(My Birthday)

A side step to Jerome's Point of View

Jerome stepped into the living room with the tin tub full of various locally brewed beers and ice. "Who needs a drink?" he called out to the men assembled in the room before him. Marco followed close behind him with cups and a pitcher of some rum and fruit juice drink.

The men eagerly stepped forward and helped themselves to the drinks. The number of men made the usually spacious room seem small and cramped as Jerome and Marco passed out the refreshments. The two shared a smile as they set the drinks on a side table that would act as the bar for the evening. Jerome had been fucking the native kid since he'd arrived a few days before. It seemed like the kid couldn't get enough of Jerome's huge cock.

"The guest of honor should be here any minute," Jerome told the guys. All of them were dressed casually in shorts or jeans and t-shirts. His eyes roved over the crowd and took in all the handsome men with wonderment. "Leave it to Kenny," he thought to himself, "to bring this many hot guys together like this." The conversation settled down as all eyes turned to Jerome.

"This is a surprise party so you all know what to do when they come in the door," Jerome continued. "Everyone here is clean and vouched for so you don't need to worry about condoms. This night is for Kenny so everyone take as many turns as you want. I expect he'll wear us out before we'll wear him out." There were more than a few chuckles from the assembled men. "Anyway," Jerome said after a minute to let the men quiet down, "help yourselves to the drinks. There's also sandwiches and snacks in the kitchen if you want."

Jerome helped himself to a beer, a kind called Dead Elephant, that tasted better than the name would leave one to believe. He stepped over to the corner by the 'bar' as the men resumed their conversations. He looked over the group and smiled to himself at the various groups; all these different men with only one common denominator. His nephew, Kenny.

On one side were the guys who had obviously grown up with Kenny. There was a Hispanic guy named Luis, a tall black guy named Damon and two white boys, Tyler and Mike. They all looked like jocks with the exception of Kenny's best-friend, Kyle, who stood with the group but didn't really seem a part of it. Jerome had known Kyle since he was a kid and realized he'd grown into a striking man, handsome and with an urban edge. Kyle had been such a skinny, awkward kid it was nice to see that he'd turned out so well.

With them was Michael, Jack's nephew. Jerome hadn't really had time to talk with him but got the impression he was an egotistical asshole. He looked like sin on the sidewalk, as Jerome's mother would say, but he had an attitude that was evident from across the room. Too bad because he was right up Jerome's alley.

On the couch was a hodge-podge of guys, one of them was some kind of priest or pastor. The priest's muscular build didn't fit with Jerome's mental image of someone with his vocation. He was talking to a really good-looking young guy. Jerome remembered the guy's name was Ted but he wasn't sure how he knew Kenny. He also had the look of a jock and was near Kenny's age. Beside them were two men, obviously a couple, in their thirties. Again, Jerome found himself at a loss as to how they knew his nephew but he figured it was from Kenny's tourist fishing job since they had thick German accents.

Standing behind the sheet-covered couch were the native islanders. Jerome knew Marco, the house boy, and had met his three brothers and two fathers. One was the step-dad and the younger one was the biological father. There was some bad blood between Jack and the bio-dad but Jerome didn't know the reason for it. They were all nice to look at with differing bodies and features from their mixed race background. Jerome couldn't get enough of their subtle island accent.

Across the room, Jerome watched the Marines. He knew Brady, who was soon to be his nephew-in-law, and Brady's friend Cooper. Jerome remembered all too well the engagement party back home where Cooper, the best man, had gone home with Jerome and spent the night in his bed worshipping Jerome's hefty cock. The drunk cowboy had ridden him like a stud horse for most of the night.

The two men were talking with another two. The dark-haired one, Norman who hated to be called Norm, was also a former Marine. Jerome, former Navy, thought of some jokes he could've made about Marines grouping up and he grinned. The fourth guy with them was a blond guy, Steven, who went to school with Norman and Kenny. Jerome knew he was on the swim team and he'd met Kenny at the school's gym. He could tell even through Steven's clothes that he had an incredible body and ass.

Jerome nodded to the two men as Brady and Cooper looked his way. Cooper eyed him with a lustful hunger, undoubtedly wanting more of what Jerome could give him, while Brady wore a smug grin. Jerome's lip curled up. Brady, who had the dubious distinction of having fucked both Jerome's nephew and niece, was trying for the family trifecta. He'd made his interest in Jerome very obvious. Jerome felt a kind of grudging respect for the big, muscled hunk and was sorely tempted to let the guy fuck him because he knew it would be amazing. Yet, he didn't want to give him the satisfaction.

Jerome resolved to have a conversation with the large Marine before his sister and her family arrived for the wedding in a few days. Even if Lisa wanted to have a threesome or more, as Brady claimed, with Jerome and possible Kenny, he needed to make sure Brady knew what kind of expectations his new Uncle-in-law would have about his married life. Mainly that Brady would have to keep his dick in his pants.

He turned away from the guys and looked at the pictures on the wall. There was one of Justin, a very good looking kid, and felt a pang of regret that he'd never met the infamous Walker. He stood at the edge of a forest and Jerome assumed it must have been taken not long before Justin died. He wore only a brief bathing suit, skin wet from the lake that could be seen in the corner of the picture. He stood with an easy posture that still seemed to exude confidence and the smug grin on his face only complimented his appeal.

Beside the picture of Justin was one of Kenny, his senior picture. Jerome could see why the two boys had been drawn to one another. Like Justin, Kenny was startlingly handsome. He had the sharp features of his Korean mother but they were softened and rounded by his father's genes. He was tall and leanly muscled in a way that gave him an innate grace that could be predatory one moment and balletic in the next. Jerome imagined that every person who looked at his nephew wanted him for his exotic beauty. Jerome knew the effect it had on himself.

