Tyler and I got off the plane and got our luggage. I was feeling quite a sense of dred. I was going to visit my family. Part of me was saying to myself, why did I agree to this. Tonight my sisters and their kids, and myself will have our Christmas dinner with our mother. Tomorrow we will visit with our father as well his his siblings and their kids, and their kids' kids. I just wanted to get back on the plane and head back home.

Tyler and I went to the car rental place. Anne said all we had to do is give our names. The car was already paid for. I asked for us to have a car, because I didn't want to have to rely on one of my sisters to get us to and from. We got the car and went to the hotel that was near the airport, and got checked in. It would be a little while before Tyler and I had to get ready to head to my mother's house. I was sitting on the bed shaking.

Tyler came and sat next to me and put his arms around me. 'Honey what's wrong why are you shaking like that?'

'I don't want to do this.' I said. 'I want to go home.'

Tyler had my rest my head on his shoulder. 'Don't worry.' Tyler said. 'I will be right there with you the whole time.' He kissed my forehead. I kissed his lips, and before we knew it we were naked on the bed my hole getting nicely fucked by Tyler. After Tyler erupted a load of cum in me we lay in bed with him holding me. I face up against his chest.

'I love you.' I said to him.

'I love you too.' said Tyler. 'It will be alright honey.'

Before we knew it, it was time to get ready to go to my mother's house. Round one was about to begin. We got dressed. I drove because I knew the way even with my nerves on edge. 'Well just stay for an hour or so and leave.' is what I kept telling Tyler.

We got to my mother's house. Part of me just wanted to keep on driving by, but Tyler and I got out and knocked. I was greted by my mother who was in hysterics that I had come home. I introduced Tyler to her, and then the questions started. First it was how have I been doing? Then progressed to how long have you and him been dating? And stuff like that. I was getting annoyed.

The evening wore on. My sisters and their kids showed up. Soon the house was full with screaming and yelling from the kids. My sisters of course greeted me, but really showed no interest in what I have been up to or what I was doing. I supposed it was because there was nothing that I could do for them at the moment. One the presents were opened and dinner ate my mother started asking me to come home.

'I don't want to come home.' I said. 'Home is not here anymore for me. Home for me now is with Tyler.'

'Tyler can come here too.' my mother said. Tyler just kind of gave me a puzzled look.

'Mom.' I said. 'I love all of you, but if I were to move back here would I have my own life?' My mother didn't respond to that. 'I don't think I would. My life would play second fiddle to whatever you or my sisters need. It was like that before. I don't want to go back to that. I like where I am at right now.'

My mother seemed kind of put out by that then sighed. 'Alright.' she said. It seemed to me that she finally got it. That she finally understood what I had been telling her for years.

Tyler and I went back to the hotel shortly after. After a good sex session where I pounded Tyler's hole we fell asleep. The next morning we got up and ordered room service for breakfast. After breakfast we worked out a little in the hotel's gym and swam in the pool. We went back to the room horny were we had some really hot sex. We showered and went to my father's.

Of course my father greeted Tyler and I happily. He didn't seem phased all those years ago when I told him I was gay. He treated Tyler like part of the family. Once my aunts and uncles started showing up, that was a different story. My father's family is very conservative, and don't think certain things don't mix. While they weren't entirely hateful I was feeling the cold shoulder. Tyler and I left as soon as we could. My father walked us out to the car apologizing for his family. 'Dad you don't have to apologize for them.' I said. 'You're not the one with the problem they are.' My father and I hugged. Tyler and I went back to the hotel and gathered up our things as we were going back to Upstate New York in the morning. We were going back home. We climbed into bed and cuddled up against each other and fell asleep. After we got back home our relationship would end of taking a turn for the better.

To be contiuned...


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