I looked at Rayne a completely different way after that. Now that I knew that he wasn't a complete tease, all I could think about was his mouth taking all of me in him. His sweet yet sexy kisses. His rockin' body. Rayne should regret doing what he did. He released the sex-crazed maniac in me.

I took Rayne home later that night and then picked him up the next morning so we could be ready to tell Dad about us. Rayne walked out of his house these butt-hugging jeans that drove me insane immediately.

He greeted me with a kiss but this time I wouldn't let him go. I kept my mouth on his and forcefully thrusted my tongue down his throat and he soon had to push me off with all of his strength.

'Not now, sweetheart,' he said with a giggle.

We got back to my house and went back to my room. My mother wasn't home so I was hoping Rayne would blow me like he did yesterday so I unsuspiciously laid back on my bed with my legs wide open as if silently inviting him to do it, but Rayne casually sat down on the bed next to me and started messing around with his phone.

How could Rayne turn me on so effortlessly yet I had to go to extreme lengths to garner the same reaction?

Despite the weather being fine, I took my shirt off and threw it on the floor and pulled my arms up behind my head, my smooth tanned abs almost glistening in the morning light. I didn't take my eyes off Rayne and grinned when I noticed his eyes travel from his phone to my navel and down to my crotch and then back up again.

Come on Rayne, I thought, you know you want it.

Rayne's eyes trailed up to my firm pecs and then back down to my abs and I would've sworn I saw him lick his lips. After staring at me for another moment, his phone fell out of his hand and he snapped back to reality.

'You okay, babe?' I asked him, hiding the humour I found in this situation.

'Yeah, I'm fine,' he said, taking his eyes off my stomach.

He retrieved his phone and continued to search through it but his eyes soon fell back down to my abs and the bulge in my pants.

'That's it,' he said.

He threw his phone onto the floor and mounted me, burying his head into my neck with a flurry of hot kisses. I immediately moaned in pleasure and placed my hands on Rayne's ass as he continued to neck me vigorously. His mouth moved down to my nipples and his tongue teased them to full erection.

'Yeah, Rayne, keep going,' I whispered.

Rayne licked the contours of my abs like a thirsty dog and he soon got above the belt. He unhooked my belt and pulled my pants down to see my pitched tent underneath my blue boxers. Rayne moved back up my stomach and my chest and soon we were face-to-face.

'Permission?' he said.

'It's all yours,' I replied with a grin.

He kissed me quickly before pulling my boxers down, my dick springing to life immediately. Rayne took me into his mouth and made my body tingle like it did yesterday; his mouth worked wonders on my hard cock and he managed to take all of it in his mouth. He licked up and down the shaft and took it back into his mouth before I ejaculated into his sweet mouth, my sweet manjuice filling him up. He eagerly swallowed my load and licked off the drops from my cock.

After our hot blowjob session, Rayne rolled off me and cuddled up to me. I pulled my boxers and my pants back on and held him close to me, completely satisfied and happy.

I heard the door slam shut signalling my father's return. Rayne gasped and looked at me for emotional support but I told him everything was going to be okay. I quickly put a shirt on and walked downstairs with Rayne not too far behind me.

'Hey champ,' Dad greeted me when he saw me.

'Hey Dad, how was your trip?'

'Bloody boring,' he replied with a smile, 'who's your friend?'

'Dad, this is Rayne Marshall.'

My father grinned and extended his hand out for Rayne to shake which he gladly accepted.

'Before you unpack, I have something to tell you.' Dad froze and turned to me still with a smile on his face. I wasn't the least bit worried about telling my father because I knew he was accepting of his gay brother.

Looking over at Rayne, I reached out and took his hand in mine and looked at my father.

'This is my boyfriend.'

Dad froze. His smile had disappeared. He was absolutely still. It was fair enough, I thought, Mum didn't react too well until she thought about it and got used to the idea. Maybe it would be the same for him.

'Are you a fag?' Dad asked.

'What? N-no,' I stuttered, taken aback by the anger in his voice.

'Well what are you doing holding a guys hand? You're a fag!' Dad dropped his things and his fists were clenched. He was absolutely angry. What had I done?

'No, Dad, please, let me explain-'

'No, Brendan, if you're holding a fucking guys hand and you're dating a fucking guy, you're a fucking fag.'

'Dad, calm down, this isn't-'

'Who the hell do you think you are?' he shouted, turning to face Rayne whose grip on my hand was tighter than before. 'Are you proud of yourself for turning my son into a fucking queer?'

'Dad, that's not-'

'Say something, you fucking poofta!'

This had set me off. I didn't care if he called me every name in the English language, but I would not stand here and watch him insult Rayne who had done absolutely nothing wrong.

'What the fuck is your problem? Rayne's done nothing to you!' I felt the anger boiling up in me, an emotion I tried very hard to suppress.

'He turned my son into a fucking fag, that's what he done!'

'What the fuck! Uncle Greg's gay and you accepted him!'

'That's because I knew all along that he was fucking queer! But you? You're the captain of the rugby team, ladies man and my only son. This isn't right!' Turning to face Rayne who was trembling in fear next to me, he shouted 'Get the fuck out of my house, you fucking poof!'

I immediately let go of Rayne's hand and charged at my Dad. Using all my strength and weight, I tackled him into the wall and we both fell onto the floor in a crumpled heap. I punched down angrily, my fists connecting with his face easily, spit coming out of my mouth as I angrily beat down on my father.

'Don't you fucking speak to him like that!' I shouted.

Rayne had let out a scream and immediately jumped on me, trying to pull me back but he wasn't strong enough to stop me.

'Brendan, stop it please!' I heard the pain in Rayne's voice so it made me freeze instantly. Dad was bleeding already and his eyes were shut and he laid there with his arms over his head. There was a huge crack in the wall and my knuckles were stinging from all the punches I threw.

What had I done?

'D-dad, I'm so sorry, I-'

'Get out,' he said quietly, 'get out of my house.'

'I'm sorry Dad.'

'Out,' he repeated.

I got up off the floor and hugged Rayne who was silently crying next to me. I looked down at my Dad and he was staring at me as if he didn't know me. With Rayne in my arm, I grabbed my car keys off the table and left my house without looking back.



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