The difference between the two was obvious in the photo of Kenny with his big, open smile. Jerome knew from much experience and the little bit he'd overheard about Justin that he was the type of boy who knew he was stunning, who could wield it like a weapon to get what he wanted. Kenny, on the other hand, was completely oblivious of his own appeal, guileless and earnest.

Above the two photos was another pair. One showcased Jack and Justin and seemed to have been taken around the same time as the one with just Justin. The other was a candid photo of Jack and Kenny. Both were shirtless, their arms loosely around one another, standing before an abandoned windmill in a field surrounded by lush jungle. They looked happy though there were shadows in Jack's eyes. Jerome assumed it was taken soon after the two had moved to the islands.

They made a handsome couple and Jerome found his mind wandering as he studied the picture. Kenny looked much the same as he had then, two or three years before. Jack looked better now, if that was possible. His training and competing in triathlons had made his body harder and more defined. Jerome assumed that some of it was also due to Kenny's influence in Jack's life. The older man just oozed happiness and contentment.

Jerome remembered his last vacation to the island when he'd stayed with Kenny and Jack. He'd hardly seen any of the sights as they'd spent the majority of their time fucking one another stupid. Jerome, who didn't consider himself a bottom except under special circumstances, had found himself unable to resist the two men or anything they wanted from him. He felt himself growing hard as he considered all they had done to him and with him.

He was torn out of his memories as he heard a muted honk from a car in front of the house. It was the signal from Jack that they were home from Kenny's birthday dinner. Marco, standing close to the door, hit the overhead lights and shushed the crowd. They all waited, suspended in anticipation, as the front door swung open.

Jack held the door open and Kenny walked in. The group of twenty-plus men yelled out, "Surprise!" and Marco threw on the lights. Kenny froze in the doorway with a look of shock, truly surprised, and Jerome found himself smiling at his nephew's bewilderment.

Kenny's eyes tracked around the room, landing briefly on each guy, and Jerome saw awareness creeping into his expression. When he saw Kyle he snapped out of his daze and quickly crossed the room to his best friend. Kenny pulled him into a tight hug, whispering something into Kyle's ear that Jerome couldn't make out over the sudden noise of the other men talking.

Kenny released Kyle after a full minute and began greeting the guys closest to him, those he'd gone to high school with. From there he made his way around the room shaking hands, hugging some and speaking to everyone. Jack made his way over to Jerome after stopping to talk to a few of the others.

"Everything's ready?" he asked Jerome.

"Yeah, we're good to go. You pulled it off," Jerome said. Just then Kenny found Jerome and wrapped him up in a tight embrace. Kenny pulled back and looked into Jerome's eyes, letting Jerome see that he was flushed with emotion and excitement.

"Did you know about this?" Kenny questioned him. Jerome nodded that he had. Kenny leaned forward and brushed a kiss across his lips before turning to Jack. "Did you plan all this?"

"I had something to do with it," Jack nodded once with a big smile.

"Jesus, I love you," Kenny told the other man before crushing his lips against Jack's. They kissed passionately for a minute before someone in the crowd started jeering at them. Jack turned Kenny around in his arms to face the assembled men and wrapped his arms loosely around him.

Jerome was right next to them so he heard Jack whisper to Kenny, "You know why they're all here?" Jerome was also close enough to see the slight tremor travel through his nephew and they way he pushed his ass back against Jack's groin. "Yup," Jack continued. "You're getting fucked good tonight." Kenny's breath hitched and he pulled one of Jack's hands down to his swelling crotch.

"Okay, guys," Jack yelled out. The noise level dropped and all eyes turned to Jack and Kenny. "The kid's going to hit the head then the fun begins!" He let go of Kenny and gave him a little shove followed up with a tap on the ass. Kenny practically raced from the room in excitement, to the chuckles of a few of the men. Jerome had harbored a fear that Kenny might not want to participate and was relieved to see his obvious readiness.

With Kenny out of the room most of the guys found seats or got new drinks. Jack and Jerome broke into action. They went out to the garden shed in the backyard and carried the special table into the house. It was a round top, about three feet wide, with a padded leather cover fitted to the top. It had a central column with four wide feet and adjustable height. They placed it in the center of the living room over a black blanket that was spread on the floor.

Marco had turned on the TV and put a porn movie on. He set the volume so that it could be heard but wouldn't distract from the real noises that would soon fill the room. With everything ready Jack and Jerome exchanged a look and began undressing. It was all the signal the rest of the men needed as they began disrobing.

Jerome couldn't keep his eyes from roaming, taking in all the hard muscle and masculine bodies on display. Each was different yet individually compelling and Jerome took a moment to mentally thank his nephew for his good taste. Hell, there was some big meat on display, he thought. Some already hard. Unconsciously he licked his lips.

Kenny came back into the room and stopped cold at seeing the round table and all the naked men. For a second he looked nervous but his eyes fell on Jack and the table then they cleared and he began unbuttoning the dress shirt he'd worn to dinner.

Jerome's cock began responding to all the visual stimulation, more so as Kenny seemed to put on a show, dragging the shirt slowly off his arms. He undid his belt and pants then bent all the way over to push them down to his ankles and off. Jerome wanted to laugh at his brazenness and jump him all at the same time. He was certain he wasn't the only one.

Amazingly, Kenny looked even better than Jerome remembered. His athletic body was even more toned and ripped, mature yet still graceful. Island life agreed with him. The skin around his waist and just below the cheeks of his hard, rounded ass bore the faintest suggestions of tan lines but he'd obviously spent plenty of time in the sun without a bathing suit. His cock, big but not huge and perfectly round with a curve up like a banana, was hard and tapping against his abs.

