I was more than delighted to meet the people we were taking out on the boat that morning. The Williams family; mom, dad and two sons. The youngest, Caleb, was sixteen, well on the way to filling out his athletic body, and still cute with his shock of blondish hair. Todd, the oldest, was nineteen, very well filled out with hard, rippling muscle and handsome under a buzz cut that gave him something beyond an athletic look. Mom was a babe, looking far too young to claim either of the boys as her sons, and dad was a stud in his own right; he had obviously passed his excellent genes on to his boys.

I nearly froze when I saw them walking along the dock toward the boat. Todd looked like Justin reincarnated! "My God!" I whispered but quickly caught myself. A chill tremored down my spine, so hard it made me tremble, and I felt light headed. I had to cough to grab my voice to welcome them aboard, mom first as I took her hand. The younger one refused my hand. Todd accepted it in a handshake. Dad shook my hand too, and clapped me on the shoulder as he stepped aboard. I had a feeling it was going to be a great day.

And it was, but I had to fight to keep my concentration on my duties as deck hand and host. I set the poles and baited the lines, ready for two of them to start fishing. Mr. Williams spent a lot of time up front talking to the captain, allowing his sons to take the chairs to fish first. Mrs. Williams chatted with her husband and the captain for a bit then came back to chat with me and her sons, till young Caleb said she was distracting him, then she laid in the lounge chair to soak up the sun. I thought the boy was a little rude to his mother.

It was a good catch, with the boys having a little competition on who caught the most or the biggest fish. I was kept busy with the lines and taking the fish off the hooks and tossing them in the locker. Their dad took his turn but he let the boys occupy the chairs most of the time.

"If you guys want to have one of these mounted, I can give you the address of a place to go," I said.

"No, no," Mrs. Williams spoke up. "I don't want dead fish hanging on my walls."

"They would be on my wall, in my room," Caleb said.

"Well, so far, you haven't caught anything I would want to show off to anybody," his brother chided him.

"If I don't catch the big one, maybe I'll just mount you," Caleb retorted.

"You just keep dreaming, little brother," Todd said.

I was taken aback that the two boys would talk like that in front of their mother, for their meaning seemed clear. Then I wondered, could this be one of those families that stayed together by playing together?" I quickly rejected the thought.

Mr. Williams took another short turn at fishing and by mid afternoon the locker was full and we had to start throwing some of the fish back. Despite their mother's objections, the boys convinced their father to let them pick out a couple of fish to be mounted. All the while, I was focused on Todd, trying desperately to read him by his actions, his words, anything I could grab onto to make a connection. But I never did.

They departed the boat happy and tired, a perfect, all-American family. while I watched longingly, Todd/"Justin" walking away from me. It was a painful, melancholy moment, interrupted by the Captain tapping me on the shoulder.

"Here," he said, handing me some money.


"You did okay today. Charmed 'em, that's for sure. There's some extra there cause I got some extra, putting Mr. Williams onto the ceremonies. He said he heard about the secret ceremonies and he wanted to take his family to one. I told him it was males only, he couldn't take his wife, but he said he would take the boys so they could have the experience."

"I've heard about those ceremonies but no one gives any detail, like it's ultra secret," I said.

"Well they are the best kept secrets on the island," Captain said. "I've never been to one, but I've heard the stories. Don't know whether to believe 'em or not, they sound pretty outlandish."

"What kind of stories? I've never even heard any stories," I said.

"Well, they're stores, mind you, nothing more. But from what I've heard they're on a scale of voodoo orgies. Man/boy sex. Like boy initiations. Like I said, I don't know if any of it's true so don't be spreading any rumors. Frankly I doubt most of it, cause it's like a secret fraternity. You even have take an oath that you won't talk about it."

"I'm curious, do you know how would I get to go to one?" I asked. I especially wanted to go to one, hearing Captain's description, and more especially, knowing that Todd Williams would be there.

The captain dug in his pocket and brought out one of his business cards. "You go to the docks, where the cruise ships dock, about sundown, and locate this cab number, give the driver this card, he'll take you. Leave your wallet at home." He also handed me a fifty dollar bill. "Give this to the cab driver."

"Where are they held?"

"I don't know. Different places, that's how they keep them secret. Just keep in mind, if you don't come home or show up for work, nobody's going to call the police cause the police don't investigate anything concerning the ceremonies."

