I woke up one Saturday morning. I didn't have to go down to the office because it was Saturday. I felt something on the back of my neck. It was Tyler. He was kissing the back of my neck. Tyler and mine's sex life took an amazing upswing recently. We were having sex at least five times a day now. Where when we were farm hands it was only when we weren't too tired out from work. Now we were doing it all the time.

I turned my head and started kissing Tyler deeply. I turned over and I was on top of Tyler with him on his back. I looked at my boyfriend's beautiful body. The nice smooth chest with the nice brown nipples just the right size for sucking on them. The stomach which just under his belly button had a nice treasure trail that led to his pubic hair. I looked up into Tyler's eyes and said simply. 'I love you.'

'I love you too.' Tyler responded and handed me the lube. I lubed up Tyler's hole. I kind of wanted to be the bottom right now, but my ass was still sore from the pounding Tyler had given me the night before, and besides I loved fucking him as much as I loved him fucking me.

I push myself inside Tyler and started pounding away at his hole. I leaned forward and started kissing and biting on Tyler's neck. His moans sounded so hot that it made me pound him more harder. My nose was taking in Tyler's sent a smell that drove me wild. I felt something hot between us and realised that Tyler had cum. I felt Tyler's hands grab my ass to push him deeper inside him. My mouth was right by his ear and I wispeared 'I love you Tyler.'

'I love you too Nick.' Tyler said through his moaning. I moved my mouth to his and kissed him deeply. I felt my load building up and before I knew it, it was expolding inside of Tyler. After I came I laid my head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat. Tyler head his arms around me holding me. After a while Tyler's arm left me to check the alarm clock sitting on the stand. 'We better get ready and go down to breakfast.' Tyler said. 'We got a lot to do today. The weddings today.'

I looked up at Tyler and nodded. I gave him a quick kiss and let him get out of bed so he could get a shower. I was tempted to get into the shower with him, but if I did that we would be in there for a while and it was the day that Tyler's sister Janie was getting married. Not that Tyler or his mother Anne was pleased about that. Janie was fifteen and pregnant. The father and the groom was David Patterson, an old schoolmate of Tyler's. Tyler was not happy that a nineteen year old had inpregnanted his fifteen year old sister. Anne tried to talk Janie into giving the baby up for adoption, but Janie refused insisting that she and David were in love. After Tom's arrest, Anne agreed to the marriage on the condition that Janie stay in school and at least go to a technical college and get some kind of degree. In exchange for that Anne would help Janie and David out financially providing day care for the baby, and anything else, but if Janie dropped out of school and doesn't go to some kind of college she would cut them off. Janie was hesitant about that, but it was David who got her to agree to the conditions. Which both Anne and Tyler found strange.

In the years since they got married David would go and proved both Anne and Tyler wrong. David would go on the prove himself to be a good and loving husband and father. He would encourage Janie who wanted to be a doctor not to settle for just becoming a nurse and to go medical school. David would work during the day, and be the one who took care of their son at night so Janie could focus on her studies. Though at this time right now Tyler and Anne were just predicting doom for David and Janie.

Tyler came out of the bathroom and started getting dressed. I got out of bed and went into the bathroom and took a shower and got dressed. The wedding was that afternoon. Since Tom was now in jail it fell to Tyler as the older brother to give the bride away. Tyler looked so hot in his tux. The wedding went without a hitch.

Thanksgiving at the Jamison house went well. Trevor was home for it, but he just pretty much kept to himself the whole time. Anne said that she had a psychologist going up to the military school that Trevor was attending every week to try and get through to Trevor. As Chirstmas was coming closer I was feeling more and more at home with the Jamison's. I was looking forward to spending Christmas with them. And Christmas was a holiday I hadn't looked forward to since I was twelve. About a week before Christmas, Tyler and I were eating dinner when Anne came up to us.

'Here.' she said hading me a couple of plane tickets. 'One for you and Tyler.'