He walked over to Jack and the table in the center of the room. "You ready for this?" Jack asked and ran a soothing hand over Kenny's back.

"Yes, you know I am," Kenny replied in a breathless hiss. Jack stepped back and Michael, Jack's nephew, stepped forward with Luis. Jack had worked this out ahead of time so all the guys would know their place in sequence. They were going in a timeline and Michael was standing in, symbolically, for Justin who'd been Kenny's first.

Jerome looked over the blonde guy, impressed with how much cock the guy had. Apparently being hung ran in Jack's family. Jerome's ass clenched as he remembered just how hung Jack had felt in his own ass. Jack went to hand him a bottle of lube but Kenny stopped him, "We don't need it, I'm ready."

Kenny bent over the table, raised to waist height, and presented his ass to Michael. Luis came around the front and ran his hard, uncut cock over Kenny's lips and face. Michael took the opportunity to slap his cock against Kenny's ass. Kenny spread his legs slightly wider and Michael nudged the head of his hard cock into the crease. As Kenny opened his mouth for Luis Michael speared into his ass and Kenny's grunt was smothered by the meat Luis was feeding him.

Jerome felt a shiver of excitement as he watched his nephew getting stuffed at both ends. He held his rampant cock in a loose grip and leaned back against the wall where he had a good view of the action. Michael wasn't waiting for Kenny to adjust, though Jerome knew he probably didn't have to with Kenny's talented ass, and began fucking him with long strokes.

A hand landed on Jerome's abs and stroked down to his cock. Jerome looked over to find Jack leaning against the wall beside him. He relinquished his cock to Jack's loose grip and reached over to give Jack a hand. They kept their touches light, enough to ease the ache but keep them from getting to hot. They shared a look and Jerome couldn't help leaning over to push his tongue into Jack's mouth. It was a deep kiss but only for a few seconds as they turned back to the action.

As he'd been instructed, Michael wasn't holding back and trying to last. He was fucking Kenny, hellbent on getting off quick and hard. Luis was the one taking his time, sliding his cock into Kenny's wet mouth slowly like he was savoring the humid heat. Jerome could see Kenny's throat opening for the Latin stud with each plunge of his cock.

Jerome couldn't help but notice that no one was looking at the porno on the screen, all eyes were fixed on the action taking place in the center of the room or flicking around the room. Most were stroking themselves but a few were giving each other a hand like Jerome and Jack. Jerome's gaze met Brady's and he nodded, a sort of this-is-fucking-incredible acknowledgement.

Michael let out a shout and Jerome knew he was cumming in Kenny's ass. The guy's body shook and Jerome could hear Kenny's moan around Luis's cock as his ass was filled with hot cum. Michael leaned over and kissed one of Kenny's shoulders before he pulled away, his semi-stiff cock connected for a second by thread of cum to Kenny's ass.

Luis took Michael's place as two more of Kenny's former team mates stepped forward, followed by Damon. Jerome had to take Jack's hand off his cock as he knew their turns were coming up. He walked to the improvised bar and grabbed a beer for himself and Jack. He needed something to cool off his heated belly and throat. Watching Kenny get gang-fucked was proving to be more of turn on than he could've imagined.

Handing Jack his beer, Jerome was just in time to see the guy, Tyler maybe, cum in Kenny's mouth with a high-pitched moan. Luis wasn't far behind. Damon took Luis's place while the other guy filled Kenny's vacant mouth. As Damon sank his cock into him Kenny pulled off the guy fucking his face and panted, gritting his teeth. "Damon," he moaned and looked back to see the stud filling his ass. Damon, who was very nearly as big as Jerome, halted as though he'd hit bottom. Slowly but surely he pushed on and Jerome saw Kenny's mouth drop open as Damon crushed Kenny's ass with his pelvis and totally impaled him.

"Fuck," Jack sighed and Jerome nodded, squeezing the base of his own cock to keep from getting too excited. He took a slug of his beer and watched his nephew get long-dicked by what had to be a foot of thick, black cock.

Jerome could see the moment when Kenny really opened up to Damon, had felt it on his own cock enough times. Kenny went limp and Damon's monster of a cock glided easily through his ass. The guy at Kenny's mouth took the opportunity to get back inside. The room echoed with the meeting of Damon's and Kenny's bodies as Damon picked up the pace and force of his fucking. Kenny's noises became drowned in the increasing slap, slap, slap along with the dick in his throat.

Jack chugged his beer and handed the empty to Jerome who set it aside on a table. Jack stepped into the middle of the room and motioned Kyle forward. Kyle wasn't the best built guy in the room and didn't have the smallest cock but was far from the biggest. For all that he rose confidently from the couch and stood across from Jack as Damon roared out his completion.

The guy who'd been getting sucked took Kenny's ass and came with a few sharp thrusts. Jack helped Kenny stand up as Kyle adjusted the table. Then Kenny laid on his back and pulled his legs up and open. Kyle stepped between them and pushed in. He leaned forward and kissed Kenny deeply before thrusting. Kenny fell back and his head hung over the other edge of the table. Jack stepped around and fed his cock into Kenny. I had to be noticeable that this was more love making than raw fucking.

Kyle didn't last long and it was Brady's turn. Jack gave his place to Cooper, who Jerome had agreed to let take his turn beforehand. The two fucked Kenny wildly, leaning forward often to kiss over his body. Jerome enjoyed watching them. Brady was the most heavily built man in the room, looking like a bodybuilder. It was amazing to watch that body in motion. Jerome couldn't help reconsidering his choice to stay away from Brady, no matter his reasons.

