Jack and I talked on the phone often. He was happy about my job but said he would rather it not go to full time. I told him I didn't think it would. It was more just when the Captain had clients. He asked casually about Marco, but never anything beyond how I liked the boy and how we were getting along.

Finally, a month after I arrived he called to say he was coming to St Thomas. I didn't know if he meant for good or if he was coming just for a visit, and I was so excited I forgot to ask. I could hardly contain my excitement. My life on St Thomas seemed like it was on pause waiting for him to get there and the waiting was killing me. As much as I liked Marco and having him in my bed, I anticipated Jack's arrival like a kid waits on Christmas morning.

I had learned my way around the island and I went alone to pick Jack up. When I picked him up at the airport I wondered if I should hug him. I shouldn't have wondered; he picked me up off the ground with a bear hug so tight he squeezed the breath out of me. God, he felt good.

"It is SO good to see you, Kenny," he gushed happily.

"You, too. I've missed you."

Outside the small terminal I started to get in the passenger side of the car.

"No, no, you drive," he told me.

I drove us home while Jack told me about his trip. I couldn't stop looking over at him and every time I did he was looking at me, smiling.

"Forgive me, I can't take my eyes off of you," he said. Jack kept his eyes on me for the whole drive.

He was happy but he seemed tired and run-down. He had lost some weight and there were dark circles under his eyes. I could see the strain of the last few months in his face and body, even his spirit seemed worn out.

At the house, we hauled his bags in and set them in the living room. Without any conscious decision I turned to him and dragged him into my arms. It still didn't feel right, somehow. I boldly forced him back to pull his shirt off and then mine; I was surprised at my boldness.

"I have to see you," I said. When I took him in my arms again it was like the whole world fell away. I hugged him tightly and he squeezed me just as strongly. Skin to skin, I breathed in the smell of him, felt his heart beat against my chest. The warmth of his body infused mine. I buried my face in his neck and cried, not because I was sad but because I was so happy. I hugged him tighter until his ribs creaked under my arms. I kissed his neck, his shoulder and anywhere my lips could reach easily. "Godd, I have missed you so much," I whispered.

I got hard but as much as I wanted to immediately fuck, a larger part of me wanted to just hold him like that for a while. His breathing was harsh in my ear but even that sounded so good. I could never explain it but the rush of emotion was more than I could contain. I felt like all my parts would fly apart if I didn't hold onto Jack Walker.

We stood there for what felt like hours before Jack forced a little space between us. He cupped my cheek and looked into my eyes. For the first time since before Justin's death I saw a hint of the old Jack. He wore a mischievous grin and I saw that daring spark of confidence in his eyes that had first drawn me to him. I searched his eyes and felt the smile forming on my face like the sun coming out. I'd held a little doubt that he might not want me here after all, that maybe I would remind him too much of Justin, but the doubts died in the face of his happiness.

"I really fucking missed you, Kenny," he whispered against my lips.

"Fuck, Jack," I responded before pressing into him and taking his mouth.

For as long as we'd stood still and held each other the next minutes were like life in fast-forward. We held onto a deep open-mouthed kiss and ground our loins together. I pushed my hands up into his dark hair and held the back of his head. His hands found my ass and his fingers dug in, making me moan into his mouth.

Jack let loose of my butt and his hands circled my waist. Before I could react he held me away from him and started to drop to his knees but I stopped him with my hands cupped in his armpits. He gave me a confused scowl as he brought my hands down.

"You've had a long flight, why don't we take a nice bath together. There is no shower......" I laughed, catching myself. "Of course you knew that."

"Do you want a shower? I'll have one put in," he said.

"No, I didn't mean that, I meant......"

"I know what you meant. And yes, I would love to get in the tub with you but as you said, it's been a long flight, and an even longer wait. So this first. Just for a moment."

I let him go to his knees. He pulled my shorts and underwear down off my hips without even unbuttoning them. He found my bobbing cock with his lips and whispered, "I have to taste you," and then he swallowed me whole. I gripped his hair to pull him off, there was too much sensation rushing around me but he pinned my hands behind my back with one of his. His other hand found my ass and he encouraged me to fuck his throat. I came hard about nine seconds later. Jack remained on his knees, holding my cock in his mouth, swimming in my own cum. He held me like that for a long moment, as if to savor me, before he swallowed my load. Finally, he stood.

