Friday came. At breakfast Anne asked Tyler and me. 'What's your plans for the weekend?'

'Nothing much.' Tyler said. 'I think we are going to get out of here for tomorrow.' The truth was Tyler and I were going to have our boyfriend swap with Chip and Brad tomorrow.

'Do you guys mind spending the weekend out? Starting tonight?' Anne asked.

'I guess we can stay in a motel for a weekend.' I said.

'Mom.' Tyler said. 'What's going on?'

'What do you mean?' Anne asked.

'On Tuesday you asked us to take a package to Dr. Nelson.' Tyler said. Of course omitting the fact that we had a threesome with Dr. Nelson. 'And told us to get a motel room. You had also sent Trevor to stay at Barry's house. Now you're asking us to spend the weekend out?'

'Tyler.' I said. 'It's not a big thing. Whatever she's got going on she will tell us when she's ready.'

'Nick's right.' said Anne. 'I am not telling now, but will eventually.'

Tyler and I got up from the table and left the room. 'You know what's going on?' Tyler asked me.

'I have a suspicsion nothing more.' I said.

'Well what is it?' asked Tyler.

'I think your mother has a boyfriend.' I said. 'And she wants the house to herself this weekend so she can have him over to entertain him.'

'Why wouldn't she just tell us?' asked Tyler.

'Maybe she doesn't know where this relationship will lead.' I said. 'Maybe she doesn't want to get her own hopes up to high.'

'Alright.' said Tyler.

I went off to the office and I got a call from Chip about Saturday. 'Hey if you want we can do the whole weekend. Brad and I got Sunday off as well.'

'Yeah.' I said. 'Tyler and I have to stay at a motel this weekend. His mother's request. I got to go to a motel tonight.'

'Why don't you guys come over tonight then?' Chip asked.

'I'm game if Tyler will agree to it.' I said.

'I'll have Brad give him a call.' Chip said. 'Can't wait until tonight.'

A little while later I got a text from Chip. 'Tyler says it's a go.' I sent Tyler a text to confirm it. So that evening we went to Chip and Brad's cabin. When we got there Brad had a bag packed.

'It's decided that we are going to seperate for the weekend.' said Chip. 'Nick, you and I will stay here, and Brad and Tyler will go to a motel.'

I looked at Tyler and he said. 'That's fine.'

'You see it's a boyfriend swap.' said Brad. 'Tyler for the next forty-eight hours you are my boyfriend.'

'And this sexy stud Nick is mine.' said Chip.

'Do you care if Tyler and I kiss each other goodbye?' I asked.

'Not if you don't mind my kissing Brad goodbye.' said Chip.

I walked over to Tyler and we embraced. He whispeared in my ear. 'Sunday night we will be together again. I love you' 'I love you too.' I replied. We kissed a long passioniate kiss. I handed him my car keys and watched him and Brad leave.

Once they were gone Chip pulled me to him and kissed me. Once we broke our kiss he said. 'I've missed you Nick.' He kissed me again. He pulled off my shirt and I pulled off his. He kissed down my body and undid my pants. I pulled them down as well as my boxers and started sucking my cock. He bobbed up and down on my cock. I could feel my load rising and I said. 'I'm going to cum Chip!' Before I knew it I was cumming into his mouth. He was gulping it down.

He then got up and kissed me sharing my load with me. He laid me on my back on the bed and put my legs on his shoulders. He lubed up my ass and pushed himself inside me. He leaned forward and kissed me with such passion while he pounded away at my ass. Chip was good at being a top, but he really had nothing on Tyler. At that moment I wished it was Tyler who was pounding my ass. The first time Chip fucked me, I was able to go through with it, becuase Tyler was there with me. Now I felt like I was betraying Tyler. While I was enjoying what Chip was doing with me it wasn't as fun as being with Tyler. Before I knew it Chip was exploding in my ass.

Chip and I cuddled for a while. He kissed me every so often. My thoughts were on Tyler though. Was he feeling like I was feeling. I wanted to grab my cell phone and call him. Then Chip said something that threw me off guard. He said. 'I love you Nick.'

To be continued...


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