"You're trying to scare me," I said.

"Nope. Just telling you how it is."

I was scared but I was going anyway. I showered and flushed out, under the hopeful assumption that since the ceremonies were secret "boy initiations" and for males only they would involves sex in some fashion and I wanted to be prepared if I was allowed to take part. I even gave it a thought that I might be forced to take part, and I can't say I wasn't a little excited about that prospect. I put on some good smelling body splash for good measure. Approaching sundown, I walked to the docks to find the cab. There were not so many at that hour since the ship had already departed and there would not be another rush for cabs till the next morning. I found it easily and showed the driver the captain's business card. He flipped something over his cab number and nodded and opened the door for me to get in.

We drove to a remote part of the other side of the island where the driver pulled over alongside the road and pointed up into the wooded hills.

"How will I find the place?" I asked as he was getting out.

"It will find you."

I watched the cab drive away. I looked up into the thick woods with a twinge of fear mixed in with the excitement but quickly gathered my courage and moved into the foliage. Well into the woods I was surprised by two men who appeared out of nowhere. More than surprised, they scared the shit out of me. I assumed they were associated with the ritual and they didn't appear to be inclined to do any harm so I let them escort me to a spot where there was a ragged tent set up. Taking me inside, they ask me to take off my clothes. Again, I felt no fear of these particular men and I did as they asked. When I was naked they gave me a "gown" to put on, made of very soft, very thin, white linen. It felt like I was wearing air.

"What about my clothes?" I asked.

"They will be returned to you," one of the men said. When I must have looked doubtful, he added, "Nothing has ever been stolen, it would not be tolerated." He said it with such conviction that I accepted his word, although I wondered why the Captain had told me to leave my wallet at home.

One of the men took me further up along a path till we could see the soft, eerie glow of firelight through the thick foliage and he stopped. He pointed and disappeared into the brush; he was gone in a flash. Moving cautiously toward the glow of the firelight, I came into a group of a dozen or more men and boys, all naked except for white towels cinched around their waists. A large slab of highly polished wood was set upon four large stones. I thought, that piece of wood would cost thousands back in the States. Looking around, I saw only two others dressed like myself, and I wondered about the significance of the gowns. The men and boys were milling about, wearing only the towels, whispering greetings to one another and occasionally groping one another. Yes, it was to be about sex, for certain. I didn't see Mr. Williams or his sons.

A gong sounded and all was quiet. A tall, muscular, bearded Islander appeared at the side of the table, wearing a black loincloth and leather boots with leggings. He had wide leather wristbands and a leather collar around his neck with silver studs that gleamed in the light of the fire.

"I am informed that all are accounted for so we shall begin. First, you must take the sacred oath of secrecy. Understand, you will be watched very closely and anyone seen not uttering the words of the oath will be escorted away immediately. Lay your hand on the shoulders of the man or boy next to you so that we become one in the chain of male humanity. This is our bond to each other as men, and a sacred promise to one another that the oath of secrecy will never be broken."

Things got underway as a cute brown skinned boy dressed in a linen gown like the one I wore was brought from out of the shadows and laid on the altar by two big, young, muscular Islanders. A big, middle aged, white man approached the end of the altar and lifted the gown to expose the boy's flawlessly beautiful body. I suddenly realized that wearing the linen gown, I too had no doubt been chosen as one of the sacrificial lambs. The thought made me move back in the shadows, in the safety of the trees and overhanging foliage, excited but a little frightened.

During intonements by the "high priest" the man removed his towel and draped it over his shoulder, reveling a huge cock. While an attendant stepped up to apply lube to the boy's ass and the man's cock, another man moved up beside the altar to stand at the boy's shoulder. The boy reached up and took his hand and I immediately assumed the man was his father. The initiator lifted the boy's legs up and held them out wide by his ankles. His cock, erect now, found its own way to the boy's fuck hole.

"Be easy with him," the man at his shoulder said.

"He is here to lose his virginity, there is pain in that," the initiator said.

I wondered who the initiator was, and how he was chosen for his task. I watched from the shadows as the man entered the boy unceremoniously with one full, forceful thrust. The boy's loud groan brought gasps of excitement from the crowd.