"Godd, I needed that," he said. "Thank you. It was wonderful."

He was thanking me? When would he ever realize that it should be the other way around? We took his bags and went upstairs. Jack drew the bath and poured some bath scent under the faucet that burst into a mountain of bubbles. We took each other's clothes off and I stepped into the tub first, holding my hand out to him. But he submerged himself into the water and bubbles first and pulled me down to lie back against him. I wanted to cry it felt so good.

We lay like that for a long moment, languishing in the closeness of each other's bodies.

"So, how do you like our houseboy?" Despite the teasing in his voice, the way he said 'our' made my heart beat harder.

"He's a good kid."

"And how long did it take you to get him into bed?" Jack laughed.

"How much of a slut do you think I am?" I asked indignantly. I didn't wait for him to answer. Instead I grinned and told him, "The first night I was here."

"That's my Kenny. So... how was he?"

"He's a hot little fucker," I said

"And a good cook," Jack added.

"Yes, he's left a casserole for when you arrived."

"You're brown as a nut," he said, holding my arm up. He dragged a finger over my chest and down my stomach to where my tan turned to alabaster around my waist. I started getting hard again. "That's a mighty little swim suit you've been wearing."

"The Captain--you know, Robert--he said that part of the job is attractive advertising. So Marco took me to this bathing suit store down in the tourist part of town. I bought all these skimpy little bathing suits to wear on the boat. They were a little expensive but they're already making me more money so it was a good investment."

"You'll have to model them for me," he grinned.

"Like today we had this young couple on their honeymoon. I wore this little blue Speedo thing and the woman kept checking me out. So I flirted with her just like Captain said, even though I think it made her husband a little mad. But he was busy fishing. At the end she made him give us an extra hundred for a tip." I thought I might be babbling but he seemed interested.

"Well, you probably got her so turned he probably had to take her back to their hotel and fuck her silly."

I could feel Jack's cock pressing harder against my back. I moved to adjust our position but he pulled me back down.

"It's okay," he murmured in my ear.

And it was. It was more okay than it'd been in months. I languished not only in the tub, but in my happiness and contentment. We didn't talk much after that. We didn't have to.

Finally, I said. "You must be hungry, we should go down and see what that casserole is that Marco made for supper."

"I'm sure it has something to do with fish," he said as he moved his arms from around me. "I probably should build up my strength," he added with a chuckle.

He dried me off then went to open his suitcase before he dried himself. He took out several items and laid some of them aside. "I brought you these things," he said. He picked up a pair of cargo shorts and briefs and handed them to me."

They weren't new. "These are.....Justin's," I said, barely managing to get his name out.

"Yes. I thought you should have them. Unless you would rather not.....I'll understand."

"No, I......I would like to have them. Thank you, so much."

"I think he would want you to have them, instead of giving everything away to strangers." He stood back and dried himself off as he watched me pull on the tiny briefs.

"Yes, they fit you perfectly," he said.

I put the cargo shorts on and sat on the edge of the bed while Jack got dressed.

"You remind me so much of him," he said.

I couldn't think of anything to say to that.

Downstairs, I pulled the casserole Marco had left out of the oven. Even the plates were laid out along with a spatula, set on placemats. There was a note, "frosted glasses in the freezer." He'd even put some fresh flowers in a vase. I served us each a plate of the fish-and- whatever-else casserole.

I gave him his plate and took a seat across the table but it was too far away. I moved a chair right next to him and sat to eat. Whatever it was, it was delicious. I watched Jack eat and he seemed to enjoy it as well.

When we were finished eating I set about washing the dishes. Jack appeared beside me with two pieces of gum that he put in my mouth then he turned me away from the sink with a towel that he dried my hands with.

"This can wait," he said as he got a bottle of olive oil out of the cabinet. He led me into the living room where he sat on the couch in front of me and pulled my shorts down and off of me. He took a moment to press his face into my groin with kisses then he stood and ripped open his cargo shorts and let them fall to the floor. His cock tented his shorts and I pulled them down to let it spring free.

