Tyler and I were in a hotel room. We were naked making out. It was the night before our wedding. Anne had a lavish ceremony set up at a nice club in Boston. Then she had us going to Venice for our honeymoon. Ben was my best man, and to my surprise Trevor was Tyler's best man.

I was in position on my back and Tyler on top of me. I felt him push himself inside me. I fucked me real hardcore driving me wild like he always does. We were making out while we were fucking. Before I knew it I was blowing cum all over Tyler and me. He kept fucking me. Then he exploded inside me. We laid and cuddled and made out for a while when the door to the room opened and Ben came in.

'Alright it's a quarter till midnight.' said Ben. 'Tyler go to your room. You are no to see Nick until the ceremony!'

'Do I have time to fuck him one last time?' Tyler asked.

'After the ceremony tomorrow you can fuck him all you want.' said Ben. 'Now he's off limits.'

'Alright' said Tyler getting out of the bed. 'Just wait until your wedding.'

Tyler got dressed, and looked as he was about to get back into bed with me. Ben gave him a stern look. 'Can I at least kiss him goodnight?' Tyler asked.

'Alright.' said Ben.

Tyler and I shared one last kiss and he went out the door. 'I left a wake up call tomorow morning.' said Ben. 'I got to make sure you are there on time. So I suggest you get some sleep.'

I just nodded. I fell asleep and before I knew it Ben was shaking me awake. 'Time to get up and start to get going. I just ordered breakfast. Go take a shower and get dressed and it should be here when you are done.'

I just did as Ben asked. It seemd that Ben wasn't about to argue the point. I took a hot shower wishing that Tyler was there with me. I changed into the clothes that Ben had laid out. Ben was sitting at a little table eating and reading a newspaper. I sat down and started eating breakfast. 'I have to have you at the club by eleven. The ceremony is at noon so you need to be there early. I am not letting you out of my sight. You are not to see Tyler until the ceremony. I coordinated with Trevor so I know what time they will be heading to the club, so no sneaking off.'

'Yes sir.' I said giving Ben a millitary salute.

The morning went by pretty quick. Before I knew it Ben and I were leaving to go to the club. We got there and were sent to a room on one side of the club. I heard that Tyler and Trevor were in another room on the other side. They said that the guests were being seated. Anne had flown my family in. It was the longest hour of my life. I so wanted to see Tyler, but Ben wouldn't even allow me a phone call. So I sat and waited and waited.

At a few minutes to twelve someone came in the door and said. 'It's time.' I got up and followed Ben out the door. We got to a big hall. I saw the guests seated. I saw Anne chatting with my mother. I saw Trevor and Tyler walking towards us from a door oppiste the one Ben and I came out of.

The minister began the ceremony as Tyler and I joined hands. We said our vows and exchanged rings. The minister prounounced us married and we kissed. The reception went alright. Tyler and I sat and heard the well wishers. We had our first dance as a married couple. Then it was time for us to go on our honeymoon. We endured having rice thrown on us as we got into the limo. We cuddled up against each other as we headed to the airport. Once at the airport we got on board a private jet. The pilot introduced himself and said if we needed anything to hit the call button. We buckled ourselves in as the jet took off. Once it was alright to unbuckle our seat belts, we started making out. 'Alone at last.' I said.

'Yeah.' said Tyler. 'Trevor was being a little Nazi, not letting me see you.'

'Ben was the same way.' I said.

'Want to join the mile high club?' Tyler asked.

'WIth you of course.' I said.

Tyler and I fucked each other on the jet. We had a nice honeymoon. We came back home to the farm for a couple of weeks, then it was time to move to our apartment in New York as it was nearing time for us to go back to school. Anne revealed that she had been secretly dating a stock broker from New York. Trevor was given the choice of either staying in millitary school, or to go back to public school, he choose the military school. When we asked him about it he said it's because he didn't want to ruin his relationship with his boyfriend Barry by being around him too much. Ben was getting serious with his new boyfriend Rob and said that Rob was going to move to town soon. Brad had found a new boyfriend at Ithica, and we found out through Ben that Chip was HIV negative, and his recovery was going at a steady pace.

Tyler and I moved into our apartment in New York. We made new friends in New York, and we stayed true to ourselves. Not having sex with other guys, not for even a threesome. Once Tyler finished medical school we decided to move back to the farm. We have stayed there ever since. It's our home and we are happy there and with each other.

The End.


ANDREW (bigtool4u89)

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