"Dude, get a drink then you can watch the meat while I go piss," Justin said over his shoulder.

The keg was there by the grill in a trashcan filled with ice. I pumped the tap and filled a plastic cup. I took a deep drink and forced myself to relax. I gestured to Justin with my raised cup and manned the grill while he went to the bathroom.

Justin came back just as I was contemplating the state of the meat, if it was time to pull it off the fire. I gladly let him take over after we’d bumped fists and I retrieved my beer. There were a few of the guys sitting in some lawn chairs by the pool and I wandered over to join them. The awkwardness between me and my teammates since that first time in the showers had me still a little apprehensive in situations like this. It wasn’t present between Justin and me, but we’d been fucking for a while now. I settled into one of the empty seats, exchanging head-nods with the guys.

Just then Justin's Dad came out on the deck at the end of the pool with his sheriff's hat in his hand. His mere physical presence commanded the respect of everyone there and all went quiet.

"Just a heads up," he began. "Most of you have been here before so you know the rules, but for the sake of any new guys, and as a reminder to the rest of you, I thought I'd better go over them." He handed his hat to the boy nearest him. "Nobody leaves without my express permission. I want everybody's keys dropped in the hat. You'll get them back in the morning if I deem you fit to drive. You're out here, I'm in there," he said, pointing over his shoulder to the house. "Don't come wandering in and out and waking me up. No girls, and don't even think about sneaking any in after I go inside. No drugs. I find drugs, I'll call my deputies and have every last one of your asses hauled off to jail, and you will be booked. Other than that, everybody have a good time." He looked around for his hat. It was being passed toward him. "Everybody's keys in here?" he asked when he had it in hand.

Everybody said or mumbled yes.

"Better be. If I find out one of you didn't put your keys in the hat, I'll have your license, one way or another." He paused, as if to give a final opportunity to drop your keys in. Then he turned and walked in the house. I had to wonder if the man knew what would be going on after he went inside; if it was his way of telling us to have at it, he wouldn't disturb us.

After a little bit, and a little more beer, it was surprisingly easy to settle back into the old routine, after all I was the same guy most of them had played little league with since we could lift a bat. I let the conversation move around me for a bit though, before I felt comfortable joining in. Soon it was like old times and we were talking about kids at school, teachers, girls, baseball, plans for the summer and college.

Justin announced that the food was ready and we all helped ourselves, going back to the circle of chairs beside the pool with our plates.

Luis Salazar plopped down into one of the seats across from me with a plate full of food. He’d been in the pool and was only wearing board shorts. I caught myself staring at his bunched abs and defined chest, the little trail of hair along his lower belly. Some of the guys were smooth but most, like Luis, were sporting an impressive growth of hair on their stomachs and some on their chests. His nipples were hard from the water and cool air. Luis’ cock was the only one I really recognized during the shower room sessions, besides Justin’s whopper. Well, there was Damon, the only black guy on the team, but he was so far out of league; he was a horse. For some reason, he'd never been in on any of the sex with the other guys. I wasn't sure why, only that he seemed to always have to be at work. Luis was the only Hispanic guy on the team, for one, and he was uncircumcised, a fact that fascinated me, and it felt different enough in my ass or mouth that I couldn’t help picking him out.

He hadn’t been there the first time but after he found out what was going on he’d since waited for me in the showers more than any of the other guys. I realized I was staring and looked up to his face. He gave me a half-smile and a wink that, I’m sure, made me blush. I looked away quickly, relieved that no one seemed to have noticed.

"I wish we had some weed," Luis said during a lull in the conversation.

"Call up Win, I bet he’d bring you some," Tyler said. We all laughed.

"I bet he would actually have the balls to deliver to the sheriff’s house, too." Luis said. We all nodded that he was right.

Winston O’Reilly was notorious at our school. He was a senior, like us, but he only went to the high school part-time. The rest of the time he went to a vocational school. He lived with his mom out in the country in a rusted old trailer. He’d been suspended from the football team during our sophomore year for having pot on campus and hadn’t tried out for the team again. I hadn’t seen much of him but everyone knew he dealt pot on the side. Nobody messed with Win. Nobody was going to call Win to deliver weed either, because nobody messed with the sheriff.

We ate and a couple of us helped Justin clean up and then we were all gathered in the pool house with the doors shut. I’d had enough beer to leave me feeling buzzed but not drunk. I played a few games of pool and worked on keeping my buzz, having helped Justin move the keg inside. Luis made his way over to us and watched us playing for a few minutes. His presence was making me a little nervous, thinking about his big cock. I finished my turn and leaned against the wall. Luis came over to lean beside me.

