The next morning I got out of bed. I took a shower, got dressed, and headed for the office. I finished payroll that morning. I went back to the main house for lunch and found Tyler there waiting for me. We had the house to ourselves. Trevor had finally left to go camping with Barry's family. I wondered if Barry's parents knew about Trevor and Barry. I had no idea if Anne talked with them about it.

Tyler and I sat in silence as we ate lunch. My cell phone rang. I answered it. 'Hello.' I said not knowing the number.

'Is this Nick?' asked a man on the other end. His voice sounded familar.

'It's Ben Nelson.' said the voice.

'Oh hey Ben.' I said a little loudly and Tyler looked up. We had been having regualr threesomes with Dr. Nelson for a while now. 'What's up?'

'I bet you already know the answer to that.' said Ben. 'Do you guys mind if I come over, there's something I need to talk to you guys about. I know Anne is out of town and I have no afternoon appointments.'

'Sure I don't mind if you come over.' I said. 'Do you mind Sweetie?' I asked Tyler.

'Not at all.' said Tyler with that horny evil grin of his.

'Good I will be there twenty minutes.' said Ben.

'Alright we will be looking forward to it.' I said.

Tyler and I finished eating and went into the living room. We sat on the sofa cuddling up against each other. Not long after a maid escorted Ben into the living room. The maid left and Ben said. 'Oh how cute. It's nice to see two guys in love.'

'Thanks Ben.' Tyler said. 'What's going on?'

I expected Ben to want to rush upstairs to our bedroom, but instead he sat down on a chair oppisite the sofa that Tyler and I were on. 'It's Brad and Chip.'

Tyler and I both sat up. Brad and Chip were a couple that Tyler and I did a couple swap with a couple of times. Tyler got Brad and I got Chip. The second time that we swap Chip sent Tyler and Brad to a motel room. At the motel room Brad couldn't go through with it as Chip told him that he was in love with me and dumped him. At the cabin that Chip and Brad shared(which was ironically the one Tyler and I once shared) Chip and I had sex and he told me that he loved me. I rejected him and left immeditley.

'What about them?' I asked. 'Well Brad. I pulled some strings and Brad will start at Ithica in the fall. It's only an hour away from here and so he won't be too far away from his mother. I went there myself, and well I told him there's plenty of good dick there for him. Though I can't complain about the dicks that are in front of me. Chip well he just disappeared. Brad said there was some guy in New York that he was talking to and thinks that he went to be with that guy.'

'Well I kind of knew that if I had dumped Tyler for him that I would only be a means to an end for him.' I said. 'He just wanted out of here in any way he could find it.'

'Well thing is he hasn't disappeared entirely.' said Ben. 'True he went to New York and met the guy he was talking to online, but that guy raped him. The guy might have HIV.'

I didn't know what to say. A part of me was greatful that Chip and I had sex before he met up with that guy. 'Where's Chip now?'

'At FDR hospital in New York.' said Ben. 'A friend of mine is a doctor there, and he's been treating Chip. He says that it is likely Chip will have to be sent to a mental hospital as Chip has seemed to have lost his grip on reality. I haven't told Brad about it. I think Brad needs to move on from Chip. I just thought you two should know this.'

'Yeah thanks Ben.' I said. 'And I hope Chip turns out to be HIV negative.'

'There's really no way of knowing that.' said Ben. 'At least not yet. It takes about six months for the virus to show up on a test. And when you two get back to New York then I don't suggest doing things like what you two do with me, or what you did with Brad and Chip, and if you do then use condoms.'

'I already know about the guys in New York.' I said. 'And I don't think Tyler and I will be doing anything like that when we get there.'

'Good.' said Ben. 'So you guys got any plans this afternoon?' I knew what Ben wanted.

'Well.' I said. 'Tyler and I were going to take a dip in the pool. You want to join us?'

'I don't have a swim suit with me.' Ben said.

'I've got something that might fit you.' I said. 'Besides you probably won't be wearing it for that long, and you need to see Tyler in a pair of speedos.'

Tyler and I got up and led Ben up to our room. The three of us got undressed and put on swimsuits. Ben and I in trunks, and Tyler in a pair of speedos. I ran my hand accross Ben's smooth chest. 'Wasn't I right about Tyler in speedos.'

