Winter went by farily quickly. I spent most of the winter doing the farm's taxes. Spring came and with it the nice weather. Tyler and I would often take walks around the farm. He and I both knew that it was getting ever closer to when he and I would have to go back to school. While we were both going to the same school we were deciding on weather or not to live together, or just to stay at the dorms. While we both wanted to share an apartment together we both knew that it probably wasn't to affordable for us to do that at the moment. In early May we voiced that concern to Anne when she asked us where we were going to live when we go back to school.

'Anne I don't think we are going to be living together.' I said.

'Why?' asked Anne.

'Because Mom.' said Tyler. 'Apartments in New York at expensive. If Nick and I are going to go to school full time then it might be best if we live in the dorms.'

'What if I pay for an apartment?' asked Anne. I started to open my mouth to say something about it but Anne put up her hand. 'There will be no arguing with me on this Nick. I know you are the type of person that wants to earn his keep, but I don't want to see the two of you seperated from each other. I know that there are weirdos in New York, and it would make me feel more at ease if you and Tyler have each other to turn to, and not just for an occasional date. So I will pay for the two of you to have an apartment and that's final.'

'Alright.' I said. 'But on the condition that you let me pay you back for my share.'

'You have already done that Nick.' said Anne. 'Because of your knowledge you saved the farm upwards of two million dollars. So I don't want to see a dime from you on this Nick.'

I nodded. The next day Tyler and I went for a walk out on the farm. We got to one of the barns and we walked inside. There was no one there. 'Hey.' Tyler said. 'There is something I always wanted to do.' I knew when Tyler said that it was something to do with sex. Tyler went to the ladder leading up to the hay shaft. I followed him up. Once we were both up on top, Tyler turned to me and said. 'Would you like to fuck me up here.' There was a little gleam of hope in his eyes. 'I have always dreamed of getting fucked up here.'

I simply pulled Tyler to me and kissed him deeply. We got naked pretty fast and I sucked on his cock while he sucked on mine. After a while I got up and moved him infront of me. I teased his ass a little moving my cock up and down his ass crack. Then I entered him. I started pounding away at his ass hard. He was moaning lound. I started kissing up his spinal cord. He turned his head and we started kissing while I continued to fuck him. Then he let out a loud moan and he started cumming. A few moments later I erupted in his ass.

After I came inside him we laid down naked in the hay and cuddled and kissed. Then he climbed on top of me and started kissing and biting my neck. He went down and started sucking and biting my nipplles. I was hard again. I saw that he too was once again supporting a huge boner. 'I loved what we just did.' He said. 'Time for me to say thank you.' He then spread my legs and put his cock at my hole and push himself inside of me.

Tyler started fucking me real hard like he always likes to do. He leaned forward and started kissing me while we fucked. I moaned into his mouth as he pounded more harder and harder inside me. Then he started kissing me tenderly on my neck. I kept moaning at his cock kept hitting my g spot inside me. 'I love you Tyler.' I said.

'I love you too Nick.' Tyler said.

I started cumming all over myself and he kept fucking me. I was in total bliss. Then I felt a warm gush inside me and I knew Tyler had cum. After he came Tyler left his cock inside me and held me to him. We stayed in that embrace for quite a while. Just cuddling and not talking. Just cuddling and enjoying each other's presence. Tyler then looked at his watch. 'It's getting near dinner time we better head back home.'

I simply nodded and we got dressed and headed back to the main house. Before we went inside I asked. 'Any other sexual fantasies you want to play out?'

'Just wait until the pool is ready.' Tyler said. I smiled at him and we went inside.

To be continued...


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