The whole time we were talking we were pressed against each other. I pressed a little harder and he pressed back and I could feel his cock expanding. So was mine.

"Can anyone see us?" he asked, clasping his hands around my butt.

"Not unless they've got night vision goggles. Even so, I doubt they would care and I sure as hell don't." I tightened my butt muscles in his big hands to encourage him to hold onto them. "Everything's ready back there," I said huskily.

"MMmmm, yeah, I can feel it."

"The lube won't wash off," I said.

"Ohh, fuck," he moaned. "You must have been a great little scout, being so prepared. I can't believe this. I'm standing in the ocean off a tropical island, naked, about to fuck the most awesome ass on the planet. I think I truly am in paradise. Godd, I don't think I ever got hold of an ass that feels like yours."

"Nobody's taken my place in the back cell?" I asked jokingly.

"Nobody regular," he said. "Once in a great while we bring in somebody who's willing to do anything to get out of a ticket. But it's nothing like when you were taking such good care of us." He put his hand around my left thigh and lifted my leg up. I wrapped it around his hip and brought my other leg up to lock with it and he held me by my butt.

"I never fucked anybody in the ocean before," he said.

"I've never been fucked in the ocean."

We positioned ourselves so my hole was resting squarely on the head of his cock. It was a balancing act with the steady roll of the waves but I let my weight down so his cock was wedged tightly into the crevice but he held me at bay, like he was teasing me. My asshole was clenching anxiously, opening up for him.

"Fuck me, Brady, I am so ready. I want to feel these muscles powering that big piston up deep inside me," I whispered.

"I'm sort of getting that message from your asshole," he said. He eased his grip on my butt and allowed my weight to bear down heavier on his cock. I could feel it pushing the tight sphincter muscle apart, felt myself opening up for him whether I wanted to or not. I did, but my asshole was resisting despite the itching lust deep inside me.

I winced a little when the broad head burst through and pushed up inside me. It hurt but not so much that I wanted even a pause. I was well greased inside and the heat of his thick meat seared the lube as it bore up through my insides, spreading the grease deeper.

"Oh, my Godd!" I moaned softly as he let my butt down farther onto his cock. I was being impaled even though my ass was devouring him. Finally I felt my balls separate and spread on either side of the thick root and then he was in me, all the way up to my lungs, it felt like.

"Fuuuucckkk!" he swore softly.

"Yeah," I agreed. "Fuck me. Fuck me like you've missed me."

"Oh, I have," he said as he lifted me up a little then let my asshole slide back down around his cock. The water sloshed around us at our juncture. "This is great in the water, I can move you up and down with almost no effort."

It took no effort on my part either, except to try to hold onto my sanity. The muscular stud fucked me every way possible, every position imaginable, many I'd never been in before but the water made them possible, even easy. I was like his bathtub toy. He even ducked us under when he was floating on his back and I was riding astraddle his hips.

I didn't want to cum and neither did he. We both agreed we wouldn't as long as we could hold off. We wanted it to last all night; irrespective of my sister. We approached climax a dozen times but were successful in warding it off, till we began to tire.

"Let's take it to the hut if you want to," I said. "Wash off the grease and I wanta suck you."

Even then he didn't pull his cock out. He carried me out of the water and up the beach and deposited my butt on the edge of the floor of the hut before he slowly extracted his cock. Every step he took, his cock jostled my prostate and I was fighting to hold off.

"Wait right here, I'll go wash up," he said.

I crawled in the hut and folded back the doors and let the netting down to expose the entire front to the ocean sparkling with the moonlight. Then I lay down on the thick mats and waited while Brady washed off the grease. He came back smelling like bay rum body splash that was in a container by the shower.

"Fuck, you smell good enough to eat," I said.

"That was the plan, wasn't it?" he said as he crawled up beside me on the mats. He lay propped up on his elbows to watch me as I began kissing his chest. I licked and kissed every inch of the broad plate of muscle and at the outer edge I slid my tongue into his armpit.

'OOOhhhhh, fuck," he moaned softly.

