I had Tyler's pants down. His dick was in my mouth. I was bobbing on it. Sucking on it for dear life. I could hear Tyler giving out soft moans. My hands were on his ass rubbing his asscheeks. I kept bobbing on his cock deep throating it. Then I heard him say. 'Oh Nick I'm going to cum!' He exploded in my mouth and I started gulping down his tastey cum. Once he finsihed cumming, I gave his still hard cock one last lick to get all of the cum. I stood up and kissed him deeply and pulled his shirt off of him. He started striping me. Once we were both naked he turned around and so his back was to me. I grabbed the lube and lubed up his nice little ass and I then pushed myself inside him.

I started pounding away at him harder and harder. He was moaning and saying 'Fuck me Nick!' He turned his head and we kissed while I kept fucking him. I was fucking him so hard there was smacking sounds everytime my cock went all the way inside him. 'Oh this feels so fucking good, I love you so fucking much!' Tyler said. I pounded way a few moments more until I felt my load of cum escape me and explode inside Tyler's ass.

After I came I kept my cock inside him while we stood there and kissed, my hands moved over his erect nipples. I pulled my cock out of him and turned him around and laid him on the bed. I started biting and sucking on his erect nipples.He then threw me off of him and I was on his back and he on top of me. He lifted my legs on his shoulders and grabbed the lube and lubbed up my ass and pushed himself inside me.

Tyler started pounding away at my ass. I was moaning in such pleasure. Feeling the man I love inside me. We were making out. I felt him go harder and rougher. It was total bliss. Before I knew it he was cumming inside me.

Once we were finshed I laid in his arms. 'I love you Tyler.' I said.

'I love you too Nick.' Tyler responded. We shared a goodnight kiss before drifting off to sleep.

We got up the next morning. I had to go to the office for work on payroll. Tyler and I were planning to visit Chip and his boyfriend Brad that evening. We met Chip the previous week. He and Brad were hired to take our places as farmhands since they were both known gays they had trouble getting a job in town.I finsihed my work. Tyler and I ate dinner, and went to the cabin.

We were greeted by Chip who introduced us to Brad. Chip was tall with dark hair and blue eyes. Brad was blonde with blue eyes and maybe a few inches shorter than Chip. We chatted for a while. Then Chip said. 'Nick you have a nice ass, are you the bottom?'

'Um.' I said looking at Tyler. We didn't expect a question about our sex lives. Tyler just nodded indicating it was alright to answer. 'I am sometimes. Tyler and I take turns.'

'Nice.' said Chip. 'I want to fuck your ass. I am a total top. What do the two of you say? I fuck Nick, and Tyler can fuck Brad?'

'What?' Tyler and I said in unison.

'You know swap partners.' said Brad. 'Nick is Tyler good at fucking ass?'

'Yeah.' I said.

'How about it guys?' asked Chip. 'I am horny and you are hot Nick.' I could see Chip rubbing his crotch.

'Is this something you do a lot?' I asked. 'Swapping partners.'

'No.' said Chip. 'We've never done it before. We talked about it.'

'Do you mind if Nick and I have a word in private before we decide either way.' said Tyler. In my mind I could picture Chip fucking me. Chip was that tall dark and handsome type I used to dream about when I was younger. I was getting turned on by the thought of it. But then I thought of Tyler and how much I loved him. I couldn't do a thing like that to him.

I followed Tyler outside. 'What do you think?' he asked me.

'I would be lying if I said the thought of having sex with Chip didn't turn me on.' I said. 'But I love you, and I couldn't do a thing like that to you.'

'I am turned on by the thought of it too.' said Tyler. 'And I love you too. That's why we need to do it.'

'What?' I asked totally stunned by Tyler's answer.

'Think about it Nick.' said Tyler. 'If we have sex with other people then later on maybe we wouldn't have to worry about us cheating on each other.'

'I don't follow.' I said.

'Listen.' said Tyler. 'No matter how much we love each other, the time will come where we will want to have sex with other people. In fact the urge might get so strong that one of us, or both of us would end up cheating. If we swap partners with Chip and Brad, then perhaps maybe since we are doing it now it won't be like that down the road.'

