I held my breath as I waited at the carousel for my luggage. I had pulled up tiny shoots from the planters that Jack had given me as well as roots from the three roses, and wrapped them in moist paper toweling and put them in a plastic bag hidden in a pocket in my suitcase. I heaved a sigh of relief when it fell out of the chute onto the carousel. Miraculously, it didn't look like it'd been ripped open but I would wait till later to see if it had been gone through. Customs opened it but they didn't do a thorough search.

I found Juan holding up a sign that said KENNY. I went up to him and introduced myself. He took my suitcase. He was a smallish man, handsome in a way, dressed in bluish pants and shirt, and sandals and a white, wide- brimmed hat. He led us to a blood-red Mercedes convertible. I stopped to gape at the car, causing Juan to laugh.

"It's a classic; it's a 1953 sports sedan," he said, smiling proudly. "Mr. Jack said to get it ready for you. So I gassed it up and polished it."

"It's beautiful! Almost takes your breath away."

"Do you want to drive?"

"No. I need to get my bearings first," I said.

On the drive, I wondered what Jack's house might look like; the island didn't seem to be very prosperous. Much of it looked downright poverty stricken. Still, Jack had leased the place out and he had a gardener and a houseboy. When Juan slowed to make a turn into a gated entrance my concerns were no more. The iron gates swung open majestically and we drove up a curved driveway to what looked more like a villa than a house. Holy Shit, I thought. And Justin never mentioned this??

Juan delivered me to the house, parked the car then disappeared. I would seldom see him after that. Standing on the steps, I heard a door open behind me. I turned to see a drop dead cute boy coming out of the house.

"Mr. Kenny."

"Yes. Well, just Kenny will do," I said.

Welcome to our island," he said with a bright smile. "I am Marco."

I took his smallish, slender hand as I took in the island boy himself in a sweeping glance. He was dressed in a white linen pants and a jacket with three quarter length sleeves, buttoned only half way up to show off his dark, firm chest. His muscular neck was adorned with a gleaming gold chain. The pants were thin enough that I could see the dark hue of his skin and the white material of his shorts that formed a narrow band around his hips.

"Come, I will show you to your room, then you can freshen up," he said with a slight bow. I followed him, my focus on his little butt flexing inside the snug fitting pants.

"I meant your bedroom of course. You have the entire house at your disposal," he said over his shoulder.

He took me upstairs to a spacious room that was more like a veranda, with an open side facing the sea with the beach and palm trees. There was a small bed against the wall facing the ocean. The bed and other furniture were all white bamboo and wicker. A ceiling fan whirred slowly overhead. The open bathroom was pale yellow and white with a large tub but no shower. A vase of exotic flowers sat on the cabinet and a large chest sat at the end of the bed.

"I'll show you the rest of the house if you like, then you can have a bath while I unpack your things."

"First, if it's all right....I've brought some plants from home that I need to get out of my suitcase and put in the ground," I said.

"All right, I'll take care of them while you have your bath."

"No, I would like to do it.....to help," I said.

"Very well. I'll change and get the tools."

He went downstairs and was back in a flash, dressed in only a pair of shorts. His lithe young body was breathtaking, his skin smooth as satin. His muscles stood out in sharp definition, not big, but cut and athletic.

"These will grow well in this climate," he said when I showed him the plants.

It was a pleasure to watch his tanned, smooth muscles rippling as he dug the holes for the plants. He was soon gleaming with sweat. I put the plants in holes he dug around the flower bed. We washed our hands with the hose and Marco cleaned the tools.

"I will hose off and change and come up to draw your bath," he said.

"That's all right, I can.....all right, thank you," I finished, cutting myself off. I wasn't sure how I was supposed to treat the boy but I didn't like him being my servant. I went upstairs to wait for him. I didn't think I dared to even unpack my stuff. I heard water running and looked outside to see Marco under a makeshift shower between the garage and what I assumed was the potting shed; it was where he got the tools. I watched intently, my breath coming short. He was stunning in his naked, native beauty, at least from behind. He never showed his front but I drooled over his butt. I drew back from the window when he glanced up.

He returned dressed once again in his linen pants and jacket. He came in and turned the water on in the tub and poured something in it from a bottle. I hoped it wasn't oil. Then he motioned me to the tub.

"Where is your room, Marco?" I asked as I stepped into the tub.

As he picked up my bag to place it on the bed I noticed there was no longer the narrow white band around his hips under the pants. He had not put the shorts back on. I could see his butt quite clearly. Oh God, he's naked under his pants. Why, I wondered. What did it mean?

"Oh, I don't sleep here when the house is occupied unless I'm asked."

"All right, I'm asking. Would you mind? For a while at least. I would like the company."

"Of course, I would be happy to stay if you wish." He lifted the top of the chest and folded it out into a cot. He saw my bewildered scowl. "Unless you would rather I not be in your room."

"No, in my room is fine. I did not know the chest was a bed."

"It's so I can be close by in case you need anything. The extra cot is for your guests. Do you wish me to stay now? I know you must want to rest after your flight."


