I couldn't believe it. My whole world was falling beneath me and the person I would usually run to in a case like this was the one who had just broken my heart. I panicked and collapsed onto the floor in a messy heap.

I know I had kissed Theo and I know that it was wrong but at least I had the decency to admit it to him openly. And it was just a kiss. I didn't go all the way with him. And I didn't even try to justify it like he did.

I love Brendan, or, I loved him. But I didn't know if I could get over this any time soon - or if I could get over it at all.

It wasn't long before I heard footsteps coming my way and saw that it was Brendan. He reached out to touch me and I simply brushed him away.

'Rayne, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. How many times do I have to apologise to you before you forgive me?'

I didn't even think of a reply to that. I just wanted him away.

'Look, I've packed my things and I'm ready to go but I just want to talk to you and sort things out.'

'I don't want to talk to you, Brendan!'

Brendan ignored my cry and sat down next to me. I tried to shuffle away but couldn't move that much in the area where we were seated.

'Listen, Rayne, it was a mistake and I apologise to the bottom of my heart for making that stupid decision. She means nothing to me and that encounter meant absolutely nothing to me. You are the world to me, Rayne, and I love you more than life itself.'

'Okay. Now leave.'

'Rayne, come on, stop being like that. It's not like you're completely innocent'.

My jaw dropped and I looked at him; no he didn't just go there. No he DIDN'T just go there.

'You're going to sit there and compare my kiss to your drunken sex romp with that STI infested slut? You've got to be out of your mind'.

'No, Rayne, I wasn't comparing it at all, I'm just saying that-'

'No, Brendan, no! I admitted to my problem straight away. I didn't hold it in and wait for the other person to confess something before I said it.'

'Yes, I know, but-'

'But nothing! Get out of here! I don't want to see you ever again!'

I got to my feet and dashed down the stairs and out into the morning breeze. I was conscious that I was in my sleepwear but I couldn't be bothered to care about other people's opinions.

Not knowing where I was going, I turned left and continued angrily walking in that direction until my legs were sore and I had to sit down. I had to have walked for just under an hour and had no idea where I was but I didn't care.

I was seething.

I was looking down at the ground in front of me and ignored the funny looks I got from other people and just stared.


I looked up and let out a huge sigh of relief when I saw Theo looking at me quizzically with a bag of groceries in his hand.

'What are you doing here? And why are you in your pajamas darling?'

I got up and wrapped my arms around him and let out my frustrations into his shoulder. He dropped his bags and pulled me closer to him; he began stroking my hair and whispering soft things into my ear.

'I'm here, it's okay, I'm here.'

I dared to glance up at Theo's beautiful face and his warm expression made me smile.

'I just need to drop these off home but after that, I'm all yours.'

I got into Theo's car and kept my story short and sweet, not wanting to vent the bulk of problems in the small confines of his car. After he dropped his groceries off at his house, I used my lame sense of direction and led him to the general area of my apartment. We managed to find it and I walked upstairs, hoping that Brendan had gone.

I swung open the door and gasped when I saw Brendan sitting against the kitchen counter with a bottle of tequila in his hand.

'What are you doing here? I told you to leave!'

'Rayne, I laaaa you and I dun wanna lee you yet!'

'I take that this is Brendan?' said Theo.

'Unfortunately he is still here,' I added.

'So this is the bloke you're leaving me for?'

'Get out, Brendan.'

'Pleeee, I laaaaa you Rayne!'

He took another swig of the tequila and after wincing, he got up out of his seat and approached Theo and I.

'You keep your darrrty hands off my love,' he told Theo.

Brendan grabbed my wrist and tried to pull me to him but I tried to resist as well as I could.

'Let go of me!'

'Brendan, mate, please let go of him,' said Theo.

Brendan wouldn't loosen his grip and, in fact, it began to get tighter.

'Brendan, you're hurting me!'

Tears began to fall out of his eyes and after a brief moment, his face contorted into a look of complete rage and he took a swing at Theo. His fist connected with the side of his face with a sick sounding thud.

I let out a wild scream as Brendan lunged at Theo and continued to lay his fists into any part of Theo that he could find. I leaned in and grabbed at Brendan's arm but he wouldn't have any of it; he shoved me off forcefully and I went flailing back and hit the edge of the kitchen counter harshly.

I let out a yelp and collapsed onto the floor, holding onto the arch of my back where the blow had connected.

'Rayne!' both Brendan and Theo called out.

Theo ran over to me and held me in his arms; I looked up at Brendan with a look of fear and Brendan broke down in tears once again.

'No... no... I'm so sorry...'

'Mate, I think it's best that you leave.'

'Rayne, I'm sorry...'

I turned away from him and let Theo console me while Brendan disappeared into my bedroom to gather his things.



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