I was woken by something, I was in a deep sleep. I heard someone screaming. I woke up and the person screaming was Tyler. He was obviouly having a nightmare. 'NO DON'T HURT NICK! PLEASE NO DON'T KILL HIM!' I immediately shook Tyler awake.

'Tyler.' I said shaking him. 'TYLER!'

Tyler opened his eyes and saw me. 'You were just having a bad dream. You were screaming.'

'They killed you!' Tyler said. Tears were in his eyes. 'They were hurting you and they killed you and I couldn't do anything to stop them.'

'It's alright Tyler.' I said. 'It was just a dream. It's over now.'

I pulled Tyler into my arms and held him tight to me. We stayed like that for a while until we went back to sleep. We woke up the next morning and we said very little about his nightmare. Only that people were beating me up and ultiminley killed me. The days were getting warmer and soon the pool would be ready for swimming. I couldn't wait to get Tyler into a pair of speedos.

That morning was a Saturday meaning that I did not have to go to the office. Tyler and I talked over breakfast about our plans for the day. We knew that we eventually wanted to go out and catch a movie. 'After breakfast I think I will go to the GYM and workout for a little while.' I told Tyler.

'Sounds nice.' Tyler said. After I finished breakfast I changed into my workout gear and headed to the gym. I working out. I was lifting weights when I felt something on my lap. I put the weight bar back and looked up and saw Tyler sitting on my lap.

'What?' I asked him. There was something different about him. He looked younger. Then it hit me. It was not Tyler, it was his brother Trevor.

'What?' I asked Trevor. Trevor normally spent his time at a military school that his mother Anne sent him to after he had thrown a bunch of rocks at Tyler knocking him out. 'Are you going to tell me what you are doing?'

'I want to see what my brother likes.' said Trevor. 'And he likes you.'

'Ok you've seen me.' I said. 'Now can you please get off of me?'

'Can you fuck me like you fuck him?' Trevor asked.

'Sorry I can't comply there.' I said. 'Besides you don't even like gays.'

'What makes you say that?' Trevor asked.

'Let's see you were calling Tyler a fag and were throwing rocks at him if my memory serves me right.' I said.

'That was my dad.' Trevor said.

'No your dad wasn't throwing rocks at Tyler you were.' I said. 'I was there I saw it.'

'It's what my dad wanted me to do.' said Trevor. 'He wanted me to kill Tyler. He caught me sucking my best friend's dick. He said that he was going to make a man out of me and not have me end up like Tyler. He said that he was going to have Tyler come by the house and that I was to kill him.'

'I see.' I said. 'You didn't think that request was strange?'

'He was going to kill me if I didn't do it.' said Trevor.

'I doubt your mother would have let him do a thing like that.' I said. 'And that day you tried to kill Tyler, you mother had him arrested for hiding his father's will, so you would have had nothing to fear.'

Trevor nooded. He looked as if he were getting ready to lean down and kiss me, but instead he got off my lap and let me get up. The door to the GYM opened and Tyler came through the door. He saw Trevor and I there and looked worried for a moment. 'He hasn't tried to do anything to you has he Nick?' Tyler asked.

'No.' I said. 'We were just talking.'

'Tyler.' said Trevor. 'I'm sorry.'

Tyler seemed taken aback. 'I'm sorry about the rocks. Dad said if I didn't kill you that he would kill me.'

'What?' Tyler asked.

'He just told me that your father caught him with another boy.' I explained. 'And according to him you father wanted him to prove that he was a real man by killing you.'

'Why didn't you just go to Mom?' Tyler asked Trevor. 'She wouldn't have allowed that to happen.'

'I was scared!' Trevor exclaimed. 'I remember how he got when he caught you with you friend Rob! I tried not to with Barry. But my goodness it was just something I couldn't stop thinking about. I was trying to be normal. Trying to show him that I would be the son he always wanted and not some fag.'

'I think you should talk to Mom.' said Tyler.

Trevor just nodded and left the Gym. 'Why did he tell you all of that?' Tyler asked me.

'No idea but it was weird.' I said. 'I was lifting weight and felt something on my lap and I looked up and he was sitting on my lap.'

'He was sitting on your lap?' Tyler asked.

'Yeah at first I thought he was you.' I said. 'The two of you look so much alike. After a closer look I saw that it wasn't you. Your mother mentioned something about how he has been seeing a pshychologist?'

'Yeah he has been seeing one.' Tyler said.

'I think he should see the pshychologist more.' I said. 'I think he's really messed up.'

'I will mention it to my mom.' Tyler said.

Tyler and left the Gym and went back to our room. I got in the shower and Tyler joined me in the shower a few minutes later where he ravaged my ass. We took a walk that afternoon before going out to the movies. While on our walk we ended up by our cabin where we lived when we were just farm hands. Two other guys were living there now. We were walking by when one of them walked up to the door.

'Hello.' the young guy said.

'Hi.' I said. 'I guess you are one of the guys that took over our cabin.'

'Oh yes I heard about you two.' the young guy said. 'You're the two gay guys who lived here.'

I was taken aback by the way he said gay guys. He must have realiased this because he then said. 'I am not homophobic, far from it. My boyfriend and I got this job because the lady who owns this farm knows Dr. Nelson. You see Brad and I can't move to a place like New York at the moment because his mother is in poor health, but because we are known homosexuals no one in this town will hire us. When Brad's mother's health improves, he and I are going to go to school together in New York. Oh sorry I am Chip.'

Tyler and chatted with Chip. Chip was worried if the lady who owned the farm found out he and his boyfriend Brad were gay that she would fire them.Tyler assured Chip that wouldn't happen. 'What makes you say that?'

'Because the reason she gave you this job is because you probably couldn't get a job anywhere else in the area because of that. And my mother is about giving people a fair chance.' Tyler explained.

'Your mother?' Chip asked.

'Yes.' said Tyler. 'My mother is the lady that owns this farm. And I know that Dr. Nelson has a practice in this area because of my mother convincing the locals to give him a chance since they were ready to run him out of town because he was out of the closet.'

Tyler and I chatted with Chip a little more. After a while we said that he had to be on our way but would like to get together with Chip and his boyfriend sometime. We went back to the main house and got into my car and went to a movie. Our relationship was to go for a very interesting and fun ride for the summer.

To be continued...


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