I went back to work the next day feeling a little more down to earth but my head was still off somewhere, partly because I didn’t get any sleep.

The captain was all smiles. "Damn, I'm glad you're back."

"Sammy didn't work out so well, huh?" I said, trying to sound up.

"Sammy's a great fisherman, can't take that away from him, but he's got no couth with people. I think we've got some livewires today. Some rich college kids on a private little summer break."

"How do you know they're rich?" I asked.

"Well, for starters, they flew down here from Seattle and they're renting my boat, somebody's got some money. Depending on what they're up to, or into, you could rake in some good tips."

"You think all college kids and young people are up to something."

"Well, aren't they?"

"Maybe they just want to go fishing," I said.

"Crap. College guys don't bring girls to St. Thomas to fish, they bring them here to fuck."

"What brought you to St. Thomas, captain. You aren't originally from here, are you?"

"I'm from Cheyenne, Wyoming. I came here on a cruise with my parents when I was still in high school. I swore I was coming back and I did."

"You've lived here since right after high school?"

"Yup. Except for a summer I spent roaming around Europe."

"Sounds like you came from a little money yourself."

"My Dad was a ranch hand, my Mother was a cook in a little café in Cheyenne. They saved to go on that cruise, their one and only. I fucked my away across Europe."

"What do you mean, you fucked your way across Europe?"

"Just what I said. Nineteen years old, I was pretty good looking and had muscles up the ying-yang back then. Amazing what a little eye contact at a sidewalk café will get you. Europe is full of charming towns and cities that are full of charming, lonely ladies looking for excitement and romance."

"You sold yourself to older women?" I asked, feigning shock.

"Some weren't so old. Fifty was probably the oldest, but she was wealthy and generous. Most of 'em were in their late twenties, thirties. Even had one mother and daughter," he said with a belly laugh. "Hey, here come our college kids," he said, nodding down the dock.

I looked to see two guys and two girls coming toward us. I surmised as the captain had, that they came from money. Their clothes weren't Walmart and they weren't slowing or stopping like tourists to take in the big boats and cabin cruisers and yachts tied up all along the dock. They were looking for their boat.

"You looking for the Sally B?" the captain called out.

I offered my hand to the girls but the way the boys came aboard made me think they were quite familiar with boats. The boys each handed me a cooler.

"I am correct that beer is allowed onboard your vessel?" he asked the captain.

"It is if you brought extra," he joked. "And I control the consumption," he added.

"Of course."

There were introductions followed by polite conversation about where they were from, what schools they attended, the usual college gab.

Adam and Andrea were both just graduated from high school but not from the same school. The other girl, Kate, had finished her freshman year of college and Caleb had just finished his sophomore year at Cornell, and they were celebrating his twentieth birthday a month early. He and Adam were friends from grade school.

I set the two poles and baited the hooks while they were talking and getting down to their swim suits. They were an impressive group of healthy, vibrant flesh; the boys especially, in my view, although the girls were both worth a second look, even from me. I asked who was going first. The girls both shied away.

"No thanks, I'll work on my tan," Andrea said.

"The only thing I want to do with smelly fish is to eat it at Red Lobster," Kate said.

I wondered why they had come along on a fishing boat, except to soak up the sun, sip cold beer and watch their guys in action. The two guys parked their tight butts in the chairs to fish while the girls sunned themselves in the lounge chairs that we furnished for spectators. I stood aside and watched the boys. They were both well built, athletically so, and nicely tanned. They were nice eye candy. The girls were babes, but my attention was focused on the guys; I did, after all, have to keep an eye on the equipment and the catch.

Very quickly, Adam got a bite and began reeling it in. After a few minutes I stood ready with the net. It was a large barracuda. When I had him in the net I took him over to the locker. The girls screamed and jumped up out of their chairs when I walked past them, making the boys laugh. They wouldn't even look at the fish in the locker. I closed the lid and baited Adam's line. The barracuda continued to thrash about inside the locker.