"You are his father," the initiator said.

"I am."

"Give the boy your manhood to quiet his groans."

The man at his shoulder removed his towel and placed the boy's hand on his hard cock. It was so thick his hand wouldn't reach around it. The boy stroked it several times then the man, his father, moved closer, rubbing it against his face. The boy turned his head and took it in his mouth. I heard the father say something that included "son." I watched with all the excitement of the others as the boy's virginity was fucked out of him. Within my vision I saw a handsome youth come into the dim light on the other side of the altar. His physical stature--lean, muscular, darkly tanned in his white towel, not a gown--caused me to focus on him. I glanced up and met his eyes and quickly glanced away for a second but when I looked back, he was looking right at me. The flames in one of the lamps burned suddenly brighter for a brief moment and my blood ran cold at who I saw there. My lips formed the name....Justin....and the youth blinked his eyes for the first time. It wasn't Justin of course, but I felt a connection, as if I knew him, and he knew me. I started to move to go around the altar to him but I was paralyzed by the intense, unwavering stare. So I stood where I was and so did he, and we looked at each other across the altar while the young boy was being fucked.

A noise behind me, like an animal, got my attention and I looked away. When I looked back, the youth wasn't there. I searched the opposite crowd with my eyes but didn't see him. I was suddenly compelled to go in search of him through the crowd but I didn't find him. He had disappeared so suddenly.

The man finished fucking the boy, and the boy received his father's load in his mouth. As the father and son embraced amid the applause of the onlookers the altar was purified with water and another youth wearing a white linen gown was brought to the altar. He was older than the first, perhaps seventeen, and he was white. A huge black man with graying in his temples came out of the shadows and clasped the boy's shoulders. He looked like a warrior. He turned the boy around and lifted the gown. The boy raised his arms so it could be removed and stood naked for the man.

"Ah, yes," the man said with a smile as he bent the boy over the side of the altar. Two Islanders knelt down and held the boy's arms firmly in place over the other side of the altar. Only then did the man remove his towel. There was a collective gasp and "ohhhh's" and "aahh's" from the crowd. The man's cock was gargantuan. As before, someone stepped forward with the bowl of lube. He used both hands on the man's cock and it looked like he as greasing up a baseball bat. The teenager gaped at the monstrous cock with fear in his eyes.

"Dad....Dad, I don't think I can do this," he said.

"It's too late," I heard someone say and then I saw a man slink back into the shadows and knew it was the boy's father, leaving him on his own.

The black warrior took his position, aiming his cock at the boy's ass. He gasped but barely struggled as the other men held him down. "Oh, Godd," I heard him say as the man applied pressure.

Then suddenly the warrior looked all around. "Who is the father of this boy?" he asked in a demanding voice.

"I am," came the reply after a moment as the man I'd seen slink away came out of the shadows.

"Why do you hide, Man, are you ashamed of your son?" he asked in a booming voice. "Surely, you brought him here."

"I did. And I am not ashamed."

"Your voice belies what you say," the warrior said. "I think you should share in your son's pleasure, and in his pain. Come, join him, it will be a true bonding experience."

Before the man could say anything two burly Islanders took him by the arms and guided him around beside the warrior. They removed his towel and I could see in the firelight the fear on the man's face as he gaped at the warrior's monstrous cock.

"My Godd," he whispered as he was bent over the altar beside his son.

The warrior entered the boy first. One of the men held a wide piece of leather across the boy's mouth as the warrior bored into him. It muffled but didn't stifle his outcry.

There was soft applause among the bystanders.

"I wonder if he was a virgin," someone said.

"Even if he wasn't he must feel like one now," another said.

"Think they were both virgins," another said. "His father certainly wasn't expecting this."

I couldn't honestly say the boy was brutalized. Once he had been impaled and the warrior began fucking him he showed every sign of enjoying every thrust. I thought the warrior was much rougher on his father and he didn't take it so well. He bit down and chewed on the strip of leather that was put over his mouth. He didn't show any sign of pleasure.

When the warrior reached his climax inside him, the boy shot his load as well. And he thanked the warrior for initiating him. The warrior then fucked the father till he shot his load. The father stumbled off in a daze, met by his son who embraced him. Even that was a warm reuniting, as I heard the boy thank his father for bringing him.

