"Hey, kid. Waiting for a ride?" Brady called from his Jeep as he slowed to a stop in front of my house. He had the top off and all the windows down. The sun shone off his white wife-beater and made his lightly tanned skin look darker. I caught my own reflection in his sunglasses as I approached from my perch leaning against my car in the driveway.

"If you're the one driving," I told him with a grin. His tight shirt showed off his muscled body and the mass of his bulging arms and shoulders. Just the idea of being in that Jeep with such a physically perfect guy had my blood racing.

"Thanks for doing this, Kenny," Brady said as I climbed into his Jeep.

"No problem, dude." He waited for me to get buckled in before pulling away. I fought the urge to look back because I knew my sister was watching from the window. Thank God I'd told him I would wait for him out front. No telling what my evil little sister might've said if he came to the door. No telling what ideas she had in her evil little mind about Brady. I tried to picture them together but quickly dismissed it; it was too easy.

"I know I have to get on the highway headed east but you'll have to navigate once we get close."

"Don't worry, I know the way. I was just at the airport when Jack took his nephew a few weeks ago."

"Well, it's really cool. Not that I was worried about getting too lost but I don't wanna be late to pick up my buddy. You can't always rely on Google maps, you know?" He looked over at me and I nodded to let him know I heard him over the wind and the road. "The Sheriff don't mind me taking you away from him?"

"Nah, he and Justin went camping for the weekend. I think Jack's just realizing they don't have much longer before Justin starts his own life. I have the whole weekend free and clear." I'd woken up earlier than usual to get my chores done.

"Man, I can't believe you call him Jack," he said with a shake of his head. "I bet his own mother calls him Sheriff," he joked. I laughed, feeling proud. "They didn't want to take you along?"

"They asked but I didn't want to be a third wheel."

"Yeah, bet they have plenty to talk about." We both pondered on that until he hit the highway. "Bet a lot of guys have a lot to talk about after that orgy."

"So, how long has it been since you've seen this guy?" I was dying of curiosity about this friend of Brady's from the Marines.

"Cooper? We went through basic together and we've been tight ever since. We've been through a lot but I haven't seen him in about a year, not since we were discharged. He's a great guy and I know you'll really like him," he finished by flashing me a grin.

"You mean he's hot?" I asked and waited for heat to fill my cheeks but none came, surprising me.

"He gets his share of attention from the ladies, maybe more than his share. I've even seen him in action and he has a nice cock, a big one... not that I was really lookin' but, you know, that's where the pussy was, so couldn't help noticing his cock," he quickly amended. Something about the statement made me think that Brady had noticed more than pussy, on purpose.

"Where'd you see him in action?" I decided to ignore the topic of Cooper's cock.

"He's wild, bro, and the ladies love him; he's got this whole Texas-charmer thing he plays up. One time we were on leave in Tijuana and we got so drunk at this cantina, I mean drunk like I thought I was gonna die from it the next day. Anyway, we bought this hooker and fucked her all night. Coop's a total stud, that bitch couldn't even sit down when we were done with her. That was the night he got his first tattoo."

More and more I was getting excited to meet this guy.

As we approached the airport Brady told me more stories about Cooper and all the trouble they'd gotten in together. It was ironic to hear a guy like Brady, the same man who'd fucked me the first time we met in his boss's car and then fucked me a few days later with a nightstick, talking about another guy who he considered 'Really wild!' It was a little scary, too.

"See the sign? You take that exit," I pointed out.

Brady changed lanes to take the exit. I was glad I'd noticed because I could barely take my eyes off him as he drove. His left arm held the wheel at the twelve o'clock position and I watched his bicep jump every time he adjusted course, enjoyed the flash of the hair in his hollowed armpit. His right hand rested on the gear shift and every once in awhile he'd use it to scratch his tight belly. He caught me looking a few times but just smiled and shook his head.

"Listen, Kenny, we gotta be real careful about all of this. I wanta find out what I can about Cooper but I don't wanta reveal anything about myself till I'm pretty sure of him."

"I understand. We'll play it by ear."

After a few minutes we pulled up to the arrivals deck and Brady said, "There he is," rather excitedly.

Cooper stood there with his duffel bag over one shoulder. We pulled up with a honk and Brady put the Jeep in neutral, setting the parking brake before he jumped out. Cooper was already headed our way when Brady reached him. They were both all smiles as they shook hands and pulled each other in for a typical guy-hug, bumping shoulders with a pat on the back. I watched the whole exchange from the side of the Jeep and it was obvious they were happy to see one another.

I watched Cooper, already impressed. He was tall and lean, but not skinny, probably six-four or five, fuck almost a half foot taller than me. He wore a white v-neck t-shirt that clung to his chest and stretched over his shoulders, the sleeves bunching around his biceps. He had dark hair cut close to his head where it laid flat in swirls like it would be curly if it grew out. His eyes flashed a bright green even from where I stood several feet away; dark green, almost black a certain way they caught the light. His mouth was wide with thick lips that showed a perfect smile of straight, white teeth. He looked like an underwear model.

He flashed that smile at me from over Brady's shoulder, a smile like a pirate or an old-west outlaw would have, and I couldn't believe how handsome he was. Not like Jack's rugged good-looks, or Brady's brawny, all-American looks. Even Justin's boyishly masculine face couldn't compare to Cooper's perfection. He was the kind of guy that everyone would look at twice if they passed him on the street, partly because he stood out over everybody else.