"Can't you just kill it?" Kate said. "Or throw it back? It's so ugly, surely you're not going to eat it."

"No barracuda are not good eating," I said.

The fishing went well; the locker was soon so full that we had to start throwing back their catch. The girls wanted them to throw back the ugly, mean looking barracudas but Caleb said he wanted to keep one to have it mounted and hang it in his dorm room. Caleb caught a king mackerel that would probably weighed 30 pounds. I told him we could deliver that to a restaurant that would cook it for them if they wanted to eat out. They were all for that idea.

When they were finished fishing I stowed the poles and showed them where they could wash up and get the fish smell off their hands. While they were doing that Caleb nodded to me to come closer.

"Listen, the fishing's been great, but we sort of had other things in mind for coming out on your boat, if you know what I mean."

"I think I get your drift," I said.

"So there wouldn't be any objection, from the captain I mean, if we plied the girls with beer and sort of made out."

"Don't know if you noticed the girls have already started

plying themselves while you guys were fishing," I said. "And the captain's focus is on this boat. He's not going to care if you more than sort of make out. Only thing is, when you start drinking there's no more fishing."

"That's fine. We've got different fish we wanta nail. Adam and Andrea are just out of high school, this is their first big adventure away from home. I wanta make it something they'll remember."

"Fine, but you realize I've got nowhere to go," I said.

"No problem, Bro. You can watch," he said. "Hell, maybe even join in, depending on how things progress."

The two boys had a quick confab and Caleb passed out beers to everyone then crawled on the lounge chair with Kate. But then he got up and took off his shorts, leaving him in a tiny white and blue Speedo.

"Oh, My Lord!" Andrea cried, covering her eyes.

"Whew! Now that's what I call a hot swim suit," Kate said with an admiring smile.

Caleb rejoined her on the lounge and cuddled up, sharing his beer with her.

Adam followed the older boy's lead, shedding his shorts too, down to a very brief boxer suit that bulged mightily in front; a lot more than Caleb's. Andrea seemed eager to welcome him to her lounge chair.

Within minutes they were making out and I saw Adam following Caleb's lead almost to the letter. When Caleb pulled the tie on the bottom of his girls' swim suit, Adam did the same. Caleb didn't try to remove the suit, he simply slipped his hand down under the garment. Kate moaned softly and pressed herself into his hand. When she moaned louder I knew he'd found her clit. The boy obviously knew his way around a woman's body.

It wasn't a big boat, only two chairs, so I couldn't help but see everything going on from where I sat on a bench on the slope deck, and hearing all but the softest whispers. Caleb was nuzzling Kate's neck and ear and whispering things to her that somehow made her reach down for the front of his swim suit, which caused him to moan.

"You know what would be really, really hot?" he said quietly. "Adam and I talked about it and it would be really hot to see you and Andrea make out together. I know, I know, it's a guy thing, but do you think Andrea would go along with it, just to humor us?" he cooed.

"I don't know, Adam would have to ask her," Kate said.

Caleb looked over his shoulder and said, "Adam....what we talked about....ask Andrea."

"Ask me what?" the girl wanted to know.

"Adam will ask you," Caleb said.

He whispered something and she squealed with laughter. "Have you ever done that, Kate?" she asked, raising up.

"Yes, matter of fact, I have, a couple of times and it's very erotic," Kate answered.

"Oh, my Godd, I can't believe I'm even thinking it," Andrea squealed.

"You'll do it then?" Caleb asked her.

"I guess I will if Kate will. I guess I might as well try it."

The girls were more willing than I would've expected. Caleb disentangled himself from Kate and stood away from the lounge chair. "You can come on over here," he told Andrea.

Andrea acted a little scared but she was excited and giggling as she went over to the other lounge where Kate lay stretched out with the bottom of her swim suit over only one hip. I noticed Andrea had tied her bottom at her hip again. I got the idea of getting the blankets out of the locker where we kept the life jackets so they could lay on the deck but I didn't say anything at first. The boys pulled the empty lounge chair up closer and sat down to watch. I noticed both of their suits were starting to bulge more.

