AAli, my on-and-off again girlfriend, decided to stop by later that night looking for some action. She was a stunning 5'7 blonde with bluish-green eyes and a great set of tits. Any guy would be insane to pass up an opportunity with her.

But I did.

'I'm sore from rugby training, babe,' I explained to her, 'maybe tomorrow night.'

'Tomorrow night's my party,' she replied.

Oh crap. Ali's party. She was having a Costume Party at her house tomorrow night as an excuse to dress up as a slutty form of animal. I generally looked forward to Ali's parties as the alcohol made her extremely horny.

'Come on,' she said as she began to grope my chest, 'how about a blowjob? I'll just suck you off while you sit there.'

I couldn't pass that up so I let her go for it. Ali wasn't the greatest at blowjobs. She occasionally slid her teeth against my cock and she would never take it all the way in her mouth. I actually found myself getting limp inside her.

But then I closed my eyes and imagined Rayne, the beautiful and flawless Rayne. My dick got harder and as wrong as the thoughts were, I couldn't help but think about Rayne's silky smooth legs and plump, juicy ass.

I soon shot into Ali's mouth and she immediately spat it onto my stomach. Without saying goodbye, she winked at me and disappeared.

The next day at school, Ali's party was the only thing people seemed to be talking about. All the cool kids were going to be there. Everything was going to be there - booze, babes, bikinis, the lot. I had already obtained a sexy fireman costume that didn't require a shirt. All the girls were dressing up as bunnies or french maids or cheerleaders, you know, the usual slutty get up.

'What are you dressing up as, Rayne?' I heard one of the girls ask him in class.

I turned into their conversation immediately; after yesterday's events, I thought Rayne would've been slightly warmer to me, but he had returned to his vindictive sassy self that I grew to like.

'It's a surprise,' he replied.

'I hope it's as slutty as my outfit,' she giggled.

'You know it.'

I was very excited to see what Rayne was going to wear now - or what he wasn't going to wear, if the case may be.

Ali's party finally rolled around and being Ali's 'special friend', I was there early to help her set up. She was dressed as an angel, complete with white string bikini and wings and heels. She looked like a sad hooker to me.

One by one, the guests rolled in, the girls wearing next to nothing and the guys wearing lame excuses for costumes. The girls looked me up and down in lust as they saw the Sexy Fireman greet them at the door.

I was busy talking to my mates when I noticed all the eyes had turned to the doorway; I only assumed it was another lingerie wearing slut. I turned and was amazed. There, in all his sassy glory, was Rayne dressed as a whoopee cushion. Seriously. A whoopee cushion. It seemed as if he was in a black spandex suit which was attached to the large square that formed the whoopee cushion.

Even in that silly costume, Rayne looked absolutely stunning. His face was as flawless as ever and his complexion was beautifully bronze. He looked absolutely amazing.

That's what I most admired about Rayne. He was not afraid to be different, even if it meant coming to a slutty costume party dressed as a whoopee cushion.

Rayne's friends flocked to him and they began giggling in a tight circle. I got closer and closer to the circle so I could greet him.

'I'm not going to parade around in my underwear like the rest of these trashy bitches,' he said with a staunch manner.

I couldn't help but smile. Rayne finally noticed me and shot me what resembled a smile.

'Fireman. Classic. No one's ever done that one before,' he greeted me.

'I can say the same with you, Mr. Whoopee Cushion,' I replied with a chuckle.

Rayne mumbled a laugh and excused himself so he could get a drink. I watched him weave through the crowd, completely carefree and ignorant of the crowd's gestures of his costume choice.

Thoughts entered my head again so I downed a beer quickly and followed him through the crowd.

It was late at night and there were numerous couples hooking up around the house. Rayne was sitting by himself near the pool so I made my way over to him before Ali stopped me.

'I want you, in me, now,' she mumbled.

'Yeah, yeah, later,' I said, brushing her off.

Ali looked at me like I had gone crazy. She sighed with disgust and walked off, grabbing one of my mates to see if she could get it in with him to which he happily agreed.

I rolled my eyes and sat down next to Rayne who didn't pay attention to my presence.

'Having fun tonight?' I asked him.

'Absolutely,' he replied, sounding sarcastic.

'What's the matter?' I asked him, picking up on his emotions.

'Nothing! Fuck off!' Rayne stormed away and disappeared into the house; my wits told me to follow him so I did. I trailed him as he disappeared upstairs and ran into Ali's bathroom.

I managed to get the door before he closed it so I pushed my way in and saw Rayne collapse onto the floor in a whoopee cushion heap.

'Rayne, what's the matter?'

'Look at all you fucking straight people getting your slut on like it's normal,' he almost screamed, 'I have to watch everyone else get intimate while I have to sit there by myself being the only gay guy here. It sucks.'

I shut the door behind me and locked it. I made my way over to Rayne and sat down next to him on the tiled floor. He made no effort to move or push me away so I took this as my opportunity to get closer.

'You'll find someone, I'm sure,' I said soothingly, 'you're a great person. You have an infectious personality that any guy would be lucky to have.'

Rayne stopped breathing and looked at me with tears in his eyes.

'What did you just say?'

'I said-'

'You're the first guy who's ever said that to me,' he whispered, 'most of the other pigs are just concerned with looks.'

'I'm not one of those guys,' I mumbled.

Rayne smiled and rested his head on my shoulder.

'You're a great guy, Brendan,' he whispered, 'don't sell yourself too short.'

'You're amazing, Rayne,' I responded quietly.

He lifted his head off my shoulder and looked at me curiously. He reached over to me and hugged me in another warm embrace. He was about to let go when I stopped him and held him there, his face inches away from mine.

'Brendan...' he whispered.

I dove forward and my lips met his. I felt his warm tears caress my cheeks as my mouth carefully manoeuvred around his, his mouth slightly parting so I could thrust my tongue inside.

I grabbed his delicate face in my hands and held him closely to me as his tongue lashed with mine.

'Brendan, we can't... I can't...' he said.

Rayne shot up and dashed to the door; I made no effort in stopping him as he reached for the doorknob and unlocked the door. He turned over his shoulder and gave me one final glance before disappearing back to the party.

I didn't move. I sat there running my hands through my hair thinking about what just happened. I just kissed Rayne. A boy. And I liked it. A lot. Maybe it was the alcohol talking but I'm most certain it wasn't.

My hand caressed my mouth where Rayne had just left his flawless mark and a half-smile crossed my face.

I could go to sleep right now and wake up happier than ever. I knew I was looking forward to seeing Rayne again.



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