After the two had cum in Kenny's ass a couple of Jack's former deputies took a turn and Jerome stepped forward. His turn was fast approaching and the ache in his balls was almost unbearable. He felt like he would burst if he didn't get to cum soon.

Finally Jerome saw relief in sight as the last deputy unloaded and vacated Kenny's ass. He got Kenny up onto his hands and knees after lowering the table. He took a second to admire Kenny's ass, running a big hand over his nephew's back and the firmly round ass. He spread the cheeks and studied the sloppy little hole. It was gaping open slightly and trails of cum ran down the insides of both thighs and the back of his balls. The loosened muscles were a little pink and swollen already, barely even halfway through the group.

He did a quick survey of the room, noting the looks of admiration. Jerome had the largest cock in the room and it filled him with a sense of prideful masculinity, something he hadn't felt in awhile. Not since he was in the Navy and had been in some pretty wild scenes but nothing that compared to this.

Unable to deny his needs any longer Jerome found the hole with the head of his cock and slid it home. There wasn't any impediment to his passage as he plunged home on what felt like a river of warm cum. Kenny grunted and dropped his head as Jerome shoved home. "Aww, fuck... Jerome."

"Christ, Kenny...," he groaned. He'd never taken an ass so easily and had to fight not to cum from the long insertion. It was a close thing as he clutched Kenny's hips, large black hands standing out over golden-brown skin.

He slowly pulled back and pushed in harder. He'd never felt anything like the wet grasping passage that was tight yet looser than he'd felt it before. He tried an even harder thrust and grunted as Kenny cried out, body shaking.

Harder and faster, long and deep, he fucked his nephew. Within a dozen thrusts he felt close but knew he could give Kenny a good fucking before he came, only that's not the way it worked out. Kenny seized and came apart before his eyes with a sound like a scream and a moan. He'd made Kenny cum on his cock. The fact of it, along with the milking spasms from Kenny's chute, sent him hurtling over the edge into orgasm.

Jerome came so hard it hurt. His balls felt like they'd been turned inside out and his body jerked, twitched like he'd been electrocuted. He fell over Kenny's back and hugged him tight to keep from flying apart. His whole body throbbed with each hard spurt of cum leaving his dick.

He mumbled a thanks to Jack when the man helped him over to the couch when he could finally stand to pull out of Kenny. The way Kenny's hole caught at the rim of his cock as he plopped free sent aftershocks through him that would've made him collapse if Jack hadn't been there. He settled on the couch next to Kyle and let his head loll back on the cushions.

Jerome came a little more alert as he heard Kyle mutter, "Shit." He looked up and saw Marco's family surrounding Kenny. They were fucking him in a moving circle. A little taste of whichever end they stood at and they moved round. Marco's stepdad had a cock like Jerome's or Damon's. If he hadn't been present the rest of the natives would have looked huge.

It went on for a while until each had cum in one orifice or the other. Jerome glanced over at Kyle and Damon on the other side of him. Both were hard and stroking themselves. He'd talked to them before the party started and considered them the two straightest guys present.

After Marco and his family the other guys stepped up. The hairy Marine, Norman, was amazing. He put Kenny on his belly and spread his legs until his inner thighs rested on the edges of the table with his ass at the very edge. He held Kenny down with a hand on his shoulder and lower back each as he fucked him with a huge cock. Watching him made Jerome's reluctant cock fill with blood.

When the last man finished cumming in Kenny's ass and Jack stepped forward. He helped Kenny sit on the edge of the table and offered him a beer or water. Kenny took the beer and chugged it then did the same with the bottle of water. "You okay?" Jack asked him and he nodded. "You want some more?"

"Oh, God...," he started and paused to consider. He had to be sore at both ends, he'd just taken on more than twenty guys, but he looked into Jack's eyes and said, "Yes, more. Fuck this is so awesome."

Kenny squirmed around onto his back as Jack raised the table. Marco's dad, Ian, came forward and got between his legs and lifted them at the knees. He slammed his big cock into Kenny's hole and made him gasp. From there things devolved.

Luis, who Jerome remembered from Kenny's stories was confused about his sexuality when they were in school, was on his knees in front of the couch. He went up and down the line as he gave head to Damon, Kyle, Jerome and the stud from the swim team at the university. Judging by his technique and the fact he could nearly swallow Jerome whole, the guy seemed to have had some practice sucking guys off. Vaguely he remembered Luis had never left town after high school and worked at a factory with his dad.

While Luis was working his cock Jerome watched more guys come up to get seconds from Kenny. He also noticed a few of the guys dropping to their knees to service their friends. Marco was even up against the wall getting fucked by one of his larger, but not older, brothers.

Jerome spotted Jack taking in all the action from the door to the kitchen with a soft smile. Jerome knew Jack liked taking care of Kenny, giving him things. He remembered the conversation they'd had the day before over breakfast. He'd spent the night in Jack's and Kenny's bed and the two of them had woken long before his nephew.

"I still can't believe you're organizing all this," Jerome had said.

"I'd do anything to make Kenny happy," Jack had replied simply.

"But aren't you worried? I mean, I know you're not monogamous but... what if he finds someone better? Someone younger?" And maybe the last question was more about Jerome being forty than Jack who was forty-one but he had to ask.

Jack got a faraway look and shrugged before saying, "Look, Jerome, you don't understand. Kenny always chooses me. No matter where he's been or who he was with he spends every night in my bed. At the end of the day I'm always his first choice."

"Still," Jerome started, trying to wrap his head around their relationship.

"I had to sacrifice a lot at an early age because of my son. I don't want Kenny to give up anything. He's still a young man and he should get to experience everything life has to offer, including all the sex he can manage." He'd paused and given Jerome a reassuring smile. "In the end I just have faith that I'll be Kenny's first choice for the rest of my life. When I'm gone, well, he'll make another choice."

