After Chip told me he loved me I got up and out of bed. I grabbed my pants and underwear and started putting them back on.

'What are you dong?' Chip asked.

'I don't think this is going to work anymore.' I said. 'You love me?'

'Yes.' said Chip. 'I do.'

'What about Brad?' I asked.

'I told him it was over, and I wanted you.' Chip said. 'You can dump Tyler and you and I can be together.'

'Sorry no dice.' I said. 'I don't love you, I love Tyler.'

'Come on what can he give you that I can't.' Chip asked.

'He's already given me so much.' I said. 'In fact he talked me into this whole partner swap thing.' I grabbed my shirt and put it on.

'Get your clothes off.' Chip said. 'And get back into bed.'

'No.' I said. 'The whole time you were fucking me I was thinking of him, Tyler. How I wished it was him who was pounding my hole.'

'Come on Tyler's pretty nerdy.' said Chip

'Well so am I.' I said. 'And he's also better in bed!' I meant that last comment as an insult.

'I'm getting out of here.' I said.

'Where will you go?' asked Chip.

'To where ever Tyler's at.' I said.

'And where is he?' asked Chip. 'You don't know what motel he and Brad went to.'

'It shouldn't be too hard to find.' I said. 'There's only two motel's in this town.'

'How are you going to get there?' asked Chip. 'Tyler took your car didn't he?'

'I'll take a cab!' I said. 'How could you hurt Brad like that?'

'Brad's kept me in this town!' Chip said. 'Because his mother is sick! I can't stand waiting for her to either get better or die. If it wasn't for that I would be in New York by now!'

'I can't believe I slept with you!' I said outraged. 'You're an asshole! Did Brad twist your arm and put a gun to your head to make you stay? You could have went!'

I pulled my cell phone out of the pants of my pocket, before I could being to dial a number it started ringing. It was Tyler. 'Hello.' I answered.

'Hey what's going on?' Tyler asked.

'Can you come back and get me?' I asked him. 'I don't think this is going to work out anymore.'

'Brad and I are on our way back.' Tyler said. 'That's why I was calling you to tell you that.'

'Alright I will meet you in the cabin's parking lot.' I said. 'I love you.'

'I love you too.' said Tyler. 'Bye.'

I hung up the phone. 'Tyler and Brad our on their way back. And I'm leaving.'

I left the cabin slamming the door behind me. I half expected Chip to come chasing after me, but I made it to the parking lot and a few minuetes later I saw my car pulling into it. Tyler parked right by me. I saw a tearful Brad get out of the passengers seat. 'What happened?' I asked.

'Well we didn't have sex.' Tyler said. 'Brad couldn't go through with it. He said he just wanted to come back here and get some things and go to his mothers. He said that Chip told him that he loved you and just dumped him.'

'Brad.' I said. 'I'm sorry for what Chip did to you. You deserve better.' I gave Brad a hug.

'I hope you and Chip are happy.' said Brad.

'Well I am happy.' I said. 'I am happy with Tyler. Chip told me that he loved me, but I told him that he and I couldn't fool around with him anymore because I am in love with Tyler. You need help getting your things, or a ride to your mother's house?'

'No.' said Brad. 'I can manage my stuff. Just some clothes, and I've got my car so I can drive myself to my mom's.'

'Alright.' said Tyler. 'If you need anything just give us a call.'

Brad nodded and walked to the direction of the cabin. Tyler and I got into my car and made our way to the motel room that Tyler got earlier. Once inside Tyler and I sat down and talked. 'I'm sorry.' Tyler said. 'It was a bad idea to do the partner swap, and I talked you into it. I just don't want us to hurt each other down the road with cheating.'

'Tyler.' I said. 'I can't promise what will happen in two or three years, but I know in the here and now you're the one I love. The whole time I was with Chip tonight I kept thinking about you. I want to be with you in every way. Can we put the whole idea of swapping partners and stuff behind us, and just be together?'

'Sure.' said Tyler. 'I'd like that. But what about our three ways with Dr. Nelson?'

'Well we can still do that.' I said. 'That's if you would like to still do that?'

'Sure that was fun and we were able to do it together.' said Tyler.

Tyler and I leaned towards each other and kissed. Before we knew it we were naked and in a 69 posiition. I felt Tyler sicking his finger in my hole. I knew he wanted to put his cock in there. He then got up with me on my stomach and pushed his cock down into my hole. He started pumping away at my ass. I was moaning in pleasure. I felt him kiss up my spine, giving me shivers. His cock was hitting my g spot. He then started kissing and biting my neck. I then felt him explode in me. After he came we laid in the position for a moment and he got off me and turned me over and sucked me off. Afterward we cuddled up against each other and fell asleep.

The next day Dr. Nelson would call, and Tyler and I would have more fun with him.

To be continued...


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