"This is Kenny," Brady said as they stepped over. He took Cooper's bag and lifted it into the storage compartment behind the back seat.

"Howdy, Kenny, I'm Cooper or Coop. Nice to meet'cha." There was just a touch of a twang in the way he talked. He reached his hand out and I took it in mine, it was big and warm. Having all his attention on me left me stunned for a second. "I'll take it back now, boy," he said with a grin and pulled his hand out of mine. I blushed and ducked my head in embarrassment. If anyone else had called me "boy" it would've pissed me off but the way Cooper said, almost like an endearment, made me want to hear it again.

As Cooper chuckled I climbed into the back so he could have the front seat. Brady was already in and putting the Jeep into gear. Coop got in and Brady merged out into the steady flow of traffic while I was still recovering from watching Cooper get in the Jeep, the way he swung his fine ass into the seat.

"Brother, I been needing this for a long time," he said to Brady as we left the airport behind. "Haven't had a real vacation in so long. How've you been?" he asked and stretched before settling into a relaxed sprawl in the seat.

"I'm good, real good," Brady told him. "Man, it's good to see you. But what about you? How's Julie?"

That seemed to be the cue Cooper was waiting for. He started talking about his girlfriend Julie, cracking us up with stories of how she was trying to get him to pop the question. "Shit," only it came out "Sheee-it," with his sexy drawl. "All'a sudden I'm on every jewelry store's mailing list."

He moved on to stories about his job with the Border Patrol, living near San Antonio. He had a way of making everything funny. He kept us both engaged, glancing back at me often and filling in little details so I'd know what he was talking about, with a natural charm, just rolling from one subject to another. It wasn't until we were back in town that I realized he'd talked the whole way and my stomach hurt from laughing so much.

At Brady's apartment we all climbed out of the Jeep and I grabbed Coop's bag and carried it in for him.

"Thanks, Kenny," he said as he took the bag and turned to Brady. "Brother, I need a shower, beer and food. In that order."

Inside, he took his bag and squatted to pull out a small travel bag. When he stood Brady pointed him to the bathroom.

"Come on, Kenny, I'll take you home while Cooper showers."

"Let 'im stay, why don't you? Least you could do is let'im have a beer for his trouble," Cooper said.

I wanted to stay but I wouldn't have said anything. I had to wonder, though, why Brady all of a sudden wanted to get rid of me. I gave Cooper a grateful smile and he nodded before going on to the bathroom.

"Thought you had to get back," Brady said, loud enough for Cooper to hear him.

"Naw, I'm good for a little while," I said. I looked at Brady, wondering if he meant it about taking me home. But he was smiling.

"First hurdle," he said with a grin. "He wants you to stick around. You want a beer?"

"Sure," I said and followed him into the kitchen, relieved that it was all part of the plan.

"He's something else, huh?" Brady said as he handed me a beer from the fridge.

I took a nice long drink. It felt really good going down after the sun and wind from the ride to the airport and back.

"Don't drink it too fast. I can't bring you home drunk," he warned me, only half-serious. It was the second time he'd mentioned taking me home but I knew if I had my way I wouldn't be going anywhere. He took two more beers and I followed him back into the little living room. Maybe he was nervous about this plan of his to see if his old buddy would be into a little guy-on-guy action, I thought.

I took a seat on the couch while Brady settled into the easy chair. He flipped on the TV to ESPN. It was only a few minutes later when I heard the water turn off in the bathroom.

"I see the beer, now let's talk about food," Cooper said from behind me. "All's they gave me on the plane was some lousy pretzels." He strode into the space between me and the TV to get the cold beer off the table. He only had on a short towel wrapped around his lean hips; a towel folded in half. He stood right in front of me as he popped open the beer and leaned his head back to take a long swallow. It was like he was putting on a show for me and I gaped at him in amazement.

His skin still looked moist from the shower and was an even light tan all over. Cooper had broad shoulders and a tiny waist. His pecs were square and defined like the rest of his body, not as thick and meaty as Brady's but still impressive. There was a small diamond of hair in the middle, sparse black curls, and a thin trail leading down from his belly button. He had abs like a stone wall that rippled and flexed with each move he made. His forearms were ropy with muscle that swelled into impressive dimensions up to his capped shoulders. He was built long and lean and incredibly masculine. I couldn't help staring, my eyes wandering over him and the arching bulge behind the towel.

"What do you feel like?" Brady asked.

"Hmm, how about pizza? Remember that place in San Diego... Vinnie's? They had the best Hawaiian style pizza." He raised the beer and finished it off before setting it back on the table.

"There's a place called Vinnie's here," I found myself speaking up. "They have really good pizza. I mean they have the best Hawaiians in town. I mean, I think they do...," I finished lamely and glanced over to Brady to see if he agreed. It was the place my parents always ordered from when we had a family pizza night and I thought it was the best. Cooper's nearly naked body was very distracting.

"I guess it's pretty good. I only ever ate there once, but the guys at the station all love it," Brady confirmed. I couldn't imagine Brady, the health nut, eating pizza or burgers from Miller's Drive-In.

"Let's do it then. I'm starving," Cooper said while rubbing his big hand over his stomach.

"Do they deliver?" Brady asked me.

