The rest of the school week had been a breeze. Although Rayne and I still chose to sit by ourselves on our little hill, we were now on good terms with the rugby boys and Jayden would even come sit with us every once in a while. Despite the week of detention, life seemed pretty amazing.

And now it was Saturday. The grand final. After all the drama I had been through recently, I had lost track on the rugby calendar and therefore wasn't sure if I was physically prepared for the final. Rayne stayed over last night and was basically there to boost my confidence as I wasn't sure if I was ready.

'Baby, you'll do fine, I believe in you,' he said comfortingly, stroking the side of my face, 'I have faith in you. You'll do great out there. I know you're set on winning but even if you don't, you can say that you gave it your all.'

'I know, babe, I know,' I mumbled.

'If I make you pancakes for breakfast, will that make you feel better?' he tempted me.

'If you want me to throw up on the field,' I teased.

Rayne play punched me and kissed me, reassuring me for the 100th time this morning that I would do fine. He got up and reached down to the hem of his denim shorts; he deftly tore a thread of it off and wrapped it around my wrist, tying it into a bow forming a bracelet.

'These are my lucky shorts,' he explained with a smile, 'now you have a lucky bracelet. Use it wisely.'

This surprisingly made me feel at ease and I thanked my stunning boyfriend for his generosity.

Finally, the time had rolled around and my family and Rayne's family were seated in the stand next to each other as I sat with the boys in the change room, eagerly anticipating our big game. The rest of the boys had opted to jumping up and down to keep their bodies warm while I was seated, tugging at my new lucky bracelet thinking about the Regional Championship that we so surely deserved.

'Okay boys,' announced Coach Kidman, 'go out there and do your best. Rangers on 3.' We all got up and put our hands in the circle and after the third count, yelled Rangers together. As the team captain, I was at the front of the line holding the game ball as we ran out onto our home field, the audience in the stand erupting in cheers for us.

I was nervous as I watched the other team run out, looking more menancing than they actually were. I was tugging at my bracelet once again when I looked through the crowd and like a diamond amongst rocks, Rayne stood out, his beautiful face with his beaming smile automatically warming me inside. He gave me a thumbs up and I grinned back at him, the confidence he had given me starting to work already.

And the whistle blew...

And then the whistle blew for a final time.10-8 to the Miners. We were a try away from winning but they had managed to keep the ball away from us long enough to capture the victory. The other team all cheered excitedly as they had realised they had won the game and my team all looked like a zombie apocalypse.

'Come on guys, it was a good game,' I shouted to my team mates, 'let's go congratulate them.'

I shook hands with every player on the other team and clapped them as they walked up to the winner's podium to receive their individual trophies along with the big one. My team had each received small runner-up trophies of our own and although it wasn't first, I kept the words of Rayne in my head and grinned, knowing I had done my best to receive a pretty cool looking second place trophy.

We all went abck into our change room and into the showers. Jayden made a light-hearted crack at me checking him out during our shower but other than that, the homophobic tension between us had completely disappeared.

I bid farewell to the boys and made my way to my car where my stunning boyfriend was there to greet me with a basket in his hands. He placed it on the roof of my car and wrapped me in a hug, congratulating me on playing so amazingly.

'You do realise we lost, right?' I said with a chuckle.

'Yes, but you played so well and you had great sportsmanship after, I saw you. I'm very proud to call you my boyfriend,' replied Rayne.

He kissed me so sweetly before presenting me with a gift basket consisting of rose petals, chocolates, a bottle of champagne and a framed picture of me and him pulling silly faces to the camera.

'This is amazing! Thanks babe!' I pressed my lips against his once again but he pulled away moments later with a sadistic looking smile on his face.

'You have another present,' he said with a wink, 'later tonight.'

I gulped and thought about the numerous possibilities of what Rayne had in mind.

Several hours and a hotel room later, Rayne told me to wait outside while he "got prepared" in his own words. When I heard him tell me it was okay to come in, I swiped the key card and the door swung open. The candles lit in the room provided enough light for me to see the trail of rose petals on the floor. I followed them into the bedroom where I saw the most sexiest thing I had ever seen; Rayne lying on the sheets in his underwear with a police hat on swinging around a pair of handcuffs.

