The next morning Tyler and I got up early to start our work. It started out like nothing other than any ordinary day. We helped with the milking of the cows, fed the animals, and whatever other chores that were assigned to us. We were working on our last bit of work for the day which was cleaning one of the barns. We were finishing up and putting away the tools we worked with when we heard someone on the cell phone sounding pretty angry. 'But I got to get back to the main house and put that tractor back into the shed!' It was Tom, Tyler's father and the owner of the farm.

'Damn it!' said Tom into his phone. Then he spotted Tyler and me. 'I think I got the tractor taken care of, I will be there.' Tom hung up the phone and addressed Tyler and me. 'Tyler you remember how to drive the tractor that is kept by the main house?'

'Yes.' said Tyler.

'Then you and Nick need to go there and put it back into the shed.' said Tom. 'Just do that and leave. And don't go into the main house. I don't want your brother to catch you disase.'

I had to bite my tounge to keep from going off on Tom. 'The keys are in the tractor. Just hang them on the hook by the shed door and I will get them when I get back there. I have to go and deal with a situation out on the north feild.'

Tom took off and got into a pick up truck and left. 'Come on.' Tyler said.

Tyler and I walked for a while on a path. I had never been on this path and I guessed now this was the path to the main house. We got to a nice farmhouse and I was about to go to it when Tyler kept pulling me along the path. 'Isn't that the main house?' I asked him.

'No that used to be the main house.' said Tyler. 'It's now Jimmy Carnes and his family. Jimmy is the main overseer, he's my dad's right hand. My dad lets him and his family stay there. I was born in that house.'

'You weren't born in a hospital like most other people?' I asked.

'No.' said Tyler. 'According to my mother her labor with me came suddenly and quickly. They didn't have time to get her to a hospital. My grandmother delivered me. Well anyway after my mother turned this farm into a success we built a new main house.'

We walked silently for a while then we came upon the main house. It was huge. It wasn't a house it was a mansion. Looked like three stories maybe four if it had a basement. There looked to be a little one stroy wing that attached was attached to the house. 'What's that there?' I asked.

'Offices.' said Tyler. 'That's where my mother spends most of her days conducting the business of the farm. And there.' Tyler said pointing to a window on the second floor. 'Is my old bedroom window, around back there's a whole different wing that has things like a game room, a gym, hot tub. And out back there's a pool.'

'Wow!' I said. We continued to walk. 'The tractor is probably over by the shed which is on the other side of the house.'

Once we were by the front door we saw a young teenage boy kissing a girl under a tree. I saw that the boy looked very much like Tyler, it was Trevor, Tyler's younger brother. 'Just keep walking.' Tyler whispeared hoping that Trevor would keep his attention to his girlfriend. That however didn't happen. Once Trevor spotted Tyler he shouted. 'Hey fag what are you doing here? Dad said you weren't allowed up here by the house!'

'Just keep walking.' said Tyler. Then something hit Tyler in the head. It was a rock and I realized that Trevor had thrown it.

'I'm talking to you fag!' said Trevor as he threw another rock. Tyler turned around. I grabed his arm.

'Let's just run.' But ask Tyler was turning back to keep going in the direction where we were going another rock hit him in his temple. Tyler put his hand to it and there was blood running down his face.

Another rock hit and Tyler fell to the ground clearly knocked out. 'I killed the fag!'

I knelt down beside Tyler. I smacked his face to see if he would come to, he didn't. I listed close he was breathing a good sign. I looked up up Trevor he had another rock in his hand. 'Haven't you done enough you little punk!' I said. Then I heard a car pulling up, put my attention was on Tyler.

Just then I heard a woman's voice screaming 'TREVOR JAMISON!' I looked up and saw that the woman who had just gotten out of her car was Anne, Tyler and Trevor's mother. She rushed over next to me and knelt down beside Tyler.

'He's not waking.' I said. 'But he's breathing.'

'What happened?' asked Anne.

'Tom asked us to put a tractor away as he had to deal with something out on the north field. We were walking by to get the tractor when that boy started yelling at Tyler calling him a fag and stuff and started throwing rocks.' I explained.

'Trevor get over here NOW!' Anne screamed. Trevor came. 'Were you throwing rocks at your brother?' She was looking at Trevor with such anger in her voice. I heard another car pull up and heard the door open.

'Yeah so what he's just a fag.' said Trevor. 'He doesn't deserve to breath the same air I do.'

Just then Anne stood up so that she towered over Trevor. Then the next thing I heard was a lound hard SMACK! Anne smacked Trevor accross the face so hard that he nearly fell over. Trevor was looking at his mother in horror. Obviously she had never hit him before, and I could tell he had trears in his eyes. Anne started yelling 'HE'S STILL YOUR BROTHER! AND DON'T YOU EVER LET ME HEAR YOU TALK ABOUT SOMEONE LIKE THAT EVER AGAIN! GO INSIDE AND RIGHT TO YOUR ROOM! START PACKING YOUR THINGS BECAUSE YOU ARE GOING TO MILITARY SCHOOL!'