I wet the hairs under his arm then moved to his bicep. He flexed it for me and I had a lot more muscle to kiss and worship.

"Fuck, man, you find sensitive spots everywhere," he said.

"I don't make 'em sensitive, I just find 'em," I said.

I moved to the other side of his upper body, his chest, his other armpit and bicep, then I moved back to the nipple that was closest to me and suckled it like a young calf. It was already standing up turgid.

"Ohh, Geezusss, that feels good," he said, putting his hand on the back of my head.

I gave the other one some attention with my fingers. After a couple of minutes I moved south, down onto the deeply ridged plain of his rock solid stomach. I traversed every inch of his abs, trailing my tongue back and forth and down the deep crease between the bricks of solid muscle. I loved the way he tensed and rippled them as I moved downward. I avoided his cock and kissed along his hip, making my way down his thigh. Even his knees were sexy. I kissed along the bulging calf to his feet where I found myself suddenly and surprisingly attracted to his toes Yes, even his toes were sexy. Especially the big one; it was like a small but powerful cock. I took it in my mouth and began sucking on it.

"AAAwwwhhh!" he cried, arching is back with his head thrown back. "Fuck, you found another spot. Man, I never had a clue about my toes."

I smiled around his toe and kept sucking. It wasn't a spot just for him, I found it erotic as hell myself. I spent several minutes working on his toes till he was writhing and squirming. Then I told him, "Turn over."

He rolled onto his stomach and then I was face to face with his incredibly awesome butt. I swear, nobody I ever had sex with had a butt like Brady's. I didn't just dive into it though, I worked my way up to it, kissing up his bulging calves and along the back and inside of his thighs till my nose pressed against the firm muscles of his butt.

I licked up the crack, thrilling at the way the twin mounds of muscled quivered under my touch. I kneaded the taut muscles and pulled them apart to find his hole. He was tense with anticipation, and let out a low moan when I began tonguing it. I wanted to devour his ass but I wanted to save it for later. I think he was disappointed when I moved on. I trailed my tongue up his spine to his broad shoulders and kissed the side of his neck. He turned his head to the side as if to offer himself for a kiss but I saved that till later too. I told him to turn back over.

I started on his inner thighs, quickkly working my way between his legs and took his cock in my mouth.

"OOhhhhh," he moaned softly. "Fuck, I remember those lips and that tongue."

"Come on," I laughed. "You've had this thing sucked so many times you could close your eyes and not know whether it's me or a calf slobbering on your cock." I didn't care if his cock remembered my mouth or not, I remembered his cock. I sucked him with a reverence as I fondled his balls and occasionally made a gentle swipe with my finger across his asshole. I wanted to get to that, see if his asshole remembered my tongue, but there was plenty of time.

"This has got to be the most beautiful sight in the world," he said quietly.

"What, the ocean, or me down here?"

"You against the backdrop of the ocean. Godd, if only to go to bed like this every night."

"Don't cum unless you have to," I said. "You know I want your load, but I want to savor this big hunk of meat."

"I'll last till you get lockjaw," he said.

He almost did. My throat was getting a little sore and my jaws were aching but didn't stop. I couldn't. I couldn't get enough of him.

"Are you getting tired of savoring yet?" he asked after quite a while.

"I would like to savor your ass," I said as I was rubbing a slick fingertip against his hole.

"Yes, I'd like that too," he said nodding. "Something more than that teasing sample you gave me." He lifted his legs up and I flattened myself on the mats to bury my face in his butt. His asshole fluttered against my tongue as I lapped it.

"I think your asshole remembers my tongue," I murmured.

"Ohhh, Godd, how could it forget?"

I closed my eyes and let myself become immersed in the lust that surrounded me. I was oblivious to all except the warm tropical breeze and the sound of the waves gently lapping the shoreline. I soon took up the same rhythm with my tongue. I was in my own tropical paradise, interrupted ever so slightly with thoughts of Jack back in the house and I breathed a prayer of thanks that I'd found him. If I had worshipped his muscular body, I was at the apex, the altar of his temple.