I told him that they didn't but I'd be happy to go pick it up, but Brady wasn't having it since I'd already had some beer. He would go pick it up himself. He pulled out his cell and found the place then called in an order. In the meantime Cooper helped himself to Brady's unopened beer and took a sip. Brady ended the call and pocketed his phone as he stood up.

"Al'right, I'll go get it and be right back, Coop. Come on, Kenny, I can drop you off at home on the way."

This was the third time Brady wanted to take me home; I was beginning to wonder if maybe he was really serious about it. I thought he wanted me to stick around, as part of his plan.

"Nah, let him stay," Cooper said. "Least you can do is feed him for taking the time out of his weekend to come and help get me."

"Uh, I don't know, don't you have stuff to do?" Brady asked me with a twinkle in his eye. That made me think he was back to kidding; that he did want me there, he was just seeing how bad Cooper wanted me there.

"No, graduation is in a few weeks and all my classes are pretty much wrapped up. I already studied for my finals and I'm ready for them, so not really. And my parents are eating in town tonight so they can pick me up later then you won't have to drive me home." I made it all up on the fly. In truth my parents already thought I was staying the night at Luis' house after going to the airport with Brady. I'd wanted to be prepared for anything. As he was leaving, Brady gave me a quick wink when Cooper wasn't looking. Okay, we were back on plan.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of the young'un for you," Cooper volunteered.

Brady looked back and forth between us for a minute then he shrugged and pulled his keys out of his pocket with a quick, "Be right back," and he left. I thought he didn't look too happy. I wondered what the fuck was going on, did he want me there or not?

Cooper sauntered over to his bag and dropped into a squat as he pulled out some clothes. It was the first time I'd seen his bare back and I couldn't believe it. There was a large tattoo covering most of it, two flashing scimitars that looked ready to clash right in the middle. One started up on his right shoulder and the other began under the towel over his left buttock. They were etched in dark lines and gave the impression of movement whenever he moved. I found them unbelievably hot.

Coop looked over his shoulder and caught me staring. With a wink he asked me, "You like my ink?" I nodded that I did.

"I'm gonna get more," he told me as he stood up. "Maybe a Valkyrie holding the sword here." He traced the fingers of his left hand over his right shoulder and, turning toward me, down his right pec. I noticed he left his bundle of clean clothes on top of the bag.

"That would look really cool," I managed to get out. His thick lips stretched out in a grin as he walked toward me.

"What's cool is how this has worked out. I was wanting to talk to you in private but we don't have much time." He sat on the coffee table directly in front of me. The towel spread open to reveal his strong thighs all the way up to where the towel was folded over itself. He leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees, right into my personal space.

"What did you want to talk about?" I asked. His good looks were a little intimidating but his smile and mischievous green eyes helped me relax.

"You... and my ole' buddy, Brady." He said it in a lazy drawl that sent shivers down my spine because it was so sexy. "He talks about you a lot."

"Yeah? What does he say about me?"

"You know he had a hard time moving here after he was discharged. I worried about him some," he said without answering my question. "He had a hard time making friends, says he hasn't had much time to meet any women, let alone fuck 'em." He watched for my reaction but I didn't have any, I was too busy thinking about what he'd said.

"So what does that have to do with me?" I asked when his scrutiny became unsettling.

"Well, all a sudden, 'bout a month ago, he starts talking about Kenny this and Kenny that. 'On Friday I'm going to Kenny's game,' or 'Me and Kenny went to the gym.' Now that I see you I think I'm beginning to get the picture. Guess you've been good for him." He laughed a good belly laugh that made his abs tighten and dance.

"And why's that?" I asked him, fighting to keep my eyes on his.

"You're a good lookin' cuss, regular stud in the making. But your eyes've been burning into my skin since I met'cha. And then I think how Brady said he had a friend that might want'a try the 'Tijuana Special' and...?" He shrugged and cocked an eyebrow at me.

"What's the Tijuana Special?" He sat up and I breathed a sigh of relief. His smile was bright and big as ever.

"He ever told you about our time in Tijuana and the Tijuana Special?"

"No he never mentioned anything about a Tijuana Special."

"Well, Brady and me, we met this whore in Mexico and she offered us the Tijuana Special. She let us both fuck her in her pussy," he held up his left hand as he spoke and made a circle with his thumb and fingers. "At the same time." He held up the first two fingers of his right hand then pushed them through the ring of his other hand a few times. "She screamed like we was rippin' her in two the first time but then she couldn't get enough. Wildest fuck I ever had. You know any of Brady's friends that might be up to trying something like that, Kenny?"

"I don't really know any of Brady's friends. He hasn't talked about them." I wasn't sure where he was going with this.

"Then do you know anyone else who might be up for it?"

"Um, well, I...," I wasn't sure how to answer that. "I know some girls who put out but I don't know about a Tijuana Special," I said laughing.

Cooper had gotten us more beer and I was nursing mine. I didn't want to get drunk; I needed a reasonably clear head to carry out this little mission that I thought Brady had planned.

Before we could go on, Brady returned with the pizza and we sat around the coffee table to eat and drink. I sat on the floor across from the two Marines on the couch, where I could look up between Cooper's legs. If he saw me stealing furtive glances he didn't seem to care. At one point he crossed one leg over his other knee, fully exposing his balls resting on the couch and a long cock draped over them. I had to grab another sip of beer to wash down the pizza I almost choked on.