As Andrea approached, Kate reached out to put her hand around the back of her thigh.

"How do we do this?" Andrea asked nervously.

"Turn around and straddle the lounge," Kate told her. The younger girl was almost trembling with excitement.

I decided to get the blankets. I handed them to Caleb and he and Adam spread them out four deep on the deck to make a pallet.

"Here, gals, come get comfortable," Caleb told them. The boys helped the girls up and guided them to the blanket where Kate urged Andrea to lie down. She took off her own bikini top then knelt down to untie Andrea's bottom and fold it aside. "Oh, my goodness, you shave. I love it," she exclaimed.

I thought she might go down on her right then and there but instead she moved up over and began kissing her. Andrea recoiled a little at first but quickly got into it as Kate began rubbing her tits against her and grinding her pubes against the other girl's shaved pussy.

"Holy Shit!" Adam groaned softly as his hand went to the front of his swim suit. He quickly moved it, glancing at Caleb with a look of embarrassment, but when he saw Caleb doing the same thing he went back to it.

Kate, with her experience, took the lead, moving from the kiss down to kiss and nibble on Andrea's tits. The girl moaned her pleasure as the other girl made her way down her stomach. When Kate buried her face between her legs, Andrea's mouth flew open and she clamped a hand over her mouth to stifle her outcry. She turned a soft pink with embarrassment as the other girl kissed her apex. The way she moaned I thought she probably gave her pussy a few licks. I saw Caleb shove the front of his suit down to free his hard cock. Adam saw him too, and did the same.

Kate really did a number on Andrea, so much so that she gasped that she wanted to do it to Kate. Kate gave her pussy a few more licks.

"Yes, I want to sixty-nine with you, but later. Right now......" She looked at the boys, smiling. "Right now, it's your turn," she told them.

Both boys stood up, peeling off their swim suits. Caleb went to the blankets and knelt down and started to reach between Andrea's legs but Kate stopped him.

"No, no, I meant it's you guys turn to do each other."

Caleb gaped at her in shock and Adam stopped in his tracks, on his way to the blankets. "No way," he said.

"You're kidding," said Caleb. "You can't ask us.....me and Adam.....I mean, what the hell could you possibly get out of that?"

"What do you get out of watching us? Let's just say it's a girl thing. I've always wanted to see two guys making out," Kate said.

"Come on, let's cut the bull," Caleb said as he reached out again, but Kate smacked his hand.

"No bull," she said. "No bull, no sex till we see you guys in action."

"Man, I ain't doing it," Adam declared emphatically. Then he asked, "You're saying there's not going to be any sex on this trip unless Caleb and I....Come on girls, that totally sucks."

"Well, I suppose you can watch us and jack off, I'm sure you are both very proficient at that."

I managed to keep a straight face. I thought Caleb might be weakening to the idea but he would have to bring Adam along. I decided to intervene.

"Hey, guys, I don't mean to butt in, but sucking cock don't make you gay, just like eating spaghetti don't make you Italian."

The guys continued to stare at me. The girls' faces lit up, they were apparently amazed at my logic.

"Now that makes sense," Kate declared.

The boys still hesitated but I could see the wheels turning. I was surprised that Adam spoke first.

"What do you think?" he asked his friend.

"Well, I suppose it ain't gonna kill us," Caleb said.

"And nobody would know," Adam said, sounding tentatively brave.

Caleb glared at the girls. "Right. Nobody would know," he said in a threatening tone.

"Not a soul," the girls agreed.

"Not a word to anybody, ever," Caleb repeated.

"On our honor," the girls agreed.

The two boys stood looking at each other for a moment.

"So, who goes first?" Adam asked.

"Doesn't matter, does it, if we're both going to do it," Caleb said.

