It was the Monday after the weekend and the first opportunity for me to see Rayne after Ali's party. After our brief encounter in the bathroom, he had fled the party and no one had seen him disappear nor did they suspect what went on in the bathroom. It didn't bother me; I wanted to give him time to figure out what happened.

Surprisingly, I didn't need time to figure myself out.

I couldn't put a label on my sexuality at this point in time, but I knew I had feelings for Rayne that weren't just friendly. I had never been so intrigued in a person before in my life; Rayne was beautiful yet mysterious, friendly yet dangerous, sexy yet conservative.

Dance class was first up in the morning. My heart was beating faster than normal. I was absolutely dying to see Rayne. I had half expected him not to show up and avoid school for a few days like they did on the movies, but in true Rayne fashion, he strutted to class as if nothing had happened - although he didn't pay any attention to me as he walked passed, his floral-yet-masculine scent putting me in a trance as he fluttered by.

I followed him into the change room and he took his usual spot on the opposite end of the room from me.

'How are you today, Rayne?' I asked him with a half-smile.

'Flawless,' he said as if his previous encounter with me was totally forgotten. I was shocked but I couldn't say I was surprised to be shocked; Rayne had a way of surprising people.

He feigned a smile at me and left the room in his tight little black shorts. I slipped into my sweatpants and followed him into the studio where he was doing his sexy leg stretches I had become a very big fan of.

After class had finished, Rayne had gone back to strategically avoiding me and had changed back into his uniform as quickly as possible and vanished. I couldn't help but smile; the mystery of Rayne Marshall was always so entertaining... it turned me on.

During lunch, I sat on my table whilst keeping a close eye on Rayne and his group of friends that were far enough that they couldn't hear our conversation but close enough that I could make out who was talking and when. Through my shades, I observed Rayne who was coincidentally sitting next to Ali; the normal straight man would have been too busy ogling Ali and her huge breasts, but I wasn't the normal straight man anymore. Rayne was so stunning. The way he stared into space as he ate, chewing slowly; the way he covered his mouth with one hand as he took a bite as if someone was constantly watching him.

I had to talk to him.

'Excuse me, lads,' I said to my mates.

I walked over to Rayne's circle of friends which immediately enlightened Ali; she stood up as if I had come to see her but I hadn't taken my eyes off Rayne in all his glory. He looked at me with a somewhat distasteful look on his face while his friends were looking at me curiously.

'Hey sexy,' hollered Ali.

'Could I please speak to you for a second, Rayne?'

Ali's mouth dropped open as she slowly turned her head to the Queen who was looking as 10 as ever. He dropped his sandwich and got up albeit begrudgingly and walked off as if he was expecting me to follow him. I laughed. Oh that silly Rayne.

'What do you want?' he snapped, breaking me out of my trance.

'How are you?' I asked him.

'Flawless, like I told you,' he said.

'Are you going to pretend like nothing happened at Ali's party?'

Rayne froze and looked at me, his unemotional-bitch walls beginning to break as I saw real emotion in his eyes now. He kind of whimpered as if he was about to cry but then I saw his defenses go up straight away.

'I don't know what you're talking about,' he said.

He went to walk off but I grabbed his wrist firmly.

'Let go!' he exclaimed.

'How do you feel about me?' I asked him calmly.

'I think you're a stupid, brainless jock who needs to get his sweaty paws off me.'

'Okay,' I said with a half-smile, 'now how do you really feel about me?'

I saw it. The walls went down once again and this time I knew they were going to stay down until I was done.

'You're incredible,' he whispered.

I smiled; I had never had any compliment like that. I loosened my grip on his wrist and his hand fell limply to his side.

'Why are you avoiding me?'

'Because I don't know what happened that night. You... I... what happened?'

Rayne looked down to conceal the emotions he was feeling right now and I was fine with that. I wanted to reach out and hug him and kiss him and comfort him but with the amount of eyes on us at the moment, I knew I couldn't.

'I kissed you,' I replied.


'Because I like you, Rayne, you are the most interesting person I've ever met.'

Rayne looked up at me looking very confused.

'You - you. No way. That cannot be possible.'

'Look, I haven't figured myself out the way you have,' I said, running my hand through my hair, 'but I know the way I feel about you isn't friendly nor is it plutonic. I genuinely like you Rayne. You are by far the most amazing person I've ever come across.'

Silence. Rayne looked at me, and then the ground, and then back to me.

'Say something...' I whispered.

'That's all? Awesome. See you later.' His walls were back up and he spun around oh so gracefully and then proceeded to walk back to his circle of friends.

'You don't have to keep it together all the time, you know,' I called out after him.

Rayne stopped, looked over at me with a smile on his face, and then disappeared back into the circle of girls who were clearly eagerly asking him questions. I flicked my thumb across my chin as I grinned, feeling so glad to have gotten those feelings off my chest.

Later that day, I had received a text from the Queen himself, telling me to meet him at the parking lot at the end of school, so I stood against my car waiting for Rayne to grace me with his presence.

Rayne's group of friends showed up around the corner, a bunch of cakefaced shallow girls who came no where near as attractive as Rayne who had appeared behind them. The years of dance had paid off as Rayne looked so dazzling and graceful as he walked as if he was permanently on a catwalk. He ran his hands through his black mane as he spotted me next to my car.

I opened the door for him to get in and stood next to it with a cocky smirk on my face. I saw a resemblance of an amused smile on Rayne's face before he planted himself in the passenger seat and shut the door next to him.

'Hello gorgeous,' I greeted him as I shut the door next to me, 'how was the rest of your day?'

Rayne playfully pushed me on the shoulder and leaned his head down as if he was blushing. My plan had worked. My goal had been to get Rayne out of his unemotional, bossy mood and to get the real Rayne to come out. I liked him. A lot.

'What do you want to do?' I asked him.

'Beachside Cafe,' he explained, 'let's go.'

I held my breath and hesitated before I reached out to his hand which was limply sitting on his thigh. I felt that Rayne had froze at my touch and he stared at our joined hands as if they were a ticking time bomb. He glanced up at me and saw the genuine smile on my face. He wrapped his fingers around mine and threw one of those beautiful smiles my way.

'Flawless,' I mumbled to myself.



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