I was more or less a spectator, listening to the two Marines tell stories, and a runner to get more beer. The beer was flowing freely; too freely for me and I held off several times from taking another beer when it was offered. Brady and Cooper weren't so restrained and they were soon at the stage where everything was hilariously funny one minute and somberly serious the next. Things weren't working out the way I expected; they were getting drunk. At one point Cooper leaned over onto Brady's shoulder like he'd passed out. Brady took his beer bottle and handed it to me, then downed the rest of his own beer.

"Fuck, man, just like old times; fucker never could hold his beer," Brady said. "Can you help me drag his sorry ass in to the bed?"

"Sure." I jumped to my feet, anxious for the chance to actually get my hands on Cooper's body. Brady pulled him to his feet and ducked under his shoulder, me on the other side. Brady wasn't very steady on his feet himself and it ended up, me maneuvering them both into the bedroom. On the way, Cooper's towel fell off and we collapsed him on the bed naked then straightened him out on it. That's when I saw the tattoo etched around the base of his thick cock; two strands of barbed wire. It was so sexy.

"Fuck, it's good to see him again," Brady said. "Even if he is passed out drunk.

Brady was teetering at the edge of the bed, like a tree in a windstorm.

I laughed. "You're not far from it yourself, Brady. Why don't you crash there beside him, save me the trouble of dragging your ass onto the bed."

He gave me a stupid grin and rolled his eyes as he set his knees in the edge of the mattress, twisted around and flopped down beside his buddy. Then he suddenly raised up.

"He can't wake up and find us like this, in bed together and him naked," he said in a whisper. "We gotta put some shorts on him."

"I thought that was sort of the point," I whispered back.

"Go get a pair of shorts out of his bag."

I dug out a pair of briefs from Cooper's bag and took them in the bedroom. "Like these are going to make much difference," I said, holding them up. They were so skimpy I didn't know how he would fit everything in them but we managed to get them on him. I got a better look at his tattoo; it was like a pair of interlocked rings, except one wasn't a complete circle. And they were rough around the edges, like tiny barbed wire.

We got the shorts on Cooper and Brady lay back down beside him.

"You guys need a blanket?" I asked.

"Naw, we'll be fine. Thanks, Kenny."

"I haven't done anything yet," I said.

He smiled and his eyelids fluttered and suddenly he was out. I pulled Brady's shoes off and laid a blanket over their feet just in case they needed it. Then I stood and watched them for a long moment, wishing things had turned out differently. I left them in their dreams, wondering even more how it was ever going to work out. I sacked out on the couch, it was only seven, and turned on the TV.

Sometime later I woke up from a light doze. The TV was still on with the sound set low. I heard sounds from the bedroom and went in the kitchen to put on a pot of coffee. I started to go in the bedroom but thought better of it when I heard muffled voices, thinking they should have the time alone, sobering up together like they'd got drunk together, as I was sure they'd done many times. I had already decided that my part in all of this would be minimal. I would be one of the props, but Brady and Cooper would have to play it out between themselves. I did stand aside from the door to listen.

"Who put us to bed?" Cooper was asking.

"Me and Kenny dragged your sorry, drunken ass in here then I sort of collapsed in bed on my own," Brady said.

"Ah, so you crawled in bed with me of your own free will," Cooper said, sounding as if he were only half joking.

"If you can call being drunk, free will. I was pretty drunk but I was still awake," Brady said.

"Last I remember, I was wearing a towel. Who put my shorts on me?"

"Who do you think? Same ones who dragged your ass into the bed. I knew you you'd have a shit fit if you woke up naked with us in the same bed."

"Not as long as you got your clothes on," Cooper said.

"That didn't bother you when we were in Tijuana that time," Brady said, laughing. "Shit, I was just as naked as you, we were rubbing cocks."

"Ahh, yes, the old Tijuana Special," Cooper drawled, remembering. "Wildest sex I ever had. I was telling Kenny about that. Thought he might know somebody willing to do it again, you said you might. He said he doesn't think you have any lady friends. What's up with that?"

"Well, I'm new to the area, then I enrolled in the academy right away when I got here. And now I am a rookie, that always requires a lot of extra effort. It's hard, I have to be a role model – a part of the community. Sheriff Walker would have my balls if I went around fucking everything that moved."

"Fuck, you used to be the biggest pussy hound in the barracks," Cooper said. "There's surely one woman you're banging."

Brady laughed. "Yeah, but I don't think she'd be interested in doing a Tijuana Special with us."

"Man, I would sure love to try that again," Cooper said. "I can still almost feel our cocks sliding together in that warm, tight, little hole. Hey, were we that drunk?"

"Last night? Yeah, fucker, you passed out on my shoulder," Brady said.

"No, the night in Tijuana."

"I think we were more horny than drunk," Brady said, laughing. "Hell, you tried to proposition that sailor to do it for us."

"Oh, fuck, I forgot about that. What'd he say?"

Brady laughed again. "Oh, he was smiling and willing, but just not to take on both of us at the same time."

"It was a dumb thing we did, Brady, not using condoms," Cooper said, sounding suddenly more serious or melancholy. "We could've come away with all kinds of strange diseases."

"I've often wondered if we came away as daddies," Brady said.

"A kid can only have one daddy," Cooper said. "Hey, speaking of that sailor......naw, forget it."

"What?" Brady asked.

"Nothing. Forget it."

