I woke up with Tyler kissing the back of my neck the next morning. I felt something moving slowly inside me. I realised that Tyler was fucking me while I slept. For a moment I wondered if this was the first time he ever did it. I felt his kisses on my neck and I moan softly. I felt his cock moving slowly in my ass. It felt good. I wasn't ready to let him in on the fact that I was awake, so I just let him continue. I felt his arm around me, holding me to him. I laid in that wonderful bliss for a few moments and then I turned my head and planted my lips on his. Tyler looked shocked and stopped.

'Don't stop Tyler.' I said. 'It felt great, I was enjoying it.'

I rested back into Tyler's arms and he went back to slowly fucking me. I laid in his arms feeling him kiss my neck. 'I love you Tyler.' I said.

'I love you too Nick.' Tyler said. We continued like that for a few moments. Then Tyler started speeding up his fucking. He started pounding harder and harder in me. I was moaning with such pleasure. Before I knew it I felt a fresh load of cum explode inside of me and my cock erupted.

Once we were finsihed I turned and nestled my face into his chest occasionally sucking on his nice nipples. We cuddled like that for a little while, then we decided to get cleaned up and go get some breakfast. We ate at a local diner. While there Tyler got a phone call. 'Hello.' Tyler said.

'Yeah Nick and I are spending the weekend out.' Tyler said.

'Right now we are eating breakfast.' said Tyler.

'Sure that's sounds fine.' Tyler said. Tyler then gave whoever he was talking to the name of the motel we were staying at and our room number. Then he said. 'See you in a little bit.'

'Who was that?' I asked after Tyler hung up the phone.

'Dr. Nelson.' Tyler said with an evil grin on his face. A waitress came by once she was gone he said. 'He says he's in heat.'

'Well.' I said. 'We better make sure he gets fully mounted.'

We went back to our motel room and we both showered together. I loved soaping up Tyler's nice cock. And I loved the way he fucked me in the shower. We then spent sometime just watching t.v. when a knock came on the door. I opened it and Dr. Nelson was standing there. I invited Ben inside and closed the door behind him

Tyler and I wasted no time in getting our bitch striped down. We got him naked and pushed him down on his knees and made him suck on our cocks. While he was sucking on our cocks, Tyler and I would make out. After a while I pulled Ben up and turned him around. I got his ass lubed up and shoved my cock up his ass. Ben was moaning as I was pounding away at his ass while he continued to suck on Tyler's cock, before I knew it I was emptying my nuts in Ben. Tyler and I then switched places and Tyler started fucking Ben while Ben was sucking my cock. Tyler made Ben cum without even touching himself.

Once we were finsihed the three of us laid in the bed together. Tyler and I took turns making out with Ben. 'You know you two make me feel good.' Ben said. 'Best sex I've had in years.'

'Why don't you have a boyfriend?' I asked.

'Long story.' said Ben. 'I guess I just looked in the wrong places. Most guys only want sex.'

'You don't think we are going to get romantic on you?' I asked.

'Yeah while it's fun having three ways with you, I just want to be with Nick.' Tyler said.

'No.' said Ben. 'I didn't mean that. You guys are fun, and get me off. And I guess I love you guys, but I prefer a one on one relationship. Like what the two of you have. As for Chip Anderson and Brad Reynolds. I have my doubts.'

'Well they aren't together anymore.' I said. Tyler and I told him about our swinging experience.

'I figured as much.' said Ben. 'Nick, I don't think Chip loves you. I think he just saw you as a way out of here.'

'Well I wasn't about to be his way.' I said. 'There was nothing that was keeping him here. And to be honest he wasn't that great in bed.'

'Yeah I know.' said Ben. 'I used to have three ways with him and Brad too. Brad was alright for a bottom, though honestly I am a total bottom. Chip just only wanted pleasure for himself though.'

Tyler, Ben, and I all started making out again. We decided on a fuck sandwhich with Tyler and I taking turns on whose to be in the middle. I was enjoying feeling my cock in Ben's ass and my Tyler's in mine. Then when it was Tyler's turn to be in the middle I was enjoying Tyler's ass. We all came at the same time. It was fun.

Ben spent the night with us, and we had more three way fun the next morning. Ben said he needed to get going shortly before noon, but would give us a call. After Ben left, Tyler had me get into doggie style and he fucked me doggie style. We cuddled for a little while after, and then we started to get our things together to go home.

When we got home Anne said that the pool was ready. I could tell by the look on Tyler's face that he wanted to have sex in the pool. We walked towards the pool, more so I could check it out. I looked out the door and saw something that made me turn back.

'What's wrong?' Tyler asked.

'We better just check it out tomorrow I don't want to disturb them.' I said pointing out the door. Tyler then opened the door a fraction and saw what I saw. It was Trevor and his friend Barry. Barry was fucking Trevor.

'Why don't we go and be their audience.' said Tyler. 'After all Trevor walked in on us.'

'Yeah and I think that would turn Trevor on.' I said. 'Let's just go and we can go swimming tomorrow.'

We got back to the main house where Anne told us that the next evening Trevor would be going on a camping trip with Barry and his family. That she was going in New York for a couple of days and that we would have the house to ourselves.

The next day Tyler and I went swimming.

To be continued...


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