Justin called to ask if I would like to go with him and Jack to take Michael to the airport. I gladly accepted. They came by to pick me up and I climbed in the back seat with Michael. He was looking studly as fuck, wearing a deep blue knit shirt that hugged his lean, muscular upper body, and a pair of cargo shorts that, with him being so tall, came up about mid thigh; higher as he was sitting down. He looked hot as hell. By way of conversation, I asked him if he'd enjoyed his visit.

"Well, I'm sure as hell never going to forget Miller's Drive-In," he said, laughing. "Fuck, I thought shit like that happened only in California."

"I thought it happened only in my dreams," I said.

"I'm never going to forget the orgy, either," he said. "Listen...." He clamped his big hand over my leg...." Justin's going to come out to visit this summer. You oughta come with him."

"I'd like that," I said, noticing he didn't move his hand, but squeezed the muscle to accent his words.

"And you could bring that deputy with you, if Uncle Jack will give him the time off," he added.

When he kept squeezing my thigh I flexed the muscles for him and he glanced at me and smiled. I reached over and squeezed his bare leg. His smile broadened and he reached down for my hand and moved it higher on his thigh. I gave his crotch a hard squeeze, he felt fluffed out and rubbery.

He leaned over and whispered, "How about something to remember you by." He was already undoing his fly as I moved my hand there. He lifted his butt up out of the seat to shove his cargos and briefs down to his knees.

"It's quite a ways to the airport, let's take these off," I said, and took them off of him, leaving him naked from the waist down. His cock stood up between his thighs, waving back and forth and quivering with each throb. As I leaned over and took it in my mouth he turned in the seat and slouched down and laid back against the door. He brought his right leg up on the other side of me and I settled between his muscular thighs.

Justin and his Dad were talking in the front seat, I didn't know what about. Justin twisted around to ask something but stopped short.

"Well, fuck if they're not at it again! Better slow down a little, Dad, looks like this is going to take a while, Michael's got his pants and shorts off."

I gave the lean surfer the best blowjob I knew how, something I thought he would remember. I sucked his balls. I started licking and tonguing his ass till Jack glanced back and told him to put his legs down. So I turned him over to rim him. He loosened up a little and I pushed my tongue in. His ass smelled like soap but I got a taste of cum inside. I slid off the seat onto the floor so we were down low so nobody could see us.

"There's cum in your ass," I whispered when I pulled my tongue out of his quivering hole.

"Justin fucked me in the shower before we left. Said he wanted to give me a load to take home," he replied under his breath. Knowing it was Justin's cum inside him, I attacked his hole even more vigorously. I wasn't going to let him take it all back with him.

At the end he rose up on his knees so I could slide under him to take his cock again, and take his load. He had just enough time to get dressed before we pulled into the airport.

"Listen....one more thing...when you come out, you can fuck me," he whispered.

"Damn, why didn't you tell me twenty miles back, I could've really given you something to remember."

As we were pulling into the airport, Jack reached his hand back and said, "Give me the chip, Michael."

I looked at Michael, Justin looked at his dad.

"What chip?"

"The chip from the camera," Jack said.

"I don't have any chip," Michael said, but from the look on his face, I thought he was lying.

Jack slowed the car. "If I have to pull into the parking lot and search you, it's not going to be pleasant," he said in a menacing tone. "I know all the places to search," he added.

Michael was lying. Red-faced and with a sigh, he dug the chip out of his pocket and handed it up to his uncle.

"Michael, you prick!" Justin said.

"What were you going to do with it? Sell it to a porn outfit?" Jack asked.

"No, I was only going to keep it for my own use," Michael said.

"Yeah, I believe that like I believed you didn't have it," Jack scoffed.

"I can't believe you could be such a prick, Michael," Justin said angrily.

"I wasn't going to do anything with it, except watch it to jack off!" Michael said.

"It's okay, I've got it," Jack said to calm Justin.

"What're you going to do with it?" Michael asked smartly.

"We're going to use it to jack off," Jack said.

That broke the tension and everybody laughed. I was glad. At the airport Jack and Michael said goodbye, Michael with profound apologies to his uncle for taking the chip. He said farewell to me with a tight hug and a quick kiss on the neck, then he and Justin walked away from us.

"They must have something special to share," Jack said as he turned away, looking out at the plane. "Wish we were getting on one of those planes," he said rather absently.

"We?" I dared to ask.