They were so close to it, I was sure. I thought Brady would press him. When he didn't, when it was silent, I decided to move in, as a sort of moderator. I quickly went back to the kitchen and poured two cups of coffee and carried them into the bedroom.

"Thanks, Kenny," Brady said.

"Damn, Brady, you've got your own houseboy. He puts us to bed, put my shorts on me, now he brings us coffee."

"Kenny's a good friend. One of the first friends I made when I moved here."

"That all?"

I froze inside.

"What do you mean?" Brady asked.

"Well, all I've heard now for the last couple of months is Kenny this, and Kenny that. I show up for a visit and it's still Kenny, Kenny, Kenny. Not a word about fixing us up with some women. Or have you signed off women?"

"I told you, there's not been time to get out and meet women. I had to go through the academy, and now I'm a rookie, I have to go the extra mile."

"So in other words you don't know any pussy around here. Nobody to do the Tijuana Special."

"Fuck, what a time that was," Brady said, laughing.

"Yeah, I never forgot how that felt, both of us reaming her pussy at the same time."

"Yeah, our cocks rubbing back and forth, all wet and sloshy with her pussy juice. Surprised she was able to walk for a week after that," Brady said.

"We sure got our money's worth," said Cooper.

"What'd we pay her anyway, do you remember?"

"Fifty bucks I think."

Cooper laughed. "Fifty bucks for a double-up like that, I'm surprised we didn't walk away with something besides our rocks off."

I didn't know whether to go or not. One minute it sounded like the conversation was heading them in the right direction, the next they were way off track; just talking old memories. I decided to go ahead and see if I might offer a new focal point.

"Oh shit, Kenny, I should've had you home by now," Brady blurted.

"That's okay, I called home, told them I was staying the night. It's all cool."

"How about you, Kenny, do you know any girls who would be interested in putting out for a couple of horny Marines?" Cooper asked as he patted the edge of the mattress and scooted more to the middle.

"I know girls who put out but I don't know about the Tijuana Special," I said, laughing.

"I wanta ask you something, Kenny, and I want you to tell me the truth," Cooper said. "Did you help us both in here to bed, or did Brady come sneaking in here later and crawl in bed with me?"

I grabbed it as a perfect opening. "Brady and I watched TV for about an hour after we put you to bed. I fell asleep, I don't know when Brady snuck off and crawled in with you."

"Hey, that's a lie!" Brady exclaimed. "We both carried him in here and you saw me drop right down beside him."

I laughed. "Actually, I saw him drop right on top of you, but I dragged him off. That's when I thought I'd better put some shorts on you."

"You little fucker!" Brady shouted, throwing his pillow at me.

I ducked and Cooper pulled me down and tightly into him to protect me.

"Come on, Kenny, I'm taking your ass home," Brady growled as he started to get up.

But Cooper pulled him back down. "No you're not. I need him here for protection in case you get any weird ideas."

"A lot of protection he'll be," Brady said. His words, and more his tone, hung like a pall over the room. On top of that, our eyes met and shifted, and Cooper noticed it all.

"What's that mean?" he asked quietly. "Hey, what's going on, guys? There's something.....I.....don't know?"

"What do you want to be going on?" Brady asked.

"Is that a loaded question, or a trick question?" Cooper asked.

"Either way I don't think I would answer it if I were you," I joked. "He's trained in interrogation, you know. He can have you saying things you don't wanta say."

"Is that true, Brady? You can draw stuff out of people they don't wanta admit? Even make 'em admit stuff that ain't true?"

"No, I only want to get at the truth. Nothing else would stand up anyway."

"To quote a famous line, I don't know if you can handle the truth," Cooper said.

"Try me."

"Can I expect the same from you?" Cooper asked.

"I never lied to you," Brady said.

"I don't know about that, buddy.....if we've been lying to each other."

"About what? If I lied to you, Cooper, it wasn't on purpose."

"Yeah, I'm not saying a lie, just not telling the whole truth?"

"That what you've been doing?" Brady asked.

"Holy Shit! You guys are pitiful," I said, pulling away from Cooper and getting off the bed. "I never heard so much dancing around an issue. Why don't you just come out and say whatever it is you want to say to each other?"

"And what would that be that you think we want to say to each other?" Cooper asked.

"You've been buddies for how long? And you need me to tell you? A real buddy would know what his buddy is thinking; what he wants and needs. Hell, I've got a closer relationship than that with my teammates. And you guys are Marines."

They looked away from me and my outburst, and their eyes met. It was an unsteady gaze at first, but then their eyes locked and I knew I'd hit a nerve. I wasn't sure which one would blink first, or if either of them would blink.

I threw up my hands. "I was going to fix breakfast but fuck it, I think I'll go home. You guys have got stuff to work out."

"What?!!" Cooper blurted. "What's he saying?" he asked Brady.

"Geezuss, you're big boys, figure it out." I started to leave. I hoped they would stop me but I was prepared to make good on my threat and walk out.

"Wait!" Brady said.

"Yeah, hold on," Cooper said. "He's right, we've got shit to work out, but he don't have to leave for us to do it. I'm being a gutless wonder. There is something.....I wanted to bring it up so many times back since basic. I've been nervous as hell about seeing you again because I swore I would bring it up, but I didn't know if I'd have the guts. I don't think I would now if not for Kenny. You see, I.....well, you see, Brady, I......I'm bi. And I've had a bad case of the hots for you ever since basic, ever since that first time I walked into the showers and there you were. It scared the hell out of me when those feelings rushed over me. I still liked women--hell, you knew that--but we were isolated from women for too long and I figured that was the reason you were looking so good. But then.....well, it's been a long time since basic training and I've had plenty of women, plenty of men too for that matter, and those feelings never went away." He let out a long sigh. He looked down in his cup then took a long sip while looking across at Brady for his reaction. "There, you've got my guts laying there in your lap, Brother, what're you going to do with them?" he asked.