'I love you.' I said. 'You know? I don't want an open relationship I want it to be you and me.'

'I know.' said Tyler. 'And I am not talking about an open relationship. Just saying we fool around with other people together, and not sneaking around. Trust me it will be better for us in the long run.'

I leaned in and gave him a kiss, in which he returned. 'Just trust me on this Nick. We won't be fooling around with other people all the time. Most of the time it will be just us, and who knows this might just be the only time.'

We shared one more kiss and went back inside. 'We'll do it.' I said. 'Just remember who our true partners are.'

'That's why we are doing this.' Chip said. 'We deceided that if we want to have sex with other people then it's best to do it together and not cheat. I love Brad, I want to be with him forever and I can see it's the same with the two of you.'

'We were just talking about that outside.' Tyler said.

Chip and Brad walked over to us. Chip took my hand and Brad took Tyler's. Chip started kissing me, and Brad started kissing Tyler. Chip led me over to the bed. The very bed where Tyler and I first made love. He stripped me naked. He took off his clothes to reveal a nice smooth muscular chest. He took off his pants and underwear and he had a nice eight and a half inch cock. I looked next to me. Tyler had Brad on his back pointing his big thick cock right at Brad's hole. 'Tyler is pretty thick.' I told Brad. 'He he likes to fuck rough.'

I felt Chip lubbing up my hole. Then I felt him push himself inside me. At that moment I looked up at Tyler. He was inside Brad now. I reached up and took his hand in mine. I felt him give my hand a squeeze as Chip started moving inside me. I saw that Brad and Chip were doing the same. Then we removed our hands from our boyfriends. Chip wrapped my arms around the back of his neck as he started pounding my ass. I leaned forward and started kissing me while he fucked me. I was starting to get into what Chip was doing to me. Chip's cock felt good in my ass. He and I were making out while he fucked me. He broke our kiss and said. 'Tyler your boyfriend has a nice ass, you're a lucky guy!'

'Yeah.' Brad said. 'And Nick your boyfriend has a nice cock!' Chip continued to fuck me. He was pounding away at me making out with me as he went. Before I knew it Chip was emptying his nuts in my ass. Once Chip finsihed cumming I thought it would be time to get dressed and leave, but Chip insisted that I cuddle with him. I looked over and saw that Brad was pulling Tyler's arms around him.

I just nestled myself into Chip's arms. Chip and I had our own little conversation. Brad and Tyler were doing the same. 'How was it?' asked Chip.

'It was good.'I said. 'I enjoyed it. Just not the same without Tyler though.'

'I could tell.' said Chip. 'You really love him, and it wasn't the same without Brad. This was just sex, not love making. It was good though.' Chip then lifted my head and kissed me. I looked into his eyes. While I saw that he cared about me a great deal, it wasn't the in love look that I always got from Tyler. I cuddled with Chip a little longer when the time came Tyler and I said that we needed to go.

'Want to do it again sometime?' asked Chip. 'Nick is just too damn hot!'

I looked at Tyler. 'Sure.' said Tyler. 'That was fun.'

'Just so you know.' said Chip. 'You're the only gay couple that we will be fooling around with. We aren't sluts. Well we fooled around with Dr. Nelson, but that's it. You should fool around with him. He's great in bed and loves threesomes.'

'We will keep that in mind.' I said.

'When do you want to come back?' asked Brad. 'Saturday is good for us, we have the whole day off on Saturday.'

'That sounds good.' said Tyler.

'Good a whole day to have Nick's ass.' said Chip. 'I can't wait. We will see you guys then. Love ya!'

Tyler and I left together. We were holding hands while walking back to the main house. Tyler asked the question. 'How was sex with Chip?'

'It was good.' I said. 'Chip's hot, and he has a nice dick, and he's the type of guy I used to dream about having when I was younger, but he's just not you. I would rather have you fucking my ass anyday. What was Brad like?'

'I would have to say the same as you felt about Chip.' said Tyler. 'While it was hot and I wouldn't mind having him again, he's just not you. I would rather have my dick in your ass anyday.'

'Well.' I said. 'Let's get home so you can put it in my ass.'

The next day we ended up having a threesome with Dr. Nelson

To be continued...


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