He looked around at me, as if he'd just realized my presence.

"Where would we go?" I asked.

He paused before answering me, a serious look on his face. "I've been thinking, Kenny. You've got college in your future. I could retire in a couple of years. If you could hold off college for a year after you graduate, till I retire, we could go down to St. Thomas and you could go to college there."

I was so surprised I didn't know what to say for a moment. "I didn't know.....they had a university in St. Thomas."

"Yes, the University of The Virgin Islands. It's an international college. They've got a business college, nursing, liberal arts program, social sciences, math and science; bachelors and masters. And a pretty good athletic program. There is a campus on St. Thomas and one on St. Croix."

Justin had talked about him and his Dad going to St. Thomas, and fishing, but he never mentioned that his father owned a place there.

"You've.....checked it out," I said, still reeling from surprise.


"We....you mean, you and me.....we could.....live down there?"

"Just the two of us," he said. "We can talk about it. You've got plenty of time to think about it, and talk to your parents."

"You still have your parents' place in St. Thomas?"

"Yes. It's been leased out. I would have to check to see when the lease is up."

"I don't know if my parents would let me just pack up and move with you that far away."

"No, no, it wouldn't be like that, it wouldn't be us moving together. I would retire and move there well in advance of you starting college. Then I would make the offer for you to come live with me and go to school. And it's not so far away. A few hours by plane."

"Wow! That sure came out of left field," I said. "It almost takes my breath away."

"Well, it'll give you something to think about. And plenty of time to get a passport," he said.

"Why?" I asked. "I mean, you've got Justin to think about."

"Justin's got his heart set on going to Cornell."

"But what's he going to think of me coming to live with you? Or you moving to St. Thomas, for that matter."

"If I know Justin, he'll think it's great. How many of his friends do you think have parents living in St. Thomas? He can visit, and bring his friends with him."

"That would be pretty cool," I said. "But you didn't answer my question."

"Not now," he said, nodding to Justin and Michael coming back towards us. "We'll talk later."

Later was that weekend. We had showered after swimming and Jack had taken my hand to lead me to his bedroom.

"Are you sure we've got the house to ourselves?" I asked jokingly. "Last time, we had visitors that packed the bedroom."

"I'm sure," he said, laying his heavy thigh across my middle and his arm over my chest. "Justin said he wouldn't pop in on us, Michael is in California and Brady is on duty and I told him not to call."

"Can I ask you something, Jack? It's personal."

"Why are still asking me if you can ask me something?"

"Have you and Justin.....ever....you know, done anything together?"


"Would you, if he......"

"Probably," he cut in. "But I can't see that ever happening."

"Is he okay with us? Has he ever talked about it?"

"He's fine with us, once he got over the shock of me liking guys more than girls."

"But he does too, I think," I said. "At least enough that I think he might be bi."

"It's different with me. If he weren't okay with it, he wouldn't have stuck around the other night. He would've gone ballistic. Most boys would have, I believe. Only thing he won't be okay with is if I take you away from him completely."

"Take me away, what do you mean?"

"Well, as he reminded me, he discovered you first. I guess he thinks that gives him a claim on you."

"Are you okay with that?" I had to wonder because I felt kind of the same way. Justin would always have a claim on me.

"You want me to say yes, don't you?" he said with a grin as he pressed his hand over my manhood.

"I like Justin."

"You more than like Justin," he said.

"It's not how I like you, but......."

"You like having sex with Justin," he said. "Yes, I'm okay with you and Justin. But that has to be up to you, whether you're okay with being shared."

"Oh, you know I'm fine with being shared," I assured him. "I was already thinking about him bringing his college friends down to visit. And I wouldn't mind having Brady visit us from time to time."

"I'd have to look it up in the dictionary, but I think that makes you officially a little slut," he joked. His hand closed more firmly around my cock and he gave it a few pulls.

"But I'm your slut first and foremost," I said with a cheeky grin.

"Then why don't you prove it?"

I narrowed my eyes at him suspiciously. "How do you want me to prove it?" I asked with a sly grin.

He reached over to the bedside table and pulled open the drawer. When he turned back to me he was holding a pair of shiny silver handcuffs.

"You remember these? As I recall you seemed to really like them." I swallowed audibly and my cock throbbed on my belly. "Would you be willing to let me have complete control?"