I made short work of the bath; I had the feeling that something wonderful awaited me. When I rose to get out of the tub Marco was there holding a towel out for me, to wrap around me. I let him begin to dry me off but then eased the towel from him. "Marco....if I may say this without offending.....I would like you not to be my servant. I can unpack and run my own bath water and take care of myself. I don't have servants back home."

"Very well."

"And you don't need to sleep on the cot or the chest bed. There is room in the bed. If you're not offended......"

"No, I would be happy to share your bed if that is your wish."

Without me telling him he untied the pants and let them drop to the floor. I swallowed hard as he bent to pick them up, exposing his ass to me.

"Is this all right to sleep?.....Do you sleep like this?" he asked.

"Yes. Yes, it's fine. I sleep naked at home." Suddenly he was taking something out of the pocket of his jacket, a piece of paper. "Here is my certificate of health," he said, handing it to me.

I took the paper and read it, curious that he felt the need to present it to me, but maybe it was a requirement for domestic help.

"Many tourists are afraid to associate too closely with us, they are afraid we carry tropical disease," he explained.

"That never entered my mind, Marco," I said. Still, I wondered why he had chosen this very moment, when he was ready to share my bed. It read that he was in good health and free of a whole list of diseases--virtually disease free--including HIV and other STDs. He pointed out the date; the day before. I wondered at his reason for showing it to me but I was glad he did. I could continue to drool over his awesome little butt and the prospect that possibly lay before me.

He waited till I was in bed then crawled in after me.

"You smell good," I said.

"So do you, that's what I put in your bath," he said.

Our legs touched accidentally but neither of us pulled away. That pretty much set the tone as I felt Marco rub his leg lightly against mine.

"Marco, is this the reason you showed me your health certificate, or is it required that you show it?"

"Yes, I wanted you to know I am safe."

"And the reason you came back wearing nothing under your pants? I could see your shorts before."

"I hoped you would notice," he said with a smile.

"It would be very hard not to notice," I said. "When I saw you naked...and you bent over to pick up your pants.....well, truthfully, my mouth started watering."

"You like my butt?" he asked with a broad smile.

"Your whole body is very beautiful. You have a perfect body."

"Not nearly as perfect as yours. You are more muscular, and I don't think I'm as big as you are, where it would count the most."

"Your size doesn't matter. You're perfect."

"I'm glad we are thinking the same things," he said. "I wondered, when Mr. Jack said you would be coming to visit. I hoped we would get along well."

"Jack said he was sure I would like you," I said.

"Do you like to fuck?" he asked boldly.

I was taken aback by his boldness but tried not to show it. "Yes. Do You?"

"I like to fuck and be fucked."

"So do I."

"I'm glad you came to our island, Mr. Kenny. I think we will get along very well."

"We won't if you keep calling me Mr. Kenny," I said.

"Mr. Jack did not say what I should call you."

"Kenny will do fine."

"Everything is turning out so perfect, I don't know where I should start," he said.

"Can I show you a place to start?" I said.

"Yes, show me."

With that I put my hand across his chest and turned onto my side and kissed him. He turned onto his side to face me and we pressed together and our cocks lined up between our bellies. When we parted form the kiss Marco looked down and so did I to see how we compared to each other. Marco reached down to take them both in his hand.

"Oh, you're way bigger than me."

I reached down to feel for myself. My cock did extend out past his nearly two inches. But his was just as thick as mine and I explored his cock to feel a nice curve and a large, bulbous head

"Your cock is perfectly fine. It will fit perfectly. It reminds me of my friend, Kyle's." I spared a thought for my best friend but turned my mind back to the boy in bed with me. Jack said he was my age but his slighter body made him seem much younger while his bearing made him seem older in some way.

"Are you Mr. Jack's boy?" he asked me. For a second I thought he was asking if I was Justin.

"No, I'm... wait, what do you mean, his son? No." I wondered if he knew about Justin.

"Many of the rich men have a boy they keep, to fuck. When Mr. Jack found me I thought that was what he wanted me for but now I see he has you." He seemed sad.

"I was friends with Jack's son and became very good friends with Jack," I said.

"Are you friends like this?" he asked, indicating us being in bed together.

"Yes. How did Jack find you?" I asked. There was too much I didn't understand about what he was saying.

"Several years ago he was here for a few days. I tried to get him to buy me at the beach, the one where all the men go. Mr. Jack gave me money and brought me here but he did not fuck me, he gave me a job instead."

I tried to imagine a boyish Marco trying to hustle the sheriff and getting a job out of it. "You seem sad that he didn't fuck you," I said.

"Mr. Jack is nice to look at and a very good man. Now I have seen you, I understand why he did not want me." Again he seemed sad. I let go of his cock and put my hand on his cheek.

"You're very nice to look at as well, Marco. I want to fuck you, and I think Jack would as well but he's not the type of man to take advantage of a kid." I tried to think of a way to explain to him about Jack and how he would think it was wrong to fuck with a kid who prostituted himself. "Like you said, he's a good man. He's very honorable. Wait until he comes and we'll see what happens," I told him. "But it will only be if he knows you want it to happen," I added quickly.

