I woke up the next morning. The sun was out. I freaked at first thinking that I was late for my work on the farm. I looked around. The room was different. Then it came back to me. The events of the previous day. Of Trevor's rock attack on Tyler, or Anne finding Tom's father's missing will. Tyler and I were no longer in a cabin on the farm, but in the main house.

I looked next to me Tyler was still asleep. I sliped out of bed and walked to the door. I opened it and saw some bags sitting outside the door. There was a note taped to one of the bags. I tore it off and read it:

Nick and Tyler, You don't have to do farmwork anymore. I had your things brought up from the cabin you were staying in. I have a couple of new young men who are going to take your places as farm hands. Nick you are free to stay in the main house as long as you like, you are part of the family now. I should be back this afternoon as I am taking Trevor to the millitary school, so we can talk then.


I reread the note. Tyler and I didn't have to work as farmhands anymore. Well that might be good for Tyler to be allowed back into the home he grew up in, but for me? I came to this farm intending to work. To put back money before I went back to school to get my masters degree in accounting. True I could have gotten a job at an accounting firm since I already had a bacholers degree but I also wanted to get away from the city. I didn't expect to find a boyfriend on this farm. I just wanted to earn enough money so I could get back to school and haven enough money to live on so I wouldn't have to work while in school. So I could focus entirely on school.

I went back into the room and sat down on at the desk in Tyler's room. I put my hands into my face. It would be too late to explain it to Anne, since she already hired a replacement to take my spot. I then heard a moan. Tyler was awake.

'Hey how's your head feeling sweetheart?' I asked him.

'It's feeling alright.' said Tyler. 'What's bothering you honey?'

I showed Tyler the note. He read it. 'So what' bothering you about this?' Tyler didn't seem to understand why I was upset.

'I came to this farm to work.' I said. 'I came here because I need money.'

'My mom will give you all the money you need probably.' said Tyler.

'Tyler I am not looking for a handout.' I said. 'Or a loan. I came here to take a job. I didn't intend to find a boyfriend here, or that boyfriend would end up being the owners son.'

'Why are you so worried about it?' asked Tyler.

'Tyler I didn't come from this.' I said waving my hand around the room. 'I come from a poverty stricken family. Every penny that I have is a penny that I earned. I am not big on taking chairty or accepting loans from someone.' I explained.

'Well talk to my mom.' said Tyler. 'I am sure she will have something you can do to earn your keep.'

I nodded. I was fully intending to talk to Anne about it. Tyler got out of bed and changed clothes. We went downstairs and got some breakfast. 'No one's here but us.' Tyler said a with an evil grin that I always known to mean that Tyler was horny. 'There's something that I always wanted to do. Come with me.'

I followed Tyler past into a hallway past the dinning room. We got to another wing of the house. It looked to me to be a sort of entertainment wing. There was a game room with a pooltable and dart boards. There was a room that looked like it was a home gym. I thought at least if I am not keeping in shape by hard labor on the farm there is a gym I can take use of. I looked out a window and there looked to be a pool that was covered by a tarp. Finally Tyler led me into a room. He turned on the lights and shut the door. It was a room with a hot tub.Tyler started to get the hot tub going and then he got naked and got into it. He looked at me. 'You know it would be more fun in here with you in here with me.

I took off my clothes and got naked and joined him. Once in the hot tub Tyler was all over me kissing me deeply feeling my body.My hand were moving up and down Tyler's back. I then felt Tyler moving my legs apart and his hard cock moving around looing for me hole. 'Tyler.' I said. 'What if someone walks in?'

'We're home alone.' said Tyler.

'There are servants here right?' I asked.

'Well I locked the door.' Tyler said smiling. I smiled back and put my arms around the back of his neck and kissed him deeply. He then found my hole and pushed himself inside of me. It was like nothing I experienced before. The jets pounding at my back while Tyler was pounding my hole. Tyler was so good as a top. His cock always hit the right spots inside me to give me extreme pleasure. I was moaning loudly. Tyler was biting my neck giving me a hickie while he was fucking me. His cock then hit my prostate and I started cumming. I moaned loudly as I came. As few more moments of pounding and I felt Tyler tense up and explode in my ass. He kept himself inside me and held me to him and we kissed deeply for a while. Feeling out love for each other.

After a while we got out and dried off and got dressed. I had to ask. 'Won't someone notice the cum in there?'

'It gets drained and cleaned out everyday.' Tyler said. 'I used to like to jack off in there. I always wanted to fuck someone in there. Nice I finally did, and am so glad that it was you.' He then kissed me deeply. 'Do you know how much I love you?'

'Probably not as much as I love you.' I replied. We held hands as we walked back to the main part of the house. All was quiet. Anne said that she wouldn't be back until sometime in the afternoon. Then I would have to have my talk with her. Would I need to go find a job somewhere? Or would Anne let me go back to being a hired hand? All those questions were running through my mind. Tyler and I ate lunch and went back to his bedroom, where I returned the favor to him by fucking him as hard as I could go. My cock pounding inside him, making him cum without him even touching his cock. I licked up his cum, something about Tyler's cum was addicting to me.

Finally that afternoon Anne came back home. We sat down in the living room Anne, Tyler and me. First Anne asked Tyler how he was doing after yesterday's attack by Trevor. Tyler assured her that he was alright. 'Anne.' I said. 'You said that I didn't have to work as a farm hand anymore, but the fact is I came here to work. I didn't expect to find a boyfriend here, or that the boyfriend would be the owner's son, but I appreciate the fact that you consider me part of the family, but I really need money. I don't want it handed to me, and I don't want a loan. I want a job, so if you need another farm hand I can go back to doing that.'

Anne held her hand up to stop me from talking. 'You have a bacholer's degree in accounting right?' she asked.

'Yes.' I said.

'Why didn't you find a job at an accounting firm before you went for your masters degree?' she asked. I thought that these questions were kind of funny.

'Well I wanted to get out of the city.' I said. 'I couldn't stand it anymore and needed time away from there. Most of the guys there only wanted sex, and weren't interested in me. Just what I could do for the sexually. Rual area's like this don't offer much for an accountant. Not to mention I did not want to go home, I love my family, but they just drive me crazy.'

'Well Nick.' said Anne. 'So happens that I need an accountant. The one I had left to take a big job at an accounting firm in New York. Of course I understand the time will come when you will be going back to school for your masters but for now that's the kind of work I need you to do. It pays much better than that of a farm hand. You will be doing payroll, and the farm's taxes, and it's not that demanding of a job either so you will have plenty of time to yourself. Are you willing to take it?'

I was thrown through a loop. My first accounting job! 'Sure I will take it.' I said.

'Good that's settled.' said Anne.

'See I told you something would be worked out.' said Tyler.

Soon at would feel quite at ease in the Jamison residence. Something would happen that I would not expect. At Christmas time Anne would buy Tyler and I plane tickets for me and him to visit my family for the holidays. Tyler would meet my family.

To be continued...


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