Would I! If he touched me I would've gone off at that moment. All I could do was nod my head. It seemed all my doubts and anxieties after the orgy had disappeared. It was even better a few days later when things got sorted out between Justin and I.

On Monday, as usual, I lingered behind before hitting the showers. I was surprised when I entered that Justin was the only guy waiting for me. I paused at the entrance, unaccountably nervous for no good reason. It hadn't been just me and Justin since the time before the first gang-bang. He must have heard me because he turned around and watched me.

He was standing under 'his' shower. The one he always used. His cock was hard and standing up. Still watching me he reached down and fisted it. Like always I felt the pull in my guts to get closer to his big jock body and that mesmerizing shaft.

"Hey, Kenny. Kept me waiting long enough." He didn't sound mad but that was the way I caught his words.

"Sorry, Justin, I was out helping..." He didn't wait for anymore of my excuses, and waved me over. I went without even thinking about it.

"I promised I'd be waiting for you, you remember, after you stuck your ass out the window for Michael to fuck."

I ducked my head under the shower next to his and turned on the water, giving me a second to avoid him.

"I remember," I finally told him. He deliberately reached to the soap dispenser between us and got a handful which he applied to his rampant cock. "Where's everyone else?" I wanted to know.

"I told them to get the fuck out." He lubed his cock up until it was dripping with suds from the soap. "Assume the position," he told me in a near-growl that made my hole tighten up. My dick started to get hard.

"Justin," I started, but he didn't wait for me to finish. He grabbed onto my arm around my bicep and pulled me into the space between the two sprays of water and gave me a shove toward the tiled wall. I felt powerless to resist so I splayed my hands out and spread my legs as I bent forward at the waist.

Justin closed in behind me and shoved two fingers straight into my unprepared ass, making me jump. He twisted them around roughly and though it hurt a little my cock got harder. A second later his fingers pulled out of my ass and his cock was there, his hands latched onto my waist. A hard shove and he was in me. I couldn't help the sharp little yelp that escaped.

"I wanted you all to myself," he told me while he forced his cock into me all the way. "Aww, man I missed this," he sighed and held himself deep for a long moment. "I can take my time, there's not a line of guys waiting for me to get off." He twisted his hips in small circles, his cock stirring my guts. "But I'm not gonna hold off," he continued while I moaned and my fingers flexed against the wet tiles. "I'm gonna do you twice."

With that promise he started fucking me. He held my hips and pulled my ass into each thrust, pounding me. I spread my legs and Justin held me up so only my toes touched the floor of the showers. My hole just opened up and took everything he gave me as he absolutely owned my ass.

"Fuckk... Justin... Gawd, fuck," I could barely speak. Could barely draw breath as he forced his ass-splitter in and out. It was hard and rough, even hurt a little, but my cock was hard as ever. Justin grunted and panted, harsh sounds echoing in the tiled room along with the slap of flesh on flesh. He didn't hold off but he managed to fuck me senseless before he went off. When he came it was like a flood in my sore ass. He pressed his head against a spot between my shoulder blades and blasted me full of his seed.

When he'd shuddered out the last of his load he surprised me by pulling out. With a hand on my shoulder and one on my waist he spun me around to face him and pushed my back into the wall so we were face to face. "Christ, Justin...," I started to say something.

"Grab the showers," he told me. The shower heads were spaced about four feet apart and six and half feet from the floor. It didn't even occur to me to question him. I reached up and out and curled my hands around the stems of the two showerheads we stood between. The stout pipes stuck out of the wall and made a good handhold.

Justin stepped in closer and ran a hand down each of my arms to my chest. He continued down my flanks and along each thigh, down to my ankles. On the way back up he grabbed each of my legs behind the knee. As he stood he hauled my feet off the floor and lifted my legs up onto his shoulders. I sagged between the showers, my arms straining, and let him take some of my weight. He cupped an ass cheek in each hand and stared into my eyes as he pulled his hips back to line up that big Walker cock with my helpless ass. He shoved and buried himself.

My back pressed hard against the tiles while we both looked down between our bodies where his cock pistoned through me. Against the gleaming tiles we watched him skewer me over and over. I knew he'd last a lot longer the second time. I couldn't get over the sight of seeing all that cock disappear and reappear from my body.

We both looked up at the same time. "Look at you, Kenny," he said from right in front of me. "So fuckin hot... pinned on my cock." He leaned forward just a fraction closer, pressing my knees to my chest, and his mouth landed on mine. He gave me his tongue and I wrapped my lips around it, stroked mine along it inside my mouth. My first kiss from Justin and it was hotter than any before it.