"I don’t mind you lookin’ at me," he whispered.

"What’re you talking about?" I whispered back.

"I like that you think I’m hot, Kenny. It turns me on."

"What makes you think I think you're hot?" I said with a tight smile.

"Maybe we could get together some time, just the two of us," he said, ignoring my little joke. His offer surprised and embarrassed me. Before I could say anything, though, a commotion on the other side of the room caught my attention.

"Look at that nasty bitch," I heard Damon, the only black guy on the team, yell over the sound of the stereo. I looked over to see that someone had put a fuck-flick on the big TV. A blonde woman with the biggest tits I’d ever seen was sucking a huge cock on the screen, looking like it was the best thing she’d ever put in her mouth. I couldn’t help noticing that she wasn’t able to swallow it all the way and I thought how I probably could. The two guys Tyler and I were playing against grinned and hung their sticks back up on the wall. I shrugged at Tyler and we did the same before heading towards the TV, Luis beside me the whole way.

By the time we got there all the other guys were gathered around and watching. Away from the music I could hear the guy and woman in the video moaning from the TV speakers. Everyone was commenting and making jokes about the action on screen. I stayed in the back and watched while Luis took a seat front and center. When the movie cut to a scene of the woman on her hands and knees with a close up of her cunt and ass the room fell quiet. The guy she’d been sucking moved into the scene, shoved his massive cock in her and started fucking her. Despite myself I started getting hard.

"Fuck, I’m horny," Luis said into the silence. I glanced over to him and he was looking at me, palming the obvious erection under his swimsuit. I felt more eyes on me but I couldn’t look away from Luis. "Too bad your Dad won’t let us have any girls over," he said to Justin, talking over the sound of the woman in the video yelping and moaning. Justin was on the couch beside him, nodding with his eyes on the TV. "But we have the next best thing," Luis finished with a chuckle and looking right at

me said, "Right, Kenny?"

Right, Kenny....the two words sealed my doom. It was the beginning of it going down. I licked my suddenly dry lips and swallowed. This was different than the times in the showers. First, we were talking about it out loud. He was asking me outright; accusing, almost, putting me on the spot. There wasn’t the false anonymity of the dim and foggy showers. He was asking me if I wanted to get gang-banged in front of everyone, in a well-lit room. I waited for the reaction of the others, uncertain, my eyes still locked on Luis. He slowly untied the strings on his shorts and ripped the Velcro apart so his big uncut cock popped out. The sound of the Velcro grated throughout the room.

He nodded at me. "Come on, Kenny. I know you want to suck this," he said and held his cock at the base to wave it back and forth.

Okay, I knew what I was letting myself in for by coming to the party, hell Justin had practically spelled it out back in the locker room. My nervousness dissipated a little as I noticed from the corner of my eyes that a few other guys had followed Luis's lead and were taking out their hard cocks, and my mouth flooded with saliva. It was going to happen one way or another, I might as well do it voluntarily. I moved forward and the guys in front of me parted to let me through. My cock in control, I avoided looking at anyone as I knelt in front of Luis and turned my baseball cap backwards on my head.

I grabbed his cock by the base and opened wide for the head, digging my tongue into the cuff of skin around the head as I took him in. Luis groaned and said, "Take it, bro." I pulled back on the skin and swallowed him to the thick root. He smelled like chlorine and sweaty balls. It was good. I started getting into it, really sucking his cock, right there in front of the rest of my teammates. Before long there were hands on my hips and then they were pulling on my jeans. I buried my nose in Luis’ thick pubes, swallowing around his prick lodged deep in my throat, and used my hands to undo my belt and unfasten my jeans, then someone was helping get them off of me.

Naked from the waist down, I felt the hard heat of a cock pressed along the length of my ass crack. Luis pulled me off his cock, saying, "No, dude, he’s got my cock all wet. Let me go first." He stood up and Tyler elbowed his way into place on the couch in front of me. Before I could get on the new cock Tyler presented to me, Luis pulled on my t-shirt and helped get it off, knocking my cap off in the process. I looked at Justin beside Tyler, slowly jacking on his big cock, as Luis got into position behind me. He had retrieved my hat and he put it back on my head, backwards.