As the altar was being purified again, I was aware of the two Islanders, one on each side of me. They were there to escort me to the altar. I wondered who my initiator would be. I wondered why I was chosen. I was so far from a virgin, and no one had bothered to ask about that. I stood at the end of the altar, waiting. It seemed several minutes and people were looking around to see who would come forth. Suddenly I saw the dark, ghost like figures in the shadows part for someone to come through. I was stunned when I saw the figure come into the dim light. It was the mysterious Justin look alike. I quickly subdued my crazy imaginings. I knew it had to be Todd Williams, yet I had not seen his father or his younger brother.

We met at the end of the altar. His penetrating look into my eyes sent chills through me. The two islanders stooped to take hold of the hem of the gown but he stopped them with a wave of his hand and they stood back. He bent down and took the hem himself and lifted the gown. The warm night breeze swept gently over my body as it was slowly exposed. I raised my arms so he could take the gown off over my head. He took a moment to fold it neatly. He placed his hands on the sides of my shoulders and sat me down then moved to the side of the altar to lay me back and placed the folded gown under my head. Nothing was said. I could hear only his breathing, steady and deep.

As he moved to the end of the altar I started to lift my legs but he put his hand on my knees and ran his hands up and down my bare thighs. My cock, already fluffed up, began to rise. So did his. Up and down my thighs his fingers digging into my groin at the apex, till my cock was standing hard over my stomach. His pointing up at a sharp angle and bucking. He was big. Not huge, but enough to make my breath come short at the thought of taking him. I thought it was time; that he would bring my legs up and take me but instead he bent down and began kissing my stomach. "Ooohh's" and "Aaahhh's" came from the crowd and someone whispered, "Oh, he's going to make love to him."

I shivered under the touch of his lips and tongue. A certain way he looked up at me, in the flickering light of the flames, I saw the glistening in his eyes. He kissed up my stomach to my chest and spread his kisses across the width of it, pausing at each side to lick in my armpits. This wasn't a sacrifice, he was indeed making love to me!! If he kissed me, it would be certain.

The certainty came moments later after he'd caused my nipples to swell and harden. His face hovered over mine and there was the look again as he brought his face down to brush his lips against mine. I whinnied softly and gushed out a breath of excitement and that's when his lips locked with mine, his tongue seeking entry into my mouth.

Oh, My Godd, I thought, and closed my eyes. I felt weak and the images were returning and I couldn't bear it. I couldn't believe it but I couldn't deny it either. I wanted to speak his name.....Todd....to make him know I recognized him from the boat; to make him Todd and not the ghost I was seeing in my mind. But his mouth was locked too tightly over my lips for me to speak and his tongue too busy in my mouth, sending eddies of pleasure all through every nerve in me.

My legs lifted almost of their own accord, for my body to welcome him. As I set my feet on his hips his cock found its way to press against my hole. No one had lubed my ass nor his cock but I felt it pressing warm and slick into the welcoming pit of my ass. I willed the muscles there to relax and they stretched and opened for his manhood to push through. I was amazed that there was no pain but only pleasure from the very beginning. The whole time I kept my eyes closed.

"Ohhh, My Godd," I moaned softly, but loud enough to be heard by all around me.

"Well, I don't blame him for that," someone said. "Just look at the stud who's mounting him."

I opened my eyes with horror. "Godd!....Ohh, god...Justin....!" I gasped softly. I felt a powerful lurch of his cock inside me but he said not a word, nothing that he was Todd or some other stranger who had buried his cock in me.

He began fucking me. He never lifted his body from mine. He kept kissing me, my lips, my face, my neck, he even took my hand and kissed the palm. Oddly his breathing stayed steady and I felt no heartbeat as mine, that was chugging like a freight train. The feel of his muscles caused my heart to race. I could sense the movements of his cock sliding in and out of me, bringing my body in tune with my head. But it lasted only for a short few minute before the incessant pulses of pleasure overcame my senses and my mind went off on its own to explore its own pleasures in the mist of my imagination.

Suddenly, on a reentry thrust, his hips gyrated, causing his cock to skewer and lob around in my ass. I nearly screamed, not only from the sheer pleasure of it, but the sudden, stark realization that bolted through me. Only one other man, of the countless times I'd been fucked, moved his hips like that.