He fucked me like that for a long time, our lips sealed and breathing one another's air. My arms ached but I barely noticed. Eventually he pulled away with a gasp and we both sucked in air. Justin pushed in to the hilt and let my ass rest on his pelvis. He ran his hands up my legs to my ankles. He held them tight and pushed them back and out. My knees ended up near my armpits and I felt the stretch all over my body. It was fucking wild.

In that position I was completely vulnerable and Justin took advantage to fuck me as hard as he could, aiming up and in deep. He was pulverizing my prostate. My body started racing to the finish line.

"No matter who you're fucking," he said with quiet certainty as he punctuated each word with a stab of his cock. "No matter who you fuck in the future, I was the first and this ass will always be mine." On the last word he gave me an especially savage thrust and held it deep, staring into my eyes and daring me to deny it.

"Yes," I managed to get out. Two more rough shoves and I came all over myself. My hair, my face, my chest and my curled up stomach got drenched in my own cum. Justin rode me through it. My grip on the showers was the only thing keeping me from blacking out with the intensity. He only lasted a few minutes more then gave me his second dose of cum along with another scorching tongue-fuck.

Finished, he helped me get my legs down and working. If he hadn't been there I would've just slid to the floor like I was boneless. He surprised me by holding me under the water and washing me down with his hands. It was more concern than he'd ever shown.

"I don't blame you, you know. Or my dad, either." He started talking as he pumped out more soap and lathered it through my asscrack. "I never really noticed how good-looking he is but after the other day...," he said almost wistfully. My arms were starting to come back to life and I got some soap for myself. We finished washing quickly and rinsed off. Justin reached around me to turn off the water then turned to get the other shower.

"I really like him, Justin." I wasn't sure what else to say. Justin strode out of the showers and I followed him. He took two clean towels and handed one to me before he started drying off.

"It's okay, Kenny. I could tell that he likes you, too. Maybe even more than he likes me... I don't know. I guess I should've realized, in retrospect," he paused in his drying and stared off for a minute. "He never dated any woman for long, not even long enough for me to meet them. So he likes guys," he shrugged and continued drying. "I do too sometimes. I can't fault him for that." It was the boldest admission of his sexuality I'd heard from Justin.

"So you're cool with him and me?" I had to know for sure.

"Yeah, but like I said – that ass is mine, now and forever, no matter what, or who." He reached out and smacked my ass as he said it. "I waited a long time for you to be ready and I'm not giving it up any time soon," he said with a leer.

"What do you mean? Ready?" I'd finished drying and pulled my clothes out of my locker.

"Ready to get fucked, dummy." He laughed and pulled out his own clothes after tossing his towel towards the bin. I just stared at him, trying to figure out what he was talking about. He must've been able to see my confusion because he stopped dressing to explain. "I knew you wanted it but... It was almost like you didn't know you wanted it. Then you stayed back in the showers one time too many, Kenny."

I thought about it for a second and realized he was right. "I think you're right. I wanted something but I didn't know what it was. I liked looking at you and then you put your hand on me and it was like everything made sense. Jesus, you must've thought I was such a dumb kid."

"No, I thought you were my friend and I didn't want to rush you into anything." We'd finished dressing and he put his hand on my shoulder as he spoke. "You weren't the first guy I fucked, hell not even the first guy on the team I fucked, but you were different, so I waited."

"How am I different? No, wait, who else have you fucked on the team?" My brain was struggling to take all of it in.

"Kenny, you're too much. Who's the one guy in this whole town that's been on every sports team I've ever been on? Who was at all my birthday parties since kindergarten 'til I outgrew them? I have a lot of friends but only one I'd consider a brother."

For the first time I realized how lonely Justin must've been. He'd only ever had his dad. I had both my parents, my sister Lisa, grandparents, Uncle Jerome and Kyle. I couldn't help but feel bad for him. "I feel the same way," I hesitated. "Sorry I haven't been around much lately. I sorta thought... you didn't like me anymore. Not since you figured out I was gay."

"Kenny, I don't care if you're gay. Hell, I'm happy about it since you're the best fuck in five counties. Shit, now that you're... I don't know, dating? With my dad I guess we're even more like brothers. Now let's get out of here, I'm starving and I have a date with Jennifer Laurents."



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