"Why does Luis get to go first?" someone asked. Tyler tugged on my head, guiding me to his hard cock

"Fuck off, Brian," Luis said as he fit the head of his dick between my cheeks. "I go first ‘cause I have the best stats," he went on with a laugh

Pulling free of Tyler’s hands I said, "Actually, I have the highest batting average." I looked over my shoulder at the Puerto Rican stud with a grin.

"Yeah, well tonight you’re playing catcher, bro, and I’m up to bat." Luis smirked back at me and pulled at my hips with one hand as he pressed down on the small of my back with the other, making my ass jut out. I felt warm spit drop into the crack of my ass and he caught it with the head of his cock and pushed into me hard, forcing a groan out of me as my hole stretched around the girth of his crown.

"Shut ‘im up, Ty," he said as he buried his cock in me. Tyler happily took my head in his hands and pulled my mouth down onto his tall, swollen shaft.

And so it started, what would amount to just over two hours of hard fucking and sucking cock. The guys swapped places as they all fucked me or fed me their meat. After a while my knees started to hurt but I didn’t complain until it got so bad I was shifting around and someone noticed. They put me on the couch on my back with my ass hanging over the side so one could fuck me while another could straddle my chest and fuck my face. I was well into it, helped along with fresh, cool beer being offered from time to time.

As Brian Miller climbed off my chest, having fed me a full load, but before Mike Williams took his place, I watched Justin fucking me. His cock filled me up to bursting but slid easily on the lube of numerous loads of cum inside me. He had his eyes closed and was pumping the hell out of me, using his hold on my spread knees for better leverage. A flicker at the arcadia doors caught my attention over his shoulder and I saw the brief flare of a cherry as someone inhaled. There was the outline of a jaw, then nothing. I wondered for a second who was out there smoking but then Mike was there blocking my view and his big cock was on my lips and I forgot about it.

I started out trying to keep track but couldn’t concentrate on how many times I was fucked, how many times a cock was shoved through my lips, how many loads were shot into my mouth. Eventually I didn’t care. I heard Justin complaining about the mess I was making and then I was on my hands and knees on the floor and Justin was placing towels between my knees to catch the cum being fucked out of my ass and the pre-cum steadily leaking from the end of my dick. I didn't know how I was managing to hold off cause I was constantly on the edge.

I let go and lost myself to the gang-fuck. My own dick was hard the whole time but I ignored it as I concentrated on really doing a good job of blowing whoever was before me and bucking back onto whoever was behind me. I was loving it. For the first time I lost what little reserve I had before, that little part of me that wanted to pretend I was being forced to participate. If my mouth was momentarily free I’d ask the guy fucking me to do it harder. I let myself match the cock to the man I knew as a friend and teammate.

I noticed the little things that I’d always ignored before. Things like how Tyler pressed his chest to my back and held me tight while he fucked me fast with short, deep strokes. How Mike liked to spread my cheeks with his hands and watch his cock disappear inside me. How Danny went ape shit when his cock was buried in my throat and I stuck my tongue out to lap at his balls. How most of them just tried to get off quick and get themselves primed for another round, but when Luis came back for seconds he took so long that I sucked off four guys before he finally filled my ass with another dose of his cum.

Finally it was just me and Justin again, he was fucking me for the second time, or maybe it was the third or fourth time, I had long lost count. He was really pounding into me when the guy in my mouth went off and left me. No one took his place and I rested my forehead on the floor while I tried to squeeze Justin’s cock with my ass muscles. Tried, but the muscles were so stretched and getting weak. His cock swelled and I knew he was close. He hammered it in deep one last time then ripped it out and flipped me around. I automatically opened my mouth as he shoved in and I took his last load straight down my throat.

When his still-twitching cock was pulled free from my lips I collapsed on the floor. I looked around and saw that most of the guys had gone out to get in the pool, absent the boisterousness and horseplay; they must've been as worn out as I was. Suddenly I felt a pair of big hands under my armpits, pulling me to my feet. It was Damon, the single black guy on our team.

Damon was big, all over. Tall, broad shouldered, massive thighs and as big as a black legend between his legs.

"They just left you," he said as he guided me over to the pool table where someone had spread a blanket.

"It's okay. I was okay," I said.

"Okay enough for another fuck?" he asked, his bright teeth fairly sparkling in the darkened room.

I was weak, I was tired, I was spent, but this would be a first.

"Yeah, sure," I said.

"I never got in on this before," he said as he laid me back on the pool table.

"I know. I've wondered about that."

"Just never was the right time for me," he said, pulling on his cock. It was fluffed up, getting rubbery, and I wondered how big he would get.