With my eyes closed I was so caught up in savoring every lap of my tongue and listening to Brady moan with pleasure and whisper sweet things to me. He gradually lifted his legs toward his chest, bring his butt up to face level, spread apart for my pleasure. I kissed every inch of his round, solid butt muscles, working my to the crevice, making my way down the slopes to the prize at the epicenter. I kissed and licked his asshole and felt its palpitations as it relaxed and opened up for me. I pulled it open and drove my tongue inside him.

"Awwwhhh!!" he cried, drawing his legs higher. "Oh, Geezss, Kenny!.....Godd, that feels so good!"

"I could make it feel better," I murmured.

"Your finger....yeah....okay," he gasped.

I meant more than my finger but I would settle for that. I inserted my thumb first, causing him to moan softly, but his moans became little whimpers as I found and massaged his prostate.

"Oh, Godd.....Ohhhh.....Ohhhh, Kenny, you don't know what does to me...Ohm, fuck! FUCK!"

"Do you mean that?" I asked, half jokingly. I wasn't surprised after the way he'd freaked out with Cooper, especially after the first time he'd allowed it.

"Not your cock," he said quickly. "I don't wanta be fucked."

I thought that was odd, considering how Cooper had fucked him at the cabin but maybe he was donning the mantle of macho with my sister around.

So I kept fingering him, driving him up the walls. He was all over the sleeping pallet, clawing at it. He squirmed around onto his side and then onto his stomach and finally up on his hands and knees, jutting his gorgeous butt at me. I alternated between fingering him and rimming him and sucking his balls and I even pulled his cock back between his legs for a few strokes. I was feeling certain that I could change his mind about being fucked if he gave me just a little more time.

"Is that Lisa?" he asked suddenly.

I stopped and peered around his frame to see an obviously female figure walking across the beach toward the water.

"Probably is," I said. "I told her to come for a walk along the beach."

"Do you want her to see us doing this?" he asked.

"It won't bother me. You?"

"Do you want her to see you getting fucked?"

"Lisa and I don't have many secrets," I said. I hadn't really thought about it but suddenly, picturing it turned me on a little. "That won't bother me either," I said. "Let me make sure it's her."

I got to my feet and put on the Speedo I'd brought along. My bloated cock barely fit inside it and it tugged the waistband down to the hairline. I went down the steps and dug my feet into the still warm sand. She was standing in the surf that was washing over her ankles.

"Lisa," I said quietly as I approached her from behind.

She turned before I noticed that there were no straps of a top showing and there I was face to face with her naked breasts. I didn't look down but I could see the tiny triangular patch of blue material at her crotch, held in place with strings that went around her hips.

"You said to take a walk along the beach but I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do when I got here," she said.

I barely heard her; my focus was elsewhere. "My Godd, Lisa," I managed to whisper.

"Oh. You've never seen these, have you," she said with a smile.

"Holy Shit!" No I hadn't, and they were beautiful. I was her gay brother but my younger sister had the most beautiful tits I ever imagined.

She laughed. "Well, well, don't tell me I'm turning you on."

"You've always been beautiful, Lisa, but I guess I never realized how beautiful."

"Well, you know I've always thought you were hot as hell," she said. "But there was always the brother sister thing......." Her words hung between us.

"Yeah,...yeah, there was that," I said. "Do you want to go in?" I asked, motioning to the sea.

"Yes. I've never been in the ocean."

"I know."

I took her hand and led her into the water, out as far as I thought it was safe. We frolicked around like we were kids again and it was fun. But the reason she was there wasn't far from our minds.

"Listen, Brady's back in the hut," I told her.

"Yes, I didn't want to interrupt anything," she said.

"He's not sure.....we're not sure.....where we should go with this. Okay, I'm not sure....what you want. Except Brady's body." I was so nervous I couldn't believe it. I was imagining all sorts of things that shouldn't be in my head.

"Are you asking if I want you there? I would love it," she said. "If you're okay with it, of course."

"Yes, I'm cool. Depending know....what happens."

"Brother I've never seen this nervous side of you before," she said with a sexy laugh that I'd never heard before. "If you're talking about and me....I wouldn't come on to you, but I wouldn't turn you down either."