There was a moment's hesitation as everyone waited to see which of the straight studs would make the first move. I found it hot, watching their mental parrying.

"What the hell," Caleb murmured as he went to his knees, clasping his hands on Adam's hips. After a few seconds' face off he finally put his tongue out to lick the underside of Adam's cock that was standing almost straight up. He made a funny face from tasting his precum but then licked again. "Fuck, man," he uttered quietly and pulled Adam's cock down and put his mouth around it.

"OOOOhhhhh," Adam moaned softly, putting his hands gently on Caleb's head. Caleb brushed his hands away and he let them hang at his sides.

The girls were all smiles, rather smirky smiles as they watched the big college stud sucking cock for the first time. After a moment, Kate reached over and put her hand between Andrea's legs and I could see her working her fingers into her pussy Andrea gasped with her head laid back.

Caleb gave Adam's cock a few more strokes then let his cock pop free. He reared back, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

"There, that satisfy you?" he said to the girls as he got to his feet. "Well, I guess not, you're satisfying each other. "Why're you resorting to a hand job when there are two hot cocks just bursting to satisfy you?"

"Adam hasn't done it," Kate pointed out.

"Yeah, Adam, you haven’t done it," Caleb agreed putting his hand on Adam's shoulder.

Adam bent his legs but whined, "Fuck, my legs are shaking so bad......"

"Come over here and lie down on the blankets and show us a sixty-nine."

"Hey, no, I've already done what you said. It's Adam's turn then......"

"That was barely a demonstration," Kate cut in. "You didn't really get into it. You haven't really had sex together yet."

Adam was already on his knees on the blanket. As he lay back, Kate reached out and took Caleb's hand and pulled him over.

"Can't you see he's ready for you? Come on, Caleb."

"Man, this isn't going to go too much farther," Caleb complained as he lay down beside his friend. There was another awkward pause and Caleb said, "It's your move, Adam," as he rolled onto his side, offering his cock.

Adam took Caleb's cock in his hand and stroked it as he eyed the ball juice coming out of the wide slit. "Fuck, man, you're leaking like a faucet," he said.

"Yeah, well, it's supposed to be use as lube, but since we're not getting any, you have to lick it up," Caleb said.

"How does it taste? I saw you licking mine off."

"Not so bad, really. Go ahead, you're wasting it."

When Adam began licking the stream of precum that was pouring out of Caleb's cock, Caleb put his hand on the back of his head and shoved his cock in his mouth. He misgauged the depth and choked him.

Adam reared back, coughing. "Geesuzz, don’t choke me with it, I'll do it in my own time," he growled.

"You guys are so pitiful," Andrea said, laughing. "Why don't you just do it, like you really care for each other."

"But we don't, not like this," Adam said.

"Maybe his would help," Kate said as she maneuvered herself into a sixty nine position with Andrea and buried her face in her pussy.

"OOhhh, Goddd!" Andrea cried out, muffling her outcry in Kate's pussy.

"Oh, Fuck! That is so hot!" Caleb swore as he eagerly took Adam's cock in his mouth and the two boys copied the girls.

I stood back and watched, stroking my hard cock through my swim suit. Godd, I wanted so bad to join in but I didn't dare unless they invited me. I saw an opening when Kate raised her head and told the guys that they wanted to see one of them fuck the other.

They broke apart, gaping at me in shock.

"No fuckin' way!"

"That's taking it over the top."

"But it's not taking it over the top if you guys fuck us?" Andrea said.

"Girls are built for it, we're not," Adam said.

"Well, if we don't put out, I guess that leaves you no

choice but to fuck each other," Kate said. "Personally, I'm very satisfied with Andrea."

"It's really not that bad." I almost looked around to see who had said it till I realized it was my voice. The boys looked at me with scowls of horror.

"Are you speaking from experience?" Caleb asked in a surly tone.

"I've tried it," I said.

"Then you must be gay," Adam said.