"Geezuss, Coop," Brady breathed.

"Don't tell me I blew my cover unnecessarily," Cooper said.

Brady was shaking his head. "No, man, you didn't. Fuck, man, I never had a clue."

"You better not have, I tried to hide it," Cooper said, laughing. "So, where does that leave us? I know I'm not the man you thought I was. So if you want me to pack my ass up and get out, I'll understand."

"I just....never expected to hear that from you. I thought I....." He looked away.

"You what?" Cooper asked. "Come on, you said I could expect the same from you.....the truth," he reminded him.

"Well, I......" Brady glanced in my direction, as if to draw strength from me. I'd given him enough strength. "I never bothered to put a label on myself, but.....well, I, uh.....I sort of play for both teams myself sometimes." He had to stop and swallow a lump in his throat. "When I saw you at the airport, it was all I could do to....man, I couldn't hardly stop looking at you. Then when you came out of the shower......FUCK....I don't know how I kept my hands off of you." He looked down at him, with a sharp glance at me. "That enough truth for you?"

I saw how hard it was for him to admit it; harder than it was for Cooper, it seemed.

Cooper looked at me. "Did you know this about Brady?"

"Yes. But it had to come out between the two of you," I said.

Cooper looked at Brady. "You weren't going to tell me, were you? I mean, you kept trying to take Kenny home. Like, you were afraid I might find out from him. But you were going to try to get me to 'fess up about myself."

"No, Cooper, it wasn't like that at all," I spoke up before Brady could. "Brady kept saying he wanted to take me home to find out how bad you wanted me to stay."

"You fucker!" Cooper said, laughing. "You baited me! And you used Kenny for bait."

"It worked, didn't it?" Brady said.

Cooper laughed and finished his coffee. I stepped in to take his cup. "And we got fuckin' drunk and wasted a whole night," he lamented. "That is totally unacceptable."

"Well, we can't do much about that, last night is gone," Brady said.

I sat up. "I think I'll take off," I said. I waved Brady off with, "Don't.....it's a nice night for a long walk."

"No, I.....I'll take you," he said.

"Why don't you just stay?" Cooper said.

"He's giving us our time alone," Brady said in a kindly tone, not like he wanted to get rid of me now. "We'll get together though, the three of us.....after me and you......." He didn't have to finish; Cooper understood.

"That still leaves one question unanswered," Cooper said, looking back at me. "Where do you fit in? I mean, really. Besides being the bait."

"Well, I pretty much try to fit in wherever I'm wanted," I said.

"And what if I wanted....we wanted....you to fit in right here?" he asked, moving to the edge of the bed as he patted the middle.

"I guess that depends on if Brady still wants to take me home," I said.

"Get down here, fucker!" Brady leaned up to grab my hand but Cooper beat him to it and pulled me down between them on my stomach. They were both all over me, Cooper's hands all over my body, feeling my muscles, and Brady tugging at my shorts. Together they pulled my shorts off and Brady laid them over Cooper's face and he just lay there breathing deep. They left my T-shirt on.

I was getting hard fast. Cooper pushed me straight up on my knees and his eyes grazed my body. He put both hands out to take hold of my cock. They felt good; rough but tender.

"Fuck, Brady, you sure picked the right kid for bait," he said as he stroked my cock.

I took a cock in each hand.

"Geezuss, Brady, I don't know how you keep your clothes on around this guy. He's fuckin' hot," Cooper said.

"Uhhh....out of curiosity, Coop, what about Julie?"

"Julie's bi, like me, she understands," he said as he laid his hand on my shoulder. "She likes them pretty little lesbians, especially the young ones, she likes how they eat her pussy. And I like watching them."

"You watch your girlfriend making out with other girls?" Brady said. "Does she watch you making out with guys?"

"No, we pretend that never happens, although we both know it does," he said, laughing. Meanwhile he had maneuvered me out of my shirt and was feeling me up good. "Me, though? When it comes to men I'm partial to pretty-boy muscle jocks, like Brady found for me."

I smiled at him and leaned in to lick his bottom lip before sucking on it. Cooper groaned and I released his lip to go exploring along his jaw, he tilted his head back and gave me access to his neck.

Cooper continued to pump our cocks as he tilted my head up and traced a line with his tongue from my collar bone up over my Adam's apple to the bottom of my chin. The whole situation was turning me on like crazy, especially Coop's attention, and when he finished his circuit a second time I couldn't take it. I shook off his palm and faced him for another deep kiss. His tongue entered my mouth and teased around the edges before plunging in to rub over the top of mine.

"Aw God," I pulled away to gasp. "Gotta stop a second, it's too much." I pulled Coop's hand away from my sensitive cock.

"Soon as you get it calmed down I want ya' to show me you know how to use that big piece of meat, boy, gimme a good ride." I had to pull on my balls and strangle my cock when he drawled that out.

I didn't want to hurt Brady by ignoring him but in the end I decided to trust their relationship and I turned my attention to Cooper.

