I woke up with Tyler the next day. I had to go to the office. I spent sometime at the office working on payroll. Once I finished at the office I met Tyler for lunch, After lunch we went back to our room, and started getting dressed to go swimming. I just put on a normal pair of swimming trunks. Tyler came out wearing a red pair of speedos. My cock was already starting to get hard. I walked up to Tyler and rubbed my hand on his crotch feeling his growing cock through the speedos. I gave him a nice kiss.

'Hey wait until we get to the pool alright.' Tyler said.

'Sorry you just look damned sexy in thoses.' I said. 'Much hotter than Michael Phelps.'

Tyler blushed a little. He put a pair of shorts on over them and a t-shirt on. We walked out to the pool and first put sun block on ourselves. We then jumped in. We played around in the pool for a little while, dunking each other and playing spashing games. I pulled Tyler underwater with me and we shared an underwater kiss. I took Tyler over to the sHallow end of the pool and started kissing him deeply. His speedos were up out of water and I could see his hard on through them. I started making out with him, with me rubbing my hand over his hard cock. I got on my knees and lowered his speedos. I took his cock into my mouth and started sucking on his cock which was half in water. I slid his speedos all the way off of him and they laid floating in the water.

I continued sucking on Tyler's cock while we were in the water and before I knew it he was cumming in my mouth. I gulped down his cum and I got up and turned him around and lowered my swimming trunks and rubbed my cock all over his ass and pushed myself inside him. I fucked him harder and harder. Pounding away at his ass. He turned his head and kissed me deeply while I fucked him. Before I knew it I was cumming in his ass.

After I came inside him I pulled out of him and he turned around and pushed me up against the wall of the pool kissing me deeply. My legs wrapped wrapped around his waist and his cock at my hole. I felt him enter me and he started slamming inside me. I started moaning loudly. He then started kissing me stiffling my moans. I felt a load of cum erupt inside me. After he came he left himself inside me and we made out until we heard a voice say.

'You're right Trevor they are hot!' Tyler and I looked up and saw Trevor and his boyfriend Barry standing at the edge of the pool.

'I thought Mom said you were going camping with his family?' Tyler asked.

'We aren't going until four this afternoon.' Barry said. 'My parents are picking us up.'

'Now Tyler.' said Trevor. 'Nick can fuck me, and you can fuck Barry.'

'Nick and I aren't doing that.' Tyler said.

'I'll tell Mom that you two were out here fucking!' Trevor said.

'Go ahead and tell her!' said Tyler. 'I don't care! Not like you weren't out here fucking with Barry yesterday.' Tyler and I swam for our swimsuits and put them on and got out of the pool and dried ourselves off. Trevor walked up behind me and put his hand down my trunks.

'Hey!' I yelled feeling his hand squeeze my dick. I grabbed his hand and yanked it out.

'Don't touch my boyfriend!' Tyler yelled at him. 'Gee Trevor get a grip on yourself. You fooling around with Barry is one thing, but going after my boyfriend?'

'Why should you have a super sexy boyfriend?' Trevor asked.

'You got Barry.' said Tyler. 'Nick and I aren't only about sex, we love each other. Now please leave us alone. No more walking into our room when we are having sex, or walking in on us anywhere. And no more talk about us having sex with the two of you.'

Tyler and I went inside leaving Trevor standing there. 'When my mom gets back I am having a talk with her about him.'

I put my arm around Tyler as we made our way back to our room, where we just got naked and laid in bed and cuddled for a while until it was dinner time. Trevor was gone by that time, and we have a nice evening.

The next day Dr. Nelson came by to take a dip in the pool with us.

To be continued...


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