"It really doesn't matter, it feels the same," I said. "If you're going to try it--and it looks like you don't have much choice if you're gonna get any--it's a good idea to try a finger or two first."

The girls egged it on with louder moans and squeals as they eat each other's pussies. It got the guy's attention; they gazed at the girls with lustful longing.

"Fuck, what a waste," Adam murmured.

"Oh, nothing's going to waste," Andreas sang out between licks.

"Fuck, man, if we just had some pot," Caleb murmured, his eyes fixed on the girls.

I heard a sharp whistle from overhead. It was the captain, holding his closed hand out. He wanted to toss something to me. I held out my hands to catch a small brown bottle. Poppers. None of them saw it. The girls were busy and the boys were busy watching them. It was a new bottle and I stepped away to remove the seal with a knife. As I was doing that Kate presented the boys with a wonderful new incentive.

"Listen, if you guys will man-up and try it--you don’t have to actually fuck each other, just one of you take the other's cock in his ass--we'll fuck the guy taking it at the same time," she said.

"Why're you doing this? I mean where's this coming from? Did you girls plan this or is it just coming out of the blue?" Caleb asked. He said it with a scowl but I sensed that he was thinking about it even though he didn't want to.

"Oh, don't be a couple of pussies, just do it," Kate scoffed. "You first, Caleb, you're the college man, you ought to lead the way."

I stepped up with the bottle of poppers. "Here, this might help," I said. Then I handed Adam the lube I'd dug out of my jeans pocket.

The two boys looked at each other, Caleb with serious doubt on his face.

"Want me to show you?" I asked him.

"I don't think so," he said, eyeing the bulge in my swim suit.

"No, I mean you fuck me," I said.

He raised his eyebrows. "No shit, you can take this?" he asked, stroking his cock. He was big but I'd had a lot bigger a lot of times.

"I'll take you both," I said.

"At the same time?" Adam asked, laughing. He was joking but his laughter faded when I told him yes.

"Now there's a real man," Kate chimed in.

"Man, if you can take us both on at the same time, I'll do what they want," Caleb declared.

"But you can't finish," I said. "If you do, you'll be out of the mood."

"Sure, we can hold off."

I started to take off my suit but Kate stopped me.

"No, no, let him do it," she told me, then to them, "You both have to give him head first."

Caleb looked around with a scowl. "You know, bitch, when we get done doing all of this, you are going to get your brains fucked out," he growled.

She just laughed.

Caleb hooked his thumbs in the waist of my swim suit and tugged it down. My cock swung free and he reared back to keep from getting hit in the face. "Shit, what am I supposed to do with this?" Then he grabbed Adam by the arm and pulled him over beside him. "Come on, dude, I'm gonna need some help with this." With that he took my cock in his mouth, and without the hesitation I expected. Adam took the poppers from him and took a hit.

"Good idea," Caleb said, and he took the bottle back before Adam closed it up. Neither of them was a stranger to poppers and they went after my cock like they weren't strangers to that either. The girls clapped their hands and squealed with laughter.

I thought they would give me a few slurps and get off but I actually had to stop them several times so I wouldn’t go off and they got right back on it. Till Caleb reared back and said it was enough they were gonna fuck me now. He stood up and reached his arms around me and took hold of my butt. I drew my right leg up around his hip and he said, 'Yeah" and took hold of my other leg to bring it up. He cradled my butt in his hands and I reached back to guide his cock to my hole. When it was on target I eased down on it. When he was in Adam came around behind me. It took him several attempts before he got his cock shoved in but soon I was stuffed with their throbbing cock. It was good, for all of us, and I kept reminding them to hold off. But they fucked me long enough to realize how good it felt, and I hadn't even used any poppers.

When Caleb announced it was enough, Adam backed away, pulling his cock out, then Caleb set me down on my feet.

"Who's going take it first?" Adam asked.