"You just complicated my life," I said.

She laughed a throaty laugh. "Good."

"So, do you wanta....." I nodded toward the hut.

She took my hand and we came out of the water and walked back to the hut. "Did I interrupt anything?" she asked.

"Yes. But don't worry, we can take up where we left off."

"I am a little nervous, Kenny."

"About what? Brady? Or me being there. I told you, I can get lost."

"Both, but I don't want you to leave. It's Brady mostly. He's so damned big. I'm used to high school boys."

"Well, he's no high school boy," I assured her. "Did you, uh.....bring a top?" I asked.

She giggled. "No."

Brady was sitting at the edge of hut, his feet dangling a couple of feet over the sand. He'd also slipped on his swim suit, a very brief, tight boxer. In the soft light of the moon his bulge was very visible.

There was nothing said. There might have been--some words of overture perhaps--but my sister's bared breasts seemed to nullify the need for conversation. Brady's eyes were fixed on them; he seemed almost mesmerized. I thought that was odd, considering the dozens, maybe hundreds of naked women he'd seen in his life. He just sat there and we stood there for a long moment while he stared at her tits. Then he stood up and reached down for her. She gave him her hand and he pulled her up into the hut. I went over to the stairs. By the time I had ascended the stairs, Brady had Lisa in his arms, kissing her neck and moving swiftly down to her bare tits. I guess we all knew what we were there for. Well, sort of; I wasn't yet sure what my role would be.

I sat down on the pallets and leaned back against the wicker couch that was heavily weighted underneath so it wouldn't blow way. Brady and Lisa joined me, although I don't think it was a conscious move to be down there with me. He went to his knees first and then brought her down and laid her back with an arm around her tiny waist, then moved up over her with kisses being showered all over her breasts the whole time.

Pervert that I was, my cock was stretching my Speedo. I saw him tug at the string of her bikini and his hand stayed down there. I heard her moan. In one fluid motion he brought her legs up and hunkered down between them and buried his face in her pussy, pulling the swim suit to the side.

"Ohh, My Godd!" she gasped as he began licking her pussy.

I admit, I was jealous of my sister, and a little bit jealous of Brady.

At the same time, Brady was tugging on his own swim suit. I moved in to help him with it. As I peeled the garment off his awesome butt my mouth started watering. I buried my face and began licking his ass and heard him moan in Lisa's pussy. I devoured him this time, pulling his hole open to drive my tongue inside. That made him squeal and I wondered if Lisa thought he was getting that much pleasure out of doing her. I drew his cock and balls back between his legs and kissed and licked and sucked them. I was so hungry for him, hungry for what we hadn't finished. I lay on my back and slid up between his knees so he could fuck my throat. I didn't know if Lisa could tell what was going on but I didn't care. I was suddenly excited to have her know. While I sucked his cock I used my finger in his ass, wet with my spit.

After a while Brady eased up from my face and moved up to Lisa. I actually took hold of his cock and guided it to her pussy and pushed on his butt as he shoved it in her.

"OOhhhhhh," she moaned. "Ohm, My Goddd!"

Yeah, I thought, I know the feeling. As he began fucking my sister I resumed rimming his ass. He moved slow at first so we could move together but soon began to pick up the pace and I couldn't keep up with his thrusts. I replaced my tongue with my fingers in his ass again. I really gouged him this time, even using two fingers at the same time. Then I replaced those with my two thumbs. He was going nuts, and Lisa must've wondered what the fuck was happening. I bet she'd never been fucked like this in her life.

Suddenly Brady reached back and took hold of my wrist and pulled my fingers out of his ass and tugged on my arm. I moved up beside them and was treated to my first full view of my own sister getting fucked. It was quite a beautiful sight, made more so by the muscular hunk doing the fucking. He was making her feel good, I could tell by the look on her face. Brady urged me up alongside my sister on my hands and knees and began playing with my butt. Oh, fuck, I thought, he wants to fuck us both! Okay by me! The idea was a total turn on. Definitely okay by me! A minute later I felt my swim suit being pulled down and lube being drizzled in my ass crack then Brady's thick cock-like fingers drilling into my ass.

