I came into the locker room ready for them, anticipating what would happen, even; a sort of nervous excitement that made my underarms prickle with sweat. Since that memorable day a few weeks ago, when Justin and nine of the other guys had fucked me in the showers, I'd grown adept at recognizing the signs of their lust. Glances from the corners of their eyes, a certain tension in the way they acted around me, whispered exchanges followed by laughter were all the clues I needed to know I was gonna get fucked.

That Friday was one of the few when there wasn't a game scheduled. Coach Baldwin had worked us extra hard at practice, held us an hour later than usual. We'd pushed through it and, as usual, I had lingered behind to help Billie and Mr. Baker, the assistant coach, clean up the field. Picking up balls, bundling the bats and hauling it all to the equipment room let me lag behind the other guys on the team. It was the only way to keep myself sane, a lesson I'd learned well. Billie gave me a dirty look on my way out but I ignored him like usual.

I knew if I came to the showers with the whole team I'd end up taking them all on, which had happened the day after the first time I'd been gang-banged in the showers. Getting it at both ends from the entire varsity team was no easy feat, and after it was over and I'd cum, I thought I was gonna die from a sore ass and a sour stomach full of cum. So now, I staggered my approach to the showers. It was simple, the guys that wanted to relieve some tension would linger back and wait for me. Sometimes there were just a couple, sometimes it was more, but I never had to worry about all twelve guys together since.

Gang-banged....the word echoed in my mind as I entered the locker room, batting helmet under one arm and the familiar smell filling my senses. Such a dirty word, such a slutty thing to do. It still made me feel a little guilty, no matter how much I loved it. I remembered when it had been burned into my brain. I was talking to Justin between classes after the second time, after I'd been royally fucked by the full dozen of them, three more than the first time as word spread among the players.

"You doing okay today?" he'd asked me as I pulled the books for my next class from my locker. He'd come up behind me quietly and startled me, making me jump a little.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I covered my moment of unease. I was still unsure of exactly what was being said about me around school and I moved from class to class anxiously.

"You seemed pretty wiped out yesterday, after all those guys...." He waved his hand rather than finish his statement.

"It was... pretty rough, but I'm doing alright today."

"So no regrets or anything? I feel kinda bad since I'm the one that sorta forced you to do it."

"No regrets, Justin, and you didn't force me to do anything I didn't want to do. I just didn't fully realize what I was in for. But I should probably thank you, you know... for making my orgy fantasy come true." I forced myself to meet his eyes as I said it. He broke into a grin before bursting into laughter.

"Orgy?" he whispered. "An orgy is when a bunch of people have sex together. You got gang-banged, dude. That's when a bunch of guys all fuck one bitch, um... person." I felt my cheeks heating up and couldn't look him in the face. Justin laughed some more then clapped his hand on my shoulder. "Come on, Kenny, let's get to calc or Mrs. Johnson will have a shit-fit." He steered me off to class.



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