Jack drizzled some olive oil onto his cock then turned me around, bent over the arm of the couch and let some oil drip into my ass crack. He spat into his hand and added that to the olive oil.

"I'll make love to you later, but right now I just want you," he said huskily.

I landed in a sprawl over the arm of the couch and he pushed my legs apart just how he wanted me. Next thing I knew his big cock was pressing at my asshole and with a hard nudge I swallowed it up with a huff of air. No pain, no resistance; it felt perfect and meant to be. I felt my man was back. He only got in a couple dozen good humps and I felt his hot cum jettisoning into my channel. As soon as I felt it I started coming all over the arm of the couch with a shout.

Jack leaned over and hugged me up to his chest. When we'd both stopped twitching and grinding he kissed all over my shoulders, back and neck. He chuckled softly against my skin before he said, "I haven't come that quick since I was fifteen."

"Me either," I laughed. "God, I don't want you to ever pull out."

"It might be a little hard to go through life in this position," he teased as he pulled out. My ass let him go reluctantly.

I got up off the couch and reached for my shorts and underwear, still twisted around my ankles.

"If you get dressed now I might actually hurt you," Jack said, stopping me.

I just smiled at him and kicked the clothes away. I grabbed my briefs to wipe the streaks of cum off the couch. I went back out to the kitchen to finish washing the dishes.

"You don't have to do that," Jack said as he was putting the leftover casserole in the fridge.

"If you mean save it for Marco, no, I already told Marco when he started waiting on me hand and foot that I don't want him to be my maid. We have that understanding."

"Oh. All right."

Just watching the man, having him so close in my presence, I found myself fighting back tears again. I started rinsing the dishes so he wouldn't see me, my shoulders tense. The clink of his plate on the counter beside me startled me.

"Hey, what's wrong?" he asked as he slid his hands around my middle and pressed his chest against my back. His sticky cock found the split in my ass to nestle.

"It's just... everything." I choked back my stupid tears and forced the words around the lump in my throat.

"Tell me what's wrong, Kenny. Did I hurt you, was I too rough earlier? I know I was anxious, I knew it was too fast, probably too hard on you. I'm so sorry, baby." The little endearment was too much and I broke down for real.

"Not....not my ass," I managed to get out through the sobs. Jack swung me around and picked me up. I draped my arms around his broad shoulders and he carried me outside. He took us to the shower between the two small buildings. Still with me in his arms he turned on the water and the cold shocked me enough to stop my blubbering.

"I'm okay, sorry," I said. Jack let me down onto my feet and took my chin between his fingers.

"Just tell me what's wrong, Kenny." He looked so concerned and I felt bad for making him worry after everything he'd been through.

"It's stupid....nothing. You probably think I'm a dumb kid."

He kissed my lips and my nose then each eye. "Never, now tell me what's got you bawling."

"It's just....you're finally here. I lost Justin and then I couldn't even be with you. I was sad, so sad, and mad too. Mad that I couldn't go and be with you. And it was selfish 'cause I just wanted you to tell me everything would be fine and I wanted to be there for you, too. Only I couldn't....you know....intrude? Not when you were going through all that...," I finished with a hiccup.

"God, Kenny, I'm sorry. I knew it, knew how hard it was on you. I couldn't see past my own grief." Jack was starting to choke up as well so I hugged him. "I should've been strong for you, for both of us."

"You're here now, Jack. That's all that matters." I waited for his shuddering to subside before looking him in the eye. "Just promise that if anything ever happens, anything, we won't have to hide from each other like that again."

"I promise, Kenny, not ever again. I don't care if the whole world knows." We stared at each other for a long time before he finally smiled and I smiled back.

"You're shivering. Come on let's get you up to bed."

"Before we go in there's something I want to show you."

I took him around and showed him the lush, green vines that had grown from the shoots I'd brought along, and the roses that had grown so big. "These are from the shoots I brought from the planters from Justin's funeral," I said. "And the roses."

