I Hope You Guys Love His Work

Tyler and I were a couple now. He were working on his father's farm. When his father would come to talk to us, it was always about the work that needed to be done. He never acknowledged Tyler as his son. I could always see the disappointment in Tyler's face by this. I guess Tyler felt that his father would eventually accept the fact that he's gay.

'What I don't understand.' Tyler said one day as we were forking hay. 'Is that one year he employeed an openly gay couple. If he is so homophobic then why did he let that couple work on the farm?'

'I don't know.' I said as I was forking hay. 'Maybe he doesn't care if someone from outside of his family is gay, only when it is someone who is part of his family does it matter to him.'

'I guess so.' said Tyler.

The way the work was divided up is that we were divided into pairs. It was always the roommate pairs, so Tyler and I were always working together. Sometimes we would be working with some other the other pairs, other times we would just be working by ourselves. As it was fall and it was getting closer to harvest time, Tom(Tyler's father) was mostly overseeing that. Tom would have Tyler and I mostly taking care of the animals or doing work that wasn't connected to the harvest. I think that Tom was only wanting to deal with Tyler when he had to.

Tyler and I didn't have sex everyday. A lot of times we were too worn out from the days work to have sex. A lot of times we would just come back to our cabin, take our showers, and eat dinner. We would normally go to bed and cuddle and make out before drifting off to sleep. It was an unspoken agreement between us. That we didn't have to have sex all the time to know that we love each other. When we did have sex it was always amazing.

Tyler and I always got one day off a week. The evening before our next day off I was planning on taking Tyler and getting in my car and going to the local town to maybe see a movie and have a nice meal at a local restuarant. That evening we got back to our cabin. I went to get in the shower first. It felt good feeling the water running down on me. I looked down and saw my hard dick. I was extremely horny. I was hoping that Tyler would be up for some sex later.

Just as that thought crossed my mind I felt a couple of hands on my back. I turned and saw that Tyler had decided to join me in the shower. 'I hope you don't mind me joining you.' Tyler said. I looked at Tyler. He there is his full glory his nice hot little body and he too had some wood going. He also had an evil little grin on his face that showed he was as horny was I was. I didn't say anything I just put my arms around him and kissed him and let our hardons rub against each other.

Once we broke our kiss Tyler asked. 'Can I wash your back.' I simply turned around. I felt him using the soap on my back and letting the water wash it off. He then put his arms around me wtih his cock rubbing my ass crack. He turned my head and kissed me deeply. I knew he wanted my ass. Before this I was normally the top, but we never discussed if that would be the norm for us. I was so horny though, and I was always versitile. Before I could think anymore about it I felt him enter me.

I had never been fucked like this before. Maybe it was because we both hadn't even so much as jerked off in days, or maybe he was just damned good at being a top, needless to say I was loving it. His 8 incher just pounding away at my ass going as hard as it could go. He was being rough and I was loving it. His arms around me playing with my nipples my head turned kissing him. When we weren't kissing he was biting my neck giving me hickies. Then Tyler's cock hit my g spot giving me extreme pleasure I had never known before causing me to moan like crazy. His mouth was by my ear and I heard him say. 'I love you Nick.'

Tyler kept pushing his cock deeper inside of me. It touched my prostate and I let out a real loud moan as I started cumming without even touching my cock. My cum hit the wall of the shower and Tyler scooped some on his fingers and ate it and fed me some while he continued to pound my ass. I shouted 'I LOVE YOU TYLER.'

After a few more minutes of Tyler fucking my ass I heard him say. 'I'm going to cum Nick.'

'Cum inside me!' I said. His breathing became very fast and his moaning louder as I felt his warm cum hit my insides. Now my ass belonged to him. He stayed inside me for another minute or two after cumming inside me and he kissed my shoulders. When he pulled out we turned the water off and dried each other off. We didn't get dressed, but got right into bed and start to cuddle.

'Did you like what we just did?' Tyler asked.

'That was amazing!' I said. 'The best time I ever had being a bottom.'

'I just wanted to make you feel as good as you make me feel when I am bottoming for you.' Tyler said.

'Tyler just being here with you makes me feel good.' I said. 'I love you.'

'I love you too.' said Tyler. 'And I think I need to be the bottom now. My ass needs little Nick to give it some attention..' We started kissing. I was ready to get Tyler in position to fuck him when a knock came on the door.

'Who is it?' I asked leaving Tyler in position.

'It's Mrs. Jamision,' said a voice from outside. 'Tyler's mother.'

'Hold on Mom.' said Tyler. 'Just give us a couple of minutes.'

Tyler and both nodded knowing this could wait until later. Tyler said that his mother hadn't been coming to visit for quite some time and he assumed something was up with his family. Tyler's mother was the only family he had that didn't write him off for being gay, and Tyler said he wanted to introduce me to her as his boyfriend. Tyler and I quickly got dressed, just some pants and t-shirts. Tyler opened the door and hugged his mother.