That had put an end to the conversation but Jerome couldn't help thinking about it more. He'd been badly hurt by a man he'd given his heart to and Jerome couldn't imagine Jack's kind of trust. Only later that same day he'd seen something that he would never forget.

He had come to the back door after a brief post-swim nap. He'd found Jack fucking Kenny on a lounge chair in the backyard. Getting hard, he'd watched the two fucking energetically. Jack's dedication to his triathlon goals had made him hard and defined with the added benefit of extra stamina. It showed in the way the two fucked. Only when he came in Kenny, and Kenny shot over his stomach, they'd shared a look.

It was impossible for Jerome to later describe that look. It was like the communion of two souls, regardless of the kind of sex they'd just shared, it was written all over both their faces. Suddenly Jerome had felt not like a voyeur but like an intruder. He'd backed away from the door with a sense of pride for his nephew and an uneasy feeling of jealousy in the pit of his stomach. He'd found Marco, studying in his room, and jumped him. Angry and excited he'd taken it out on Marco's ass, not that the smaller man seemed to mind.

Now, Jerome studied Jack and felt that same queasy feeling of anger, jealousy and pride. He tore his eyes away from the man and watched his nephew getting gang-banged while Luis slobbered over his cock and balls.

Damon got up to have another go at Kenny's ass and Luis went with him. Damon slipped in easily and Kenny opened his mouth for Luis. Only Kenny shortly spit out Luis's cock and pushed him away. He looked around and called over to Jerome.

They exchanged a look and Jerome knew what Kenny wanted. He wanted to be spit-roasted by the two biggest cocks in the room. Jerome was only too happy to oblige. He gave up his seat to Luis and got up. Kenny let his head hang over the edge of the cum-drenched table and Jerome slowly pushed his whole cock into his smooth throat.

Jerome alternated watching Kenny taking his dick and Damon's. It seemed like their cockheads should be bumping together somewhere in Kenny's middle. Looking up, Jerome found Damon watching him. He leaned forward and hooked one hand behind the other black man's neck. Jerome pulled him in and was surprised when Damon pushed his tongue into his mouth. They kissed, thick lips and slippery tongues, over Kenny's body and filled him at both ends.

"Switch?" Damon asked breathlessly when they broke apart. Jerome grinned and nodded as he eased his throbbing cock from Kenny's stretched throat. They swapped and Jerome found himself back in Kenny's ass. If anything it was even softer and slicker than the last time. He sank to the hilt with a soft sigh and held Kenny's knees back as Damon fucked Kenny's face.

He and Damon swapped back and forth two more times before he couldn't stand the swallowing suction of Kenny's mouth any longer. Jerome spurted straight into Kenny's belly then pulled back to spray the last of his load over Kenny's tongue.

He watched Damon finish a few minutes later then two more men stepped up, the deputies. Jerome watched them a moment but felt eyes on him. He looked up and found Michael studying him. Michael dropped his eyes quickly but looked up a second later. Jerome smiled and pointed over to the tub of iced beers. Michael nodded and went to fetch one. He grabbed two and brought them to the couch, sitting in the vacant seat between Jerome and Kyle. Jerome took the offered beer with a quiet thanks while they watched Kenny.

"He's a hot fuck, huh?" Michael asked quietly. When Jerome just nodded without looking away Michael lowered his voice and said, "He was the first guy I fucked."

"But not the last," Jerome stated without looking at Michael. The few times they'd spoken he'd found Michael to be an arrogant prick.

"Hell no, I get tons of ass in California. Guys and girls."

Michael's boasting annoyed Jerome. He took a slow drink of his beer before looking over at Michael.

"And lots of dick, too?" Jerome asked. He watched Michael's brows draw together in a frown.

"No," he exclaimed quietly but with force. "I don't get fucked."

"Yeah?" Jerome teased. He wished he had a dollar for every guy who'd said that to him before getting thirteen inches up their ass. "I've seen the pictures of your cousin Justin fucking you." He hadn't really but he'd heard the story from Kenny.

"What? Uncle Jack showed you those?" Michael asked with shocked disbelief.

Jerome put his hand on Michael's naked thigh and saw his prick bounce and throb against the hardest abs Jerome had seen.

"It only happened once," Michael said emphatically. "Justin wanted to show me what it was like to get fucked, and I let him."

Somehow Jerome didn't really believe that.

He left his hand on Michael's leg and slowly reached higher to fondle the guy's balls while they watched the deputies finish with Kenny. Kyle got up to take another turn. Kenny welcomed him with open arms. Jerome let his fingers tickle under Michael's sac with his wrist pressing the belly of Michael's cock.

Watching Kyle and Kenny, Jerome slowly inched his fingers back towards Michael's asshole. He was fucking with the jerk but found himself getting distracted by the two guys before him. Kyle pushed Kenny back further on the table and climbed onto the table with his knees at the edge. Kenny wrapped his legs around Kyle and locked his ankles together over Kyle's ass.

They held each other tightly and Kyle rutted frantically into Kenny's ass. They weren't making love and they weren't just fucking either. Jerome found himself entranced, watching the two best friends kiss and hump their bodies together. Amazingly, it was Kyle who made Kenny cum for the second time. Almost at the same time they broke apart and shouted as Kenny came onto their bellies and Kyle filled his ass.

Jerome realized he was rubbing over the knotted muscle of Michael's ass and Michael was steadily humping against Jerome's wrist. Apparently he wasn't the only one caught up in the moment.