"They're beautiful. I'm surprised you got them through customs."

"They didn't check my bags that closely."

I noticed he was staring at them. I put my arm across his shoulders. "I wish it was him here with you, Jack, instead of just these flowers and plants. Instead of me," I said hoarsely.

"Don't say that. He wouldn't want you to be saying that, Kenny."

"I would give it all up, Jack. Even you, if you could have him back."

"Life's what it is," he said. "Does no good to dwell on what can't be."

He took my arm then and guided me away.

I was still shivering when we got upstairs. So was Jack.

"You know, that's the reason I took you down there to that cold shower, so you'd want to cuddle up to me," he said as we were crawling into bed.

In bed I put my mouth on every inch of Jack's damp body. It was like the time I worshipped Brady's body only I wasn't worshipping Jack's muscles so much as the man himself. I avoided his cock but when I got to his ass I couldn't stop myself. I buried my face and dug in with my tongue. I rimmed him until my tongue was tired and my jaw ached. I had him writhing and moaning with my fingers and tongue invading his soft little chute. When neither one of us could take anymore I grabbed the lube from the table beside the bed where I kept it in easy reach for when Marco spent the night. Without asking, I lubed his hole and my cock.

I had him on his belly when I eased my cock into him, relaxed and spread out for me. I kissed and licked on his neck. Despite my excitement at having him in bed with me I managed to keep myself in check. I fucked Jack long and hard before flipping him onto his back.

Jack drew his own legs back and welcomed me between them. I held onto his boulder-like shoulders and rested my weight on my elbows as I pushed my way back into his tight ass. His insides slid along my shaft like satin. I kissed him and started moving. I let my body set the pace while our tongues moved together. Pulling back, I stared into his eyes. We watched each other from inches away.

I felt more vulnerable yet less inhibited than ever. Though I'd had a lot of wild sex and lots of partners, that one act somehow seemed the most intimate. We'd stop to kiss but we'd always go back to watching while I fucked him hard or soft, slow or fast, deep or shallow; but always aiming for his pleasure. After, I felt like I'd fucked him for hours and maybe I had.

All I knew was that at some point I couldn't hold back any longer. I spurted into his body with the single most mind-bending orgasm I'd ever had. It went on and on, blacking out my vision and hearing. Jack had come sometime close to when I did, his warm cum sticking us together. All I knew was that my cock had shrunk out of his ass and I was collapsed over him but his arms were around me still.

In the morning I was still laying all over him. We talked quietly while the sun came up. Mostly we talked about stupid stuff: my job, school, family, his resigning and retiring, the stuff he needed moved from home and the special election for the new sheriff. Eventually we worked our way around to Marco, I was telling Jack about his health certificate.

"It scared me a little, Jack, because it made me realize I'm not back home anymore."

"It's not safe to fuck around with just anyone here. Not without a condom," he said. "So we'll both wear condoms with other people and save the bare-backing for when it's just the two of us. I'll buy us some today, Kenny."

"What about with Marco? We haven't been using condoms but he had that card."

"I'll talk to him. If he promises to use condoms with other people, well... do you think you can trust him? You're the one he's having sex with."

I looked up from where I was tracing designs in his chest hair to meet his eyes. "I do trust him, he's not the type to lie. And who says I'm the only one who's going to be having sex with him?"

"Oh, you think I will?"

I couldn't hold back the laugh when he asked me that with a straight face.

"Seriously?" I laughed. "So while I'm at work or school and it's just you and the horny houseboy with the hot body at home, you're going to... what? Talk about the weather?" That earned a long laugh from Jack before he could respond.

"You got me there. I kept my hands off him before but I was only here for a week or so at a time. How do you even know he wants to have sex with me?"

"He's been talking about you since I got here. Mr. Jack is so handsome. Mr. Jack is such a stud," I tried to mimic Marco's accent in a mooning voice. "The two of you will be fucking before the day is out."

"You're so full of shit, Kenny. I'll take that bet," he said and stuck his hand out to shake.

I won the bet because I gave Marco a heads up about Jack and he was blowing Jack an hour later after he'd brought us breakfast in bed. The fucking started soon after.



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