He shifted on his knees and moved up to me until we were just inches apart, both of us on our knees facing each other. We leaned in at the same time and then we were kissing and touching one another everywhere. Our hips rocked together as I explored his hard, lanky body with my hands.

"Fuck, you two are something," Brady said, and I could tell by his tone he wasn't hurt or mad. It sounded like he was happy that me and his best buddy were getting it on so well.

"Jump in here and you're gonna get as good as you give," Cooper said as a warning.

"I don't wanna get fucked," Brady was quick to comeback.

"Can't promise you that," Coop said. "I've never lied to you, Brother, or made promises I couldn't keep, and you not getting your ass fucked is a promise I can't keep."

"You're right and I've never pussy'd out on anything in my life. Besides," he said as he put a hand on each of our shoulders, "I've always kinda' wondered what it would be like with you."

"Same here, Bud," Cooper said and took Brady's big cock in his hand. "Shit, that's a bronc-buster if I ever saw one. Can't even get my hand around it." Coop gave it a few experimental pulls as we all watched the action.

"Just wait till you have to get your ass around it," Brady said.

Cooper looked up and met Brady's eyes. I watched the battle of wills and then they both laughed and the last of the tension disappeared.

"So, how's this gonna work?" Brady asked. Cooper leaned over and pressed his mouth to Brady's and took it in a long hard kiss, their tongues and lips battling. I swear I heard Brady squeal and it was so fucking hot to see the two of them making out. When they parted for air Brady turned to me expectantly.

Brady knew how to kiss like he knew how to do everything else; perfectly. He gasped into my mouth and I pulled back to find Coop's head in his crotch, his mouth capping Brady's cock. We watched Coop work for a while then started kissing again. Coop found my cock and stroked it then switched back and forth between Brady and me, stroking one and blowing the other. My hands roamed over Brady's amazing body and for the first time I felt him doing the same to me, making everything feel better.

As good as it felt I wanted a taste. I pulled Coop up and gave him a swift kiss before leaning over to sample his cock. It was long, at least ten or eleven inches, and kind of skinny. Except for a couple of inches midway down the shaft where there was an obscenely thick bulge before it slimmed then widened at the base. I wondered how that thing would feel inside me, knowing it would go deep. I couldn't wait to get my mouth on it.

The two of them moved closer together. I followed Coop's lead and alternated working their cocks with my hand then my mouth. The position was awkward and I worried I wasn't doing a very good job. Exasperated and hungry for more I pulled off and told them to lay down. I positioned them so they were facing each other, butt to butt, balls to balls, so I could bend over their middles and suck them both at the same time.

"Holy shit, look at that!" Brady gasped.

After a couple of minutes I rose up and told Brady to trade places with me. The look of panic on his face would've been funny if it wasn't so unexpected.

"You want me to suck both of you my first time out?" he asked.

"We could skip it and get straight to the fucking," Cooper joked. "We could ease you into it. How about you start with Kenny's ass, get a good taste and work your way up to the front? I know you've done that before."

"Okay, I can do that," Brady agreed. Cooper had me lay on my back with Brady on his knees. I shoved a pillow under my lower back and got comfortable before pulling my legs up and back from behind the knees. I was a little surprised, being in front of his buddy but Brady had no problem diving in and forcing his tongue into my hole, making me groan.

From my position I watched Cooper come around behind Brady, watched his head duck down so I could just see his eyes over the round hills of Brady's ass. I knew the instant his tongue made contact with Brady's ass by the way the big guy shivered and groaned. I'd done at least that much to him before. Meanwhile the assault of his tongue on my opening was driving me wild.

Brady gave a grunt and pulled away from my ass to ask, "Christ, is that just your finger?"

"Relax, and try his balls. See how they taste."

Brady wasn't quick to follow Cooper's advice but as he went back to my asshole he let his tongue linger higher and higher along my taint. It was only a few minutes before he was lapping at my balls, then taking them into his mouth only to let them out a second later. He closed his eyes and rested his forehead against my thigh.

"Aww, aw God, you found that spot," Brady groaned.

"Feels good, huh?" Cooper asked. Brady could only nod against my thigh. "Try his cock, see how it tastes, Brother." Coop's voice was low and gentle.

I held my cock up at the base and watched Brady open his eyes. He eyed my shaft up and down then slowly moved to lick it. He lapped over it a few times then took the head in his mouth. Just the sight pushed me to the edge. I had to grind my teeth together and close my eyes to stop my climax. He wasn't really good at it but the more he took in the more he seemed okay with it. Gradually there was less teeth and more lips, then a steady suction. Right when I started to worry I was getting too close again he pulled off with a moan.

"Easy back there. Fuck!" he exhaled. He panted heavily for a few minutes but then got back onto my cock, taking it more easily than before.

I was so engrossed in watching Brady suck my cock with closed eyes and a look of concentration that it took me a few minutes to catch Cooper waving at me. He pointed over and I saw he was pointing at the lube I'd left out on the nightstand, next to his discarded coffee cup. I reached over for it and tossed it to him. Cooper caught it one-handed and I went back to watching more of my cock slip into Brady's mouth.

Next thing I knew the lube landed on the bed near my head. I grabbed it and looked up to Cooper who gave me a thumbs-up.

"You're doing real good, Brother, but that's enough for a first lesson. I bet you're hot to fuck him now?" Cooper said.