Lisa's eyes fluttered and she blinked when she saw me beside her, looking down at her. A goofy smile came over her face.

"Godd, Kenny this is so unbelievably good. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Godd it's like my first time all over again only a thousand times better."

"Well, you can't expect those high school boys to match wits with a Marine," said. "But don't thank me, he's the one doing it, not me."

Suddenly she took my face in her hands and pulled me down to her face. "Oh shit," I muttered as our lips met. Oh God, I thought, I'm kissing my own sister! And it wasn't just a brotherly kiss. Our tongues were tangled like two lovers. It was hot as hell. It made my cock quiver. I felt Brady's hand go between my legs to feel my cock inside my suit, and heard him chuckle. This went on for longer than it should've, till I was having images of things too forbidden to even think about. It surprised me and scared me a little that Brady seemed to be encouraging it, bringing life to those thoughts. No, I thought, it can't happen. Lisa said it could and she wouldn't stop it, but I had to.

"Do you wanta move in here and take my place?" Brady asked in a quiet, husky voice.

"No. No, I don't think we should," I replied quickly.

He gave her a dozen more strokes of his cock then pulled out and moved over behind me. There was a surge of excitement, almost a panic, over being fucked in front of my sister. I braced myself. He aimed and shoved and I couldn't hide the pain of his initial entry, but I knew it would quickly blossom into intense pleasure once my hole was stretched to accommodate his thickness. His throbbing seemed to calm the painful flutters and then when he made his first move, I felt his cock on my prostate it was like my ass remembered his big, thick hunk of meat. His thickness made it impossible not to massage my love nut with every thrust and withdrawal.

Lisa kept smiling as she watched me being fucked and I saw her hand down between her legs, like she was keeping herself warmed up for her turn on Brady's big cock.

"You look so sexy getting fucked," she whispered.

"I feel sexy getting fucked," I said. I couldn't believe I was admitting such a thing to my sister.

She took my face in her hands again and brought me down for another kiss. I squealed with the excitement and pleasure of the kiss, made more intense by being fucked at the same time. When we broke she guided my face down to her tits. It didn't seem right and I nestled my face between them to avoid doing what she wanted me to do but the temptation became too powerful when she cupped her tits and pressed them against my face. I could feel her nipples burning into my cheeks. In the end I was helpless but to succumb and I clamped my mouth over one of her tits and began sucking on it.

"Oh, Godd, I can't be doing this," I told myself, but I didn't listen. But I wasn't really having sex with my sister, I also told myself. This was just two siblings messing around. Real sex would be if I fucked her, and I wouldn't do that.

Next thing, Brady took my left hand and guided it down between Lisa's legs, moving her hand away to press mine against her wet, warm pussy. Oh, Godd, where do I draw the line? He took my fingers and nudged them against her slick, warm lips letting me know what I should do. If I wasn't already sucking her tits, which I really loved doing, I don't know if I would've let him do that with my hand but when he let go I kept my hand there. She was juicy slick and nice and relaxed, even open, and I found myself very naturally slipping my middle finger up inside her. She let out a little moan and humped against my hand. That encouraged me to use more fingers and one by one she moaned her approval till I had four fingers wriggling around inside her. When I found her clit with my thumb with all four fingers inside her she squealed with delight.

"Thatta boy, stud!" Brady said.

I didn't need any more encouragement and my doubts and feelings of guilt were assuaged by Lisa's moans of pleasure, and wiped away completely when she reached for my cock. I still wasn't really fucking my sister, I told myself again. We were only doing what thousands of brothers and sister do every day, experimenting around and exploring each other bodies.

The whole thing was almost more than I could take; Brady's big cock pounding my ass unmercifully, and Lisa's squealing moans as she thrashed about on my hand as I kept sucking her tits. When she reached over and found my quivering cock I knew I was going to lose it. I reached down for her hand but she wouldn't relinquish her grip.

"Brady!.....Godd, man, you're getting me so fuckin' hot, you might wanta trade off to Lisa again," I said over my shoulder.