I looked at them they were for Columbus, Ohio on Christmas Eve. The area where my family lived. 'Nick I want you to go visit your family for Christmas. Tyler will go with you.' Anne said with a don't argue the point with me. I sighed. That meant having to go and deal with my overbearing mother. My sisters who only regaured me as their brother when there was something I could do for them. Not to mention my father, who he and I don't quite seem to see things eye to eye. Anne seemed to notice this. 'What's the matter? Don't you want to go home for Christmas?'

'It's complicated.' I said. 'My family never quite understood me.' I noticed Tyler looking up too. He heard me mention my family in passing, but he never asked questions about why I lived so far away from them.

'Is it because you are gay?' Anne asked.

'No.' I said. 'That part they seem to be arlight with.' I sighed. I owed Anne an explanation. I hoped that those plane ticket were refundable. 'My family just didn't and don't understand me in other ways. You see when I was getting ready to graduate high school I applied to all kinds of schools. They at first were appalled that I wanted to go to college in the first place. They would ask why I wanted to go to college when there are plenty of good paying jobs I could get. I won that battle though. Then when I got a full scholarship to NYU, and decided to take it my mother went nuts. Saying that there were plenty of good schools in the area I could go to. She was asking why I would want to go to school so far away from home. I didn't tell her it was because I wanted to get away from home. I told her that NYU has a great repuation, and asked her if she wanted to best for me or not? She finally relented. Like she had a choice in that matter. Then if school went on break even for just a long weekened she was always asking how come I didn't come home during it. The times I would come it, was always my mother and my sisters begging me to stay home. Then I got my bacholer's degree. I got a scholarship to get my masters and NYU agreed to hold my scholarship for a year for my masters. When I shared the information that I was taking a year off from school, my mother asked if I was coming home. When I told her I took a job as a farm hand in upstate New York she again went nuts. She said there were plenty of jobs around there I could get. That I needed to come home. Needless to say I haven't communicated with my family much since coming here except for e-mails.'

'I see.' said Anne. 'What about your father? Where does he stand in this?'

'My father and I barely talk.' I said. 'If that's we talk at all. Last I heard he was pretty much telling my sisters that it's my life and if I wanted to work on a farm for a year then it was my right to do so. Let's just say I was never close to my father. He and I are pretty much like oil and water. He and my mother divorced when I was real young and he wasn't around much when I was a kid.'

'Alright.' said Anne. 'Maybe you should explain what you just told me to them. In person.'

Of course Anne was going to get me to use the tickets refunable or not. I sighed I was going to have to give in. 'I'll go.' I said. 'But by myself.'

'No you won't!' it was Tyler who said that.

'Tyler I don't want you exposed to them.' I said. 'Besides I would think your mom would want you here on Christmas.'

'She bought a ticket for me too.' said Tyler. Anne nodded. 'Besides sooner or later I am going to have to meet your family. You already know mine.'

'Alright.' I said. 'You can come. And I want a couple of things otherwise I won't use those tickets.'

'Go ahead.' said Anne.

'First Tyler and I get to stay at a hotel.' I said.

'Alright.' said Anne. 'Second?'

'We get to rent a car.' I said.

'Agreed.' said Anne. 'Now perhaps you should call your mother and tell her that you will be home for Christmas.'

'I will e-mail her.' I said. 'If I call I will never get off the phone.' That was the truth my mother tended to talk my ear off.

I e-mailed my mother and told her I would be there for Christmas dinner. She was happy about that of course, saying that my grandparents would be there and it's been so long since they have seen me. She said that she would have my room ready. I replied saying that I was going to stay in a hotel. She seemed put out by that, insisting that there is enough room for me there. However I put my foot down telling her either I stay in a hotel, or I don't come at all. She caved into that.

Before I knew it Tyler and I were getting into a car that would take us to the bus station that would take us to Buffalo where we would catch our plane. I felt like it was going to be more like forty-eight years before we were coming back instead for fourty-eight hours.

To be continued...


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