"Oh yeah," Brady said when he pulled off with a pop. "What you're doing to me with your fingers and stroking my cock... I'm so hard it hurts."

"You want him to fuck you, Kenny?"

I answered by uncapping the lube and pouring some onto my fingers. I reached down to spread it into the crack of my ass and pushed some into my hole.

"Go ahead, Brady, give him your cock," Coop told him.

Brady was quick to move to familiar territory. He scrambled forward and eagerly pushed into me. It burned, he was so thick, but in a good way. He'd loosened me up enough with his tongue that I opened right up for him. When he was in to the base he paused to let me adjust. Cooper appeared above him and I saw the look that passed over Brady's face when he realized what was about to happen. It was a strange mix of excitement, acceptance and fear.

"Fuck man.....," he said through a shallow breath, "fuck, I don't know if I can do this."

"You can do it," Cooper said, and I could feel the pressure Cooper was putting on him.

"Oh, shit!....Ohh, fuck....Ohhh, Godd," Brady gasped, I thought in an attempt to psyche himself up.

The moment was at hand and I took Brady's head in my hands and pulled him down for a deep kiss. I kissed him through the whole penetration which seemed to last forever. But his dick never lost its hardness. At last Cooper bottomed out and Brady gave a sigh of relief.

"Oh, My Godd!" Brady heaved, his eyes wide with disbelief.

"Okay, you got it all," Cooper told him. "But I'm not gonna fuck you, Brady, not yet. You fuck Kenny and get used to it."

"Fuck, you're in there so fuckin' deep," he muttered hoarsely.

Coop adjusted his position, causing Brady to wince a little then Brady started moving. The strangest look came across his face and I thought it was the first he realized that Cooper indeed wasn't going to fuck him; he had him in position where he would fuck himself at the same time he fucked me. I could tell the first few thrusts were weird for him as he withdrew from my ass and rode back onto Cooper's long shaft, but he seemed to take it fine. More than fine, maybe; he had a sort of surprised, spaced out look on his face. That turned into a "Wow" look as he began fucking himself and me at the same time.

Gradually he built up speed until he was surging back onto Coop's cock before plunging into me. The angle was just right for me and it felt amazing. Brady went at it hard and fast and each hammering thrust pushed me closer to the edge.

"Jesus, I'm gonna cum," I cried out suddenly. Brady froze and both of them watched me.

"Not yet, man, don't cum yet," Brady said. He seemed to understand as he shifted and slowly pulled out of me.

"Holy shit, you cum just from being fucked?" Cooper asked.

"Yeah, he does, sometimes without even touching his cock," Brady answered for me. I just laid there, sprawled out, feeling the aftershocks of the near miss in my fluttering ass.

"That's so fucking hot," Cooper said. He started moving and I could feel the shift in the mattress as he started fucking Brady. I pulled Brady down and kissed him while Cooper took his ass. Brady had to bury his face in my neck, grunting and cursing, while Cooper hammered into him.

"Getting close," Cooper gritted out. "How're you doing, Brady?"

"Oh God, I feel like I'm gonna cum, like I wanna cum but I'm right on the edge and I can't get over it."

"Let's try something else," Cooper said. He slowly pulled his cock out of Brady's ass. "I'm dying to get a taste of your big cock in my ass. What do you think, Brother? Wanna slip that thick pole into me?"

"Shit yeah," Brady said as he straightened out and stretched.

Cooper directed us and he ended up between Brady and me on his hands and knees. Brady reamed him out while he went down on me. He fucked Cooper like a pro and had the man moaning on my cock. When he started getting close again Brady eased off.

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but I want Kenny to fuck me, while I'm fucking you," Brady told us. Again Cooper directed us into position. But that didn't last long either. Everything we did, every position was just too good to endure. I ended up on my back at the edge of the bed. Brady mounted up to ride my cock and held my bent legs up so Cooper could fuck me standing next to the bed.

I was so right about Cooper's cock. The head wedged my second ring open each time he went deep. The thicker part in the middle played havoc on the first ring and massaged my prostate with each thrust. As soon as the two of them started moving I knew I wouldn't be able to last long this time. It was just too much.

"Shit, guys, I'm not gonna be able to hold off this time," I told them.

"Then don't," Coop said. He started fucking me with long strokes that really worked every part of my chute. Brady bounced harder on my cock while tugging on his own. Soon I was a goner. I spent myself into Brady's ass with what felt like one continuous spurt of cum. I may have sobbed a little because it felt so good.

When Coop's cock bucked and throbbed inside me I knew he was cumming, too and that made it even better. Brady managed to pull off my still spurting cock and shoved the head of his own between my lips just as he started firing. I took it all, both of their loads, gladly.

Later, after we'd untangled, caught our breath and briefly washed up we stood naked at the kitchen counter eating the cold leftover pizza and drinking colder beers. I don't think anything had ever tasted better.

"What're you thinking, Brother?" Cooper asked around a mouthful of pizza.

"It wasn't like what I expected," Brady said. "Honestly?" he asked with a smile. "It's like a new toy and I want to try it again."

"I think that between the three of us we'll be able to try it all a few more times," Cooper said with a chuckle.

"Oh man, I should get Kenny home," Brady said with a glance at the clock. It was the middle of the night.

"It's okay, Kenny's parents think he's spending the night at a friend's house. And he is, right boy?"



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