"Kenny, you can fuck me if you want. It'd be awesome."

I froze inside at the sound of my sister's voice and strangely, I wondered how many guys ever hear those words coming out of their sister's mouths. I sensed that she was waiting for a response....action or an answer....and so was Brady. I managed to get out, "I can't," but suddenly Brady was maneuvering us into position, I thought so we could fuck, but it wasn't that. Before I knew it, he had literally lifted Lisa up and turned her around over me so I was lying there looking up between her legs! She gripped my cock and next thing I knew, she was giving me head! She was good at it; it obviously wasn't her first time.

I knew what I was expected to do; that was, to reciprocate. I was so nervous I was shaking; this was getting just too close to having sex with my own sister. But repeated the mantra....I wasn't fucking her. I reached up with my hands around her silken-smooth butt and urged her down to my face. She had the smell of Brady and flowers. It was intoxicating. I flicked my tongue out to touch her cunt lips, pleasantly surprised that they were so soft and pliable. I pressed my tongue between them and felt them fold around it. I was getting hotter and hotter, more and more excited, and I think now that if Brady had encouraged a little bit more I might have fucked my sister.

I could hear Lisa emitting little moans of pleasure around my cock as I licked the inner slopes of her pussy, finding more and more of the taste of her and Brady's cock. Suddenly I was overtaken and I lifted my head and pulled her down to meet my face and drove my tongue up inside her as far as I could reach. She squealed and smashed her pussy over my face and I pulled the pouting lips apart to push my mouth up into the folds and drive my tongue even deeper. I was quickly smothered by her womanhood covering me and grinding against my face. Through it all I clung to my "innocence" that I was only tongue fucking my sister, it wasn't the real thing as long as my cock didn't touch her pussy.

Suddenly I remember her clit. I'd heard from my teammates so much about the sacred button that could drive girls insane and I went in search of it. Lisa sensed what I was doing and she more or less guided her panic button to my searching tongue. I found it nestled between the soft, delicate upper folds of her pussy. It felt like a tiny, pointed cock. She paused over me when we made the connection. When I began flicking it with my tongue she quickly muffled her squealed outcry with my cock. I was heady with the power to make a girl act this way.

I was only then aware that Lisa was deep-throating my big cock. She was choking and gagging, I thought trying to quiet her screams of pleasure. Suddenly I felt the slick heat of Brady's cock slide over my face as it found its way into my sister's pussy, then his balls lay heavily over my chin. We carefully balanced the position so he could fuck her while I worked her clit. It was quickly too much for her; I could hear her going out of her mind.

"Let's take her over the top," Brady said.

I was doing all I could, it was Brady's cock that had plunged her into insane ecstacy. A few seconds and a dozen strokes later and I felt the powerful surge through the thick vein on the underside of Brady's cock and I knew he was cumming. No condom, I thought. I wondered if Lisa had prepared herself for getting fucked bareback.

It was a long, powerful cum. Brady really pumped her full and in the middle of it Lisa reached her own climax. I had always wondered how a woman acted when she had her big O; I would wonder no more. The next moment, as Brady was slowly sliding his cock in and out of her, I felt his cum being forced out of her over my face. I inched squarely under the trickle of semen coming out of her and opened my mouth to receive it. Fuck!! I was almost trembling with excitement from the taste of it and the wonderful texture. It got to me and seconds later I was belching streams of cum into my sister's mouth. I was very surprised and amazed that she stayed on my cock and I could feel her swallowing. And I wondered again about her experience with my teammates.

As I lay there gasping, Brady's cock lowered itself over my face and I let it into my mouth to suck the last of his cum out of him, and to clean my sister's pussy juice off of it his cock. He lifted Lisa off of me and laid her back on his arm beside him. I moved around and lay on his other side.

"My Godd, what did we just do," I gasped weakly.

"We did the most wonderful thing that's ever happened to me," Lisa said.

I had to agree. And I still had not fucked my sister.

That was the only time we had a threesome. For the rest of the week Lisa and I traded Brady back and forth. Some nights she slept with him, other nights I did. I think in reality he slept with both of us.



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