Caleb had it figured out, if he went first that meant he would fuck Kate at the same time. "I will," he said. He lay on the blankets and put his hand out for the poppers. I gave him a couple of hits while Adam lubed up his cock and positioned himself. "Okay, dude, let's do this," he said bravely.

Having just fucked me with his buddy, Adam didn't need any lessons on where to put his cock. He shoved into Caleb with a determined thrust. Despite the poppers, Caleb put his forearm across his mouth to stifle an outcry. He put his hand on Adam's hip to pause him for moment and when he took it away, Adam started fucking him.

"Ohh, fuck," Caleb moaned softly. He sounded surprised.

And minutes later, he was moving his butt to meet Adam's thrust. I think for the moment he forgot all about Kate, till she spoke.

"I think he likes it," she said. That's when he turned his head, eyes a little bleary I noticed.

"Get over here," he growled.

Kate stepped astraddle him and wriggled her ass back into the groove of the boys bodies and I saw Adam guide Caleb's cock to her pussy.

"Ohh, My Godd!" Caleb groaned loudly as she began moving up and down on his cock, at the same time Adam was reaming his ass.

I rested back against the railing to watch them, and Andrea who was lying on the blanket fingering herself. I'd never seen two girls so hot for sex. When our eyes met she glued her gaze at me and I felt a jolting connection that I'd never felt with a girl before. She got up from the blankets and came over to me at the railing.

"I think you have a better view," she said.

I had a suspicion she wasn't there for the view and I felt panic. Surely she wasn't going to......Fuck, she is! She reached over and took hold of my cock and took my hand to place it at her pussy. We were out of Adam's line of vision but I didn't know what he might do if he looked around and saw us. I wasn't afraid of him, I was bigger than him, but I had to keep in mind that these were our customer/clients and I didn't want to piss him off. I was as scared as I was surprised when Andrea moved in front of me with her butt jutted back at me. She wanted to be fucked and her boyfriend was busy. I didn't want to piss Adam off but I didn't want her to be pissed either if I rejected her advances.

It was more than advances now, she was bent over with her pussy staring back at me. I'm gay but it turned me on. I think it was partly that I would be doing it in front of her boyfriend. Still, I hesitated. I was glad I did, because just then Adam looked around. He didn’t look pissed, just surprised, and he didn’t miss a stroke with his cock in Caleb's ass.

He didn't look pissed but he didn’t' sound happy either. "Geezuss, Andrea, what're you doing? You girls make us do all this gay shit and you're bent over for his gay cock. I tell you, if you fuck him, I'm not getting fucked in the ass by anybody."

"It's a deal," she said. "You don't have to get fucked.

I didn't think Caleb even heard her, he was too busy enjoying the double fucking he was getting.

Andrea backed up to my cock that I held out for her. She slid her warm, moist wet pussy down the shaft clear up to my balls and right away started fucking me. I leaned back against the railing with my arms spread out and let her fuck to heart's content. But soon I had to be the one to make the moves. I clasped her butt and started fucking her. It was good and I was pleasantly surprised to think I still had straight genes that came alive.

Adam took all he could. He pulled out of Caleb's ass--Andrea kept on riding him--and got to his feet and came over to us.

"Move over dude, it's my turn. She's my girl."

I eased Andrea away from me and sort of turned her hips around to Adam. He shoved in and fucked her hard. She turned the rest of the way around to grasp the railing. He fucked her so hard that he soon had her hanging over the railing. I stood by just in case I had to grab her, while I watched the two boys reap their rewards.

It was a couple of wild, hard, very long fucks. When they were spent and sprawled on the blankets in a tangle, I went to the cooler to get them each a cold beer as Captain was turning the boat around. He gave it some speed.

"Fuck, I got screwed more ways than one. I got fucked in the ass and you didn't," he complained to Adam.

"That wasn't my fault, Andrea said I didn't have to."

"Well, you're gonna get it when we get back to our hotel," Caleb promised.

It was a good sail and I was glad they were rich like Captain said; they each gave me a hundred dollar tip.



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