Tyler and I woke up together the next morning. We woke up in exactly the same positions we fell asleep the previous night. With Tyler's arm around me. My ass was sore. I took a pounding from Chip, and after we got home Tyler ravaged my ass. I didn't have to be at the office until later, so I thought a little more fun for Tyler and me was in store. I started kissing Tyler, he and I making out. I got Tyler in position and I pushed my cock inside him, fucking him as hard as I could go. Before I knew it, I was exploding inside him.

Tyler then was laying with his cock in the air. I could still feel the cum that he and Chip desposited in me the night before in my ass. I sat down on his cock and started riding him. My hands moved over his hard nipples and he was pumping up into me faster and faster. We were both moaning. Before I knew it he was coming inside me. I leaned down and started kissing him. I heard a voice from the door. 'Now that's hot!'

We looked over. Trevor was stand at the door. Obviously he came in while we were in the midst of fucking. His pants were down and he was jacking off to us. Tyler looked at him. 'Shouldn't you be at school?' he asked.

'The military school is done for the summer.' Trevor said. 'I heard you guys so I came in to watch.'

'Well I am going to get a lock for the door then.' Tyler said.

'What wouldn't you want to know I always threw wood for you big brother.' said Trevor. 'Can't you just let Nick fuck me just once?'

'Trevor.' I said. 'You're 13 and I am 25. That would be illegal. And it is impolite just to walk into someone's bedroom without knocking first.'

'Fine.' Trevor said. 'I am going to have Barry over later, and I was going to let the two of you watch us.' Trevor turned and left.

Tyler and I got dressed and had a quick breakfast. After breakfast I headed to the office. I was at the desk working when my cell phone went off saying I had a text message. It was from Chip. 'Hey had fun last night, can't wait until Sat, when I have you for the whole day, Chip.'

I thought it over. Was that what it was going to be? Have a weekly boyfriend trading day. I trade Tyler for Chip, and Tyler trades me for Brad. Tyler said that we should do that since it would be beneficial to us later on, and besides I like Chip he's fun in bed. Well not as fun as Tyler though. The day at the office went normally. I headed back to the main part of the house for dinner when Anne came up and said. 'Can you two take this over to Dr. Nelson' Anne said handing us a package. 'And here.' she handed us some money. 'Have dinner and a movie on me. I got Trevor spending the night at a friends, and if you two don't mind here's a little extra stay at a motel tonight.' I had suspected that Anne had a secret boyfriend for a while now. We didn't ask questions just simply took the money and went to take the package to Dr. Nelson.

We got to Dr. Nelson's office. The nurse showed us in and we handed the package to Dr. Ben Nelson. Ben looked to be in his early thrities with brown hair and eyes. He was real good looking. I wondered if it was the same Dr. Nelson that Chip and Brad said like having threesomes. I gave a little crotch rub. 'If you guys wait a few minutes.' Ben said noticing. 'I have got something to send to Anne. Julie' Dr. Nelson called his nurse in. Julie the nurse came. 'Go ahead and go on home for the day. I will lock up.' Jule just nodded and left.

'You two want to fool around with me?' asked Ben. 'I've been horny all day.'

I looked at Tyler and he had that evil grin on his face meaning he wanted it too. Ben walked up to us and kissed me then he kissed Tyler. Tyler and I pulled off his lab coat and started striping him down together. Ben was kissing me as he started to unbutton my shirt. Then he did the same with Tyler. Once we were naked all three of us were on the floor. Tyler had my cock in his mouth, Ben's was in mine, and Ben was sucking on Tyler. After a while we switched so that I was sucking on Tyler, Tyler on Ben, and Ben on me. After a few moments I pulled my mouth off of Tyler's cock and asked. 'Tyler want to double team him? Want to show him how good you fuck?' Tyler nodded.

'There's lube in the top drawer of my desk.' Ben said and he went back to sucking my cock. Tyler got the lube and lubed up Ben's ass and pushed himself inside of Ben. Ben moaned and I started fucking his face as Tyler was fucking his ass. Tyler and I leaned over and kissed deeply as we made Ben our bitch. I pulled out of Ben's mouth and started smacking his face with my cock I heard Tyler moan and then knew he was exploding in Ben's ass.

'My turn.' I said. Tyler pulled out of Ben's ass and he made Ben lick his cock. I got into position and pushed inside of Ben and started to ravage his ass. Before I knew it was was cumming inside of Ben.

Once we were done Ben said. 'I'm your guys' bitch now.'

We nodded. Our fun with Ben wasn't done. We checked into a motel and Ben joined us. Tyler and I took turns fucking out bitch for the night. We all three fell asleep with Ben in between us that night. The next morning Ben had to leave us, before he left he said. 'Can we make a date sometime next week?' he asked.

'Just give us a call.' Tyler said.

Before we knew it, it was Saturday and time for me to become Chip's boyfriend for the day.

To be continued...


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