The two held each other long after they'd finished and it seemed like neither was willing to move. Jerome began to think the party was over when Cooper pushed off the wall. "Enough with the mushy shit, guys." He handed his beer to Brady and walked into the middle of the room. "You ready for a break, boy?" Cooper asked, playing up his drawl, as everyone watched him.

Kenny let go of Kyle and Kyle managed to get off the table though his legs shook slightly. Cooper put a steadying hand on Kyle's shoulder and looked at Kenny. "Well, we about done here or not?" Cooper gave Kenny a wink and smile that made Jerome think of a snake-oil salesman.

"No, I'm still good," Kenny said, "I can handle plenty more." Jerome wasn't so sure but he'd leave it up to Jack to make that decision.

"How'd you like to ride a cowboy?"

Jerome, who'd fucked the hell out of Cooper, knew how powerful the man's charm could be.

Cooper helped Kenny off the table and took Kenny's place. Kenny straddled the tall Texan and sat down onto his long cock with a groan. He wiggled his slim hips around and began riding Coop's cock. Jerome watched the muscles in Kenny's thighs and stomach flex while he moved and pressed more purposefully against Michael's hole. The tip of his finger pried open the tight ring and he heard Michael suck in a gasp but didn't look at him.

"Hey, Jack!" Coop called out. "Come over here and give us something to chew on." It struck Jerome as odd that Cooper would call out for Jack but he watched the other man step up to them. Kenny leaned forward with his hands braced on Cooper's wide shoulders and swallowed Jack's cock. From his front row view Jerome saw Cooper crane his neck to get at Jack's hairy balls.

Kenny went wild, slamming his ass onto Cooper's cock and bobbing on Jack's. Brady came up behind Jack and put his hand on Jack's ass, fingers dipping into the crack. He whispered something into Jack's ear and Jerome could see Brady's fingers slip deeper into Jack's ass crack. The hand twisted and Jerome knew Jack was getting a finger or two.

Brady stepped closer behind Jack, stroking his thick cock, and Jerome saw that Brady's ass-buster was gleaming wetly with lube. Brady set his cock in position and let Jack ride back onto it. When he was fully seated in Jack's ass Brady wrapped his arms around Jack's torso and began fucking him. Jerome could tell by the look on his face that Brady had waited a long time to get inside his former boss. He wouldn't have thought it possible but Jerome's cock began hardening again.

Norman approached the other side of the table. The big guy with a mat of hair on his front slipped a finger into Kenny's ass beside Cooper's cock and Jerome realized the scene he was witnessing had been a set-up. Norman swiped the mixture of cum from around Kenny's asshole onto the head of his large cock.

Jerome felt his cock harden painfully fast and his finger sank up into Michael's dry ass. He'd once gone to a donkey show in Mexico with some of his Navy buddies while on leave. He felt the same sort of nervous anticipation as he had then while he watched the former Marine prepare to double fuck his nephew. It shouldn't have been humanly possible but he wanted to see it happen. Like the Mexican girl getting fucked by a donkey, Kenny was about to be split open by two big cocks. Jerome was torn between wanting to stop the action and wanting to see if Kenny could take them both.

It seemed like everyone paused and held their breath while Norman got between Cooper's legs. Kenny pulled off Jack's cock and buried his face in Cooper's neck. Jerome could hear him muttering, "God, oh God." It took long minutes and then it was obvious to everyone that Norman had fully penetrated Kenny along with Cooper. It was even longer before he moved and Kenny let out a breath like a gust of wind.

Kenny clamped his lips around Jack's cock and it seemed like that was the moment they were all waiting for. Brady's hips surged against Jack, and not gently. He held Jack and fucked him, lifting the other man up onto his toes with each hard thrust. It forced Jack's cock deep into Kenny's throat. At the other end Norman was fucking Kenny. Even Jack's cock couldn't muffle the loud sounds coming from Kenny's chest. Below them Cooper squirmed as he tried to thrust. Jack's balls bounced against his chin and nose as he got an up-close view of Brady power fucking Jack's hole.

The energy in the room shifted and electrified. Marco's upper body suddenly fell over the back of the couch between Jerome and Michael. He moaned as someone must have been penetrating him. Across the room Jerome could see the two deputies standing at either end of a bent over Luis as they fucked him. The priest was similarly bent over getting fucked by Damon while he tried to blow both Tyler and Mike at the same time.

Jerome watched his sister's son getting fucked by two men while his boyfriend was fucked by a fourth. He didn't think he'd ever seen anything more exciting. Jerome was so hard his dick ached.

Watching them he knew the second Kenny came. It seemed to set off some kind of chain reaction as the rest of the men reached the finish line together. "Fucking-A," Jerome mumbled as he knew Norman and Cooper were shooting into Kenny's ass and Jack into his throat even as Brady filled Jack's ass. If he hadn't already cum twice he might've popped off just from witnessing that scene.

Norman pulled out and almost fell as he staggered back. One of Marco's brother's was already lining up his cock to Kenny's ass, still filled with Cooper's cock. Kenny grunted and spit out Jack's cock as he was filled with two cocks again. Cooper shuddered underneath him.

Cooper must have gotten hard again as half the guys wanted a turn double fucking Kenny with him. Jerome thought things couldn't have gotten more depraved but watching Kenny take two cocks for the next hour was unbearably arousing.

He didn't want to hurt Kenny but Jerome found himself lining up with Michael to try it. He let Michael go first. When Jerome stepped up Kenny's hole looked wrecked, a frothy ring of cum around the stretched and swollen anal lips, and the guy seemed out of it. Kenny could've been high or drunk for the dazed look in his eyes and the way he was mumbling incoherently. He seemed to come out of it as Jerome managed to fit his cock into the tight hole beside Cooper's.