"Do you like to suck first?" he asked.

"If you want me to," I said.

"I never had a blow job from a guy before," he said as he climbed up on the pool table. He stood over me like a giant, black Colossus. His cock looked like it belonged on a black stallion. "And honestly, the girls who have tried it don't do a very good job."

"I'll do a good job," I said. "I'll take it all the way."

"Naw, you won't," he said.

"Bet me?"

"Come on, dude, some girls can't even take me in their pussies, how do you think you're gonna take me all the way down your throat?" He was going to his knees, his thigh muscles bulging under his descending weight. Then he was astraddle me, his cock lolling out over my face like a hunk of radiator hose.

Up close, I was about to reconsider my bravado. If I took all those inches, his cock would be in my stomach. When I took it in my hand my fingers wouldn’t touch around it and I had some doubts whether it would even fit in my throat. I took it in both of my hands and thought, Oh, Shit.....there was still another handful that my two hands didn't cover, and he wasn't even hard yet. But I was determined to try, even if I had to admit defeat. "Watch me," I said, figuring if I took him while he was still just half hard, I might accomplish it.

I licked all over the head, getting my first taste of Damon's cock and his precum. He tasted good, and his cock had a nice texture, different from the white guys. I opened my mouth and he shoved it in, right up to my hand, and the head pressed hard against my throat. He was getting harder, I couldn't delay. I bravely let go of his cock and wrapped my hands around his butt. His skin was silky smooth and when he tightened the muscles it was like gripping two bowling balls. He shoved forward and the head burst through my throat. I started to choke but fought the gag reflex, successfully at first, but about an inch more was all I could take. I tried, but he was so thick, and it was the wrong angle. I got off of his cock, wiping the drool off my mouth.

"That's okay, you don't have to eat it whole, your tongue feels real good," he said.

"I can take it, it's just the wrong angle," I said. "Stand down off the pool table." As he stood I scooted up so my head would hang over the edge of the pool table. He stood down and came around to me. "Now feed it to me," I told him.

His cock was still hanging out in a wide arch, looking more formidable by the second. I wondered how he ever found any girl brave enough to take it. He lifted it in the palm of his hand and held it alongside my face. The head laid on my chest, a couple of inches between my pecs. It was heavy.

"My cock's gonna be all the way in to there, if you take it all," he said, tapping the spot on my chest.

"Easily," I said, reaching down to feel where he was tapping. I felt his cock, the head was the size of one of the pool balls. My head was laid back and I opened my mouth.

He fitted the head against my tongue and pushed. I was frankly as surprised as I thought he was, how his cock slid right into my throat, all the way, till his heavy balls were resting on my face.

"Holy Fuck!" he murmured with a soft chuckle. "If I didn't see it, I wouldn't believe it. You did take it. All eleven inches of it. Man, I didn't think I'd ever see this day."

Eleven inches! Holy Fuck, to be sure! I didn't know if he meant eleven inches right then, not completely hard, or eleven inches when he did get hard. At that point I didn't care. I was so fuckin' happy to be doing him, and proud as hell that I'd taken his monstrous cock, as promised.

He held in deep for a long moment, clenching his butt muscles, pressing his balls against my face, and I'm sure relishing the moment. Then he eased back a few inches, then forward and fucked my throat a few times. Then back further and fucked in, then he pulled all the way back till the head of his cock was in my mouth, and then all the way in.

Satisfied that I was okay with it, he began fucking my throat. I held onto one side of his butt and placed my other hand on my chest, just as he was shoving in. I was astounded to feel his cock pushing into my upper chest cavity, and it went way past the spot where Damon said it would go. I moved my hand lower, to my upper abdominals and I felt it again. I mean, I could feel the bulk of his massive cock through my skin, burrowing beneath my upper abs! I took his hand and placed it there.

"Fuucckkk!" he murmured.

It was a wonderful moment for both of us. I half wished the other guys were there to see us. I gauged my breathing carefully and managed not to choke as Damon fucked my throat. I was one happy camper. But my ass was twitching for attention, and my prostate was quivering with excitement and anticipation. It was like my lower parts were jealous of my upper body. My hand found its way between my legs, I lifted them and began rubbing my asshole."

"You getting anxious?" Damon asked with a soft chuckle.

