I woke up. The sun was out. At first I freaked and thought that Tyler and I didn't set the alarm, as we would be late to start our work. Then I remembered it was our day off. I then remember today was the day that Tyler and I would have our 'date'. Tyler and I haven't got off the farm since we started working here so it would be nice to get out for a while.

I started to remember all the fun Tyler and I had the previous night. I felt my morning wood. I was so horny thinking about Tyler and me in the shower and how great that was. I looked over at Tyler. He was still sleeping. He was on his back. One arm spread out. I moved over by him and gently kissed his lips. I kissed down his neck and got to his chest. I gave each of his nipples a little suck. I noticed how they hardened a little after that. I kissed down his chest and stomach. I put my head under the covers and got to his cock. His cock was big, even when it was soft. I put it in my mouth and gently started to suck on it and felt it start to grow in my mouth.

Suddenly I felt a pair of hands on my head running through my hair. Tyler was all hard now and awake. I simply rose up from under the cover and got up to him and kissed him. He and I made out for a while. Then he pushed my down on my back and spread out my legs and got the lube. I felt the cold lube on my hole waiting, wanting Tyler's nice cock inside me. I felt him put the head of his cock at my hole and push in.

Tyler started to pound away at my hole. His cock was hitting all the right spots making me moan very loud. He would kiss me making me moan in his mouth. As he pounded away at my hole he had his arms warped tight around me holding me tight to him. We would look in each other's eyes and see the love and passion in them. I suddenly blew my load all over Tyler and myself, but he kept fucking me. Not long after that I heard him give out a load moan and he was emptying his nuts inside me. I felt the warm gush it my insides.

After we were finsihed Tyler and I laid down in bed. We were snuggled up against each other. My head right by his chest. His arms wrapped tight around me. I felt like he and I could stay like this forever. Then something hit me. I had a couple of boyfriends before Tyler, and while those guys and I felt some strong emotion towards each other it was nothing like what I was sharing with Tyler. I had never been in love before, but at the moment I knew that I was in love with Tyler. I just couldn't imagine my life without Tyler in it. I simply kissed his chest and I felt him kiss my forehead.

'Tyler.' I said. 'I'm in love with you.'

'I'm in love with you too Nick.' said Tyler. 'I can't imagine myself without you.'

'I feel the same way.' I said.

Tyler and I stayed like that for a little while longer. I wasn't until I asked about the time did I say. 'We need to get ready.'

'Ready for what?' asked Tyler.

'Just go get a shower and get dressed.' I said. 'We are going to get off this farm for a little while today.'

Tyler didn't ask any questions. He simply got out of bed and got a towel and went into the bathroom. I heard the shower start. I occured to me that Tyler probably hadn't been off the farm since he came back from school. As he didn't have a car, since the car he had was in his father's name, and his father took it away from him when his father discovered his homosexuality. I got up and sat down on the sofa. I started thinking of when I came out to my family. Of my mother's surprising acceptance of it, even though she commented that she wanted more grandchildren as my sisters both said they weren't having anymore.

I got on my laptop and checked my e-mails. There was one from my mother. Asking me why I didn't come home and decided to take some job on a farm. I didn't want to come home, because coming home would have meant dealing with my family's drama. That's why I ended up going to college away from home. I finished checking my e-mails and Tyler came out of the bathroom drying his hair with a towel. I got up and walked over to him and gave him a kiss. 'Let me shower and I will be ready to go sweetheart.'

'Ok honey.' said Tyler.

I grabed a towel and got into the shower. I guess perhaps I should take Tyler to meet my family. I guess sooner or later they would have to meet him. I finished showering and I dried off. Tyler was sitting on the couch doing something on his laptop as I was getting dressed. Once I was dressed I asked. 'You ready sweetheart?'

'Yeah.' said Tyler as he closed his laptop. I grabbed my keys and we walked to the little parking lot and got into my car. It had been a while since I had driven it. Pretty much since I started working on the farm. We drove into the little town and had lunch at a nice little diner. I noticed some people reconized Tyler and would whispear, and not come up and greet him. I suspected that perhaps this whole town knew about Tyler's sexuality.

We then went to a cineplex on the edge of town and watched a movie. Once the movie was over we were walking back to my car when a bunch of kids who looked to be about middle school aged were walking to the entrance of the cineplex. Tyler grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the way so they wouldn't spot us.

'Tyler what's wrong?' I asked.

'It's those kids!' said Tyler.

'What about them?' I asked. 'Kids catching a movie after school what's so wrong about that?'

'It's not what they are doing.' said Tyler.

Then the kids were by the doors of the cineplex. I heard one of them saying and as I looked at the one who was talking he looked quite like Tyler. 'Yeah I beat the shit out of that fag today. He was giving me the look you know what I mean.'

'Yeah Trevor he didn't see that coming.' said another one of the kids.

'Yeah my boyfriend knows how to show those sick people that they don't belong with normal people, you are so great Trev baby.' said one of the girls.

The kids continued with their conversation not seeing Tyler and me. It hit me then that the boy in that group named Trevor was Tyler's younger brother. I looked at Tyler and he had a weird look on his face. We went and got into my car and started driving back to the farm and Tyler started telling me about Trevor.

'I love my brother I guess.' said Tyler. 'I just can't say I like him that much, because of the fact that he's just like my father.'

'I see.' I said.

'He is just crazy.' said Tyler. 'Trevor doesn't care what he does or who he hurts. He scares me.'

We got back to our cabin where we spent the entire evening having sex. It was a good day aside from almost running into Trevor. The next day we would come face to face with Trevor and it wouldn't be pretty.

To be continued...


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