Jerome didn't, couldn't, last long. He was too aroused and excited. A few thrusts with Cooper's smooth yet hard cock belly rubbing against Jerome's surrounded by the tight grasping muscles set him off. That third orgasm, powerful and painful, cleared Jerome's mind. He hadn't realized at the time but Cooper came at the same time Jerome had.

Jerome withdrew his cock and Cooper's fell out with it. Kenny shuddered and sobbed. He seemed to be having some kind of dry orgasm as he wasn't spurting more cum, though Cooper's abs were covered in the stuff. Jerome was worried they may have literally fucked Kenny's brains out.

Together he and Jack picked Kenny up and put him on the couch. His hips jerked a few more times then he stopped. Jerome was afraid Kenny had lost consciousness but he heard him faintly say, "... so good."

"Kenny, are you okay?" Jack asked him.

"Yeah... fine... sleep." Kenny's mumbling tapered off then he said clearly, "Love you." Then he did pass out but seemed okay. Jack picked him up and carried him upstairs to the bedroom.

The beer, sex and more sex was catching up with Jerome. The better part of him wanted to stick around and make sure the other guys were good for the night. Guys like Luis who was currently being hoisted up onto the table where Kenny had spent most of the night by two of Marco's brothers. Not that Luis was complaining but there were still a dozen men who showed no signs of slowing down.

The backyard was full of rented cots and sleeping bags, a good thing the weather forecast promised clear skies or they'd all be sleeping in the living room, dining room and kitchen. The men who planned to stay the night already knew where to crash. Hopefully Marco, who was under the priest on the couch, would have enough energy to clean up a little before going to bed.

Jerome found his clothes and headed for the stairs. As family he had rights to the extra bedroom that used to be Kenny's, before he'd admitted to his parents he wasn't just staying with Jack to go to school. Now it was an extra guestroom and Jerome made his tired way there. He was tempted to check on Jack and Kenny but figured they deserved some alone time, besides he knew Kenny was in good hands.

He pushed open the door and found Michael waiting for him in his bed. He gave a long sigh but turned to close the door to hide his smile. "What're you doing here?" he asked.

"I don't want to stay in the other guestroom. Brady and Cooper brought that other guy, Norman, in there. I think they're going to be fucking all night." At least he wasn't whining about it, he sounds mad and indignant.

"So you thought you'd be safe in my bed, white boy?" Jerome was tempted to be a total dick and just tell Michael to get the fuck out but he couldn't deny to himself that Michael was exactly the type of guy he liked. Broad shoulders, slim waist and hips, the kind of muscle definition that would make the David statue jealous and a cockiness that Jerome couldn't help taking as a challenge. All wrapped with blonde hair, a handsomely masculine face and perfectly tanned white skin? Michael may as well have been copied from one of Jerome's nighttime fantasies. Jerome liked to blame his predilection for white guys on being raised by white parents in a predominantly white community.

He watched the emotions cross Michael's face; fear, desire, lust, nerves, smugness and more that made Jerome almost dizzy. "Well, boy? You sleep in my bed I expect some ass." Jerome thought he'd never seen a guy fight so hard against what he really wanted. The dude was dying to be fucked hard and on some level knew Jerome was the one to do it.

"Fuck you, it's not like you can rape me in my uncle's house." Damn, he was a surly prick. "And I ain't your boy."

"Who said I needed to rape you? Whiteboy." Jerome threw his clothes aside so Michael could see that he was getting hard, again. Four times in one night, not bad for a forty-year-old. He set a stern mask on his face and spoke before Michael could respond, "You naked in my bed?"

"I, uh, I... '

"You're naked," Jerome said. "You came in here looking for something, you're going to get it." The threat was useless judging by the way Michael's eyes were getting stuck on Jerome's swelling cock. He probably never even heard Jerome's words.

"I can't, it's too big. I'm not like Kenny, you'd never get it inside me." Jerome walked to the bedside and Michael flinched to the far edge of the bed. Jerome reached into the bedside table and found some of the lube that Jack and Kenny kept stashed in places all over the house.

Holding up the lube for Michael to see Jerome said, "My specialty is breaking in white boys on this." He held his cock and waved it at the guy. "I've had lots of practice." Jerome reached down and pulled the sheets to the bottom of the bed, exposing Michael. No denying Michael was hard enough to pound nails, yet with a terrified look, and he sort of cowered away.

"Why'd you come up here if this ain't what you want?" Jerome asked.

"What you were doing downstairs on the couch.....using your finger on me.....it felt good."

Jerome laughed. "You didn't come up here to get fingered," he scoffed. "Hell, you could finger yourself."

"All right, I....but I'm.....s-scared," he stammered.

"What happened to that cocky, smart-ass bravado you're so good with?"

"Just....p-promise you won't hurt me," Michael said evenly but he was pleading with his eyes.

Jerome considered him a few minutes and decided it was time to start playing good cop. "Come here, Michael." He settled on the bed and patted the spot next to him. He waited until Michael moved over beside him before putting a gentle hand on his chest and speaking, "I'm not going to hurt you. At least no more than I have to. If you tell me stop, I'll stop." He let Michael see his eyes and that he was telling the truth. "If you stop me, I might still expect a blowjob but I'll respect your decision. But, fuck, nothing I wouldn't for you," he added.

"Godd, thank you," Michael gushed, and actually seemed sincere. Beneath his dickhead exterior Jerome was surprised to find a real human in Jack's nephew.

Jerome leaned in, still a little surprised when Michael didn't put up a fight but met him halfway, lips already parted. Jerome met him tongue-first and delved deep to get a taste of the guy. He tasted lightly of beer but deeper of pure man and Jerome's cock jerked in anticipation.