I nodded. He gave me several more deep strokes then pulled out. He was very careful, then he smacked my face with his wet cock a few times before he went around to the other end of the pool table. I scooted down and he grabbed my legs and pulled me so my butt rested on the edge of the table. I saw his cock, sticking out now instead of hanging out, and I realized I'd had him that big and hard in my throat. I watched it pulsate with powerful throbs and lift higher, into a sexy curve upward. Godd, I thought, where is it going to go?

"I reckon you're already lubed up good," he said, stroking the huge, curved meat.

"Yeah," I said, nodding.

"The way you took it in your throat, I know you can take it from this end," he said as he pressed the broad, ball-sized head against my hole. "Man, this is gonna be great. Almost wish I had some of the girls I've fucked here, to see how it's done."

I was glad I'd already been fucked so many times; I was relaxed and stretched out good, otherwise he would've burst me apart. But I still wasn't prepared for the feeling of having the black meat penetrate me. The head spread me open unbelievably, causing me to gasp a little. Like in my throat, he didn't pause to let me get used to it. He no doubt figured if I'd taken all those other cocks I could handle his. I could, but he had to be on the receiving end to realize the big difference. I felt my stretched insides being opened up even more, stretched around the massive fuckpole that was burrowing deeper and deeper into my guts. It didn't hurt, it was just a feeling of being stuffed to the gills, like a sausage. But then it was different all of a sudden. I felt him push into where nobody had ever gone before. There was a second or two of resistance when he hit the spot that a couple of the other guys often hit, but he pushed past it, or around it, went through something that felt tight but easily stretched to accommodate him, then he sank into unchartered, virgin space. It was wonderful, like his cock was pushing into nothing, yet I could still feel the sensations, like little electrical currents emanating from the head of his cock and sparking all around in the space.

"You okay, dude?" he asked with his bright smile.

"Oh, fuck yesss!"

"Still think you can handle it all?"

   "Yes, give it to me. You're into a place nobody's ever been before."

He laughed. "I get that a lot."

"Godd, Damon, it's.....fuck, it's incredible."


"Yes, I think you're going to give a whole new meaning to fucking my brains out."

"I'll do my best," he said.

As he pressed his loins against my spread, vulnerable butt it felt like there was a whole other cock embedded deep inside me. But it was all Damon. When he throbbed it was like a small tidal wave that started inside his loins and the swelling was pushed all through the shaft to the head that swelled out mightily.

"Godd, I love it when you do that," I whispered.

"Do what? I haven't done anything yet except shove my cock in you."

"The way you make it throb."

"Well, it's doing that all on its own," he said, with a chuckle.

"I can't wait for you to fuck me," I said, almost breathless with anticipation.

"Well then, I better get to it, cause my cock's getting pretty anxious too." With that he eased back on his hips, drawing the head of his cock out of the electrical field, back through the snug ring deep inside me and pulled back through my guts like a drain rooter. I shivered as his live meat slid against every nerve ending then gasped with pleasure as the head scraped over my prostate. He pulled back till my asshole was tugging relentlessly around the wide rim of his cockhead, fighting to keep it from escaping.

"Your ass don't wanta let me go," he said with a chuckle.

"No, shove it back in," I said. "Nice and slow and all the way."

I nearly swooned as he entered me again with all eleven inches of man meat, and again when he repeated the process. After all the fucks I'd had I couldn't believe I had a cock in me that made me feel like a virgin again.

Damon tried other techniques as he picked up his pace. He burrowed deep and fucked back and forth through the O-ring deep inside, and it was like setting off a thousand tiny electrical charges. He eased off till I settled down then he began fucking with full cock strokes, all the way in and all the way back, and a third, pulling out completely and fucking in and out just through my clenching hole. He was driving me crazy.

"How do you like it best?" he asked as he was doing it all again.

"Godd, Damon, I don't know, everything you do, every move you make with that huge cock drives me up the walls."

"Then I'll just keep doing 'em all," he said.

I literally braced myself for the intense pleasure that I knew was coming. I was lifted from one plateau to another, each one more pleasurable than the one before. He could tell when he hit a new high and he concentrated on that move, and I knew I was doomed to cum. The last dozen strokes were a combination of all his moves but the one thing that he hit on was rubbing the huge head of his cock back and forth over my prostate. His cockhead was so big there was no escaping the contact. I muffled my squeals of pleasure with my lips pursed. I clawed at the blanket covering the pool table. I thrashed my butt around in order to extract every bit of pleasure I could, riding his massive cock. So hard I wondered if I were destroying the inside of my ass with the big cudgel.