'Officer,' I said quietly as my heart began to pound faster and faster.

I dropped my things and stared at him as he got up and walked over to me with a smile on his face.

'Brendan Thatcher,' he whispered in my ear, 'you're under arrest.'

Rayne took my hand and after maknig me take my shirt off, led me to the bed where he handcuffed my wrists together behind the pole on the head of the bed so I couldn't move them. Rayne stood over me with what appeared to be a bucket in his hand and a strawberry in the other. He dipped the strawberry into the bucket as he straddled my helpless body and pulled the strawberry back up which was now covered in melted chocolate. I opened my mouth and he fed me the chocolate covered strawberry.

'Mmmm,' was all I managed to mumble.

He dipped his finger into the bucket and began to suck the chocolate off, his suggestive gesture giving me an instant hard on. He set his chocolate bucket aside and began stripping me of my shoes and my socks and my pants until I was down to my underwear which was concealing the biggest erection.

He pulled my boxers down ever so slowly and my dick sprang to life, immediately catching Rayne's eye.

'You have the right to remain silent,' he said wtih a wink.

And with that, his mouth went down on my cock like someone who had hadn't eaten in several days. I chose to waver that right and let out a huge moan of pleasure as Rayne took my aching cock in his mouth, his tongue swirling around my sensitive cock head as his hand pulled my foreskin down, forcing me to come to climax.

'Oh, babe, I'm about to...'

Rayne got off my dick just moments before I was about to shoot in his mouth and he smiled at me so lovingly.

'Not yet,' he said, shaking his head.

He picked up his bucket and carefully poured a trail of chocolate on my abs, the feeling of it making me tingle. He set his bucket down and began licking the chocolate off the contours of my abs, his tongue making me rock hard yet again. Minutes later, he had finished his tasty treat and moved up to me so he could kiss me, passing the taste of chocolate into my mouth.

He reached behind me and suddenly uncuffed me, setting my free.

'What? Is everything okay?' I stammered, thinking that our romantic session was finished.

'Yes, yes, everything's fine,' he said, calming me down, 'I just want you to make love to me.'

He held my hands as I rolled him onto his back and pulled his underwear off and threw them onto the floor next to the rest of my clothes. I looked down at his tasty hard dick and reached down to it and began to stroke him off. Meanwhile, I sucked on my fingers and began to loosen him up, first with one finger and then with two as I jacked him off.

Rayne's sensual groans turned me on and I soon had my hard dick in my hand and I pushed its head through Rayne's entrance. He let out a slight yelp and urged me to continue. I held both of Rayne's hands in mine and my mouth never left his as all of my cock disappeared into Rayne.

'Oh baby,' he whispered.

I wrapped my arms around Rayne's body and held him close to me as I began to make sweet love to him, my body thrusting into his gently but assertively. Our bed began to shake as our bodies loved one another. I buried my face in Rayne's neck and began to kiss him sweetly there as I picked up the pace, my thrusts getting faster and harder and faster and harder.

I bit my bottom lip as I felt myself about to climax and soon I felt my cock ejaculate my load into him, expressing my deep love I have for him. Load after load shot out and after I was sure I was finished, I pulled out and fell on top of him, my mouth connecting with his as we passionately kissed after our love making session.

'That was amazing,' he whispered.

'I'm not done yet,' I said.

I went down and seized Rayne's aching hard cock in my hand. I had never sexually reciprocated for Rayne before and had never tasted another cock before but I knew my love for Rayne would get me through this so I went down on him like he did to me and he let out a huge cry of pleasure as I sucked him so sweetly. He was hard enough already and it wasn't long before he shot into my mouth. I took after him and swallowed the load, surprised to find out that it wasn't horrible tasting.

I collapsed on top of him and our naked bodies were connected as we laid there on the hotel bed, exhausted after our passionate love making. I rolled onto my side and Rayne and I eventually both got under the covers and held each other, staring in each other's eyes in silence with huge smiles on our faces.

'Thank you for this,' I said.

'Honey, you're more than welcome,' he replied softly.

'Will you still love me in the morning?' I asked him before we went to sleep.

'Until the moon stops shining.'



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