'Yeah you were.' said Ben. I gave Ben a kiss. Then Tyler gave Ben a kiss, and then Tyler and I kissed each other. We grabbed some towels and headed out to the pool. Tyler and I together put some sunblock on Ben, and we had Ben put sunblock on both of us. We all got into the pool together. I pulled Ben to me and looked into his eyes. I couldn't help but love him. I leaned in and kissed him deeply. Then Tyler kissed him. Then I kissed Tyler the love of my life. Tyler and I sucked on each of Ben's nipples. We had Ben moaning real loud. We then took him to the sallow part of the pool and lowered his trunks off of him.

Tyler and I first took turns on sucking Ben's cock. Then I got behind Ben and stood up and spread his cheeks and rub my cock on his hole and pushed inside him. Tyler continued sucking on Ben's cock while I fucked him hard and harder. 'Oh fuck Nick your fantastic!'

'Just wait until it's Tyler's turn.' I said.

I turned Ben's head and we kissed while I fucked him. Before I knew it I was unloading in his ass. I pulled out and traded places with Tyler. Tyler started fucking Ben and I was sucking on Ben's cock. I looked up at Ben with his cock in my mouth and saw the pleasure in his face with Tyler's cock in his ass. He and Tyler were kissing deeply. Before I knew it Ben was exploding in my mouth and I could feel his warm tastey cum. I gulped it al down.

I stood up and Tyler was still ravaging Ben's ass. I kissed Ben, then I kissed Tyler. I could tell that Tyler was tensing up getting ready to blow his load in Ben's ass. I saw the look in his face as he exploded in Ben's ass. After Tyler came the three of us dried off and went up to our bedroom where we got naked again. We had a fuck sandwich with Tyler and I taking turns on the middle.

First I was fucking Tyler's ass while Tyler was fucking Ben's. Then Tyler and I switched places and I was fucking Ben while Tyler was driving me wild with his cock in his ass as he always does. I blew my load in Ben's ass and Tyler was still fucking me. Ben got off of us and Tyler put me in a missionary position and we kissed while he pounded away at me. I saw Ben watching us. I looked into Tyler's eyes and saw his love for me. 'Oh Tyler I love you.' I said.

'I love you too Nick.' Tyler said.

Before I knew it Tyler was cumming in me. We stayed in our embrace and kept kissing. I nearly forgot that Ben was with us. We seperated and made room for Ben. Ben joined us in bed and the three of us started to cuddle. 'You two looked amazing together.' Ben said.

'Thanks.' said Tyler.

'I can tell you two really love each other.' Ben said. 'Maybe I can have that someday.'

'Isn't there anyplace you can go to meet guys?' I asked.

'Buffolo.' Ben said. 'That's an hour away though.'

'Well some weekend take a hotel room there.' Tyler said. 'Go there this weekend. Nick and I will go with you if you want. If you don't find anyone, then the three of us can have some more fun.'

'That might work.' said Ben. 'I can make hotel reservations.'

'Good.' I said. 'Just let us know.'

'I love you guys.' Ben said.

'We love you too.' said Ben.

I gave Ben a kiss. 'I love you Ben.'

'I love you too Nick.' said Ben.

Tyler then kissed Ben. 'I love you Ben.' Tyler siad.

'I love you too Tyler.' said Ben.

The three of us cuddled for a little while until Ben saw the time on the alarm clock. 'I've got to go.' Ben said getting out of bed. 'I've got a dinner date with the Dennison's. I swear they freak when they have the common cold.' Ben got dressed and kissed both of us goodbye. 'I'll call you about this weekend. I'll make some excuse for your mother.'

Tyler and I cuddle a little more. 'Tyler.' I said. 'What about what Ben told us about what happened with Chip. You think once we are in New York we should just have sex with each other.'

'Yes.' Tyler said. 'I was going to suggest that before Ben even came over. When we come home for the holidays and such we can fool around with Ben, but when we are in New York it's just you and me.'

'I love you Tyler.' I said.

'I love you too Nick.' Tyler said.

'Tyler can you put your cock in me.' I said. 'Like what I woke up to that one morning. I want to feel you like that again.'

There was silence for a minute and I felt Tyler pushing his dick inside me, and slowly started to fuck me. Tyler had his arm around me and I turned my head and kissed him. I rested the back of my head against his chest.

'Nick.' Tyler said. 'You know there's something we need to do before we get to New York.'

'What's that go and check out apartments?' I asked.

'I'm sure my Mom is already doing that right now.' said Tyler. 'No I mean something else.' Tyler was silent for a moment. I was about to ask him what it was we needed to do. Then Tyler spoke up. 'Nick, will you marry me?'

I turned my head and faced Tyler. 'Yes Tyler I will marry you.' We kissed and he continued to fuck me.

To be continued...


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