Suddenly, Damon grunted with several staccato jabs against my prostate then groaned and I felt gushes of warm semen being shot through the long channel of my chute that he had so deftly drilled open. It spurted out in long ropes that I could feel, and even through the palpitating O-ring. I think I screamed, or started to, but my mouth was covered by Damon's full, strong lips and his tongue was sucking the sounds out of me.

Finally, I let it go. More correctly, I lost it. My insides, my entire sexual apparatus exploded and I felt cum being sprayed all over the place. Then I was floating off through soft blackness into the most exquisite place of pleasure I'd ever experienced, or even imagined.

I came to with Damon patting my face. "Dude....Kenny, you okay? Talk to me." He laughed when my eyes fluttered. "Fuck, I think you blacked out on me."

"Godd, Damon. What'd you do to me?"

"Well, I fucked you and did my best, like I said I would. Man, I know I'm good, but I didn't know I was that good. I never had a girl pass out on me."

"You're more than good, Damon, you're phenomenal. You just wrapped up all the fucks I ever had into one fuck. Godd, I thought I was going to go crazy. Really nuts."

"You sure blew a load," he said. "Got cum all over the place, and me and you."

" kissed me," I said

"Well....yeah....I usually do kiss whoever I'm fucking. And besides I needed to keep you quiet."

He was still buried in me and I had my legs around his lean waist to hold him in there. "You were made to fuck, Damon. You were sent here for the sole purpose of fucking," I babbled, still in the rush.

"Well, I guess I've got my work cut out for me, then," he said, laughing. He eased back on his hips. "Can I pull out now? Have you had enough?"

"If I haven't?"

"I could keep on fucking you," he said. "I can fuck for hours, fuck your brains out. But I'm starting to smell pretty rank, I need a shower."

I released my leg lock so he could withdraw.

"I shot off a whopping load myself, and you're gonna be wide open for a little bit," he said as he was pulling out. "Wait and I'll get you something to catch it." He grabbed up someone's T-shirt and put it between my legs then pulled me up to a sitting position. I could feel the flow within me. "I'll take the shower first," he said.

While he was showering Justin came into the pool house with a couple of other guys who went in search of their sleeping bags. He realized what had taken place and he went over and high fived Damon over the top of the shower doors.

"You finally got some of that," he said, laughing. "How'd you like it?"

"Kenny's got a fine ass," Damon said. "Wish the girls I fuck could make me feel like he does."

Justin came back to me. "Can you walk?" he asked, laughing. "Fuck, can you even stand?" He helped me stand down on my feet and I felt the cum draining out of my ass into the T-shirt.

More guys were coming in from the pool.

"Fuck, you need a shower, dude. Go use mine inside," Justin said.

I was a little hurt at his attitude, that I didn't matter so much now that I had serviced everybody, but I tried not to let it bother me.

"What about your dad? He said not to come wandering in and out," I reminded him.

"Just be quiet, you won't bother him," he said, handing me a towel.

I stood and took a moment to get my balance. Justin helped steady me on my feet. When I went to wrap the towel around me the T-shirt dropped to the floor and I felt a slick gush of fluid at my loosened hole and I shoved the towel between my cheeks to catch the flood. Justin laughed and gave me another towel and escorted me to the arcadia doors.

"You know where it’s at, right?" he asked me. I nodded and he opened one of the doors to let me out into the chilly night. My knees still hurt from being on them sucking everybody and my legs were shaking. I heard the door close behind me as I limped around the pool towards the main house, taking my time.

As I approached the dark house I smelled cigar smoke just before I heard the voice. A deep voice in the dark, coming from inside the enclosed patio, said, "Damn, kid, you smell like a whorehouse. Bet you're looking for the shower, huh?"

My head whipped around and I searched the night. The orange tip of the cigar flared as he inhaled and I saw, oh fuck, Justin’s dad, Sheriff Walker. Adrenaline coursed through me and my heart pounded but I froze. I almost panicked as I remembered that bright red-orange glow from before. Had he been watching the whole time?

Sheriff Walker took a step toward the patio door to open it and I stuttered out, "S-s-sir, I w-w-was....uhh, Justin told me I could come in and...." I thought I was going to puke.

"You look like you could use a hand, Kenny," he interrupted. "Let’s get you inside." He stubbed out the nub of the mostly smoked cigar in an ash tray and came toward me. He took my elbow and steered me toward the back door. I looked back toward the pool house but the lights were out and only the blue flicker of the TV was visible. Like marching off to my doom, I let the Sheriff guide me into the dark house, still clutching the two towels to my front and back.



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