Tyler and I were all packed and ready to go. We were going to Buffalo for the weekend with Ben. Ben had the excuse that he wanted to give us a bachelor's party to Anne. Since Tyler and I became engaged Anne had been looking around Boston for a nice place to hold our wedding.

Tyler and I didn't care if it was a big ceremony, or if it was just the two of us in front of a judge. Anne however was determined to give Tyler and I a big wedding. She wouldn't take no for an answer.

Tyler and I were in our room. Our bags by the door. Tyler and I were on the bed naked. I had Tyler on his back and my cock in position. I push my cock in his hot hole and started fucking him real hard. We were sweating, kissing, moaning as my cock pushed ever deeper inside him. Our mouths were right up on each other, feeling each other's hot breaths from our moans.

'Oh fuck Nick.' said Tyler in excasty. 'This is the best!'

Tyler then grabbed my head and pushed it down so my lips met his. While we kissed I felt something hot erupt between us and I knew that Tyler had cum. I pounded him a few more minutes and I blow my load in his ass.

After I finished cumming I licked up Tyler's cum off his body and kissed him to share it with him. I then laid my head on his chest for a little while and listened to his heartbeat.

After a little while Tyler said. 'Nick we better get ready. Ben will be here soon.'

Tyler and I both got out of bed and got in the shower together. We just washed each other. After the shower go got dressed and did our hair. We then grabbed our bags and went downstairs to wait for Ben. Once in the living room we found Trevor there. 'You two must have been having a good time up in your room by the sound of it.' Trevor said.

'Yeah we were.' Tyler said with a grin on his face. 'Nick knows how to fuck someone real good.'

'When I copped that feel.' said Trevor. 'It felt like he had a big dick.'

'Yes.' said Tyler. 'Nick does have a big dick. And it's mine.'

I knew that Tyler liked messing with Trevor. Tyler's cell phone rang. He talked for a moment then hung up. 'Ben should be here in a minute.'

Tyler and I went and waited for Ben out on the front porch. He pulled up in his BMW and motioned for us to get in. Tyler and I sat in the backseat. The three of us made small talk for a little while. The point of this trip was to help Ben find a boyfriend. Though I did admit to Tyler that I would miss our threesomes with him, to which Tyler agreed, but we felt it was important that Ben find someone to be happy with. I was feeling kind of horny. I really wanted to blow Tyler.

'Ben?' I asked seeing that the windows in the backseat were tinted.

'Yes.' Ben replied.

'Do you care if I suck Tyler's cock right now?' I asked.

'No not at all.' Ben said.

I turned Tyler's head and kissed him while I unbuckled his belt. I unbutton and unzipped his pants and lowered his underwear down where his big hard cock sprang out. I lowered my head down and gave his cock a nice kiss and took it in my mouth. I bobbed up and down on his cock, occasionally taking his nuts into my mouth, but I kept most of my attention on his cock. I looked up at him and I could see him enjoying it. I then felt him tense up and say. 'Nick I'm going to cum!'

I kept my mouth on his cock and I felt his nice tastey cum enter my mouth. I gulped it all down. Once he was finished cumming I sat up and kissed him. He looked at me and said. 'My turn.'

I undid my pants and pulled down my underwear and started sucking on my cock. I ran my fingers through his hair. He kept going up and down on my cock. I felt him fondle my balls. Before I knew it I was cumming in his mouth in which he was gulping it all down. Once I finished cumming Tyler and I got dressed again and cuddled the rest of the way to Buffalo.

We got checked into our hotel room. It was a nice sweet. It had two bedrooms. Once for Tyler and me, the other for Ben and his potential boyfriend. Whoever that would be.

Ben said he needed a shower. Ben went into the bathroom and we heard the water start. Tyler and I got naked and joined Ben in the shower. 'What are you guys doing?' Ben asked.

Tyler and I didn't say anything. We started taking turns kissing Ben. We started washing Ben and put him on his knees and made him take turns on sucking on our cocks while Tyler and I kissed.

Tyler and I then turned off the water. We dried off and dried Ben off together. I went to Ben's bedroom and I laid down on my back. 'Ben.' I said. 'Sit on my cock.'

Ben sat on my cock and I felt it go up his warm chute, and he started riding it. Tyler then got between Ben's legs, and Ben knew what was up. 'Oh my.' Ben said. Tyler pushed inside him too. I could feel his cock right next to mine sharing Ben's ass. Ben was moaning more loudly than I ever heard him moan before while Tyler and I both fucked him. Before we knew it, Ben was cumming all over Tyler's chest. Tyler just scooped up Ben's cum and fed it to him. Then Tyler and I were both cumming in Ben's ass.

After we came. Tyler and I pulled out and laid on either side of Ben taking turns making out with him. After a while we got cleaned up and dressed to go out.

We hit some gay clubs on Buffalo. Tyler and I talked to some guys that looked as though they might be interested in Ben. We found one. Rob. Rob had sharp dark hair, beautiful blue eyes, and the way he talked sounded like he and Ben would be a good match. We introduced Ben and Rob and they got to talking. Rob was a young lawyer just starting out in practice, hoping to be a prosecutor. Ben mentioned that the county prosecutors office had an opening and he would put in a good word for him.

After a while the four of us went back to the hotel. Tyler and I fucked each other while Rob fucked Ben. Rob of course used a condom, but I could tell that Rob and Ben were going to become a couple. The next day Tyler and I couldn't get Rob and Ben to leave Ben's room, so he and I took Ben's car and went out to a movie. When we got back we heared moaning coming from Ben's room, and knew that he and Rob were still at it. Tyler and I spent the evening making love. The next day was pretty much the same, and when it was time to get ready to come home is when Ben and Rob came out of the room. The two of them were liplocked.

'You're coming to my place next weekend.' Ben told Rob.

'I won't miss it.' Rob said. Rob turned to us. 'You two looked hot together the other night. I hope to see the two of you again.'

'Yeah.' said Tyler. 'We can send you an invite to our wedding.'

'Cool beans.' said Rob. 'Well I better let you guys get on home. I will see you next weekend Benny.'

Ben kind of blushed. We gathered our things and got in Ben's car and went home. The next couple of weeks would be spent getting ready for Tyler and mine's wedding and honeymoon.

To be continued...


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