"What will happen if he finds out I have been in your bed with you? If you are not his boy, then...?"

"I am not his boy, I'm his friend and... "All right, can you keep a secret, Marco?" He nodded eagerly that he could. "I like...love Jack. Very much. In my heart I think he loves me, too. But we're not a monogamous couple. Do you know what that means?"

"You both have sex with other men but mostly with each other?"

That would do for now, I figured. "Yes, exactly. So he would be happy that we've found each other like this. Now, what should the two of us do?" I reached down and took his cock in my hand again, stroking him gently.

"I would like for you to fuck me, Mr. Kenny, er, Kenny, I mean." He didn't seem hesitant at all.

I found the bottle of lube I'd packed in my bag. First we shared a long sixty-nine and I played with his ass. I urged him to rear back onto my face and tongued his tiny pucker. He cried out but quickly muffled the sounds in a pillow. When neither one of us could stand anymore, I got out from under him and fucked him on his hands and knees, then on his side while I lay behind him. It was a long fuck and we were both exhausted.

We never did take a nap. We recovered then Marco said he should fix something to eat. He put on a pair of shorts and nothing else. Following his lead, I pulled on a pair of tight boxer briefs and nothing else. He showed me the rest of the house. It wasn't a mansion; only six rooms. Back home it would be a very modest house but here it was very large compared to the tiny concrete houses I'd seen that looked no bigger than a couple of rooms. The house was also painted white, while the smaller houses I'd seen were bare concrete block structures. I would learn that people left their houses unpainted so they could be classified "unfinished" and therefore they wouldn't have to pay property taxes. There was a small kitchen, a dining area and a larger living room. An enclosed sun room faced the beach

After we had eaten we wound up back in bed and Marco had his turn with me. As I was crawling onto the bed he clasped my hips to hold me in position.

"I've never done this before," he said, then buried his face in my butt.

I moaned softly and reached back with my hand around the back of his head to encourage him. He fucked me slowly on my back for what felt like hours. I had a feeling I was going to like island life.

I found a job through Marco. A friend of his father's had a small boat he used to take tourists on snorkeling and fishing trips around the island. His name was Robert but on the boat I called him Captain and that's what I took to calling him off the boat as well. He was a sturdy white man, though he had the native accent, with sun-bleached hair and a face like creased leather. I sensed that he liked me immediately and I felt the same about him. He offered me work on call, whenever someone signed on for him to take his boat out, plus I would clean the boat between excursions. I gladly accepted.

In the meantime I applied to the university and was accepted to start in the fall. My parents had a college fund for me to cover the tuition but I was glad for my new job for extra spending money. I hated the thought of sponging off Jack even though I knew he probably wouldn't think of it like that. Everything was falling into place.

My first day of work was a little more nerve-wracking than I'd expected. There was a lot to learn but Captain made it easy. The boat was small, with only two chairs, and the two of us were the only crew. I learned all the nautical terms and the lay of the boat a few hours before we took out our first clients, a husband and wife from England. The rest of my job I learned on the fly and I had a blast.

Captain didn't pay me a lot but I discovered that most of my earnings would come from the tips we received after a successful outing. The couple tipped us well as they disembarked. I cleaned the boat then Captain invited me to share a beer with him.

"So, boy, you're a friend of Marco's?" Captain asked as he kicked back in one of the chairs with his beer. I sat across in the other chair with my beer. There was no question whether or not I was old enough to drink.

"Yes, sir." I took a long pull on my beer, an island brew that was tart and a little bitter.

"I'm going to tell you something but I do not want you to be offended. If you are anything like Marco I doubt you will be." I nodded for him to continue, hoping he wasn't about to make some kind of pass at me though he didn't seem the type. "Did you happen to see the way that old bird was ogling you all day?"

"No, sir, I didn't. I guess I was too busy trying to do my job."

"Well, I noticed, and he was. We make our living off the tourists by making them happy. I gotta admit something, I didn't hire you necessarily for your hard work, though I appreciate that you are a hard worker. I hired you because you are a pretty boy. It wouldn't hurt our commission or your tips if you were to flirt with the ladies, maybe wear a little less in the way of clothes aboard ship."

I sighed in relief, understanding what he was telling me immediately. And maybe a little flattered. "I understand, Captain, I'll do my best."

"Good boy," he said with a knowing grin that turned into a chuckle. "Now, sometimes--not very often--we get a group of men who might enjoy a bit more than ogling a handsome boy like you. If you want to earn some extra cash I would not deny you the opportunity if you're up for it, so long as I get a cut of the money. You follow?"

"Yes, Captain, I believe I do."

"Good, I would not force you to do anything and you can rest assured I would watch your back. Just something to consider." With that the discussion seemed closed.

I finished my beer and headed home from the marina with a lot to think about. I might have, maybe should have been repulsed but the thought of whoring myself out made my cock twitch in my shorts. I figured it was a bridge I'd cross when and if the opportunity presented itself.



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