Mrs. Jamison looked like a nice, but somehow tired woman. Her eyes were kind, but she seemed like she had been put under a huge strain. 'How are you doing?' she asked Tyler. 'Is your father giving you trouble?'

'I'm alright Mom.' Tyler said. 'And I hardly see Dad, and when I do he barely talks to me.' There was a pause and Tyler said. 'Mom this is Nick. He's sharing the cabin with me, and well he and I are now boyfriends.'

Mrs. Jamison seemed a little taken back by this annoucement from Tyler, but she smiled. 'That's wonderful that you found someone.' she said to Tyler. 'Nick you better treat my baby right.' her tone was a little strict, but also friendly.

'Don't worry Mrs. Jamison.' I said. 'I will treat him like the prince he is.'

Tyler just blushed a little. Then Mrs. Jamison said. 'Just call me Anne.'

'Alright.' I said.

Mrs. Jamison turned her attention back to Tyler. 'Sorry I haven't been by to visit lately.' said Anne. Tyler walked her over to the couch and all off us sat down. 'There are things that are going on that are not so good.'

'What's going on?' asked Tyler.

'Janie's pregnant.' said Anne.

'What Janie?' asked Tyler. 'My little sister? She's only what fifteen?'

'I know.' said Anne.

'Who's the father?' asked Tyler.

'David Patterson.' said Anne.

'He's my age!' said Tyler outraged. 'What's he doing fooling around with fifteen year old girls?'

'I know that's how I feel.' said Anne. 'I have been encouraging Janie to give the baby up for adoption. However she insists that she and David are in love and wants to keep the baby, and marry him. What's more your father is allowing it.'

'What?' asked Tyler. 'He's not outraged by it too? The fact that a nineteen year old knocked up his fifteen year old daughter?'

'No.' said Anne. 'He signed the parential consent form to allow her to marry him and gave them a little piece of land. He says that David is a real man, since probably David played football and helps his father with their farm. Your father doesn't seemed the least bit phased when Janie talks about quitting school and being a housewife. The wedding is in two weeks. I hope to be able to talk her out of it before then. I don't want to see her make a mistake. Then there's Trevor.'

'What kind of trouble would Trevor get into?' asked Tyler. 'He's only thirteen.'

'Well you know Trevor was always your father's favorite.' said Anne. 'You see with our sons I guess he always thought you were my pick, so when Trevor came along he always prefered Trevor over you. He says he's going to have Trevor take over the farm when he retires and such. Well anyway since Trevor is thirteen now he's starting to notice girls, well that makes your father happy especially since we discovered you like guys. Trevor is going to a school dance with little Sally Jacobs. He's telling him to have sex with her.'

'What?' asked Tyler. 'That's insane. Why?'

'He says he was having sex at thirteen.' said Anne. 'And that he wants to make a man out of Trevor. That he doesn't want Trevor to be a sissy like you.'

'So he thinks that I simply chose to be gay?' asked Tyler. 'Is there no hope for him?'

'I don't think so.' said Anne. 'You are going to go back to school next year right?'

'Yes Mom.' said Tyler. 'I am as soon as I can get enough finacial aid.'

'Good.' said Anne. 'I only stayed with your father because of you kids, but now I see that was a mistake. As soon as you are back in school, I am going to file for divorce. I will take this farm from him if I have to.'

'Take the farm?' asked Tyler.

'Don't you know that I am the one who truly runs it?' asked Anne. 'Your grandfather was on the verge of losing this farm when your father and I got married. If it wasn't for me he would have lost it. I turned this farm into a success, because of the fact that I have a business degree and know how to make deals. We sell our produce and meat to major grocery store chains because I made that deal for this farm. Our milk goes to major dairy compaines because of the deal I made with them. And do I get any kind of compensation for that from your father? No, not even a thank you. Not even a little paycheck.' she paused then looked at me. 'Nick please help him get back into school.'

'I will.' I said. 'I am going back next year myself to get my master's degree.'

'Good.' said Anne. 'I need to get back to the main house. It was good to meet you Nick, and Tyler I will be by soon. I love you.'

'I love you to Mom.' Anne and Tyler hugged.

Tyler and I talked about what Anne just told us for a little while. Tyler seemed astounded by everything she had told us. We eventually got back into bed and picked up where we had left off. I was trying to fuck him like how he fucked me in the shower earlier and I think I did. I made him cum without him touching his dick just like he made me do that. I licked his cum up off his body and kissed him to share it with him. Once I had came inside him we kissed and cuddled for a little while. Before drifting off the sleep I said. 'I love you Tyler my sweetheart.' To which Tyler responded. 'I love you too honey.' We eventually drifted off to sleep in each other's arms. We would have our 'date' tomorrow as it was our day off and I wanted it to be special.

To be continued...


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