"Ohh, Yess....Godd, Yess, I remember that move. Do it....fuck me, Justin...fuck my brains out! Godd, Yes.....ohh, I need this so bad. Godd, how I've missed you," I moaned hoarsely. After the words were out I waited. There was no rebuttal to the name I uttered. If it was Todd Williams fucking me he would've corrected me, wouldn't he? I didn't know if my brain was capable of that kind of logic so I went with the illogical.

It was a mind searing fuck, a fuck that seared my brain to cause whispered words to pour out of my mouth; words cried out, words that were not a part of my thought process, but rising from my heart. Still, he said nothing. He only fucked me all the harder.

Toward the end he leaned down and kissed me again, almost brutally at first but then it became more like a lover's kiss and I remembered all the times this had happened before. Suddenly he pulled away from the kiss and bent down to take my cock in his mouth. It was only then at the touch of his warm, wet mouth, that I realized I was cumming. I was dazed into a state of shock. Justin was sucking my cock and taking my load and I could feel him swallowing it! At the same time I felt the hard lurches and the powerful pulsations of his cock that were sending his cum gushing deep inside me. I could feel it pouring out in copious amounts, hotter than I had ever felt in my life, and spreading its heat all through me. My body quaked with the intense climax and I clung to the sides of the altar almost in fright.

The fuck ended, leaving me exhausted. Justin remained over me and buried deep inside me for a long moment before he finally began to pull out. It was excruciatingly slow and there was a pained expression on his face, almost as if he couldn't bear for his body to leave mine. I brought my arms up around his shoulders but he rose up out of them and my legs fell from his waist where I had been clinging to his muscular body.

As he straightened I tried to get up--I wanted to stay with him--but I was too weak. Someone handed him his towel and he put it on as he gazed down at me, with a longing look. I had never seen such a pitifully sad look. I reached out as Justin was walking past the altar but I didn't, couldn't touch him even though I was within easy reach. He just slipped out of my grasp.

Another man stepped up to fuck me but I found my strength to raise up and grab the gown that had served as a pillow. I wanted to follow Justin; I couldn't let him get away. I shrugged the gown on as I rushed helter-skelter among the crowd searching for him in the dim light and in the surrounding darkness. I think I looked in the face every man and boy there but I didn't find him. I went down the path a ways, calling out his name, but there was no one there. How had he vanished so quickly? I sat down in the quiet darkness and fought back my tears till I felt hands on my shoulders. It was the two Islanders. They helped me to my feet and started to take me back up the path.

"Where are we going, the tent is that way," I said.

"There are others who want to partake of your youth and beauty," one of them said.

"No!" I said, pulling back.

"Come. The other two boys are being fucked as we speak, and men are asking for you."

"No, I want to leave." I wanted to be alone with my thoughts, and the afterglow of the incredible lovemaking I had just experienced.

"But it is customary," the man said.

"What is customary?" I asked the other man.

He explained that it was customary for the "initiates" to remain and be fucked by anyone who wanted them. They had, after all, paid good money.

"So I'm being whored out, is that it?" I said. I couldn't control the wavering in my voice; suddenly I was scared. These two men were bigger than me, and stronger. They could drag me back and force me.

"No, tell them I got sick. Take me back to the tent to get my clothes, you can both fuck me there."

That got their attention; I could feel their grips loosen. They looked at each other in silent agreement and we turned and headed for the tent.

I kept my end of the bargain and hoped they would, too. Despite wanting to leave, it wasn't going to be all that hard to keep my end; they were both good looking in their island sort way, and both exceptionally well built. And as they removed their loin cloths, I saw they were both well endowed. One of them fucked me standing up, me bracing myself against a tree. When he was finished his friend told him to get on his hands and knees, and he backed me up so I was laying across the man's back and he fucked me that way. Luckily, neither of them lasted very long; they were probably afraid to be gone very long. I quickly got dressed and they went back up the path as I moved down it. I took the gown with me.

I went home in a stupor. There was no cab waiting so I had to walk back. I didn't know the way but I followed the narrow roads toward the lights of the town. The whole way with strange thoughts roiling in my head, emotions so high and confused that my chest ached. "Justin....Justin," I whispered his name over and over again as tears rolled down my face.

I didn't speak of it to Jack.



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