I had finished college. I was looking to go back for my masters degree, but I wanted to take a year off. I also wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, so I took a job as a farm hand for a year. Tom Jamison the owner of the farm was showing me around the farm, and going over things I would be doing. Helping with the harvest, tending to the animals and such. He then showed me to a small cabin where I would be living for the next year. 'You will share the cablin with someone.' We went inside where my roomate was sitting and waiting. 'This is Tyler you will be sharing this cabin with him. There's only one bed so the two of you will have to share it.'

Tyler needless to say was a cutie. He looked to be about 18 or 19, and while he seemed skinny, he also seemed to be quite well defined. He had nice medium brown hair, not too dark, but not too light either. A little chin goatee, and hazel eyes. My gaydar was also picking up the fact that he was hot for cock. 'Tyler this is Nick Palmer. Did you feed the pigs? And clean the milk machine?'

'Yes Dad I did.' Dad? Tom was Tyler's dad? How come Tyler was staying in this cabin and not in the main house with his family?

'Ok I want the two of you to be in the dairy barn at 4:30 tomorrow morning for the morning milking.' Tom said then he left.

Tyler and I spent sometime chatting. Tyler was 19 and had one year of college under his belt. He was taking a year off, because he couldn't afford to go back at the moment. He didn't explain why he could not afford to go back to school, especailly when his father's farm seemed to be doing well. That evening when we were getting ready for bed we were having a discussion for sleeping arrangements.

'If you just want me to sleep on the sofa then I will.' I said.

'No it gets wicked cold in here.' Tyler said. 'Best we share the bed. We might have to cuddle up against each other to keep ourselves warm with our body heat.'

'Do you care if I sleep in my underwear then?' I asked.

'As long as you don't mind me sleeping in mine.' said Tyler.

We stripped down to our underwear. Tyler was hot needless to say. Completley smooth, nice nipples and abs, and from what I could tell a nice tight little ass that's good for fucking. We got into bed and Tyler had his back to me and he said. 'Lay right next to me and put your arm around me so we can keep warm with our body heat.'

'I hope you don't mind that I have a hard on.' I said as I moved up against him my boner rubbing against his nice little ass.

'I got one too so it's no problem.' Tyler said.

I put my arm around his body getting a feel of his nice smooth body. My face was right by the back of his neck. I was fighting an urge to start kissing it. We laid like that in silence for a while when the urge to kiss the back of his neck became to great and I did it. Tyler didn't protest so I did it again and again. I heard small moans of pleasure coming from him. Then he turned and face me. Our hardons rubbing up against each other.

'Nick.' Tyler said.

'Yes?' I asked.

'You want to know why I am staying in this cabin instead of in the main house?' Tyler said.

'Yeah I wondered that.' I said.

'Well first as you might have already guessed since I did not protest to your nice kisses I'm gay.' said Tyler.

'So am I.' I said.

'Yeah I figured as much and reason I got a hard on is because you gave me one.' Tyler said. 'Anyway that's where is starts is because I am gay. I had a friend in high school, he and I would fool around with each other. We went to seperate colleges. Funny going to college in the big city, plenty of hot guys and a lot of them are gay, but I never had sex with any of them. I guess I am just not one to just have sex with anyone. Anyway I would come home for holiday breaks and Rob the friend I would fool around with and I would get together for some sex. Spring break came and I came home for it as opposed to going to Florida or somewhere. Rob came by the house and we went to my room. He was fucking me when my dad came in and caught us. He told Rob to get dressed and to get out. I got dressed and my dad started yelling at me. Telling me that he wasn't going to have a fag for a son and told me that until I started acting normal that I was cut off. I went right back to school since my tuition was paid for the year I was fine, but I wasn't paid for anything for my sophomore year. It was too late to apply for financial aid. I didn't have a place to live.

'While my father disowned me, my mother didn't. I could have taken a job and found a room to rent for a while, but my mother didn't want me ending up living somewhere that wasn't safe, or doing something that I normally wouldn't do, but would end up doing in a desperate situation. So she convinced my father to let me come back here to work. I am not allowed to go to the main house though. I have to stay in the cabin and do farmwork. My mother comes by to visit me from time to time. She's trying to convince my father to let me come home to the main house, but he's pretty stubborn about it.'

'What happened to your friend that you would fool around with?' I asked.

'From what I know he was disowned by his family too.' Tyler said. 'Poor Rob. At least I have my mother on my side, both his parents think it's wrong to be gay. I have no idea what happened to him. I haven't had any contact with him. I know that I am going to apply for financial aid next year, and go back to school.'

'Next year I plan on going for my masters degree.' I said. 'I am just taking a year off.'

'Maybe we can go back to school together next year.' Tyler said.

'Yeah and I can help you apply for financial aid.' I said.

'We can help each other.' Tyler said. He then leaned forward and we shared our first kiss. While I kissed other guys before, there was something different about this kiss. It seemed almost magical, like Tyler and I were supposed to be together. We broke our kiss and Tyler said. 'I have never been with anyone other than Rob, and I have never really had a boyfriend before.'

'I have had a couple of boyfriends.' I said honestly. 'Those are the only two guys I have been with.'

'What is it you want with me?' asked Tyler. 'Sex, or a relationship? Because I feel something for you Nick, and it's strong. I felt it when my dad brought you in here earlier.'

'I don't have sex for the sake of having sex.' I said. 'For me there's a lot of emotion involved in it. If I am having sex with a guy it's because I really like him and want to share something more than sex with him. And I want that with you Tyler Jamison.'

'Nick Palmer' said Tyler. 'Kiss me.' I leaned in and kissed Tyler. Tyler kissed me back. The sense of this was right. That Tyler and I were meant to be together was there. I didn't know then as I didn't seem to think about those sorts of things then, but it was the begining of what would turn out to me a long and lasting relationship that is still strong today as it was then. Tyler and I made out for a while we had moved around in the bed. I was on top of Tyler. We broke our kiss and Tyler reached over and opened the drawer on the nightstand and brought out a bottle of lube. 'Nick, I just don't want to have sex, I want you to make love to me.'

I nodded and I took the bottle of lube from him. I pulled down his underwear. He had a beautiful 8 inch cock. I took off my underwear and lubed up his nice tight little hole and my hard 8 inch cock, I spread out his legs and position my cock at his hole and pushed myself inside of him. He left out a moan and I started fucking him vigorusly. He kept moaning. He said 'Oh Nick!' And I said 'Oh Tyler.' and we kissed while I worked away at his tight ass. After a while I could feel my orgasim getting ready to go and I said. 'Tyler I'm going to cum!'

'Cum inside me Nick!' he said.I blew inside him. He and I both moaned in unision as I came inside him. Once I finished cum I looked down and saw his still hard 8 incher and I went down and sucked on it making him empty his nice nuts in my mouth.

Once we were both cum free we laid in each others arms and kissed. Then he said for the first time in our relationship. 'Nick Palmer I love you.'

'I love you too Tyler Jamison.' I said. We fell asleep in each others arms.

To be continued...


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