One-handed, Jerome uncapped the lube and got some on his fingers all the while dominating Michael's mouth with his. He reached under Michael's balls and found the little hole he'd only started getting acquainted with earlier. He rubbed the slick lube over the portal until the muscles relaxed a tiny bit then pushed a finger in. Michael moaned against his mouth as Jerome reached in to find the little nut. He located it and pressed on it, making Michael's hips arch up off the mattress and bringing on a muffled outcry.

It was almost too easy to distract Michael by kissing him soft and slow, then hard and plundering as he worked two more fingers into the tight ring. When Michael was pushing back on the fingers and taking them easily Jerome pushed up onto his knees. He withdrew the fingers and swore he heard Michael whimper when they were gone.

Jerome kept his eyes locked on Michael's as he lubed his cock. He shouldered Michael's long legs, kissing the inside of each blonde-haired calf. He moved into position and fisted his cock one last time before placing the head on target.

"Take a deep breath and push out when I push in." A little fear crept back into Michael's eyes but Jerome pushed and the head slipped in. The tight sphincter locked down just behind the crown and squeezed his cock like a fist.

"God, wait... wait!" Michael said and pushed at Jerome's chest with his hands.

"Breathe, just breathe," Jerome told him. He had no plans to wait, instead he pushed deeper. Now that he was in there was no way for Michael to fight the steady impalement. He was breathing steady and hard, like a woman having a baby.

Jerome paused when he came up against something but kept up the pressure until his cock slipped past it and he moved on. Before long he was buried to the balls and Michael was breathing harshly beneath him.

Jerome dropped onto his hands and bent forward, folding Michael in half, so he could kiss and distract Michael by playing with his nipples. It seemed to work as Michael moaned and squirmed, ass clamping and releasing steadily around Jerome's cock.

Michael's silky, soft channel caressed the full length of Jerome's cock in tight waves of sensation, hot as a furnace inside. Only after Michael was breathing easy did Jerome stop mauling his mouth. He put a few inches between their faces and checked to be sure Michael was okay and found himself smiling back at the guy. Had any man ever looked so debauched and sexy to Jerome as Michael did at that moment? He didn't think so.

"Godd, you're in so deep. I think I can taste your cock on the back of my tongue," Michael said with a dreamy smile.

"I told you that you could take it." Jerome realized he was no longer tired or spent. He wanted to fuck this guy all night long.

"You can start moving.....fuck me. It feels good the way you're making it throb but I need more," Michael said. The way he was wiggling his hips convinced Jerome that Michael was feeling something.

"It's throbbing all on its own," Jerome admitted. He lifted up into a push-up position which raised Michael's ass higher. The first real move, Jerome made a long withdrawal before slowly pushing all the way back in.

"Fuuuuuck," Michael groaned in time to the deep insertion. "Just fuck me," he said with his eyes closed.

"Slow, buddy. We'll work up to it."

And work up to it Jerome did. He took it easy on Michael until he could take the hardest, deepest lunges Jerome could deliver. He dropped Michael's legs and humped into his prone body. He rolled him over onto his stomach, pulled him up onto his knees. He paused to add more lube and fucked Michael in a wide-stanced squat over his upturned ass. He fucked him until their bodies slid together with one another's sweat. He fucked Michael through what seemed like one hands-free orgasm after another.

Hard, soft, deep, shallow, fast and slow, Jerome fucked Michael until he thought he'd die with his need to cum. In the end he was on his side behind Michael when he couldn't fight anymore. He filled Michael with what felt like a gallon of spurting cum. Jerome held Michael's cock and brought him off with a just a few strokes. They kissed awkwardly over Michael's shoulder but neither moved. Jerome hugged Michael close and whispered in his ear how great it was, how much he loved Michael's ass.

"How much longer are you down here for?" Jerome finally asked. He really wanted to turn off the bedside lamp but was unwilling to move that far. He was more unwilling to let Michael move that far away from him.

"A week, but I'm going to St John in a few days."

"Why don't you stick around? I'm going to a wedding in a few days and I don't have a date yet."

"Are you asking me to be your date?" Michael asked with a soft chuckle.

"Yes, if you want? Or it could be just you going along to keep me company. You know my niece is coming with my sister and her family? She's marrying Brady."

"Yeah, I know. Uncle Jack told me. I'd, well, uh, I'd like to be your date Jerome."

"I'd like that, too." Jerome was surprised how much he really meant that.

"Do I have to put out at the end of the night?" Michael asked in a teasing voice.

"Oh, definitely," Jerome replied. "But if you play your cards right I'll put out too."

"Jesus, I think I'm in love," Michael moaned. Somehow Jerome felt sure he heard a hint of sincerity in Michael's mocking words.

They were quiet for a long time while Jerome wondered if his cock would ever go soft enough to fall out of Michael's ass without him moving. He was almost asleep when Michael said, "I'm an EMT, you know?"

"Yeah? And I'm an electrical engineer," Jerome replied to the random comment.

"I just mean I could do it anywhere. I could get certified in any state. I'm getting sick of California."

Jerome didn't know what to make of that but found his cock getting half-hard.

"Let's talk more in the morning," Jerome finally said.

Michael, who was almost as tall as Jerome, managed to lean over and turn off the light without disconnecting from Jerome's embrace or his cock.

As he settled back in place Jerome held him tightly. He realized he'd forgotten to turn off the recorder to the hidden cameras he and Jack had installed. Then he thought it didn't matter and maybe they'd get footage of what happened after they'd gone to bed; see who took Kenny's place besides Luis. Jerome was betting on that one guy, Ted.

Jerome's last thought as he fell into a deep sleep was that maybe this vacation he'd go home with more than souvenirs and wrapped himself more securely around Michael.



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