Trevor was doing his best to keep his voice calm to mask the fact that he was about to break down in tears. 'Dad will never let you send me away!'


I didn't realize that someone else was there too. Then I remembered hearing the other vehilce come up. I heard a voice said. 'Mrs. Jamison?'

'Jimmy.' said Anne. 'Can you take Sally home?'

'Sure Mrs. Jamison.' said Jimmy

'And I am sorry that you had to see and hear that.' said Anne.

'It's quite alright Mrs. Jamison.' said Jimmy. I saw the young girl that was with Trevor follow Jimmy to his truck.

'Nick.' Anne said to me. 'Can you carry Tyler inside?'

I nodded. I pulled Tyler's body to me, keeping my head close to him to make sure that he was still breathing. I slowly picked him up off the ground and followed Anne into the house. Anne showed me into a big living room and told me to lay him on the sofa. A young girl was in the room.

'Tyler?' said the young girl.

'Janie.' said Anne holding her cell phone out to the girl. 'Call Dr. Nelson, and have him come here.'

'Doctors don't make house calls.' said Janie who I now remember was Tyler's sister. 'You should take Tyler to a hospital.'

'Dr. Nelson will make a house call for me.' said Anne. 'And I don't want to take Tyler to a hospital unless was nessecarly have to.'

Janie just followed her mother's orders and started dialing the number. Anne grabbed a bell and rang it. A maid rushed into the room. 'Yes Mrs. Jamison.' said the maid.

'Helen.' said Anne. 'Got and fetch me the first aid kit that is underneath the kitchen sink.' Helen just nodded and left.

'Dr. Nelson said he will be here in fifteen minutes.' said Janie. 'What happened to Tyler. I saw Trevor run up the stairs in tears?'

'Trevor did this to Tyler.' said Anne. Anne looked at her watch. 'The sherrif should be here soon too.'

'You called the sherrif on Trevor?' asked Janie.

'Of course not!' said Anne. 'You will find out why he will be here.'

Helen the maid came back with the first aid kit. Anne took it and started to clean the wound Tyler had on his temple and then started to bandage it. Tyler then started to stir. He opened his eyes and saw his mother over him. 'Mom.' he said.

'Yes honey it's me I'm here.' said Anne.

'It was Trevor.' said Tyler.

'I know.' said Anne.

'Where's Nick?' asked Tyler. 'Is he ok?'

'I'm right here.' I said.

The door bell rang and a couple of seconds later someone else came into the room. The man that came in was young I would say early thirties at the very least. 'Ben thank goodness.' said Anne. Anne started telling the man what happened then it occured to me that Ben was the doctor that Janie had called. Ben knelt down and started to examine Tyler. He started asking Tyler questions like what his mother's maiden name was, to which Tyler was able to answer satifactory.

'I don't think it's much to worry about Anne.' said Ben. 'I think that Tyler will be alright. Though I think he should take it easy for the rest of the day. Tyler' Ben said addressing him now. 'If you have any pain just take some asprin. And if you aren't feeling better tomorrow then call me and I will have you come into my office for a catscan. I think you should rest for the rest of the day.'

Ben left a couple of minuetes later. 'I don't think Tyler should walk all the way back to our cabin, if we can get a ride back I can make sure he stays in bed.' I said.

'No.' said Anne. 'Tyler's going to be staying here in his own bedroom. You can stay up there with him Nick.'

'What about Dad?' asked Janie. 'He threw Tyler out of the house. I don't think he's going to let him stay here.'

'Your father doesn't have a say in who stays here and who doesn't anymore.' said Anne.

The doorbell rang again, and a couple of seconds later came in a man in a cops uniform. He man had a star on his chest. 'Sherrif.' said Anne. 'Tom should be coming back any minute now.'

The sherrif just nodded. A few moments later Tom came in. First he saw Tyler laying on the sofa and said 'What he doing in here?'

'The son that you did not disown was throwing rocks at him.' said Anne. 'Aren't you just so proud of Trevor for that? And the sherrif is here to speak with you over something I found this morning.'

'Tom.' said the sherrif. 'Have you seen this document before?' The sherrif held out a document. 'It bears your signature as having witnessed it.'

'That's not my signature. And that's not my father signature.' said Tom.

'Actually they are.' said the sherrif. 'We had handwritting anasis done to prove that they are. You hid your father's will that gave this farm to your wife. A judge has issued a warrant for your arrest and so that's what I am here to do.' The sherrif started handcuffing Tom and reading him his rights. Just as the sherrif was about to lead Tom out of the house Anne spoke to Tom. 'I want a divorce!'

A few moments later Anne had Tyler and I go up to his bedroom. The doctor said that Tyler needs to take it easy so I just gave him a nice blow job and we spent the evening cuddling up against each other. Little did we know that our daily lives had just changed drastically.

To be continued...


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