Sitting across from Rayne at the Beachside Cafe felt so natural; I never had problems with confidence especially in my appearance but I was being challenged being in the company of someone so perfect, so flawless.

I observed Rayne with a smile on my face as I watched him nervously tug at his hair.

'What's the matter?' I asked him.

'Do I look okay? Like, I don't know, I feel like crap. Can we leave? Good idea, let's leave.' Rayne's mouth was running at 100 km/h and I couldn't help but chuckle.

'Rayne, calm down, you look as amazing as ever,' I said, daring to reach out and grab his arm reassuringly. He looked down at our physical contact and I felt him slow down on the pedals and finally relax.

After the waiter had delivered us our coffees (technically Rayne had a caramelatte, another intricacy that I grew to admire), I watched as Rayne sipped on his latte as if he was being recorded; he looked so classy and pristine.

'What about Ali?' he asked, breaking the silence between us. 'Aren't you going out with her?'

'There's nothing going on between us,' I said, shaking my head, 'we get together for a casual fuck but that's about it.' Rayne looked put off at that and I realised I didn't necessarily choose the best wording.

'I'm not going out with anyone,' I continued, 'I'm free to be with whoever I want.' I stared at him as I said this so he could get the picture.

'But you're Brendan Thatcher,' replied Rayne, 'school stud, captain of the rugby team, all-around badass and ladies man.'

I sighed. 'That's what people assume. I'm sure people assume you're a cold-hearted calculating bitch but I know deep down that you're not.' I took a chance with that explanation given Rayne's spontaneity but I was relieved when he didn't take offense to that.

'I understand,' he said, still not letting his guard down.

Rayne didn't want to pursue this conversation further so we finished our coffees and hopped back into the car. I looked over at Rayne who was staring out the window in deep thought. I reached out for his hand and took it in my own; this time, Rayne didn't put up a fight.

'Look at me,' I mumbled.

Rayne sighed and glanced over at me, his beautiful brown eyes penetrating me immediately. I tightened my grip around his hand reassuringly.

'What do you want from me?' he asked.

'To be honest, I'm not too sure what I want; all I know is that I like you. A lot. I don't know what I'm going to do with that but that's what I know and-'

Rayne quickly shut me up by forcing himself onto me, his lips pressing against mine almost aggressively. I melted into him and soon had my arms wrapped around his waist, trying so desperately to hold him against me in the awkward position we were in.

It was a few minutes before Rayne finally lifted himself off me, our heavy breathing ricocheting off each other. He looked down at me with a very satisfied look on his face.

'Flawless,' he whispered.

'Flawless,' I repeated.

I could feel my dick pressing against my pants so I knew I had to calm him down so I quickly delivered another kiss to the Queen before I got comfortable once again in my chair, Rayne doing the same. With all being said and done, I drove off down the street.

Rayne wasn't too keen on going home so soon so I took him back home with me. Rayne's cute quality of overthinking came into play and he began ranting excuses of why he didn't want to go to my house.

'What if your parents don't like me? I'm in my school uniform and look like a trainwreck. What if they suspect something between us? That's okay, I'll go home, that's fine, and-'

It was my turn to shut him up so I kissed him and reassured him that everything was going to be fine. He followed me up my driveway and through the front door; Braxton, my large Rottweiler came bolting to the doorway and immediately leaped onto Rayne, licking his face furiously.

I was waiting for Rayne to scream dramatically like I was used to Ali doing, but Rayne laughed and hugged Braxton, trying to avoid his eager tongue. I smiled and after watching in humour, I got Braxton off him and told him to behave.

'Your dog is so cute!' exclaimed Rayne.

'Yeah, he's a big fella but he's alright,' I said with a chuckle. 'Braxton, sit down and be nice to our guest.'

Soon, my Mum appeared around the corner with a surprised look on her face. She looked at Rayne and a huge grin spread across her face. My Mum was friendly to the point where she was almost over friendly.

'G'day, I'm Brendan's mother but you can call me Tessa,' she greeted him. She wrapped Rayne in a warm embracing hug and then began to observe him like he was a test subject. 'Wow, you have the most beautiful face. Your skin is so clear and your eyes are stunning.'

Rayne awkwardly mumbled his thank you's so I saved him by rushing my mother off and took him upstairs into my room. I shut the door behind me and Rayne sat himself down on my bed, a very tempting offer unwillingly presenting itself.

'I love it here already,' he said with a grin.

I sat down next to him, close enough that I could hold his hand if I wanted to but far enough so I could keep what was in my pants in control. Rayne stared at me once again, his beautiful eyes melting me inside; he reached over and gently stroked my cheek with his hand.

'You're sweet,' he mumbled, 'I'm sorry I misjudged you before.'

He continued to caress me with the back of his hand, his scent was so intoxicating and it was tempting me even more to savagely rip his clothes off and make out with him. I seized his wrist and gently kissed each of his fingertips, my eyes half closed as I was enchanted by the Queen sitting next to me.

'Contain yourself,' Rayne whispered almost inaudibly. I glanced up at him and he was smiling sheepishly; he got up from the bed and began poking around near my TV. It was hard to contain myself when I was in his presence but it was almost impossible to contain myself when he was bending over, his fine rear end sticking out as he poked through the DVD's and games I had in my cabinet, inviting me to come touch it, feel it and spank it.

I bit my lip and held onto the post of my bed tightly as Rayne began singing and dancing, his ass moving so invitingly.

'Rayne, I'm going to shoot myself soon if you don't stop shaking your ass in my face,' I stated.

Rayne looked over at me, down to his behind and straightened up immediately, mumbling his apologies even though I could tell her thought it was hilarious. He planted himself on the bed next to me and made himself comfortable as he lied down, tempting me yet one more time.

'Brendan!' Mum called out from downstairs, 'I'm taking Braxton for a walk. I'll be back soon.' With the loud bang of the front door closing, my insides were boiling hot; I had Rayne. In my bedroom. On my bed. And the house was empty. Whatever sick force was behind this cruel joke being played on me was sinister.

It wasn't long before Rayne started to make matters worse as he got on his knees behind me as I was sitting upright on the edge of my bed and he began massaging me sensually, his hands working wonders on my shoulders, neck and upper back.

His bare knees were on either side of me and I wanted so badly to touch them and caress them but I was rendered motionless as Rayne's hands worked their magic on me. I was in heaven.

'Is this making you feel better?' Rayne whispered in my ear sounding so sexy.

'It's making things worse, actually,' I replied playfully, resisting the urge to fuck his brains out right there and then.

'Why? Am I turning you on?' Rayne teased me before planting a soft and passionate kiss on my cheek and then planting several more down my neck.

'Rayne... oh, Rayne...' I mumbled.

I had to have him. I had to.



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